Important Author's Note!!!!

Well, no one seems to be reading this story. Of course, this leads me to be quite discouraged! As a matter of fact, no one really likes any of my stories. *pouts* I've been told that I should write because I enjoy it, not to please others, but for me, that's why I write! If no one likes it, why should I waste time & effort writing it?

            No, this isn't just for me to whine, either. This note is being posted to announce that I am strongly considering discontinuing this fic (and no, it isn't finished yet!!!!). If people tell me they want me to continue, maybe I will, but… I want to write something u people want to read!

            So, here's the point: please tell me how to improve! What's wrong with this fic? How can I save it? Can I save it? Most important: What kinda fics do u want to read????????? What should I be writing that u peeps would like? Or does my style drive people crazy? Someone give me a clue!

            This is from a desperate, not to mention severely depressed, author who is seeking the help of anyone who has enough of a heart to help me…. *cries*

            Btw, you can e-mail me directly at if ur computer (like mine…grr…) won't let you do reviews. Now you have no excuse not to help me! So please?


            ps. Yes, I'm posting this on all three of my fics cuz no one really wants to read any of them…