Tony realized, during the night when he danced with Pepper, that he was slowly, yet surely, falling in love with her. He never fell in love. All he did was bang some other desperate guys and girls. Pepper was different, though. Her hair was soft, her face a piece of art, and she was as caring as anyone could be. If he was to get close to her, he would need to tell her about Gabe. He wasn't looking forward to that. Rhodey was also a problem. They were best friends since MIT and he was bound to notice the difference.

Obie was also being a major pain in the ass. Tony knew for a fact that he paid the Ten Rings to kidnap him, but he wanted to make his revenge sweet. A simple stabbing would not do.

He didn't hear the news about Gulmira through his TV, it was from the Angel radio. Anael (Gabriel liked to make fun of his name 'cause it sounded like Anal) was chatting about it to another angel, one Tony didn't remember. Almost immediately, he got Jarvis to assemble the suit and kick some ass. What really pissed him off was that the men weren't possessed or influenced. All acting on their own accord. Gabe didn't really hate humans before, so when he met with Tony's same opinion, nothing changed.

Tony managed to kill them all and later told the world he was Iron Man. Havoc, of course, but the worst thing would be that the supernatural world now knew who and what he was. Good thing he had protection and more money than he could count.


One night, a couple days after finishing a ghost hunt and moving on to a trickster case, Sam was walking home from the bookstore, a couple heavy bags in tow. The Ohio town was fairly large, not well known. That's when he ran into someone, like a klutz. The man was small, much smaller than Sam's 6'4, at least 5'8. Business suit and weird beard. "Sorry." The man apologized before Sam looked up. He immediately recognized the man. His eyes and hair were a deep brown and the beard made sense. Iron Man, also known as the billionaire Tony Stark.

Sam felt like he was going to fangirl. The man was brilliant, graduated from uni the same age most got into uni, including himself. Former weapons designer, still a billionaire. There was a small pang of fright in the famous man's eyes before he responded. "It is quite alright." Something felt off about the man, a lot like what...

Was the man possessed? Was he? He was acting way different than he usually seemed. He had that air around him. "I'll leave you to your books then." Tony walked away rapidly, too rapidly. Wait, how did he know Sam had books? The bags were a canvas that was covered. Didn't look very book shaped. Could have easily been boxes or groceries.

Sam made his way back to the motel quickly. Dean was engrossed on some cartoon porn and quickly covered up his screen when Sam opened the door. "Hey, Sam. It's anime, not cartoon porn." "Dean, shut up about that." Sam put the books down on his bed gently (he never liked to harm books) and turned towards the elder Winchester. "I met a man down on Queen and I think he's possessed."

"What about this possession?" A voice suddenly asked behind him. Castiel. Dean looked a little surprised at either Sam's accusation, Cas's sudden appearance, or both. "There was a man down on Queen who was acting much differently than when I had first met him. He seemed scared of me." "Describe him," Cas demanded. "Short, dark eyes and hair, business suit." Sam wanted to keep out the part where he was Tony Stark because Dean would probably tease him. "What was his name?" Well, he couldn't keep that a secret anymore. "Tony... Stark." Dean whistled. "It looks like Sammy's got a little crush on the Merchant of Death."

"Who is this 'Tony Stark'?" Castiel asked. "Tony Stark is a billionaire and former weapons designer. He disappeared two years ago, a few months before Gabriel passed, and came back as a superhero, Iron Man. He builds the suits himself. He's a very powerful man. Probably equivalent to a Roman Emperor. His father was Howard Stark, who helped create Captain America." Dean was smirking at him and Sam rolled his eyes.

Castiel's eyes lit up in fascination."Michael led him into becoming a warrior. He praised him as much as his last vessel." Then his eyebrows scrunched in confusion. "Why do you suspect this? The man is Catholic, like his father, right?"

"No, he's an atheist. A couple years ago, I had the opportunity to meet him. His eyes were darker then, and he was much more sarcastic and rude. When I ran into him today, he knew I had books in my bag, even though the bags are opaque. As I said before, he seemed scared of me, as if he recognized me." Cas didn't ask another question, just stood there, concentrating. "He is blocked. Wards are set up around him."

"So, do you think it's a demon?" Dean stood up from his chair. "Possibly. Let me look into it more. I'll be back within the week." Cas disappeared, and Dean turned to laugh at Sam. "You met him before?"


Sam had definitely told Castiel, Tony thought. The angel was trying to get into his house for the longest time. Good thing he set up the wards. Little bro couldn't get in if he brought along Dad. Tony felt kind of weird. There was burning pain lancing his back, gripping it like an old lady and her ugly purse after a man tried to steal it. He hadn't felt this kind of a pain since Afghanistan or the First Angel war.

'Wings, you idiot.' A voice whispered in his mind and Tony groaned, the pain almost making him tumble down. He needed to release his wings. Slowly, he stumbled to the elevator and told Jarvis to go down to the Wreck Room. The Wreck Room was a room designed in case Tony ever wanted to break things and the only room where Jarvis not connected to. It was huge as well, so Tony could do whatever he wished in a big space. He quickly tore off his ACDC shirt, not wanting to ruin it (despite having seven similar ones just in his Malibu home) and collapsed on the floor. He shivered, despite the air was quite warm, and allowed the wings to unleashed.

They were are a dark gold and absolutely massive. Beautiful, too. They hurt like hell, mainly because of the festering wound on the right one. Where did that come from? Tony hadn't recalled feeling this until now, and even then the place is blocked. Tony gasped in pain as the muscle around the wound twinged. He would need someone to help him, he just wasn't sure who. He couldn't ask any angels. Rhodey is busy with the army and Pepper needs to be protected from this stuff.

Wait, he knew a guy. Well, kind of knew a guy. An angel who had gone into hiding, like him. Ridwan. Originally supposed to guard Paradise, but left after God did. Tony quickly called out on not Angel Radio, but a different channel. 'Ridwan, I need you.'

A response came quickly. 'I thought you were dead. Twice.'

'Well, I thought you were for a short time as well. Please. Fly over to Stark Mansion. I'll let you in.' Ten minutes later, there was a harsh knock at the door. "Tony, are you in there?" Pepper. Oh shit, shit, shit, shit. "Yeah." He heard Pepper sigh. "Tony, you have a visitor. He's calling you Gabriel though."

"Codename. Let him in." The door swung open and Ridwan entered. His vessel was a blond-haired college-aged man. "Oh wow, Gabe. You got yourself real bad." Ridwan had a thick southern accent. Suited him and his no nonsense attitude. "Just get over here and heal me." Tony forced back a scream. The injury was spreading and his feathers were starting to burn, filling the air with a rancid smell. Ridwan quickly started to heal it, and the wound closed up. "Thanks," Tony muttered, suddenly feeling embarrassed over his state of need.

Ridwan slapped him. "Where the hell were you?" "Where were you?" Tony questioned back. "You died! Castiel was devastated. Tried to find me but couldn't, but I sensed his distress from forever away."

"I had to. Found my true vessel dying in Afghanistan." Tony gestured to himself, getting up in a seated position. Ridwan's eyes grew wide. "Seriously? Tony Stark is your true vessel? Lucky bastard"


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