The end of summer brought the end of Naminé's visit and the beginning of Roxas's new life as a merchant on the seas.

For Ventus, it brought the promise of healing from years of hurt.

He never did have contact with Aqua nor Terra again, but the names soon faded away and became nothing but sweet memories cleansed of bitterness.

Ansem allowed Ventus to pursue his own destiny as had Roxas, but where Roxas had found a destiny in Axel, Ventus could find nothing in no one.

Though his legal adulthood had already come, his mental adulthood had not yet approached, and he left the pursuit of his destiny behind for a small moment.

Until then, each night possible was spent in Vanitas's arms, writhing beneath his touch and whispering his name in moments of ecstasy. Each morning was spent receiving soft kisses and caresses.

One morning, Ventus's eyelids fluttered open to greet Sol's light flooding through the window. Vanitas's arms were draped limply around him, and he rolled over to face Vanitas.

He realized then that he wanted his destiny to lie with Vanitas, to wake every morning and sleep every night in these arms.

Vanitas groaned and inhaled deeply. He sighed and his eyes opened, like tiny versions of Sol.

"Good morning," Ventus murmured.

Vanitas smirked and ruffled Ventus's hair. "Good morning, my housewife."

"I'm not your housewife!" Ventus protested jokingly.

"Would you like to be?" Vanitas asked.

Blush spread like fire across Ventus's cheeks. "Is this a proposal?"

"No, unless you want it to be." Vanitas answered. "What does your heart tell you?"

Ventus did not hesitate to reply, "It says I want to witness this every day of my life: pleasure at your hands every night, and comfort in your arms every morning."

"You claim not to read what your father throws at you, but I doubt you are so poetic on your own." Vanitas said.

Ventus flicked Vanitas's nose, to which Vanitas cried out in protest.

"I want that too, Ven. How will we make this come true?" Vanitas wondered.

"Well, I am to inherit my father's fortune now, but I won't have the house to myself for a long while." Ventus said.

"My father expected me to move out just after my twentieth birthday this year, but I found no incentive to leave. I am not a nobleman, just the son of a general. Though my father is paid well, he expects me to make my own money. I suppose now that you and I want to start a life together, I should find somewhere to live." Vanitas explained.

"If you need money to start off with, I can contribute." Ventus offered.

"I can't ask that of you." Vanitas stroked Ventus's cheek.

"But I want to. Besides, the life you want to live includes me, so I should help you start it." Ventus insisted.

Vanitas smiled widely and embraced Ventus, and Ventus breathed in Vanitas's familiar smell. "Then it shall be done."

Another autumn passed and soon the weather turned cold, but Ventus and Vanitas now woke up warm in each other's arms.

Gold eyes met with blue each morning, studying unnoticeable features and uncovering unspoken secrets.

"Good morning, Ventus," Vanitas would whisper.

"Good morning, Vanitas," Ventus would return.

Calloused hands brushed Ventus's cheek. "It's the Saturnalia, isn't it? It's hard to believe it has arrived so quickly." Vanitas murmured.

"Are you asking me to buy you a present?" Ventus raised an eyebrow quizzically.

"I want something you can't buy." A sly smile crept across Vanitas's lips.

"I already know what you want, but you can buy it." Ventus pointed out.

"But I can't buy it from you." Vanitas mentioned.

A hand crept around Ventus's back, sliding down and grabbing his ass. Ventus gasped in response, but returned with a sly smirk of his own. "Greedy this morning, aren't you?"

"I'm always greedy for you," Vanitas shrugged.

"Then I shall hold nothing back," Ventus decided, sitting up. He eased Vanitas on his back, straddling him.

"Oh, switching it up today?" Vanitas mused.

"It's your gift after all," Ventus recalled. He leaned forward, pressing his lips to Vanitas's. A hand crept down Vanitas's chest, brushing delicate fingers over his skin. Ventus brushed against his lover's nipple, and felt it stiffen slightly in response.

"You tease me far too much," Vanitas complained.

"You should learn to be more patient," Ventus decided. He stamped his lips down Vanitas's neck and collarbone, sliding further down to Vanitas's other nipple. Soft, wet lips now closed around Vanitas's nipple, sucking on the sensitive flesh. Two fingers teased the other, squeezing it gently.

A restrained cry escaped Vanitas's lips, and Ventus continued to tease his lover. Underneath him, Vanitas's lower region began to awaken. Ventus lifted his hips, grinding them into Vanitas to stimulate him to full arousal.

Vanitas's hands slid down Ventus's back, grabbing at Ventus's ass. Ventus let out a breathless moan. A finger pushed inside him, and Ventus let out a louder, pained cry.

"Hand me the oil," Ventus gasped.

Vanitas reached behind the bed clumsily, fumbling for the small bottle of olive oil. He handed the bottle to Ventus, who released Vanitas's nipple to take the bottle. Ventus tipped the bottle over into his hand, letting a disc of oil to pool in his palm.

"Use it, your finger hurts," Ventus ordered, handing Vanitas the bottle. Ventus reached behind him, finding Vanitas's stiffening length and spreading the oil over it.

Vanitas bit his lip, coating his fingers in oil and sliding them into Ventus three at once.

"V-Vanita-as!" Ventus cried, his hand curling into a fist. "It hurts!"

Vanitas slid two out, letting one remain. He stroked Ventus's walls, watching Ventus's eyes become hazy and heavily-lidded. He added another, and Ventus's eyes closed in ecstasy. A third, and Ventus squeezed his eyes shut tight.

"Ventus, you're so sexy," Vanitas murmured.

The young man's eyes snapped open. "I-I'm not..."

"Since when are you one to deny compliments?" Vanitas challenged.

Blush spread across Ventus's cheeks, and he refused to meet Vanitas's eyes. Vanitas pressed his fingers against Ventus's sweet spot, and Ventus jerked and let out a moan.

"Are you ready?" Vanitas mumbled, kissing and nipping Ventus's ear.

"Yes...I'm impatient..." Ventus whispered, bringing the tip of Vanitas's length to his entrance. He eased the tip inside, then sat back as the rest slowly pushed into him. He threw his head back, his mouth open and eyes shut.

"I can hardly resist you, Ven," Vanitas said, his hands placed on Ventus's hips to guide him down. Ventus finally rested himself on top of Vanitas, his legs on either side of Vanitas's hips. Ventus leaned forward to kiss Vanitas deeply before rising slightly and plopping back down. The grip on Ventus's hips tightened.

Ventus continued raising and lowering his hips, locking eyes with Vanitas as he did so. Vanitas's eyes became unfocused, a lust-filled haze of honey gold; he could barely keep them open as Ventus slammed his hips down.

Frantic hands slid up Vanitas's chest, pinching his nipples harshly. Vanitas cried out in pleasure, the sensation overwhelming him.

"Vanitas..." Ventus whispered, just to hear the name.

"Ventus..." Vanitas echoed, the name rolling off his tongue.

Ventus's pace quickened, and he struggled to focus on Vanitas's features. His world became a blur, and he realized tears were starting to form at the corners of his eyes.

"What's wrong? You're - ngh - crying," Vanitas observed.

"I-I'm fine," Ventus gasped, "just - ahh! - feels so good..."

Vanitas gripped Ventus's hips and thrust upward to meet Ventus's drops, feeling his lover shiver with each punitive motion.

The two of them were losing composure rapidly, their bodies trembling with the urge to release. Finally, Ventus felt the rush course through him and he froze, the release buzzing along his veins.


Vanitas grunted and slammed Ventus's hips against his own, digging his nails into Ventus's skin as his release enveloped him. He grit his teeth as he let his release inside Ventus.

As the ecstasy fizzled out, Ventus's arms quivered as he pulled Vanitas out of him and promptly collapsed. His lover's erratic heartbeat pounded in his ear.

"I love you, Ventus." Vanitas sighed.

"I love you too, Vanitas." Ventus whispered in return. "Did you enjoy your gift?"

"Every moment of it," Vanitas assured. "I want to have moments like these forever."

Ventus rolled off Vanitas and lay on his side, smiling at him. "Then, come spring, let's fulfill your proposal."

"Are you implying we should marry?" Vanitas raised an eyebrow.

"More than implying, I'm stating," Ventus corrected. "Vanitas, I want to marry you."

"I want to marry you, as well." Vanitas brushed Ventus's cheek.

"Let's hope everyone will be able to attend," Ventus added. "We'll have a really big wedding with all our relatives."

"Yes, that sounds splendid." Vanitas wrapped his arms around Ventus, drawing him in closer.

Ventus curled up into Vanitas's chest, closing his eyes and realizing he would be ailed no longer.


- Seculo seculorum - Forever and ever

- Saturnalia - Festival of Saturn, celebrated by giving gifts

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