Chapter 5: Epilogue

Dr. Doom stands in shock as he sees the New and Old FF stand side by side with each other. "But, HOW?!" asked Doom all nervous. "Well, you see, while my friends distracted you and your ugly mug, I broke into Reed's lab and turned off that weird device and stopped your portals and brought back some old friends." said Spider-Man. "I grow tired of your antics, Web Spinner," said Doom as he charges at Spidey, "I can defeat ALL of you." Then, Invisible Woman makes an invisible shield in front of Doom and Spider-Man. "I grow tired of YOUR face!" said Johnny Storm as he flies into Doom. As Doom punches Human Torch off him, Ghost Rider tackles into him and punches him repeatedly. Then, Ghost Rider opens his mouth and flames come out and push Doom back. As Doom pushes Ghost Rider off, He turns to see Thing and Hulk carry Wolverine. "Ok, big boys, FAST BALL SPECIAL!" said Wolverine as they launch him into Doom as Logan slashes both the armor and gloves. Then, as Doom limps with his armor short circuiting, both Ghost Rider and Human Torch throw fire balls at him, which knocks him back. As Doom gets up, he sees Spider-Man stand in front of him. "Look, Spider-Man, if you let me live, I can give you ANYTHING! Money! Fame! POWER!" "No, Doom," said Spider-Man as he clenches his fist, "Someone once told me that with Great Power comes with Great Responsibility. What you have is all the power, but NONE of the responsibility. That makes you a washed up loser than some strong and powerful dictator." Then, Spider-Man uppercuts Doom so hard that it knocks Doom out. Spider-Man holds in hands in pain as he looks at Doom. "Man, Victor should learn to make armor out of pillows next time." thought Spider-Man as he sees the portals disappearing.

Later, as Damage Control clean up the damage in the city and SHIELD deporting Doom back to Latveria, Spider-Man, Reed Richards, and Invisible Woman look at the city from the rooftops. "I guess me and the others should go now since you guys are back." said Spider-Man as he was about to shoot a web line. "Wait, Peter," said Reed, "I had an idea for you and the others." "Well, we are listening bub." said Wolverine as he, Hulk, and Ghost Rider walk up. "You may know that we are a big team of super heroes. But, I was thinking since the Avengers had multiple teams over the years, but we had only us. But, since the four of you are here, I had an idea." said Reed. "Can you just say it already?!" said an impatient Hulk. "What Reed was going to say is that maybe you four can be a separate FF team that's part of our team. You did well with handling Doom that we decided that you can be a separate New York based Fantastic Four team." said Invisible Woman. "I think that is a terrific Idea, my friend," said Ghost Rider, "Me and my comrades learned to work together through the most impossible odds." "We can use Horizon Labs as our base of operations for now," said Spider-Man as he takes off his mask, "When we aren't needed by our teams, we can meet together whenever anything bad happens." "I agree with Parker," said Wolverine, "Since X-Force went off the grid after the death of Cable, I stayed with the X-Men. But, I think if the four of us stay together, we can become more than we used to." "I'm with ya Logan," said Hulk, "I don't really have anything to do at Stark Tower." "So, This is it, we will strive to VICTORY!" said Ghost Rider. Then, an explosion appears from below them and they look to see Shocker, Boomerang, and a few others rob the store below them. "Looks like the Sinister Six are at this again…" said Spider-Man. "Well, are you going to do something Parker?" said Reed. "Ok guys, let's bash these guys' skulls in!" said Spider-Man. "ALL RIGHT!" said Hulk. Then, the New FF jump off the building to handle the threat.

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