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The palace was always quiet at night, however, as I slowly and quietly made my way to my rooms, I really didn't want to think about what my older sister, Celestia, had said earlier that day.

I shook my head, not thinking about the long ago lost memories, as I slowly made my way to my room, my thoughts drifting back to a long ago time; a time in which I, Princess Luna, was once in love.

This is true, my sister nor Twilight Sparkle knew of this; he's sudden disappearance forced me to see a new type of reality, a reality, in which, I have now grown to live happily and content with today.

I sighed softly, foggy memories danced in my head, faded and unclear faces and colors floated in front of my eyes, and unfarmillir, yet at the same time, strange feelings began to find its place back into my heart, a heart that was once filled with love, but now, it felt fit for a ruler, that in which I have grown into.

Once making it to my room; I walked in, shut it quietly, sighed once more, finally able to cope with the sudden messaged that had been still on my mind;

Soon, my love...

I shut my eyes, glad that it was night time; none of the others, yes, including my older sister, would ever know of the sudden tears that I now shed, as tears fell onto my cheek; I quickly looked in the mirror, making sure that it wasn't a dream, as I could only watch myself shed the long overdue tears for another, pain, regret, and sadness began to make their way into my content heart, a heart that was slowly breaking, over and over again.

Haunted memories began making themselves known to me, regretful tears spilling more freely, sadness, pain, and regret squeezed my heart, I flung myself onto my bed, sinking into the blanket, thinking that I would at least try to get some sleep.

However, sleep didn't claim the Princess of the Night, instead, I lay awake, unable to think quietly, my thoughts consumed by the hidden message within the short message, yet, I knew, just knew, who had really sent and wrote the message.

They had shown me the one thing that I now only speak of, they shown me something brand new, something that had once filled my days, something that had brought a whole new side out of me; yet at the same time, it was also something that caused his true intentions, not only that, but it was also something that, even til' this day, I could only have foggy, distant memories of.

They had been my light, sunshine, and so much more, but when they'd stopped coming, I couldn't just leave them, yet at the same time, they'd left the only thing that they'd ever truly cared about.