Meanwhile, Monica and Rachel worked on the final preparations for Monica's wedding.

"I'm gonna really miss this apartment, you know, when I go move in with Pete."

"Oh, that's right! I keep forgetting that you're gonna go and leave me all alone here. I'm gonna miss you so much!" She hugged Monica.

"I'll miss you, too."

"It's gonna feel so empty here."

"Maybe you can ask Phoebe to move in with you. Or maybe a few months from now, you could ask Joshua to move in."

"Maybe." She shrugged.

Rachel started feeling blue. Joey and Chandler were married now, and Monica and Pete soon would be. Rachel never thought so many of her friends would get married before her. Who would be next, Phoebe? Ross? Would Gunther and Janice suddenly elope?

Monica picked up her wedding gown and tried it on in front of the girls. Rachel was happy for her, but she could hardly keep from crying. She tried to rush her relationship with Joshua, and just scared him off.


Now that Rachel was single again, Ross confessed that he loved her and wanted to get back together.

Rachel said that she felt the same and hugged him. "Oh, and a word of warning. As Monica's wedding gets closer, I might freak out and say that I want to get married too. But, but, just ignore it, okay? I know that it's just too soon for us."

Ross nodded. "Okay. And if I start to get possessive and worried about your career again, just tell me to stop it. I know you're not Sherry or Carol, and I'm going to trust you, okay?"

"Okay." Rachel smiled, and they kissed for the first time since the night at the beach house.


Monica and Pete's wedding was spectacular, and Mrs. Geller couldn't find anything to criticize. Everything seemed to be going right with the world. Ross and Rachel were back together, Joey and Chandler were married, and Janice and Gunther were also adorable with Janice's little daughter in tow.

All these happy couples started to depress Phoebe. Plus, she was suffering from moodiness, a small bladder, and other pregnancy woes because she had agreed to be a surrogate for Frank and Alice.

Phoebe had even decided to move in with Rachel to have help with her pregnancy. Not that Rachel had much expertise with babies, but Ross did, and he would be around a lot. Plus, Joey and Chandler would be just across the hall, and Gunther would be downstairs in Central Perk, in case of an emergency.

Not long after Phoebe moved in, she sat at Central Perk and suddenly saw a familiar face walk in. "David!"

David the physicist was about to explain why he had returned to New York, and for how long, but he couldn't help noticing that Phoebe was pregnant. He was disappointed, but put on a brave face. "Who's the lucky father?"

"My brother." She explained the situation, and he explained in return that he was back permanently because his three-year research stint in Minsk had wrapped up.

"So, um, can I be your boyfriend again?"

"Really? You want me when I'm all pregnant and yucky?"

"You're beautiful," he answered. "I love you. And besides, I should get used to it, because someday you're gonna have my babies. At least, I hope so. I-I-I don't want to presume. I mean, I've been gone a long time--"

She interrupted him with a kiss, and hugged him. "You're my lobster," she whispered.


"I'll explain later. Shh!"

The End