Getting back to land seemed much longer of a trip than it should have been, particularly for Alfred since he'd been more or less confined to the sick bay room for the entire trip despite all sorts of pleas and bargains he'd made to Tino and Matthew. They'd taken off sooner than Ludwig and Antonio did with their ships, carrying the injured personifications back to land as quickly as possible.

There had been a period of stay in the local hospital for Kiku, Alfred and Arthur, although Alfred had wandered off on his own a few times. Luckily for Matthew, it seemed the American's internal radar always ended up leading him to wherever Arthur ended up, much to the British man's 'annoyance' at finding Alfred never really disappeared those times.

By the fourth time the doctors had realized the failure of the sedatives to force Alfred still for necessary fluids to be administered- after he'd been given a blood transfusion that had made Feliks nearly faint when Alfred had accidentally torn out the needle getting up to hug Toris and therefore left a grisly-looking splatter on the wall – Arthur took to just waiting for Alfred to show up with goofy grin in place and fresh whining about wanting to head back out to the others.

But eventually all were released, including Kiku with a set of crutches and a cast signed in large bold letters by Alfred regardless of his friend's request to keep things simple. They were back at the resort where the personifications that had stayed to see things through remained, sharing a dinner of both local dishes and the predictable copious amounts of burgers and steaks.

Tino was back with the other Nordics, Alfred occasionally popping up to hang on the Finnish man in his usual playful manner as he thanked him for coming to get him. Tino kept blushing periodically with each round of thanks, not sure what to do with the bundle of stuff Alfred had thrown together from various shops he'd managed to stop at once he'd finally been 'freed' from the hospital. But he figured at the very least, Peter might like the stuffed sea turtle that Alfred had picked up as a souvenir for him and it would've only been rude if he didn't indulge in the candies picked out for him either.

"Yo! Kiku….check these out." Alfred called over to his friend with his left arm, his right still in a sling as a compromise with the doctors to be let out of the hospital earlier than his boss would've liked so long as he actually used it – although Matthew had to remind him several times that the sling wasn't a large pocket for stuffing food in for later as Alfred repeatedly kept pulling his right arm out to handle things.

Kiku looked up from where he had been talking with Heracles, Yao and Hong Kong not too far off as they brought more food back to the table for themselves and the Japanese man to keep him from walking around more than necessary. Alfred bounded over, pulling his camera out of his sling to pull up on the screen pictures of something.

"Yeah, so the people that do that statistic-stuff said that a lot of your people liked to visit here. So I thought before you leave, you might wanna come with me and check out somma these spots." He said, taking the seat that had been Hong Kong's. The Asian personification just shook his head at that, heading off with an expression as though just remembering something.

Kiku nodded politely at the locations that Alfred had snapped pictures of, commenting on visiting them 'maybe later' as he ate some of the food his brother brought over for him. With that, Alfred was off on some other great idea of his, his whale being at the forefront of conversation as he'd spent a large portion of his day on the docks so he could give his promised attention to his friend.

"Frog! What do you think you are doing?" Arthur's voice rang out, Matthew looking over to see what it was that his older brothers were up to now. Looking over to where the British man was sitting, Matthew could see Francis with a far too smug look on his face as he leaned over the green-eyed blonde. One might have thought he was simply giving his now only bruised forehead a closer look, except for the hand that was currently in the other's hair and the other arm slung around his shoulders.

"Mon ami, I am making sure you are having a good time with that injury and all." Francis said with a smile that the British man returned with a scowl of his own.

"And that requires you to hang all over me? I think not." Arthur said, trying to put some space between him and the Frenchman.

"Oh, but Arthur. It was moi who took such good care of you out there." Francis said. "I am only continuing my efforts. I know how such painful-looking bruises feel much better if they are iced." He said, leaning away from Arthur. The British man arched an eyebrow before shifting uncomfortably in his seat in an effort to compose himself. But he suddenly stiffened up before bolting upright out of his seat.

"Ah! You bloody….oooh, that's freezing…." Arthur said as he attempted to get rid of the ice cube the Frenchman had discretely slipped down his shirt. "Gah…" Arthur mumbled as he arched his back and reached behind him. "You're going to regret this." He continued, face red from both anger and embarrassment.

"Perhaps. But you dance beautifully mon cher." Francis said, practically purring at the way Arthur tried to keep the cold ice from touching his skin. Arthur wriggled once more before getting the ice cube out and chucking it at the Frenchman's head. Francis only laughed as he shielded his face from the now much smaller piece of ice. But before Arthur could retort, a loud bang was heard. Those still hanging around at the resort looked out the window to see the fizzling out of a firework that had gone off.

"Cool! That one was a smiley-face." Denmark said with a grin at the sight of the unexpected firework, dragging Norway over to the window with him. The Danish man had been quite pleased with himself after declaring once everyone was safely returned that since the Nordics were the only ones to have made it back to land without any further difficulty other than the storm, they were the legitimate winners of the race.

To which, of course, Russia added that he too was a victor since he managed to find a way to get onboard said winning vessel, cheery smile in place as he'd patted Latvia on the head and asked if the other agreed with him. They hadn't seen much of the Russian man since then, and Denmark had been set on making sure he brought up his supposed victory whenever he got the chance, although now his focus was solely on the new entertainment going on outside.

After getting over the initial surprise, Arthur turned to shoot a look at the American of the group. "Alfred!" Arthur shouted accusatorily to the American, Alfred returning the glare with a genuine innocent look as he held up his arms in the universal gesture of surrender.

"Put your arm back in the sling. That's what it's there for, eh." Matthew said, grabbing Alfred's right arm and helping him put the sling back on properly. It hadn't been the first time that night he'd disregarded it, but Matthew was wondering how much longer his own very patient personality had left before he snapped at his twin.

"Wasn't me dude. I didn't ask anybody to do anything special. I thought I used up all the ones I brought here." Alfred said as his twin fussed with the sling, Yao gasping as he caught on and scanned the room for a particular someone.

"Aiya! Hong Kong…." He said with an exasperated tone as another firework was set off, the American and Danish personifications making appropriate 'oohs' and 'aahs' along with Poland. Yao hastily got up from his seat with a whisper to Kiku to stay put, the Japanese man shooting him a deadpan look at that request.

"Uh, I'm not an expert, but they seem very close to the hotel…" Toris said a little anxiously, pulling Feliks away from the door in case his friend decided to get another up-close look. Yao grumbled something in response before he took off, complaining about being the only mature one around. Another firework went off, illuminating in the distance a familiar silhouette with scarf still worn in the heat that identified the man standing away from the group.

"Ahhhh!" Raivis' voice was heard, as moments after the loud 'boom', the Latvian personification took advantage of the distraction to head off as fast as he could in the direction of the others.

"Oh no…" Toris mumbled, feeling guilty and looking over to where Estonia stood with the Nordics by Finland. "Eduard, we forgot to check in on Raivis…." He said, Eduard grimacing a little in guilt as well as they'd left him to take the brunt of the Russian man's welcoming. Said personification came racing over to them, out of breath as he looked for an appropriate shield. He managed to shoot an unimpressed look at his fellow Baltic nations before deciding that hanging around Alfred was his best bet.

"Hey dude. Check out the show." Alfred said, scooting over to allow the smaller man to squeeze next to him and look out the window. Raivis quickly did that, Alfred letting out an 'oomphf' as the Latvian accidentally stepped on his foot.

"Ah, s-s-sorry Mr. America." He stuttered out, still a little breathless from what Toris and Eduard assumed was almost a week's worth of evading their former housemate. Alfred just shrugged as Ivan came back to the group as well.

"Where ya' been man? I haven't seen you since we got back." Alfred called out to Ivan, inadvertently blocking the Russian's path to his Latvian 'friend'.

"Da. I have been looking to take care of my friends that were also caught up in the storm." Ivan said with a smile, although he looked over Alfred's shoulder to Raivis as he spoke. "But you seem to be doing well. I think we should toast to everyone's safe return, da?" He said, heading over to the bar and grabbing a vodka bottle. It went without saying that the Russian probably could consume the whole thing on his own, but no one turned down the offered shot-glass if Ivan decided to hand one over to another person.

"We should find some of that awesome stuff you made me drink once. We could set the thing on fire." Gilbert said as he took a glass of vodka. "I mean, the awesome me could handle a little flame so long as it's on the good stuff. None of that…uh…" He trailed off at the look Ivan gave him, pausing only for a moment before shrugging and downing the shot of vodka with the usual 'to your health' with Ivan. He slapped the Russian on the back before calling out for Ludwig to join him on the dance floor for the 'awesome him to awesomely own him in the dance off', to which the German predictably shook his head as Feliciano chatted away about the fireworks next to him.

As the fireworks continued to go off, Yao shouting at Hong Kong to move farther away and not aim them the way he was, the party resumed the typical chaos of their usual gatherings. Alfred laughed loudly at some of the things the others said, Matthew lingering close-by with his small smile in place. Arthur and Francis returned to their arguing, the Frenchman actually giving the other a chance to recover when the noise level was too much for his head before resuming right where they left off as though it was all a game – a fact that seemed to only drive Arthur's irritation higher. And Antonio was all too happy to be sharing his promised churros with Lovino, the southern Italian only slightly quieter as he munched on them with the Spaniard.

All in all, everything was close enough to being back to normal. This included the mad dash to finish up the fireworks before anyone called the authorities on Hong Kong, the Asian personification disregarding his older brother's warnings and setting off all the remaining fireworks in a clump to keep Yao from confiscating them. But the sight was still pretty enough for the other personifications to marvel at it, the colors meshing enough in their circular explosions to almost look like a blue and green globe if one chose to see it that way.