Draco's Insignia~ Part one

Warnings and notes: This is a slash fic, which means that it involves two guys having strong feelings for one another. This is your only warning; so if you do not like reading about two men in love, then don't read. Go read some other fic. Do not harass the author, please. And there is some strong language in here!

New notes: This is an editted version of the old fic. I have added bits, details, speech, and other things. I've also fixed some typos and comma errors. This is one of the very first HP fics I have written, and I'm hoping to finish it very soon. Thank you all for your patience.

Word count: 3,819

Pairings: Draco/Harry

Rating: R

Date edited: October 19, 2012

Year: End of 6th (I first wrote this before book 5 came out, which was around the time I first got into Harry Potter. Obviously everything that happened in books 5-7 is disregarded; I insert my own canon. However, certain things in book five did happen and some things will be mentioned in this editted version.)

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of these characters! J.K. Rowling is the wonderful person who does.

Sixth year was finally over with and Harry Potter had another summer to spend with the Dursleys, and hopefully if things go well, he'll get to spend most of his summer with his best friends Ron and Hermione at the Weasley's.

But this summer was anything but predictable. As they were all sitting down at the table to wait for breakfast (Dudley's diet was still in effect, but not as bad), there was a soft knock at the front door. Everyone looked at each other in confusion. Who would be at their doorstep this early in the morning? Mail didn't come for a half hour and there were no emergencies that anyone knew about. A bit reluctantly, Uncle Vernon got up and walked over to the front door and opened it without thought.

"Yes? May I help you?"

The visitor sneered, "Is this Little Whining, Number 4 Privet Drive?"

Vernon didn't notice the black robe right away. "Yes it is. Why?"

"Good. Then this is where Harry Potter lives?"

Vernon went purple. "Who wants to know?"

"I do. Because then this is where I'm staying until school starts up again."

"Oh, no you're not."

"Oh, yes I am!"

"No, you're not!"

"Yes, I am!"


"OH, YES—I—AM!" The blond visitor whipped out a wand.

Oh, yes he was. Vernon stiffened and then said timidly, "Boy? You have a visitor."

Harry walked from behind his Uncle. Once he saw who the visitor was, he put on a familiar glower. "Malfoy," he spat out. "What are you doing here?"

"Is that any way to treat an old friend?" Draco nodded toward Vernon who was looking like he finally understood what Draco was.

"Old friend?" Harry sneered.

"Is this—person. . ." Vernon eyed the way Malfoy's hair was slicked back, his pale features, and smoky gray eyes. ". . .a friend of yours?"

Harry shook his head and was about to say no when Draco interrupted him.

"Yes. We go way back, Potter and me." Draco grinned. "Ever since the beginning of first year."

"Then why do you call him by his surname?" Vernon demanded.

"Because I can." Draco drawled.

Harry looked down at the two suitcases next to Draco. "Running away, Malfoy?"

Draco smirked, "Oh yes. It has always been my plan from the start to lose my place at the Manor and coop up with you, Potter. It's a dream come true."

Harry snorted at Draco's sarcasm.

"I thought that redheaded fellow was your friend." Vernon eyed Harry.

"Yes, Ron is my best friend," Harry grounded out as he glared at Malfoy, "This is Draco Malfoy. We aren't the best of friends, despite what he might say."

Draco scoffed, "We have a mutual understanding type of relationship. We are both great wizards, and we are on the same terms."

Vernon grunted at the mention of the word wizard, but Harry frowned at Draco for talking lies about their relationship, which was hardly anything at all.

"Same terms? Since when?"

Draco glared. "Since now. So, are you going to let me in, or are you going to let me stay out here as a rather attractive lawn oranment?"

The thought of the neighbors seeing a wizard on his front yard horrified Vernon so much that he furrowed his brow and then barked at Harry, "Take his luggage up to your room and keep things quiet or you won't get so much as a slice of bread!" He turned and stormed toward the kitchen.

Harry noticed that Draco was glaring dangerously at his Uncle when he left. He took Malfoy's suitcases, which were surprisingly light, and then ushered his 'guest' in.

"This way." Harry led him up the stairs.

When they finally reached the top, Harry opened the door to the room that he was using, even though it was full of Dudley's old junk still. Draco was looking around in disgust.

"What an awful, awful place. How can you stand it? And how can you stand taking orders from those Muggles? They treat you like dirt and not like the way they should!"

"It was an empty threat. They're actually afraid of what I might do." Harry decided not to mention Sirius yet. He started to make a space for Draco to put his things.

"Empty-smempty! They should be down on their hands and knees kissing the hem of your robe! Here, let me help. . ." Draco took out his wand and pointed it at the mess Harry was trying to clean.

"Wait! Don't! We're not supposed to use. . ."

But Harry's warning went unheeded and Draco casted some kind of odd spell that disintegrated a lot of Dudley's broken things.

"There." Draco had a look of satisfaction on his face. "Much better, huh?"

Harry grabbed the front of Draco's robes, "Are you crazy? We're not supposed to do magic in the Muggle world!"

"You can't." Draco drawled, pulling his robe free from Harry's grip, "But I most certainly can."

"Why?" Harry leered, not completely trusting Malfoy just yet. Well, so far he hadn't killed his aunt and uncle—least of all his uncle.

"Not 'why'. How."

"Huh?" Harry blinked, confused.

"How. That's the more appropriate question. Not why. And I'm not telling you how just yet, so don't even ask."

Harry looked over at the now empty and clean space in the corner of the room. "Dudley's going to have a real fit when he sees his stuff gone."

"Oh well, let him." Draco moved to a different part of the room. "He can't harm me. Is this his stuff too?"

Harry nodded and in a blink of an eye, it had all disappeared.

"So, the Ministry of Magic can't tell you're using your powers here?"

"Nope." Draco grinned, and then set himself down onto Harry's bed.

"In a way it's cool. In another, it's not so cool because if you do something wrong. . ."

"Oh, don't you worry your pretty little head about that, Potter! I have certain orders from someone that I am under your supervision and to stay here. I just didn't want to say that in front of those idiotic Muggles."

Harry was stunned. He was silent for a while before he said, "Under my supervision? Certain orders from someone? P-pretty little head?"

"Are you all right, Potter? You look rather pale. Perhaps you should have a lie down." Draco patted a spot next to him on Harry's bed.

Harry actually thought that was a smashing idea right about now, and like a zombie Harry walked over and sat down heavily, making the bed bounce. Before Draco could say anything to Harry, eye to eye, Harry fell backwards onto the bed with a loud "whomp!".

"I'm dreaming. That's it, isn't it? This is one big, weird dream."

Draco laid back next to Harry, propped himself up on an elbow, and stared down at Harry's troubled face. Those green eyes were bright and distant looking. Draco was so close to Harry's cheek now that Harry could feel stray strands tickling his temple and part of his eye. Harry turned his head, making them almost nose-to-nose.

Draco slowly moved a hand up and removed Harry's glasses. Harry laid there, only blinking in slight surprise as he watched Draco's features up close. Harry had just noticed how Malfoy's lashes were so blond they were almost white before Draco smirked and said, "If you're dreaming then you wouldn't be able to really feel this." Draco moved forward and lightly put his lips over Harry's.

Harry's eyes widened as he gasped. He scooted back as far as the mattress was going to allow him. He was too shocked for words at the moment as he stared up into Draco's conceited face.

Draco moved slowly toward Harry more, getting himself closer to Harry's body. He wanted to just throw his left leg over Harry and pin him to the bed. He lain there in thought for a while, waiting for Harry to do or say something.

Harry finally let out a long breath, which he had no idea he was holding. His brow furrowed and his eyes glowed.

"What the HELL was that?"

Draco smirked, "Why, Potter, I had no idea you were that ignorant! Allow me to show you again, and this time do go along with the movements instead of just lying there like a dead flubberworm."

Harry opened his mouth to protest, his hand flying down to find his wand, but Malfoy was a bit faster. Draco took a hold of Harry's wrists, flopped his left leg over Harry (as planned) and straddled the muffling Gryffindor. Harry was muffled because Draco had latched his lips right to his. Harry's eyes were widening in horror again, but he was pinned beneath the very eager and so obviously (although he won't voice it) lip-talented Draco Malfoy. Malfoy was so good, in fact, that Harry couldn't help move his lips ever so slowly along with his.

Malfoy had Harry's arms raised above his head and his wrists crossed and pinned. He could feel Harry relax under him and it gave him the chance to move one hand down and take out his wand. Once he had his wand in his hand, Draco instantly brought it back up to Harry's crossed arms.

He continued to softly sweep his lips over Harry's. They were so soft that Draco almost forgot that they were actual lips and not silk. He finally heard a small whimper escape from Harry's throat. He let go of Harry's mouth and muttered, "You like that?"

Harry was gasping for breath like he had just run a marathon. His heart was beating hard in his chest and he felt a small tremor go through his body. He tried to speak, but words were failing him. Draco noticed this, so he took this opportunity to latch his mouth back onto Harry's. When Draco did this, Harry felt a weird pulse below his waist. His hips jerked up once, surprising and embarrassing himself all at once. His face turned bright red.

"What was that, Potter?" Draco asked with a satisfying grin.

"I—I don't know. My reflexes, I think." Harry blushed.

Draco pushed his own lower half against Potter's. "How about this?"

Two identical bulges met, making Harry gasp. Draco took the opportunity again and pointed the tip of his wand on Harry's left wrist. "Draconis insigne."

The pulsating feeling went from his pelvis to his arm and Harry let out a sharp gasp. Before he could make any kind of loud cry, Draco had pressed his mouth on Harry's again. He thrashed beneath him in pain, which made him rub up against Draco's hardness.

Once the pain was gone, Harry was still twitching slightly under Draco. The blond was still connected to Harry's lips, trying to put him at ease. When Harry opened his eyes, they were filled with silent tears. Not fear, no. Draco couldn't see any fear. Those tears were from the pain and pleasure Draco gave him. A small tear slid out of the corner of one eye.

"W-why, Malfoy?" Harry croaked.

Draco tightened his grip on Harry's wrists as well as his body-to-body contact. He wasn't sure how to explain. Harry looked so vulnerable right now, so submissive, so beautiful. . . .

"Because. . . you are now mine," Draco whispered, and then kissed him again. The pain was finally ebbing, and all Harry felt was that throbbing sensation between his legs.

It finally hit him: Draco Malfoy wanted him, and in that way! Harry forced Draco to release his mouth so he could speak. He was trying to catch his breath, cheeks flushed, as he searched Draco's face.

"You—you really want me?"

Draco sat himself up onto his elbows and looked down into those darkening, green eyes.

"Yes. For a long while now." Draco pressed himself harder into Harry.

Harry squeaked and jolted his hips upward. Soon they were thrusting hard against one another, gaining more and more friction by the minute.

"Oh dear god. . ." Harry groaned, moving faster. He'd never had this kind of experience before. He had wet dreams, even used his hand a couple times because it was the only way to get rid of his predicament, but he never felt anything as wonderful as what Draco was doing to him right now.

Draco tossed his head back and squeezed his eyes shut. "Oh, Christ!" He had masturbated many times, thinking of Harry and an assortment of other attractive people, but he never had it feel this good before. He'd also thought for sure that Harry would hit him the moment he had placed his lips over his, but luckily for him Harry had only reacted with some shock, and then both of their libidos had taken over. It was very possible, thought Draco, that they had both harbored secret attractions toward each other. Draco took a risk, a very bold risk, in what he'd just done, but he wasn't in Slytherin for nothing.

Before Draco could stop himself, he'd finally reached climax. He felt Harry jerking below him, following him.

Minutes later, after they finally caught their breaths:

"We need to work on our communication skills," Harry said.

Harry stared at his arm, scowling, and feeling as happy as a rampaging Hippogriff. He'd already screamed and told Draco off for marking him without his permission, using very colorful words that would have had the Dursleys marching upstairs and demand he wash his mouth out with soap if it wasn't for Draco's quick wand action, putting an Imperturbable Charm on the door.

"Ok, now that you got that out of your system, can I explain?"

Harry glared and folded his arms. "Go ahead."

"Good. All right, you know about the Dark Mark, right?" Harry nodded. "Well, I got to thinking about it. They say that it's just a tattoo, showing your support and all, and it acts up when the Dark Lord summons you. Well, what if other, certain magic was mixed with it? Nothing evil!" Draco added quickly when Harry narrowed his eyes at him, "I didn't put any kind of life-threatening hex on it, because I knew that I'd be in trouble and thrown into Azkaban."

"You could still be in trouble," Harry sneered. Although a few minutes ago they had just did something rather naughty (in which he really liked but won't admit), Harry still didn't fully trust the soon-to-be seventeen year old Slytherin. He didn't trust himself right now, for that matter. Draco Malfoy had somehow become more attractive to him than previous years. Harry supposed it was because Draco was now assumingly on his side and was not trying to irk him, smirking at him all the time or wrinkling his nose in digust.

"I could be," Draco said, half-smiled. Then Harry figured that not only should giggling girls be outlawed, but Draco's smile should be too. "I could be, but I'm not."

"Not yet," Harry said. "Because you just said that I'm your supervisor, and that 'somebody' told you to stay here with me. I wonder. . . was it Dumbledore?"

Draco looked away and scowled, "Do you want to know about my Mark or not?"

Harry sighed, "Yes, of course. Do tell." He knew that Draco was changing the subject for a reason.

"Anyway, I named that Mark the Draco, or Dragon, Mark. For obvious reasons."

Harry looked at the Mark again. It was round-shaped green dragon curled up with silver teeth, claws, horns, eyes. It shimmered beautifully like a holofoil sticker.

"And it's bound to mine." Draco lifted his sleeve and showed an exact Mark on his left arm. "You see, there are great benefits. For one, we can tell when the other is in danger. Another good convenience is that because we have these Marks no one can make us get the Dark Mark, since it's in the same place, AND that we're already bound magically to it so they can't try putting the Dark Mark over it. Pretty cool, huh?"

"Is that all it does?" Harry asked, eyeing the Mark and then Draco.

"As far as I know. Actually, I just made it so I'm not sure what else it does. I only had so much time to research magical tattoos before I was sent here."

"Is there a way to remove it?"

"Possibly. Not sure about that either."

"Oh, just wonderful," Harry sighed.

Before Harry could ask another question, there was a timid knock on the door. "Are you going to eat your breakfast, then?" It was Dudley. Harry figured that he must wonder if he could have it or not, the pig. He didn't know why Dudley was even asking; normally he'd just scarf food down when no one was looking. His aunt must have made Dudley come up and ask.

"Yes, you can," said Harry. "And tell your mum to make Malfoy a plate too."

Draco was about to protest, but Harry covered his mouth quickly with his hand so he wouldn't be able to.

"Um… okay," said Dudley.

"A rather large portion too, or else he'll get upset. He's already in a very cranky mood." Harry heard Dudley quickly leave the door and went downstairs. Harry removed his hand from Draco's mouth.

"I'm impressed, Potter," Draco said, looking exactly that: impressed.

"I won't let you starve. I am your supervisor, after all." Harry moved toward the door and opened it.

Draco snorted. "Of course. Ever the hero." He followed Harry downstairs.

Just as Harry asked, Draco got his own plate of food. It was more loaded than his, Dudley's, or Petunia's. It was even larger than Uncle Vernon's.

As Draco sat, he glared down at his plate and then looked over at Harry's. His eyes darted from the three Muggle's as he sneered; "Why doesn't Harry have as much food as me?" Draco asked nastily. "Don't you know how to treat wizards? Especially the really great wizard Harry Potter? Did you know that he has saved your pathetic excuses you call lives for years? He's a well-known hero of our age and you guys treat him like a piece of dung!"

Harry wasn't expecting Draco to give his Aunt and Uncle the third degree, let alone see the guilty looks on their faces.

Suddenly, Harry had more food on his plate. Draco was giving him about half of his portion. "Here, Potter, eat. Heavens knows you need to! I felt like I was going to bruise you when I was drilling you into the bed."

Aunt Petunia went pale, Dudley was in such shock that he dropped his spoon and then didn't close his mouth, and Vernon's face turned bright red and looked like he was trying to pass something rather large. Harry had never felt his face go so red before in his life. He slid himself lower in his chair, wishing for the table to swallow him whole. Unfortunately, Draco was sitting next to him and his feet had bumped into Draco's.

"Playing footsie now, Potter? I'm surprised at how frisky you actually are."

Harry quickly sat back up and tried to recompose himself. "It—it's not what you think!" He tried to get himself out of trouble. "We didn't do… IT! He was just on top of me because. . ." Did he dare mention the Mark on his arm? He could always just keep wearing long-sleeved shirts.

"Because?" Uncle Vernon pried, looking curious. Petunia and Dudley were still looking too shocked to say anything.

Harry was now squirming in his chair, trying to think up an excuse. Draco smiled as he figured out what Harry was about to say. He grabbed Harry's left sleeve and pushed up, baring the green dragon.

"Because I was marking him." Draco was flashing the Mark around like a proud hunter with his trophy. Harry yanked his arm back and tugged his sleeve back down.

"I am not some prize for you to show off, Malfoy!" Harry snarled.

"You marked him? With. . . with. . ."

"With magic, yes." Draco grinned.

The Dursley's cringed at the word.

"Why?" Vernon finally asked.

Draco shrugged. "Because I felt like it. Besides, I don't need to explain myself to you Muggles." He eyed Harry, who was still looking a bit embarrassed. "And I was also getting off on him, too." He winked. "Now, are you going to eat, Potter, or do I have to force feed you?"

Everyone was shocked once more. Harry decided to eat anyway, figuring he wasn't going to get much of a chance at food like this for a while. Draco ate some, feeling that it's better than nothing, and if they tried to poison him, he had packed plenty of bezoars with him to last.

The Dursleys just sat there and stared in horror. All three of them had finally figured it out. Not only was Harry 'abnormal' in the magical sense, but he was also a homosexual. Vernon wasn't sure if he should be happy about this or not. On the one hand he hated things that weren't "normal", which for him included being gay; on the other hand, this meant that Harry probably won't reproduce, since he won't marry a woman.

Draco shot a look across the table at Dudley, who had been staring at him almost the entire time. Draco narrowed his eyes, "What are you looking at, fatty?"

Quickly, Dudley lowered his eyes to his plate and slowly began to eat what was in front of him. Vernon was trying to give Draco a warning look, but was too afraid to look him directly in the eyes. Petunia was trying to eat without looking too mortified.

Harry stood up first, grabbing his plate. "Um, I'm full now, thanks." He quickly brought his plate, with food obviously still on it, to the kitchen sink.

"You haven't finished yet, Potter," Draco said.

"I'm full, though." Harry said, returning from the kitchen. "Besides, I have stuff to do in my room. Excuse me." He headed for the stairs.

"Oh, for Merlin's sake!" Draco growled, slamming his fist on the table, making the silverware, and the Dursleys, jump. "You are NOT full, Potter, you little liar! You—Potter, get back here!"

All they heard was Harry's retreating footsteps going upstairs.

Draco stood up and rounded on the three Muggles. "I hope that you're satisfied." He glared dangerously. "I hope that you are satisfied! I finally get him to eat more, and you make him lose his appetite!" his glare intensified as he loomed ever closer to them, making them back away quickly. "I hope that your heads fall off at an awkward moment!" he cursed.

Draco turned on his heels and left the dining room, robes bellowing out from behind him.