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For those of you following my other stories you may know that I haven't been well for a while. I am probably not all healed up but I am much better than I was a few months ago and I'll do my utmost best to update all your favorite stories. I have returned to school as well and without the watchful gaze of my parents I can watch as much movies as I want and boy did I miss a lot in these past months. Well I watched NYSM again to brush up for NYSM 2 and after the adorable part where Jack says "I don't know guys. I don't wanna go to jail" and Danny replying by "You said you want to be treated as an adult? Well now's your chance" this story just popped into my head. I'm going to make it a series of one shots about our favorite sleight and the amount of trouble he gets into with each of the horsemen.

Dylan looked at the quiet horsemen as they lounged on the couch. Peacefully. With the tv on. The only time this happened was if it was time for that ridiculous show they all happened to like. He didn't even know its name. That was how much he hated it. But if it kept them silent and somewhat friendly, hey, he wasn't complaining. After one last look in their direction, he turned back to the papers before him.

"Danny, its about to start" Henley yelled out, causing Dylan to look back at them. He hadn't noticed Danny leave the room. Oh wait, he knew exactly where he had gone. The other horsemen had taken it upon themselves to rile Jack up every time the show was about to start. See, the thing was Jack's bedtime was an hour before the show began and Dylan explicitly refused, even after days of pleading and puppy dog eyes and tears, to allow Jack to be up after ten. He was allowed to watch the repeat the next day at ten am, but he could never watch it with the other horsemen because it happened to be aired at 11 pm, a whole hour after his bedtime. But the other three, well, they took this opportunity to tease and bait Jack about how he wasn't grown up enough to roll with them and how he was missing the show(though technically he didn't miss it) and other stuff that was just sure to get Jack annoyed. For all his anger at having a bedtime though, most times Jack fell asleep rather quickly, leaving no chance of him being teased. And for all their bravery the horsemen will never dare wake Jack if he was sleeping for Jack was Dylan's baby and there'll be hell to pay.

"Danny, don't. Leave him alone" Dylan yelled in response, papers forgotten as he moved into the living room

"Oh, come on Dylan, its just some fun. He won't break" Merritt said, before also calling out. "Better hurry Danny, you're going to miss the beginning"

Danny came barrelling down the stars, face ashen. "He's not there"

"What do you mean he's not there? Where is he?" Henley asked, some humour in her voice

"I -I don't know. But he's not in his room" Danny answered, paling more by the second. "He's not... He's...gone... And I don't know..."

"Whoa Danny. Relax. Hey, breathe. I'm sure he's okay. We'll find him" Merritt tried to soothe, as Daniel was hyperventilating

"How... How did he get out anyway?" Danny gasped out, still trying to get his breathing under control. "We were all down here. He couldn't have snuck past us. And his room is on the second floor"

"When I bring him back you can ask him" Dylan said grimly as he grabbed his car keys. "After I kill him and bring him back of course" he added before slamming the front door.

The horsemen stared after him in a mix of pity and worry.

"Oh Jackie" Henley whispered

"He sure ain't gonna be sitting anytime soon, that's for damn sure. Did you see Dylan's face?" Merritt added as he came back from the kitchen with a glass of water for Danny

"He's dead" Danny intoned

Jack shifted uneasily as he felt the man's gaze on him again. The tattooed behemoth in the corner of the cell where he had been thrust rather unceremoniously had been eyeing him, undressing him with his eyes so much so that Jack wished for the safety of Dylan's arms right at that moment, even though he'll probably kill him. He shifted again, and wondered how he got himself into this situation. He could be home now, safely cocooned under mounds of blankets, without a care in the world instead if in this cold cell with barely enough clothes to keep warm. When were they going to take his statement so he could leave?

Jack thought back on how he had ended up in a police cell. Now that he had time to carefully deliberate, he realized how stupid he was to think he could get away with it. Everyone was strict about everything concerning him, especially Dylan, and they would have noticed his absence no matter how long it took. He probably should have stopped his misdeeds at the underage drinking, but oh no, he was Jack freaking Wilder, he had to go the extra mile and start a bar fight (which he got out of surprisingly intact), and then turn the tables on four flustered officers who tried to take him in(to protect him no less, because the patrons of the bar were shooting him such glares of absolute hatred he wouldn't have lasted a moment had he been thrown in with them), sending them on a chase around the town before they managed to capture him. Needless to say, they were very pissed, and even though though didn't want Jack mauled to death by the very drunken people he goaded into the bar fight, they still wanted to instill the fear of God in him. And that led to Jacks current situation. The smug smile on his face quickly gave way to a look of absolute horror when he saw the tattooed Goliath he was now alone with.

He raised his head suddenly when he thought he heard Dylan's voice, only to give a startled yelp and scramble back so quickly he tripped and fell. Sometime during his reflection on his poor choices, the scary dude in the corner had come closer. Much closer, and they were now practically shoulder to shoulder. Jack ran all the way to the other side of the cell, his hands held out placatingly before him.

"Dude, stay away from me. I haven't done anything to you" he practically begged

"Now why would I do that pretty boy?" Gigantor said, moving closer and closer until he had Jack trapped in a corner

"What the hell is going on here?"

"Hey get off him"

Two voices spoke simultaneously but Jack had ears for only one, and as soon as the officer unlocked the cell he flew into Dylan's arms, forgetting for just that moment how much trouble he was in.

"What the hell were you trying to do?" Dylan intoned as he marched upon the giant, managing to still look menacing even with Jack strapped to his side as he wouldn't let go

"Agent Rhodes, calm down. Your nephew is fine. There's no need to hurt Mr..."

"I don't care what his god damn name is" Dylan cut off the officer sharply. "You locked a defenseless teenage boy into the same cell as that... thing? What if he got hurt, or worse?"

"Defenseless?" The officer burst out, before calming down. "Why don't we take this to the sheriffs' office, Agent Rhodes"

After a last venomous glare in the brute's direction, he pushed Jack in front of him and headed out the cell.

Jack was the perfect picture of miserable as he waited in the car for Dylan. The happiness he felt at what he concluded to be a rescue from that maniac back in the cell rapidly faded away as the sheriff of the small town they had been staying in for just over two weeks narrated his 'escapades' to Dylan in perfect detail. The only good thing that came out of it was that it was Dylan's hometown, and their family had a lot of pull around here because of a lot of history Jack couldn't remember now but bottom-line was Dylan was rich, very rich, and his family was influential in the town. So it hadn't taken long to convince the local sheriff's department to not process Jack and let it go; both the Shrike name and the FBI badge making that very easy. But then once the sheriff had started detailing Jack's activities for the very short while he had disappeared from the mansion, Dylan had sent a pale Jack to wait in the car. To anyone else, he looked calm and collected as he banished Jack from the room. But Jack knew him better than the average person, and he knew how very angry he was at what he was hearing.

By now, they should have finished talking, unless Dylan decided to cool off first before ripping Jack a new one. He always did that when he was angry, so he wouldn't punish him in anger. After Jack thought he couldn't take the stifling dread he was feeling in the car anymore, he made to get out and wait for Dylan outside it, except he chose that exact moment to come out of the police station.

"Get your ass back in that car" Dylan said in a voice that sent Jack diving back into the back seat. There was no talking as Dylan broke all the speed limits Jack could think of to get them home. Only a short and clipped call to the other horsemen to let them know he had found Jack broke the silence. And then Jack was being dragged out of the back and into the house. Dylan made a beeline for the couch with Jack in tow, and for the first time since he had been found that night, Jack tried to resist, for even though he knew exactly why they were headed in the direction of the couch, he was not ready yet.

"Wait. D-Dylan please" Jack pleaded, and when Dylan made no intention to stop he dug his heels in and refused to move. If he thought that would derail his guardian, he was proved sorely wrong as Dylan lifted him up and threw him over his shoulder the rest of the way, to the horsemen's open mouthed amazement.

What happened next was a blur to Jack. One moment he was over Dylan's shoulder and the next he was over his lap on the couch sans his pants and boxers. He didn't even have time to protest the childish position before smack after searing smack landed on his unprotected behind. Man, Dylan was not playing around this time. He could already feel tears coming on. Scratch that, he was already crying. After an eternity of the painful reminder as to why it was never a good idea to scare or disobey Dylan, Jack wondered when the lecturing was going to start. Because Dylan only started to lecture when he was halfway done and if he hadn't started talking yet that meant he wasn't even halfway yet and that scared Jack horribly. His butt already felt like the inside of a volcano and he didn't think he could handle any more of the searing smacks. Please start talking, start talking, he begged silently. But Dylan just continued to spank silently. Jack twisted and turned and flailed and writhed all to no avail. Dylan's grip was strong. Finally, Jack exhausted himself and lay limp on Dylan's lap. Then he started to speak.

"We are barely two weeks into our stay and this is the first impression you make? You are nineteen Jack, nineteen. You have no business being in a bar let alone starting a bar fight. These are hardy country folks who work long hours a day. You wouldn't have stood a chance had the police not arrived. And how did you thank them? Sent them on a joy chase across town and then antagonizing them" Dylan stated, laying down an extra hard smack on the crimson bottom. "Do you know how worried I was, we all were? Danny had a panic attack when you disappeared. Jack you could have been seriously injured. Come to think of it, how did you get out of the house? Because you certainly didn't use the front door"

Jack was crying too hard to give Dylan an answer. All he longed for was this spanking to end so he could rub the life out of his backside. When he took too long to answer, Dylan prompted him with a smack. "Jack?"

He sniffled. "I j-jumped out the w-window"

Henley gasped and Merritt's face paled. "Jack, your room is on the second floor. How did you jump t-two stories down? T-there is nothing to hold on to, to support you" Danny stuttered out, looking like he was about to be sick

"Henley, get me the hairbrush from the bathroom please" Dylan said calmly

Jack burst into loud wails as he said this. Seriously, his bottom could not take any more punishment. "P-please. I'm sorry, D-Dylan. Very sorry"

"Uh Dylan, I think he's had eno…"

"Henley, the brush. Now" Dylan iterated, watching as Henley disappeared up the stairs with a look of pity in jack's direction, before he turned to jack. "I know you are sorry Jackie but you're about to be sorrier. Jumping out of a second floor window? You could have broken your neck! What were you thinking?" He took the brush from a reluctant Henley and set it on Jack's quivering backside. "You're getting ten"

How wrong Jack was to think he didn't have any more tears left. He sobbed brokenly as Dylan laid down ten sizzling hot spanks on his sit spots as he swore fervently that he was never drinking or getting in bar fights even when he turned twenty one and he promised to never ever antagonize the police and he'll go to bed whenever he was told and he'll never sneak out and he'll eat broccoli without a fuss… the last part actually made Dylan chuckle a bit as he lifted his sobbing form into a hug.

"It's okay. I got you, Jackie. I got you" Dylan soothed as the distraught boy still mumbled apologies and promises. He decided to lay the rest of his punishment on him while he couldn't protest. "By the way, you're grounded for two weeks. No phone, no computer, no TV, no games. And you'll be sleeping with me every night for those two weeks, probably more. You get that Jack?"



"Yes sir"

"Good. Now it's past midnight. Why don't you go on and get some sleep? You too" he said to the remaining horsemen. "He'll be okay. You can coddle him tomorrow"

They squawked and spluttered. "We don't coddle Jack"

"Uh huh. Of course not" Dylan said with a twinkle in his eye. "Whatever you say" He looked down at Jack occasionally sniffling in his arms, face turned into his neck as his breath slowly evened out. "Jack?"


"When I said sleep I meant in a bed. Not on me"

The reply he got was soft snores


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