I thought we all came to a conclusion here? A happy ending? You know?

It seems that everyone else, the others in society, have other plans.

I, for one, was rather grateful that Mashtooth had...well, pretty much exploded. Of course, whaddya expect from me, "Punto?" The infamous Swabbie that was drop-kicked out a window?

Life before the invasion was good. We all lived in little buildings on the Pirate Fortress: the massive building that would be considered Mashtooth's 'pirate ship'. But there was only one key rule, and it wasn't too hard to comply with it.

DO NOT, with emphasis, EVER turn your back on us. Result? Well..not pretty. It's happened before, to one my close friends as well. Stella was very nice, but apparently didn't agree with the Swabbies and Mashtooth's easy capture of the Pink Planet (Long story for another day, please.) Mashtooth, in a sudden burst of outrage, had let his anger get the best of him.

Squeezed to death. Sounds funny, eh? No. It's vulgar and disturbing. And the worst part is that Ronk, Papes, and Snips were witnesses. And look what happened a year later. They live on Planet Bunnera, not because Mashtooth was a feared, powerful beast, but because the citizens invited them. Because they helped them. To kill Mashtooth.

Kill is a strong word. But bottom line, that's what happened. The star kid, Starfy, managed to thrust the Bunneran Moon at Mashtooth, causing him to disintegrate, releasing all of the power he'd taken. From a ground point of view, it was horrifying, and to put things simply, a vampire could've had a potluck for hundreds with the...stuff on the ground.

And so the Trio thought they'd escaped the tyrannical Mashtooth, and changed sides.

But they didn't. Not even close.


Olivar and I heaved the sword up onto the table. He didn't bother with scrubbing his hands: he went along stirring the mixture in the bowl. I cleared my throat hesitantly.

"Er..now what?"

"Sword," Olivar mumbled into the bowl, holding out his hand. I gave him the sword, and he snagged it right out of my palms. I peeked over the edge. Whatever he was mixing, it smelled fowl and was murky, dark, and bubbly. I cringed, and Olivar laughed.

"Ah, Loopy," he said, using the Boss's old nickname. "There's some things that you don't get yet."

"Like what?" I demanded. Olivar merely snickered, dumping more ingredients into the mix.

"Ah, a lot of things. Hm...maybe where babies come from? Or, how you make toast?"

"I know that stuff!" I grumbled. Olivar laughed hysterically.

"Aha, maybe only the second one!" he grinned. I glared at him.

"I really hate you, I do."

Olivar smiled. "Of course," he murmured, lifting the sword and gently stirring the bowl's contents. He muttered something under his breath, and we waited in anticipation.


The room was rocked by a loud explosion. I stumbled and gripped the table. Olivar swayed around, grinning ear to ear. Then, the violent rocking stopped.

A hand waved around out of the bowl frantically, hands closing on the sword.