Typos: Oh, the Insanity!

ADP (Author-Director-Person):Here's the deal: I read way too much fanfiction. Between me and my friends, we found lots of typos. I posted them. I got temporarily banned cuz it was a list. (whoever ratted me out beware!) Now, I'm back, with the same typos… with the characters carrying them out. Different situations each fic; read the ADP/N's.

By the way, all typos are left in. I have reviewed this fic, & there aren't any of mine!

To start off, a bunch of typos from a certain type of fanfic: Blanket Scenarios. Mwuahahaha! This will be fun!

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ADP/N: In this chapter, I have just made the characters go into it without a script, having to deal with all the typos that are thrown at them. Just read it, & u'll get the idea!

Blanket Scenarios

Kagome and Inu-yasha had been traveling alone to a nearby village. They had been so surprised when the snowstorm had hit. Before they knew it, they were sludging through three feet of snow. Suddenly, Inu-yasha, who had been walking ahead, fell into the snow. When Kagome reached him, the reason became obvious. So soon, Kagome was sludging through the snow, carrying a human Inu-yasha. (ADP: Wow, strong girl, ne? And how exactly does one 'sludge?')

Luckily for her, she could see shelter nearby. In fact, it turned out to be a lot closer than she thought. It also turned out to not be very good shelter; it was an abandoned cabinet. 'How did this get to the feudal era?" she wondered. Then she turned her mind to more important matters, like how to fit her and Inu-yasha, who were both freezing to death, into the cabinet. 'Maybe I can squish him into the top drawer, and I could try to fit in the bottom….no, that won't work… If we're that squished, the wood might break, and we might get splinters…'

            Then she noticed better shelter. Not long after that, she and Inu-yasha were taking shelter in a hollow tree trunk.

            "Ummm… I'm kinda squished!" called Kagome.

            "Ya! Me too!" Inu-yasha agreed.

            "Don't complain! At least you have the base of the tree! It's wider there!"

            "Yeah, but I'm wider than you are! And besides, I'm holding you up!"

            "So what??? That has nothing to do with it!"

[Author-director-person (ADP) watches with an amused expression.]

            "I could let go, y'know!"

            "What good would that do you? I'd fall on top of you!"

Inu-yasha blinks as he thinks about this for a minute.

            "Oh yeah….Well, why did you put us in a tree anyways?"

            "Well, it was that or the cabinet! And for goodness sake, look at me when I'm talking to you! I can barely here you when you talk to the tree!"

            "I am not talking to the tree, it just happens to be right in my face! And no, I won't look up at you! Then I'd have to look up your skirt as well, and you'd get mad at me for that! Besides, I don wanna look at that stupid flower pattern!"

            "Hey! How could you know that unless you looked? My face isn't in my panties, y'know! There was no call for you to look at them you pervert!"

            "I didn't know you were wearing the ones with the flower pattern, those were just the ones that you left on top of your clothes at the hot springs!"

            "You looked while you were there?!?!"

"You didn't mind at the time!"

 Blush spreads over Kagome's face, along with a worried look.

            "What are you talking about?" Kagome said forcefully through her teeth, obviously trying to make a point to him. "Remember, you came to save me from the monkey, and I hit you with a rock?"

            "Not that time! I mean the other time when we- Ow!" He cried out suddenly as Kagome moved her foot out of his grasp and kicked him. "Hey! What was that for? And what is the ADP doing?" he asks as he notices the ADP pointing frantically at the mangas that she pulled from nowhere, as well as starting to show the anime on a small TV that suddenly appeared. "Uh… Oh yeah, that's not in the story, is it?"

[ADP gets a worried expression]

ADP: Ok, out of fear of where the characters are taking the story, we are going to back up a bit and just give them a real cabin, k? Sound good to everybody? (A loud groan comes from the section of readers who were hoping for a hentai fic) [ADP sweatdrops] Weirdoes…)

            Kagome reached the small cabin quickly. She shut the door behind her, and turned to tend to Inu-yasha, who was not only deathly pale, he was deethly pale. She put her hand over his heart and listened for a heartbeat.

            "Oh good, I hear it! I hear it! Wait a minute… I hear it? Uh-oh, not good… Do any of you readers know any good shrinks? Please? One of you must!"

            While worrying about her own sanity, she decided to explore the cabin, & hope that Inu-yasha would be ok. After much searching, she had only found a rusty blanket. 'Ewww….Why is the blanket rusty? I thought only metals rusted? What is in this thing?' She decided to be generous and let Inu-yasha have the blanket.

Kagome locked out at the storm through the window and sighed, hopping they would be found soon. 'Of course, judging by how today's been going…who knows who'd find us!' She thought as she bounced up and down, trying to figure out how you lock out at something.

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