Title: Conspiracy
Category: Crossover, humour, adventure
Crossover: Stargate SG–1/NCIS
Characters: McGee, Tony, Gibbs, Abby, Kate, Ducky, Sam, Daniel, O'Neill, Teal'c, Martouf/Lantash, Freya/Anise, others
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When the SGC learns that the NCIS has a case involving a number of Jaffa and some Goa'uld weapons, SG-1 are sent to investigate and take over. Things become significantly worse when they find that a Goa'uld artefact with the potential to shift the power of the entire Galaxy is involved - and Ba'al's underling Selkhet has come to Earth to acquire it.
Warnings: Minor character deaths, minor violence

Co-written with Skarpedin

NOTES: I want Kate to still be on NCIS, and McGee to have joined, so that would put it in NCIS season 2. However, that is season 8 for Stargate SG-1, so O'Neill is a General instead of on the team, and I want him there for this story. Thus, I am fiddling a little with the timelines, and so O'Neill has not been promoted to General yet in this story. Timewise, I am putting the story in the fall of 2004. Also, Martouf/Lantash are alive and well, so a bit AU because of that too.

NOTES 2: Written for Story Works, Conspiracy challenge, on Livejournal

1. The New Case

"Gear up, people. Dead Lieutenant Commander at the Smithsonian," Gibbs said.

"Really? Was it the curse of the mummy, boss?" Tony asked, mock-serious.

Kate rolled her eyes at him. "That's just a myth, but why am I not surprised you would believe in something like that."

They grabbed their backpacks and hurried after Gibbs and McGee.

"Well, cause of death is easy enough," Ducky said.

"No kidding! He's got a huge hole in his chest!" Tony said. "What could do something like this?"

Ducky carefully examined the burnt edges of the wound. "I have no idea." He shook his head. "I've never seen anything like it."

"Those burn marks on the wall - you think that's from the same weapon?" Tony wondered, looking at the blackened holes on the wall of the entrance to the museum.

"Most likely, what else could it be?" Kate said.

"Time of death?" Gibbs asked.

"That I can tell you. No more than an hour ago," Ducky said.

"About 7AM," a man dressed in a suit said as he approached them. "That's when the alarm went off." He turned to Gibbs. "Richard Newton. I'm the director."

"Gibbs, NCIS. What do you have for me?"

"From what we can tell, a group of thieves broke in just after 7 this morning. Your Lieutenant Commander must have seen them and tried to stop them. They went directly for one of our exhibitions, about ancient Egypt. They walked straight up to a display case, broke the glass, and took one of the items inside. The silent alarm had gone off when they broke in, of course, and when the glass was broken, a metal cage came down around them. That's when the police arrived, and there was a firefight with two of the thieves. They were killed."

"The rest are still trapped inside?" Gibbs asked.

"I don't think they've gotten them out, no, but you should ask him." Newton nodded in the direction of a man in a suit coming towards them.

"I'm Detective Jenkins of the Metropolitan Police Department." He flashed his badge.

"Gibbs, NCIS. What can you tell me about the robbery?"

"Well, we've got two captives, and two dead robbers. One more got away. A beautiful woman, who seems to have just disappeared into thin air!" He shook his head.

"I'll need her description so we can get out a BOLO on her."

He nodded. "Sure, I think I can do even better - there's surveillance in here. Quite a good-looking broad, but she had the most arrogant expression I've seen in awhile. Didn't wear a lot of clothing." He grinned widely. "By the way, you're not going to believe what the men we've got trapped are wearing!"

"Don't care. Take me to them," Gibbs said. "And get me that surveillance tape."

"I'll have it sent over." The detective started walking, and Gibbs followed. "The two in the cage are shooting at us with some weird kind of weapon that knocks people unconscious, and their armour appears to make them immune to bullets from our guns. Teargas has had no effect, so I've sent for larger weapons. I wouldn't recommend approaching the criminals until then."

"Stun weapons?" Gibbs asked. "You mean like a taser?"

"Something like that, yeah, but I think it's a new model. Much shorter recharge time and no wires."

They had walked to the next room where the two dead thieves were lying on the floor.

"That's the robbers?"

"What the Hell are they wearing?" Tony, who had followed them into the room, asked.

"Armour. Of some sort." Gibbs frowned as he looked at it.

"They've got identical tattoos. On the forehead!" Kate remarked. "Some kind of gang thing, you think?"

"Your guess is as good as mine," Gibbs said.

"These are the weapons they used to kill your Lieutenant Commander," Jenkins said, walking to the wall where a long stick-like weapon with a sort of roundish plate at one end and an oblong, pointed one at the other end, was standing. He grabbed it and held it out to Gibbs. "They shoot some sort of plasma, but I have no idea how to activate them."

By now McGee had entered the room as well, followed by Kate and Ducky.

"Plasma?" McGee asked.

"Yes, as crazy as that sounds, yes," Jenkins said.

"It sounds more than crazy - it sounds impossible. We don't have the technology to make a plasma weapon, especially such a small one," McGee said.

"Ducky - take a look at those two," Gibbs said, pointing at the dead men on the floor.

"Of course, Gibbs." Ducky went over to the two corpses. "Well, it's certainly some impressive armour you are wearing my friends, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to have helped you much."

"Can I take a look?" McGee asked, holding out his hand for the plasma weapon.

"Careful. We don't know how it works. It really should be studied at a lab before we play around with it," Jenkins said, handing the weapon to McGee.

He held it gingerly and looked at it for a moment, clearly afraid he would accidentally activate it and somehow blow them all up. "It's hard to believe that this weapon would be able to fire plasma. I mean, just the power source ought to be enormous!"

"Believe me, it works!" Jenkins said.

"I wonder who's been developing them?" McGee observed, before letting Jenkins take it again. "I'd love to be able to study it."

"You're more than welcome to it. Plasma weapons, a woman that disappears into thin air, funky stun weapons - and men in crazy armour! I am sorry about your Lieutenant Commander, but I am happy to give you custody of the case!" Jenkins exclaimed.

"Don't worry - we'll take it off your hands," Gibbs said.

They heard the sound of some sort of electrical discharge followed by a cry.

Jenkins swore," Dammit! I told my men to not approach the robbers until we've got better weapons!"

"How did those tasers look?" Gibbs asked. "Like that?" He bent down to pick up a gun-like object that was clipped to the dead man's wrist.

"Yes, exactly like that!" Jenkins said. "I'll be damned - I didn't notice them there before. I wonder how that works?"

"It's just for stunning people, right?" Gibbs asked.

"Yes, that's all I've seen them do."

"Okay." Gibbs handed it to McGee. "Make it work."

"Boss?" McGee took the weapon and looked at it. He turned it over in his hands, studying it closer.

Tony came over and looked at it too. "Whatever company make those sure like their style - it's the same as on the plasma-sticks. Do you think it's Chinese? It looks a bit Chinese, don't you think? Or maybe Russian."

"I have no idea." He followed one of the lines in the metal with his finger. "I don't think those grooves are there for any reason except aesthetics." He touched what appeared to be a button, and suddenly the weapon unfolded between his hands. "Whoa!"

"It looks like a snake," Kate offered as she walked up to them.

"Or... something else." Tony grinned widely. "You know..."

Kate rolled her eyes at him.

"Stop fooling around and get that thing to work!" Gibbs said, annoyed.

"Yes, boss," McGee said, turning the weapon over on the side and then back. "Wait, there's another button..."

"Let me handle that! I've got much more experience with weapons than you do!" Tony said, grabbing the weapon and pulling at it.

As he did so, he hit a button causing the weapon to fire, and what looked like blue lightning sprang from it and hit Tony.

He froze and cried out as he fell, hitting the ground unconscious. McGee was affected as well, but much less, staggering back and letting go of the weapon.

Gibbs shook his head and scooped up the weapon, before hurrying in the direction of where the other robbers were caught behind the bars.

"Wait! You'll get shot!" Jenkins exclaimed, running after him.

The display case the thieves had tried to steal from stood to the side in one of the big exhibition halls. The cage that had come up around it was not large, perhaps 10 feet by 10 feet, and the men captured inside was pacing, constantly keeping an eye on the exit.

Except for other display cases there was little to hide behind. Gibbs snuck up to the entrance and peeked his head out to look. The men in the cage spotted him immediately, and blue ribbons of electric energy flew past him, missing him narrowly.

He threw himself into the room and behind the nearest display case. Moving on to the next, he managed to get a shot in which hit one of the trapped thieves, felling him. The other one narrowly missed Gibbs. Moments later, Gibbs shot him, too.

"Very nice, boss!" McGee said, walking apprehensively into the room.

"Get them out of there and cuff them - quickly!" Jenkins ordered some of the police officers.

"Is DiNozzo still out?" Gibbs asked.

McGee nodded. "Yes." He turned to Jenkins. "How long do they stay unconscious?"

"Not sure. At least 10 minutes, I think, but one of the guys who was just grazed was up after a few."

"Okay, hurry up with the burglars, then," Gibbs said.

A short time later, the cage around the thieves had been raised and the police quickly disarmed and handcuffed the criminals.

By then Tony had appeared in the door, supported by Kate and looking groggy and unhappy.

"Decided to join us?" Gibbs asked, grinning.

Tony gave him a long-suffering look and grimaced.

It was only moments later when the thieves started to wake, and angrily pulled at their bonds. The policemen dragged them to their feet and tried to make them follow, but that was clearly not a popular decision.

"Relax!" one of the policemen said, when the man he was trying to lead pushed him aside.

The man glared at him. "Has'shak!"

At the unfamiliar word everyone in the room became silent and just stared at the two surviving burglars.

"Maybe they're Russians?" Tony suggested.

One of the policemen turned to the robbers beside him and spoke to him in Russian, "Ты говоришь по-английски?"

"Di'dak'dida secher me? Hasshak! Kal shaka mel! Ha'taka!" the man in the armour spat, with clear contempt.

"Russians!?" Gibbs scoffed. "What did you think?" He looked to Ducky who had just stepped into the room. "Get it all wrapped up. We're taking everything back to the NCIS."