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"Your sister is a bitch."

"What did that whelp just say?"

"A very, very pretty and—sometimes, i'm sure—delightful bitch."Damon quickly corrected as he let a groan, ambling into the large room, wincing as he massaged his neck."But still a bitch."

The Salvatore opened his eyes, them widening as he looked around. It seemed to be some sort of entertaining room with a pool table, a large TV on the wall, a somewhat art corner for Klaus he assumed with an easel frame with a half finished canvas painted. There were several seats in a circle with a table in the middle but what caught Damon's attention was a bar against the wall at one side.

Gotta get me one of those.

Damon, despite Klaus and Kol frowning at the sight of him, gravitated towards the bar with a fascinated smile. Elijah was behind the bar and was the only Original who offered him a polite smile despite Damon sensing the annoyance toward him. The eldest Original in the room went back to pouring the drinks, muttering a warning to Kol and Klaus to were leaning against it.

"Look who's up."Klaus mumbled, bringing the rim of the glass to his mouth with a lopsided smirk."Got lost on the way to the exit, mate?"

"Whatever."Damon ignored Klaus' attempt to bait him, still engrossed with the bar."Nice place you got here."

"It's for family."Klaus retorted with a hint of annoyance as Damon came up to the bar, waving his hand in a shooing motion."You aren't family."

Damon simply grinned in return, his ambling turning into an insolent saunter."Whatever."

"We don't want you here."Kol drawled with a glass in his hand, sneering at Damon before he sauntered off, slumping down an arm chair."Now sod off before I decide to kill you for challenging me."


The youngest Original brother grumbled to himself."Oh, lay off, Elijah!"

"Please, Damon, take a seat."Elijah nodded at the Salvatore brother, sliding a half filled glass his way before looking over at his brother who was still giving Damon a deadly stare, sighing."Kol, I will not tell you again. We are not killing him."

Kol huffed, making an exaggerated show of rolling his dark eyes before asking."Why not?"

"Because I said so, that is why."Elijah replied with a flourish of his hand before moseying out from behind the bar, Klaus following him towards the sofa a moment later."And because I do not wish to spend most of my evening cleaning up the bloodshed."

Damon watched Elijah walk off and sidled up beside Klaus. The Salvatore brother saw Kol's sullen glower and wagged a finger at the youngest Original brother in an almost scolding way with a smirk.

As he did he suddenly bumped into Elijah who seemed to have noticed this.

"There's no need for that."

Damon faintly heard Klaus chuckle to himself as he rounded the pair and sauntered over to the couch. Damon didn't dare to move and remained still, staring at the back of Elijah's head. Elijah didn't make a move, he kept still, lazily smoothing down his suit jacket.

"Don't take my kindness so frivolously, Damon, because I could discipline you without spilling blood."Elijah casually said as he turned to face Damon, hand taking hold of his elbow. He smiled a little to himself as he noticed Damon's smile fall."It would be quite unfortunate, of course. I do not want to fight."

It was Kol's turn to smirk as Damon simply nodded, face growing a little pale as he took a seat.

As he got comfortable, he did not waste a moment and promptly stared to inquire about Macie's whereabouts.

"Where are they?"

Kol casually shrugged, waving off the question with an almost amused head-shake.

"Well, 'Bekah is probably sitting darling Macie down and informing her of what a monster I am and that she should stay well away from me,"Kol answered, his tone of voice eerily ominous, brown eyes fixed on Damon before he suddenly started to laugh. He shook his head with a bemused grin, a glimmer of twisted delight in his dark eyes."Funny thing is that it always makes the popsy's crawl back for more."

Klaus chuckled at his brother, the two youngest Mikaelson's sharing a small smile as the hybrid let himself collapse onto the sofa beside Elijah, propping his feet atop the table. They both ignored Elijah's unimpressed glower as well as Damon's eye roll.

"Why did she help Macie? She doesn't even know her."There was a hint of worry in Damon's voice because each time he'd come in contact with Rebekah Mikaelson he'd either been stabbed or threatened."And you all aren't well-known for...well, for having a heart."

Feeling their gazes burning into him, Damon cleared his throat awkwardly."No offense."

Klaus and Kol didn't seem bothered by Damon's comment mostly because they didn't care what he thought while Elijah was more focused on Klaus' feet on the table.

"None taken."

Klaus sighed as Damon continued to stare at them all, waiting for an answer and refusing to let up.

"My sister has a predilection for enforcing women's rights."Klaus finally answered with a long sigh, crossing one ankle over the other, pausing to take a sip of his drink and making a sound of approval at the familiar burn in his throat."And, while I am all for equal rights, she has been impossible since waking up in this century now that women 'have a voice' and demands to be heard now."

The hybrid then laughed to himself, tipping his glass at his brothers."We have no clue what she's on about; she's been extremely vocal for a thousand years if you ask us."

"Tell me about it."Kol muttered with a roll of his eyes, glancing up at the family portrait with a fond yet annoyed look."She screams like a bloody banshee."

"And you both don't?"Elijah deadpanned with a frown, but there was a playful flicker on his face. Sending his brothers a scolding head shake, Elijah finally looked to Damon, smiling small before declaring."My sister is extremely passionate with subject matters she deems important and while she can be-"

Kol and Klaus cut in at the same time, piping up with facetious and puerile suggestions.



When brothers opened their mouths once more to offer their thoughts, Elijah held up a hand, his warning glower making them both go silent.

"...emphatic or and at times dangerous but it comes from the heart."Elijah sincerely proclaimed, his tone making it clear his statement was open for debate."Rebekah has a big heart."

Elijah looked to his brothers for anymore light hearted remarks but they had none to offer. They were no longer smiling playfully. Instead they both, however fleetingly, made sounds of agreement because it was true, Rebekah's big heart was what kept them together.

But, as usual whenever a situation became too sentimental, Kol just had to pip up with sarcasm.

"You are aware she isn't here, aren't you, Elijah?"Kol slowly stated, making a circling motion with his pointer finger to emphasise his words before he jibed."She's got you proper henpecked."

A flicker of annoyance appeared in Elijah's dark eyes and he raised a bemused eyebrow, turning his head in Kol's direction.

"Not that this hasn't been a whole lotta fun but I think we've gotten a little off track."Damon piped up before Elijah could retort, holding his hands up in surrender as they turned to face him."How about you call Rebekah and tell her to drop Macie off at the boarding house? That way I can leave because, believe me, I want to leave just as much as you want me to."

"Excuse me for seeming brash but what gives you the right to govern Macie's life?"Elijah asked Damon with an unamused look, clicking his tongue as he noticed Klaus' feet on the table then smiling as Klaus, after rolling his eyes, removed them."She is not a plaything you can amuse yourself with whenever you are bored or chagrined."

"I completely agree with you, Elijah."Kol earnestly said, nodding at Elijah with a sincere look before he turned and glowered at Damon, pointing to himself."Macie is my plaything, mate, not yours."

Slumping back in his chair with a sigh, Elijah resisted the urge to roll his eyes."That was not what I meant."

Kol raised his eyebrow at his brother as if puzzled before he merely shrugged, finding glowering at Damon more interesting than pondering more.

"God, you're such a jackass, and that's coming from me."Damon grumbled to himself with an exaggerated eye roll, leaning forward in his seat and resting his elbows on his thighs."While i'm sure the sweet nothings you whisper in her ear are just adorable, you gotta remember that i'm her sire."

Kol slowly raised his head; interest caught once more by Damon's emphasized words. He let out a quiet, dangerous laugh, tongue grazing over his teeth almost hungrily as his lip curled up at Damon.

"And all vampires are originated from myself and my family; you're a mere diluted parody of what a vampire truly should be."Kol lazily replied with an indifferent wave of his hand, giving Damon a once over with an unimpressed lip curl."You fail to provide a compelling argument, mate."

"Ha!"Klaus burst out laughing, almost spilling his drink as he reached over and patted Kol's shoulder."Very good, little brother!"

"I'm not trying to-"Damon cut himself off when he realized he'd raised his voice and forced himself to swallow the insults he wanted to hurl at them. He closed his eyes for a moment to compose himself and opened them a moment later."What i'm saying is that I know Macie. I know what she can handle or what she can't, and she can't handle all this."

Damon then sent Kol a false, cheery smile, eyes clouded with bitterness.

"And getting involved with you hasn't exactly been helping her, has it?"

Feigning surprise at Damon's words, Kol cocked his head with a curious frown.

"Why is that?"

"Because i'm a jackass and you're the bogeyman. Not to mention borderline psychopathic."Damon replied without hesitation, his glower unwavering as Kol straightened in his chair almost threateningly. But Kol then flashed his infamous haughty grin, seemingly unfazed by the label Damon had given him."I know i've been a dick. It's who I am, yeah, but i've been a major dick because of personal matters."

A look was shared between the Mikaelson brothers who, in unison, pursed their lips as if they were stopping themselves from saying something. Elijah bowed his head, shoulders shaking slightly but, unlike their elder brother, Kol and Klaus couldn't hold back. There as a long, drawn out silence before Kol and Klaus suddenly burst out laughing.

Damon watched them, the sound itching at him and crawling underneath his skin. Each laugh felt like they'd punched through his ribcage and clutched his heart in their palms.

Noticing this, Elijah turned and gave his brothers an unamused look.

"That's enough!"Elijah demanded in a tone that almost instantly made his brothers quiet down and, after taking another moment to glower at them, Elijah offered Damon an apologetic smile."Forgive them."

Remaining quiet, Damon sent the pair an annoyed eye roll before scowled at them, leaning back in his chair with a shake of his head.

"You were saying..."

Elijah trailed off, gesturing for Damon to continue and, after another glower at Kol and Klaus, Damon let out a long breath before he did carry on.

"Macie shouldn't have been brought into this anyway, but she was. She is a champion. A loyal one. And it's not good for her because she's my champion. Being in this town with my enemies, my mistakes and, well, me isn't what you'd call stable. I want her to go somewhere and be...well, stable. Then, when everything's blown over, she can come back."

"Are you sure that is the right idea?"Elijah quietly inquired after a long moment, setting down his glass with a sigh."She is a vampire, Damon; she will never have a 'stable' life. She will never be free of that burden-"

A harsh, loud chuckle suddenly cut Elijah off whose mouth downturned into a puzzled frown. He looked over at Kol who was glaring at his brother with a look that could only be described as appalled.

"You're speaking utter nonsense. Being a vampire is a gift, it's not a burden. What's the burden is the viewpoint."Kol sent Elijah a pointed look, shaking his head in complete disappointment before his mouth curved up into a derisive smile when he turned his head and looked at Damon."And I suspect that she has the potential to truly blossom as one. If she finds the right mentor to change her viewpoint because the one she has now hasn't taught her what it truly means to be a vampire."

Kol leaned forward, pointing to Damon and Elijah with a patronizing click of his tongue.

"With the right guidance, she can learn that thriving as a vampire is nothing more than eternal euphoria."

With a quiet, drawn out laugh, Kol's head tipped back as he breathed out the last word, an almost dreamy smile on his face, his eyes clouding over in bliss. While Elijah shook his head in disgust, Klaus seemed to share Kol's opinion and understand his brother's statement as he raised his glass in toast, hand clasping down on his brother's shoulder once more.

"I haven't agreed with you more, little brother."

But, as soon as the moment started it ended, and Kol suddenly straightened in his chair once more with an unreadable expression.

"And since you lot are a bunch of self-loathing moralists who are nothing short of ungrateful for their gift..."Kol sent another pointed look at Elijah as he made a move to get to his feet, his gaze shifting to Damon as he did."i'll personally see to it that Macie blossoms under my direction."

Kol feigned an innocent smile as he spoke, stressing certain words that made Damon's jaw clench. There was a glimmer in Kol's eyes, an almost childlike gleeful glimmer, that made Damon's skin crawl. The youngest Original brother lingered as he slowly stood, his smile faltering into a roguish grin and his tone darkening.

"You have my word on that, mate."

Kol noticed Damon's fury, and his grin only broadened as he offered Damon a pat on the shoulder, hand coming down too hard. Damon swallowed the painful hiss and kept Kol's gaze, his baby blue orbs darkening the longer Kol continued to smile at him.

Damon glared up at Kol, lip curling up into a sneer."You're a-"

A gust of wind made Damon lose his breath, and when he looked up, Kol was no longer in front of him. Damon blinked as he processed only to jump when he heard the sound of the front door slamming shut, the force of it almost making him jump once more.

Kol was gone.

"What the hell just happened?!"Damon's voice raised in pitch at his surprise as he turned to face Klaus and Elijah who, unlike him, didn't seem so surprised."Uh, hello?"

Klaus and Elijah glanced at one another before they looked at Damon, Elijah seeming more remorseful than Klaus but that wasn't new. Damon read the look, it confirming his fears because, after processing that Kol was gone, Damon then processed Kol's words.


Damon got to his feet, already turning to rush out of the room then follow Kol but, before he could take a step, Elijah suddenly spoke.

"I wouldn't."Elijah called after him, shaking his head with an exasperated shake of his head as Damon turned around."He won't kill her."

"Not yet, anyway."Klaus piped up, offering Damon a half smile, as if his words were enough to placate the younger male.

His words only seemed to make Damon more uneasy as the Salvatore brother narrowed his eyes at both Mikaelson brothers.

"And i'm supposed to take your word for it?"

Klaus raised an eyebrow at Damon, a flash of amber following as a warning for him to mind his tone. Damon simply glowered in response but remained silent.

"Unless you want to go after Kol and ask him yourself then, yes, you should,"Klaus replied, gesturing to the door as an invitation for Damon to follow the most wildest of the Originals. When Damon sent him a dubious look, the Original simply shrugged as he got to his feet, picking up Elijah's glass as well his own, simply offering up three words."She amuses him."

Damon followed Klaus with his eyes as the hybrid, far too casually for his liking, ambled over to the bar.

"No offense but that sounds even worse than being killed by him."Damon ground out through clenched teeth, fingers curling into his fists in irritation."Your brother sounds like he plays with his victims."

Klaus quietly laughed once more as he rounded the bar, the sound making Damon's nails slice into his palm. The Original kept his eyes on Damon as he placed down the glasses then he picked up the bourbon, Damon's missing glass a quiet demand for the Salvatore to leave.

"Granted, my brother isn't exactly the chivalrous knight a girl searches her entire life for..."Klaus lazily drawled as he extended his index finger, pointing over at Damon with an almost scolding head-shake. The hybrid tilted his head, a grin on his face that mirrored Kol's."But you shouldn't underestimate the allure of the darkness."

"I'm not."Damon quietly replied, a faraway flicker in his eyes as the moment drew out and his sire came to mind."How do you think I became a vampire?"

He suddenly blinked, returning to reality before suddenly shook his head, hand reaching out and claiming Elijah's freshly poured drink. Clearing his throat, Damon downed the rest of the glass, eyes almost rolling to the back of his head at the familiar burning sensation that made a rush of adrenaline soar throughout his body.

He inhaled a sharp breath, opening his eyes before he looked over at Klaus, forcing out a laugh with a sardonic smile.

"How do you think Macie became a vampire?"

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