The Doorway Society

Bastian bid farewell to the Empress, took Auryn in his hand and concentrated picturing his return to the Real World.

However, instead of returning to his room, which had been the starting point of his latest great adventure in Fantasia, Bastian was now in a glass house floating in a middle of a purple ocean.

Looking through the transparent walls, he could see twin suns in the sky, purple and cyan. The brighter purple twin was the one giving colours in this place.

Turning 360 degrees to assess his surroundings, Bastian saw a man in another room of the house. He entered that room, and as the man turned to greet him, Bastian was surprised to see that the man was not unknown to him, it was Freddie Mercury.

"Hello Bastian. Please take a seat."

Bastian did it, slightly on automatic mode.

"From your reaction I guess that you recognised me. I am indeed Freddie Mercury. I guess that you are surprised by your not returning to your room, the starting point of your latest adventure. This place is a cross-roads, a meeting place for the travellers to and from Fantasias. Yes, that is correct, there is more than just one. Each of us has his or her own Fantasia."

"So, how did I end up here, and how do you know me?"

"We are here, and I know you, because I am tasked to instruct you about the true purpose of the privilege given to you in the form of Auryn. You see, some people are gifted with strong imagination, so strong that it will create a parallel dimension, a Fantasia. Mr Coreander and his book store are also creations of your imagination and are one of many doorways between the Real World and your Fantasia."

Freddie moved his hand to inside pocket of his coat and took out his own Auryn.

"Those who were blessed with the gift of Fantasia are meant to share it with others through art creation. I use my music and the videos created as companions to my songs to nourish the dreams and the imagination of the masses. The art which I create shines its warmth on the everyday existences of others. People like us form the Doorway Society."

"Does this mean that I am supposed to do the same, that I can become as great as you?"

"Yes, you are to find you art form, and use your connection with Fantasia to make your art shine like a star. And yes, you can be as great as you wish to be. However, I must warn you that a deep connection with your Fantasia has tendency to take its toll on your life span – a twice brighter flame burns twice as fast, but the pleasure one can feel in his or her art largely compensates the sacrifice. Coincidentally, our talk was the last thing I was meant to do before going on my Next Great Adventure. Cheerio."

Freddie looked once more his Auryn and disappeared. This triggered Bastian's waking up from his dream in his bed.