For want of a Plague Ch.2



Buff Frog roped up one of Ludo's goons. He briefly makes sure that Marco has taken Star back to her new home before using his scissors to get back to Mewni...


Toffee looked at Buff Frogs report in disbelief. "So she's only on Earth for a day...and she's already been attacked by an Axotol..." He said that name like it left a bad taste in his mouth.

The Axotol's had been one of the most reviled of monster tribes. Not only did they enslave and oppress other tribes, but they also ritualistically sacrificed them to their pagan gods.

They were especially infamous for trying to sell out the Mewmans and other tribes to Britanica. But one moth monster slave named Rosa Parks broke free of her shackles and fled to the Mewmans to warn them.

Promising the slave nations freedom was all it took to convince them to turn against the Axotols...united; Mewmans and Monsters wiped out that entire wretched tribe...or so they thought.

He ordered the monster Buff Frog had brought to be interrogated. He then thanked Buff Frog for the info and sent him back to Earth...while also telling him to give him all the info he could on these 'Diaz's'...especially that Marco boy...

When he leaves, Toffe turns back to his maps. Not surprisingly, The Dual-Kingdoms ultimatum given to Huffelpuff had been ignored.

Now, they had officially declared war against Hufflepuff. And the Nation of Libertalia had in turn declared war on the Dual-Kingdom. And the Kremlin was of course backing their ally. And the Reichstag(under 'obligation' of their war-pact with the Dual-Kingdom) had declared war against them all.

It was shaping up to be a free-for-all. What HAD been surprising was Britanica declaring that it would honor it's war-pact with Libertalia. This had caught everyone by surprise considering the war pact had been made by the pre-Blackwood administration.

Still...this balanced things out a bit. Toffee manipulated the pieces across his mystic war-map/chessboard.

Hmmmm...the hufflepuff's will be knocked out the first day of course(the irony of a country having such importance being knocked out and forgotten so quickly not lost on him)... Then the Dual-Kingdom will focus mainly on the Kremlin...The Reichstag will divide it's forces to fight both Kremlin and Libertali...the Britanica's siding with the Libertali is a relief...those Libertali are so backward when it comes to fighting..I mean honestly, white uniforms? Why not just paint a target on their backs? And refusing to trust aerial reconnaissance because they believe people who like to fly are 'touched in the head?'...what is that? I mean really?

Toffee contemplates all the various factors and all the data his spies had sent him...At last he just shakes his head. "It's too early to really tell anything." He finally decided. "From everything I've seen, the best we can hope for is a big stalemate that lasts for years...but I didn't get where I was today by counting on the 'best' happening-

"Sir! Terrible news!" Shouts a Mewni guard bursting into the room. Toffee gave a resigned sigh. Right on que...

…a few hours ago at the Marnes...

The three headed, green monkey creatures that made up the Libertali army were anxious...anxious for the eerily calm night to be over...for the fight to just start already...but most importantly they wanted their promised Brtianica reinforcements to arrive already.

A sentry suddenly got a codded message. It was the agreed upon password to signal the arrival of the Britanica troops! And that the coast was clear!

"They've arrived!" He screamed excitedly! The excited Libertali abandoned their artillery positions and shut down their mystic forcefield. Most of the camp then ran up to greet their new comrades-


-which is why most of them died under the surprise attack by the Reichstag.


"The Britanica's betrayed the Libertali to the Reichstag?!" Exclaimed Toffee in surprise.

The guard nodded. "They gave them everything; the password, artillery and troop placements, override codes for the forcefield so they couldn't put it back up, they even gave them some of their Brtianica tanks, uniforms and flags to complete the deception."

Toffee listened intently as he explained how within the first 5 minutes half the Libertali army was slaughtered, and the other half just which point the Reichstag unveiled one of their newest 'toys'...


The once proud Libertali army was running for the hills like the devil himself was chasing them...and they weren't too far off.


Before the frightened soldiers eyes; a hundred of the biggest tanks they'd ever seen were thundering after them at over 40 mph!

The entire center was crushed into bloody paste under their treads...but the nightmare wasn't over yet-


Mustard gas! Machine guns! And white phosphorous flamethrowers that shot streams over 50ft! All of which were shot from the the dozen mini-turrets located on each side of the tank.

The names of these weapons wouldn't be known until later...for now the Libertali soldiers only called them 'RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!' or 'MOMMY, HELP!'


And don't even get us started on the laser blast being shot from the main gun of the tank...


Toffee couldn't believe what he was hearing...he knew that the Reichstag technology was advanced and that they'd been keeping a tight lid on their true capabilities...but this...this went beyond anything he'd ever seen before!

The Mewman guard continued. "From what we've learned...their army is either dead(mostly this), captured, or deserted. The Libertali government has fled the country, and the Reichstag is heading straight for the country's capital of Bastille unopposed..."

The guard trailed off awkwardly. " isn't 'official' yet...but it seems that-

"The Libertali are out of the war? Yes, so it would seem." Interrupted Toffee with a sigh.

With a snap of his claw he changed the Libertali symbol on his map to that of the Reichstag.

This was not good. Not only had the Reichstag proven to be a greater threat than anticipated...but now they could focus their efforts solely on helping the Dual-Kingdom bring down the Kremlin.

That could go either way...On the one hand; their army was ten times bigger than both opposing armies combined, the average Kremlin citizen was just as strong as a troll, Kremlin soldiers were used to the harsh freezing environment of their homeland(the Reichstag and Dual-kingdom were not), and the Kremlin had the Frost Sage Guild's power to bring down a deadly blizzard on their enemies(the Guild is especially infamous for defeating the seemingly unstoppable Napoleon Bonaparte).

On the other hand; their Czar was a moron who thought he lived in a fairytale world, their nations technology was a couple centuries behind all the other nations, magic was monopolized and Marginalized(well, all non-frost magic was marginalized anyway) by the guild(to the point that any non-guild members performing magic are executed), And Grigori Rasputin(who was both the Czars most trusted adviser and the head of the Frost Sage Guild) was a megalomaniacal, back-stabing, manipulative, sociopath!

Yes, this could go either way...and that wasn't the only trouble he was sure they'd be facing...

Why would Britanica betray an ally like can't just betray an ally so casually...there will be consequences for that even if the Reichstag completely wins the war(Thorn deciding their too untrustworthy to keep around for one thing)...what did they feel that they stood to gain from this?


A Britanica soldier with a jeweled eye patch marveled at the treasure before them. In exchange for selling out their allies, Lord Blackwood negotiated for the royal archives to be handed over to them...and it was full of jewels and gold!

"Such treasure." Stated the soldier lovingly as he let the priceless doubloons cascade through his fingers.

Blackwood nodded. "Yes...some more valuable than others..." He said out loud as he pulled the Wotnot book out of the treasure pile.

You are a fool have no idea what you've given me...


Thorn smirked as he saw Blackwood holding the Wotnot book through the camera hidden in the bejeweled eyepatch.

Foolish Blackwood...right into my trap...


Buff Frog looked at the store in front of him in disbelief...he'd been heading back to Marco's house...when he stumbled upon...THIS.

He threw a bag of gold coins onto the counter. "SHOPKEEP! I demand you give me every book you have!"

The cashiers eyes widened at the sight of the gold...and quickly obliged...soon every cashier was grabbing every book they could throughout the WWI convention taking place at the bookstore...



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