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Third Person View/Dream


'Thoughts in the dream.'

Bugsters/Devices (Scrolls, Phones, Drivers, Gashats)

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"Open your eyes."

When I opened my eyes, I saw I was floating in this black void. I tried a move, but my body was frozen. "W-what in the world?!"

"Hero that exists in vast universe … heed my call."

When that was said, I was engulfed by a bright white light, so I closed my eyes.

"Scathing eyes ask that we be symmetrical, one-sided and easily processed.

Yet every misshapen spark's unseen beauty is greater than its would be judgment."

When I again opened eyes I wasn't anymore in the void but in the center of dance in some club. Around me dancing a people's silhouette. But my eyes noticed a one 'unique' shape – a girl with long blond hair. She was slowly walked to me "Who are you?" I asked when she stopped a front of me. A blond girl placed her left hand on hips before she began lean closer to me. 'She wants to kiss me?' I asked myself little shock, but before I realized what is happening, she delivered me a devastating right hook to the face, sending me flying through a glass pillar and into a wall.

"Your hopes have become my burden. I will find my own liberation."

"That's hurt" I cried in pain, slowly standing up "Wait, where am I?" I asked myself when I looked around. "Train … whoa!" I ducked from energy slash out of nowhere. My heart was beating like crazy when I saw a silhouette of the man in a white mask with red elements on the different train car. I turned and tried ran away, but a front of me stayed a silhouette of the girl with long black hair and a purple bow in her hair.

The man was walking towards me and her, when I found, we are near to the connector between the cars. As he wants to be reached out to us …

"Goodbye." Girl slashed a connector and let the free carts slow down. I tried to reach to a strange person, but she disappeared in shadows.

"Everyone is entitled to their own sorrow, for the heart has no metrics or forms of measure.

And all of it... irreplaceable."

I heard the music behind me, so I turned and saw an another girl silhouette with long white hair, pulled back in an off-center ponytail. She was stood on center on the stage and sung. "Mirror, Tell me something." It was beautiful, and I can't stop listen to it. I closed my eyes, focusing on the song.

After while moment I opened eyes and froze in one second. A front of me stayed a warrior of giant armor with a big sword. He swung the weapon, trying to kill me. I was unable to move, fear of death was too big, but a someone tackled me in last second. I saw a person who saves me, and I recognized a girl from earlier. But on her face … "Blood. You are hurt." I muttered. She turned to warrior and prepared to charge "Wait!" I tried to catch her arm, but she dashed toward an enemy. "Wait ..." I blinked.

"Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest..."

I was another place - a snowy forest. I slowly turned and saw an another girl silhouette. She was a shortest, had very brown hair with the red tint and to most important – a red hooded cloak. 'She looks like Red Riding Hood.' I thought, reaching my hand to her. But she disappeared in a swish of rose petals.

I blinked confuse "W-what?" a black void again surrounds me "Again?!" I snapped angrily before I saw another silhouette … no, this wasn't a silhouette. I saw a woman in a white hooded cloak. She has a pale white complexion, black and red hair and … silver eyes. "W-who are you?"

"You." she pointed me "You're a chosen one. A hero we need."

"Me? I am not a hero, I am a regular guy!"

She smiled slightly "You will be a hero. Your journey will begin shortly." she said, before turned back to me "Save her."

"Wait." I want to reach her, but woman disappeared in a swish of white rose petals.

Huntsman Gamer vol. 1

Stage 01-01: Mighty Player One!

"You have one new message."

I slowly opened my eyes, muttering under breath "Five more, please." a voice repeated the sentence. "It this isn't important, somebody will murder tonight." I reached to the smartphone on the edge of the desk, lifting up my head and yawning 'And this strange dream again. It's bothering me the almost half year, maybe it is a good time go to the doctor.'

"You have two new messages."

With another yawn, I unlocked the phone and cheek messages. It was from contact called 'Sir Douchebag.' First was a photo of opened bag. The main thing what was inside. Something I can't believe, so I rubbed my eyes. Maybe it is a dream? Probably, but I looked again. No, this isn't dreaming. "Sweet Saints Abby, how he gets this?!" I asked myself, half yelling. Inside of bag was a box. But no one or two, but twenty and not normal. It was a cartridge box for a Nintendo 64, a great video game system from the middle of '90. The second message was a text. 'Make coffee and prepare to be defeated in SSB.' I sighed after read a message. He really thinks he can be a master?

Yawning again, I stood up and hide smartphone to pocket. "Wants coffee? He doesn't know what hour-" I stopped when I looked at the digital watch on the wall. It was eleven o clock am. "I slept all night? Whoa, I really must be tired after job, but this also means-" with a quick glance, my brain realized how deep in shit I am. On the desk laid disassemble Nintendo 3DS, circuit board, soldering iron and scheme how to solder a board to 3DS. "And today is a deadline. Crap, first Douchebag, next capture card." I muttered to myself, walking to the kitchen.

Maybe little introduce. My name is Tyrian Magnum, and yes, I shared a name with a shade of purple. Thanks to my parents, they thought it will be funny gave a first born son a color name. They didn't expect, some kids in his son school can use an Uncle Google, found what was 'Tyrian' mean and start made fun of him. Hilarious, but I learn three things. First was how to fight with idiots, second – years later – how to ignore their and third – how to find real friends.

But now, I'm just 17 years old boy living in one of the greatest city in the world. I have black spiky hair, somewhat resembles Phoenix Wright's from Ace Attorney series, sterling gray eyes with the little scar under the right eye and rosy-pale complexion. My clothes, well I wore black socks, teal camo cargo pants, gray belt with black box-frame buckle also a gray t-shirt with the Golden Mask print. Also, I have black-blue digital sports watch with a compass on the left hand and silver necklace with a purple stone on my neck.

What am I interests? Well, to be honest, I maybe a little nerd. My hobbies mostly are DIY, electronic or computers, but I also like sports, reading – mostly history book and fantasy/sci-fi novel - and music. But my heart belongs to the video game.

You see, I am almost the regular guy.

After made two coffees, for me and 'Sir Douchbag,' I put on white sneakers with blue rims and royal purple – also knows as Tyrian - color zip hoodie, before leaving a house. Time to checked a post, maybe this book finally came. "It's almost week" I muttered to myself, walking to the mailbox, also noticed my eyes familiar figure.

The figure was a boy in my age. He had long blonde hair in the style that somewhat resembles early Chris Jericho, gemstone green eyes, and a tan complexion. He was wearing black sneakers, white socks, gray straight cargo shorts with that same color belt and silver chain on the side, dark green t-shirt with the mix of DualShock and Xbox One Controller design print, unzipped black zip hoodie and black-gold cap. He also wore a red camo bandana bracelet on right wrist and white headphone on his neck. In his left hand, he had a blue bag.

When the boy was close to the gate, I heard his humming "I have a pen" he opened a gate, still humming "I have an apple. Uhhhh." boy stooped few steps before me. "Apple pen."

I frowned, rolling my eyes "You too?" boy grinned and salute. His name is Grun Stone, my classmate, and best friend, but I call him Sir Douchebag when he calls me Fartass.

"Yo." he said "I wake you, Fartass?" with my growl, he grinned again. "But trust, you will be in heaven when you see what I bought."

I walked to the mailbox, going around him "Really?" I asked, opening it. Empty, again. What's wrong with this freaking package.

Grun nodded, when he saw, I turned to him "Yeah. Trust me" he lifted a bag a little "What I have here I two hundred better than your last girlfriend."

I frowned "She wasn't my girlfriend, I just slept with her. How many times-"

"Just kidding," he said "Okay, let's go. We must go to the mall." I cocked my eyebrow, walking to him. Grun just sighed "Anna asked me for help with buying a new laptop, but she will with her friend. So I need a wingman."

"Of course Sir Douchebag." I laughed, patting him on the arm "Grun, I can't believe you still try to ask her for a date. It's almost a half year when you understand she isn't for you and probably she likes girls?"

Grun frowned, when we walking to my house "You know me, I never give up." we come to my house, before walked straight to the kitchen. Grun noticed a coffee on the cupboard. „Finally," he muttered, throwing a bag on the table and walking to the cupboard. He took a mug when I walked to the bag. "I wake very early today."

"Nine o clock isn't early." Grun leaned on the wall, so I opened a bag. With one second, my eyes wide open and I almost "Holy shit! How you get this?!" I asked, turning to Grun. He has this smirk on his face "Don't tell me you stole this!"

Sir Douchebag huffed "That was rude, dude. I ever stole something?" I want to be said a word, but he held up a hand stop me. "Stop. Don't say it. Even don't think about it."

I smirked before I back to digging in back „So, how do you get this Grun?" I pulled out a Mario Kart 64 box. It was in perfect condition, and to my surprise never opened "Holy Lord Helix."

"I bought it."

"What?! You are kidding me!"

Grun snort "Nope. I actually bought. Ask how much."

I turned to him, pulling Donkey Kong 64 from the bag "How?"

He smirked "Guess."

"Five hundred." he shook his head "Four?" he shook again "Two?"


"One?! Who the hell sold you twenty-five n sixty-four games?!" Grun smirked wide "Don't tell me."

He nodded "Sixty. Three for one box."

I placed my hands on head "You are kidding me! No way!"





"Yes, and shut up." Grun frowned, but second later he grinned "You know mister Storm?" with my nod, he continued "So he organizes a yard sale. Today." I want to be asked, but he again held the hand up "Allow me to end. I heard rumors about" Grun waved off "Nah, I told you a truth. His grandchild was my sparring partner, so we talked after training. When I mentioned about video games, he said his grandpa had a box with some cartridges. You probably want to ask how he got this."

"Of course. And how you bought this." I asked, pulling out Super Smash Bros. "The best game ever created."

"Amen for that." Grun admitted "His grandchild told me, his grandpa want to make a surprise Christmas Presents for him and his little sister, so old man bought games for theirs. And also called to rest of family and ordered them to bought another game. But guess what."

"They have a PlayStation?"

"Bingo." Grun said and walked to me "So old man pack up all cartridges to box and hide. When I heard this story, I was waiting for a sale. And today was a big day, so I went to yard sell. To our luck, nobody interested with a full box of cartridges, so I asked about the price." he placed his hand on the chest "Honestly, I didn't know he will want sixty dollars for all stuff. Now tell me how rich we are?"

"How? If I am counting correctly, you bought twenty-five games, perfect condition. Even if we sell one game for a fifty, we earn one thousand and two and half hundred." I said, "But first I must check all groups and forums."

"This mean one thing. Money, money yeah yeah." he started singing and going around table "Money money yeah yeah."

I chuckled, still digging in the bag, but I also was happy. In one afternoon I earn five hundred dollars. He and I have a small 'business.' Grun was searching for a rare or old games or console in the city when I was checking, fixing and selling on the internet. 60%/40% for him. "Huh?" I blinked surprise when I felt a strange round. Second later, using my hand, item was pulled out. It was a cartridge, but without a box "Gamer Riders?" I asked, reading a title. Grun stopped and looked at the item. "Never heard about this."

"Really?" He blinked "Maybe it's from Japan?"

"Maybe. Or this is a fan made. It's only one way to check it." we both walked to my room. In corner stayed a table with an old television and plugged Nintendo 64. Grun and I came to console and inserted a strange cartridge. My friend turned on tv when I flipped a switch on the console. On the front appeared unknown for me a logo, Nintendo, and TOEI. Second, later we saw a start screen.

"Gamer Riders!" a narrator yelled.

So I took a controller and pressed a start button "Weird. Really weird." I said when I was on the menu. "This look like SSB."

"Yeah, but music is different," Grun admitted after I chose a multilayer mode. "One round?"

I nodded '"Free for all!" narrator yelled again, so Sir Douchebag took a second controller. This game is really weird. I don't recognize any fighters. They look like a chibi version of some armored guys. And two looked almost that same. The only difference was a color. One has a dark purple hair and second has pink or magenta hair. Grun chose a black version "Action Gamer!" Okay, this must be really a fan made. When we back from Grun 'date', I will check this. Meantime, time to play a game. I chose a pink guy "Action Gamer!" game moved to chose a field. Names were also weird.

"Okay, now I am confused as hell." I muttered "Tristian, Honnoji, Kuoh-"

"Me too. Okay, choose this Beacon. It looks good." Grun said, so I selected a stage and pressed A button. Game froze "Really?" he sighed, pressing a reset button, but it didn't work. Strange. "What the hell?" he asked herself, reaching a cartridge in slot "What a crap. Who created some-" my friend stop, when he catch it.

"Grun?" He turned his head to me. Holy cannoli, his eyes was empty. Like his soul disappeared. "Grun!" I shook him, without any results. Also, my brain noticed one thing. He still holding this cartridge, so I catch it also, tried to pull out it, but to my surprise and shock pink electricity raced up first my fingers and next all my body, shocking me "Ah!" I cried and want to take a hand, but I can't. "What?!"

"Three!" I heard, so I turned my head to TV. A camera very fast moved down "Two!" This is not good! No, no, no! "One!" on the screen appears a forest from birds eye's view.

'Save … her'

This voice … no way! It was from my dream! What in the world is going on here?! Pillar of light shot from the TV. Light blind me, so I closed my eyes.

"Game Start!"

That was the last thing I heard.

When I first opened my eyes, I saw a blue sky. A clear blue sky with beautiful stars and magnificent shattered moon.

Wait, what?!

My eyes widen open "What the hell was happened with the moon?!"

I pushed myself into a sitting position, forced me into actually looking around my surroundings. Soft grass waved in the subtle breeze, and massive trees towered around the clearing like eternal sentries. In the distance, I could see white-capped mountains seeming to be as immobile a mountain.

'I just woke up in some forest, probably forget by Lord Helix. Always can be worst' I thought to myself with a slight smile. The smile abruptly disappeared once I remember of my current state. Alone, middle of some weird place, without any familiar face. The feeling of solitude wormed its way into my heart. "Hello!" I yelled, but no one respond, as expected. I let out a deep sigh, standing up.

Then I noticed a something on the grass. Few steps away from me lay a one strap black-pink backpack. I blinked confuse before walked to it. From the bag, I heard a sound. It resembled me old Megaman stage BGM. So I crouched, trying to find a source. It was bringing out from a pocket on daypack belt, so I opened it. Inside was a metallic object with big – maybe 5.5 inches - screen and three buttons under the screen. The screen showed 'INCOMING CALL,' so I pressed a button on the left side. "Huh?" on the screen appeared a young man. He has brown hair, brown eyes, and normal skin complexion. He wore a yellow t-shirt with number 78 print in front and unbutton white shirt. He sat on the chair and ate something. "Finally! I think you all dead."

"Dead? All?" I asked, confuse. The man blinked "Sorry dude, but I don't understand. I am the only person here. Could you tell me where am I?" he flashed the second time.

"Wait, wait. Hold it." He gulped "Y-you are alone?" with my nodded, he slamming a desk "Fuck! Bugs get them. Not good, if Bugsters force..." he stopped and took a breath. "Okay, what is your name, mate?"

"Tyrian. My name is Tyrian Magnum."

The man nodded "You can call me M. Listen Tyrian, could you open a bag and tell me what is inside?" I placed this strange device on the ground and opened the bag.

Inside was a three items, so I pull out all. First was a big green bucket with few silver elements on the side and top. Really bulky and little heavy, probably made of metal. Device resembled me a retro console. On the left was a two small slide and to the middle was a pink lever with element covering something. On the item was engraved two white letters 'G.D.' I pulled a lever to the right, uncover some kind of black screen in the middle. Oh and on the reverse of the element had a fancy sticker with word 'GAMER DRIVER'. From the top, in place when slides should be, was some kind of slots.

Second was look like the cartridge, but metal, no plastic. Front of the item was pink with another sticker some pink creature and words 'MIGHTY ACTION X' printed, the back was pitch black and on the side was another label pink with white 'MIGHTY ACTION X' words written. Also, this item was split into two 'parts'. The bottom was a 'cartridge part' with something resemble a handle and black button on opposite site top corner. The top was a translucent connector.

The last item was a medium size handheld device. It was translucent, had touch-sensitive panel between two solid end grips and yellow, diamond-shaped button on the center. It was looking like the tablet. 'Finally something familiar.'

"Umm. I don't know how to describe this. First looks like some mix of console and belt bucket." I said one more time turned a device "It has some sticker Gamer Driver or something."

M sighed "Thank Oum, Driver is safe. They don't get it." I nodded, but I don't know what he was talking. "And Gashat?"

"Gas-what?" I blinked before realized about what he asked. "Oh, you mean this cartridge."

M smiled, stretching "Wonderful. Better than I thou..." he stopped "Wait, how many Gashat do you have?"


M was silent for a second before he snapped "What?! No, no, no! Fuck!" he yelled, slamming his head on the desk. M cried in pain. I grimaced "Okay M, calm down. Tyrian, which Gashat you have?"

I looked a cartridge "Pink. Mighty Action X."

"Tsk, they got a Proto. Not good." M muttered when I put Driver and Gashat to bag "Tyrian, would you kindly deliver this to Vale? I send you to address on Scroll."

"Umm ..." I looked at last item. So they called this tablet a Scroll. But where is Vale? Maybe I was bad from geography, but I never heard about some Vale. "Sure. Just tell which direct I should go. This forest frightens me."

M looked at the screen on his desk "Hmm, you should go to the northwest. Near road is five kilometers from your current position." I nodded, before checking a compass on my watch. To my surprise, the display was off. Weird, it should be working, the watch had a new battery. "And I will check when the nearest Bullhead to Vale."

"Bullhead?" I asked myself confuse, checking a direct on the compass. Next strange word for me. Vale, Gashat, Bullhead. What in the earth is going on here?

Without a better idea, I walked to direct showed by compass. "Oh, and be careful. Creature of the Grimm can be somewhere in this forest." Grimm? Okay, now I want freaking answers. "Do you have any questions?"

"Yeah. Few, but first and the most important. Where the hell am I and which country is this Vale?

M blinked "Vale is the Kingdom of Vale, one of the four Kingdoms of Remnant."

I stopped and looked one more time at the moon "Remnant?"

After a very long while, when I walked to nearest civilization, M told me this Remnant. At first, I didn't want to be believed, but when he said more and more, I realized he didn't lie me. A conclusion was one. Me, Tyrian Magnum, was in another world. Not Earth anymore. It was awesome and terrible at that same moment. I mean, imagine that – dimension travels aren't fictional and who know, maybe I was the first man who went to another world. But also this mean I might never again saw my family or friends. That suck a lot.

"I can't believe. You can't be from another dimension." M said, skeptical. "Prove."

"How? I haven't pro-" I stopped in middle of my sentence, realizing something. I checked my pocket, hoping my phone is still with me. Bingo! "You will see." I pulled out a phone and tried unlocked it, but it didn't work. One more time and nothing "Don't joke. Come on, work stupid!" M chuckled, seeing my reaction. "Crap, a battery must be dead. And I didn't take a charger with me when I … ugh!" I suddenly clenched my head in pain and closed eyes.

"Tyrian, are you alright?" M asked. After a while, the pain disappears, so I stopped clenching my head. After few heavy breaths, I decided to back on the road. M was silent for a moment before he spoke "Okay, say I believe you. How are you get here?"


"Really?" he sighed "Man, I hope you answer me for a few questions about dimension traveling, and we both earn some Lien."

I chuckled. M is really familiar to Grun "Maybe later. Hey, if we are talking, could you me tell about this retro console looks like a belt buckle and this cartridge?"

"Console? Oh, you mean Gamer Driver. It is a super high tech device based on the console when Gashat is a game cartridge with incredible power. With that little thing, the user can eliminate bug or viruses." M explained, "But it is top secret."

"Okay. But how is it work? User insert Gashat to the slot and turn on?"

M smirked, "It is top secret." I frowned "Why are you asking?"

"I am a little geek about new technology, console, and games." I pointed backpack on my back "And this one mixes all these three things." M laughed when I suddenly realized the ambient sounds of nature had gone quiet. A low growl caused me to stopped. The snarling visage of a wolf greeted me, emerging from the dark forest. 'Oh shit. Wolf. Great.' I thought, turning to the source. "What the fu-?" I asked when I saw this. It was an unnatural thing. Its physique was some twisted mix of humanoid and canine, its legs bent like that of a wolf yet hunched over as a primitive human would. Its fur was a dark black, nearly pure-white bony spines trusted themselves out of its arms, back and legs. On its head more of the structural material covered its face, giving the impression of a mask. A design of intricate red lines was inscribed throughout the mask. And it's blood-red eyes. This isn't diffidently a wolf "Werewolf!"

"Were-what?" M had asked before he heard a growl "Of crap, Grimm! Tyrian run!" he yelled, but I frozen. "Tyrian run! Run idiot!" the beast letting out a roar as it jumped into the air, claws outstretched to slice me in two. "Snap out you fool!" M one more time shouted, and this time he snapped me for fear. I rolled out of the way in last moment, before the beast crashed down to where I was standing just seconds ago.

It was already turning to me and readying another swipe. I dodged to the side, trying to survive. Snarling, Grimm lunged forward, attempting to crush me with his body. Once again I rolled out of the way. Beast turned to head to me. "Stay away! Help!" A wet snarl on its tongue, the beast retaliated, its claw grazing my right arm. Pain exploded in my limb. "Aaagh!" I screamed, trying to avoid another of the beast's swings, but I fall down. It was over, I lost. I closed my eyes, waiting for death. Killed by the strange monster in another world. Screw my life.

Beast growled and everything gone quiet. Much important was this, I still was alive. "You can open your eyes, kiddo." I heard, so I slowly opened eyes. In front of me stayed a man. He has a blond hair that has two small strands sticking out from the top, blue eyes, a soul patch and a little stubble along his jawline and tattoo on his right arm. He was wearing brown cargo shorts with a dark brown belt, black shoes, a red bandana on his left arm, and a brown leather vest over a tan dress shirt with the right sleeve cut off. For armor, he has a metal spaulder, leather vambrace, and a brown fingerless glove, all on his right arm. "Are you alright?" I wanted to nod but winced I felt my injured arm blossom in pain once more. Blood was already staining on my hoodie. "Show me … ugh, this doesn't look pretty."

"You don't say." I huffed one more time winced in pain "Why me?" we both heard another few growls "This is a joke, right?"

"I want." I listened to another voice, noticing another man. He had a graying black, spiky hair, red eyes, and slight stubble along his jawline. With a red, tattered cloak, he wears a gray dress shirt with a long tail, black dress pants, and black dress shoes. He also wearing a ring on his right index finger, two other rings on his right fourth finger, and a necklace with a crooked cross-shaped pendant. He looked at me "Tai, I think I will handle this."

Man named as Tai chuckled "Are you sure, Qrow?"

"Yeah. Focus on the kid, he hasn't activated Aura." Qrow guy said, pulling out the silver sword. A group of beats walked from dark forest "Only five? I am disappointed."

'Tai' helped me stood up "Don't play long. I want to return home before Yang back."

"Whatever." That was the last word I heard before passed out.

'Never again playing horror games before sleep.'

Those were the first words that came to mind when I returned to consciousness. Man, that was an intense and strange dream. First, this shattered the moon, next 'M' guy, and his super-high-tech-top-secret belt and finally monster. Oh and that two men from nowhere. What a nightmare.

"You think, how long he will be sleep?" a familiar voice asked. Huh? No way.

"Give him time, his Aura just was activated." another voice answered, "He had luck, that Beowolf almost got him." Oh, come on! This can't be truth. I slowly opened eyes, groaning with pain. "Easy kiddo, don't force yourself too much." Tai guy was looking down at me.

'Crap. This was real.' I thought, touching arm my right. I suppose that will be a bandage or something, but my fingers felt only skin with the scar "Huh? How?"

"Aura." a second guy, Qrow, said, eating his meat. I forced myself to sit position, still be little fuzzy, but I saw we were sitting next to campfire "Tai activated your."

Aura. Again strange word I don't understand. What's wrong with this world? "What's this Aura you're talking about?" Tai and Qrow looked to each other, truly surprise "And what the hell was that thing? Some sort of mutant?"

"Aura is the manifestation of the soul. It is our shield against the darkness that surrounds us and the sword with which we vanquish the demons who seek to kill us." Tai explained "Surprising you don't know about Aura."

"Truly surprising," Qrow muttered suspiciously. Blond man gave me a roast meat, so I thankfully nodded him and immediately started ate my meal "Could you tell us what are you doing in the middle of Grimm territory without the weapon?"

"Umm. I don't know mister …" with my questioning look, they both reflected.

"Oh yes. I am Taiyang Xiao Long" a blond guy said

"Qrow Branwen." the second man spoke. "And you kid?"

"Tyrian Magnum, sir."

Taiyang looked at me "So Tyrian, what are you doing here?"

I sighed "Like I said, I don't know. I just woke up in middle of this forest." Qrow and Tai again looked to each other. Okay, this much more suspicious that I thought. Maybe they know something? "I want just back to the city, but this monster attacked me."

"You know where are you?" Qrow asked. I shook my head "You are on Patch. This are telling you anything?" I shook again "You want back to city, right?" I nodded. "Okay, we will escort you to Vale."

"Vale," I repeated, finishing my meal. A few moments later, we were heading to the north. "Umm, Mister Qrow can I ask about something?


"What's happened with this monster where I passed?"

"Simply, Qrow killed it," Taiyang said.

"What?!" I yelped. How?! "Who are you?"

"We are Huntsman." Xiao Long answered, patting my back "You don't hear about Huntsman, am I right?"


"Huntsman and Huntresses are elite warriors dedicated to slaying the creatures of Grimm and whose duty is to uphold the peace of the world." Qrow spoke out finally "We explained you more when we back to the city. I think my friend maybe want talk with you." His friend? Oh boy, this sound bad. And I still must deliver Driver and Gashat. Wait a moment, what's happened to M? "What in the world?" Qrow said when we saw a… floating blocks. What the hell?

"Qrow, you see this?" Taiyang asked his comrade.

"Yes and I can't believe." he muttered "How is it possible? And what is that?"

I want to say something, before I noticed a weird orange round items on the floor "And that?" I pointed it.

"I don't know." Qrow pulled out his sword. To our surprise 'item' floated up. And this wasn't only one. I counted fifteen floating orange-head. "Tyrian, better hide."


"Hide," Taiyang repeated Qrow words. I sighed and hide in the bush. "Okay, do you have a plan?"

"No." orange item transformed into some kind human with orange head armed with the wood stick. A group of weirdos charged to both Huntsman.

I was observing everything from a bush. Qrow and Taiyang parried the first strike and tried counterattack, but their weapon didn't affect this guy. This was truly weird. If Qrow said truth, he killed five this wolf creature earlier without a problem and now he can't beat ridiculous looking weirdos. Or they were lying to me or something is wrong. "If I only can help they," I muttered, but I heard an 8-bit music from my pocket. Oh yeah, I almost forget about this device, so I pulled phone. It was M.

"Tyrian, you are alive!" M chirped when he saw me. "I can't believe you survived met with Grimn."

"Yeah. Two Huntsman saved me from dead." man from another side raised his brown. He must be surprised "They told me about this Aura."

"Oh. Good, very good." M nodded, before bit his lip "You don't say they about me, right? Or Driver?"

"No." I answered, "But they want to be escorted me to Vale because I am on Patch Island or something."

"Really?" the man asked surprised before he checked something on his computer "No, this must be a mistake. Your scroll shows me you are..." he stopped, before realized something horrible. "Shit. They must have it either."

"They?" I asked to confuse. Just what is going on here? "I think I don't understand."

M took a heavy breath "You can't, it is something even I don't understand fully."

I sighed "Great. But the way, this two Huntsman is fighting with orange head guys. Maybe about their you hear?"

"Orange head … oh boy." M gulped "Busgster Virus."

"Bugster Virus?"

"Yes. Tell your new friends you all need to run." he said, "Their weapon can't harm this orange head." Okay, this is bad. Very bad. That two guys cannot destroy this orange-head freaks. Why? That Huntsman said earlier, they were trained to protect mankind from the creature of Grimm. They killed that wolf-like creature. But now they are powerless. If I only can help they, but I am not a warrior! I am a freaking gamer, I can't fight. "If Viruses will infect them, we lose two Huntsman."

"Wait, what?" I looked at the battlefield. Blocks were on the ground and floating in the air. It looks like from the game. And this guy was materialized in like brief of data. Likes viruses or Bug.

Bugsters. Bug-sters. BUG!

Holy crap, these freaks are a computer bug! No freaking way, but also this mean I can help them.

'Console? Oh, you mean Gamer Driver. It is super high tech device based on the console when Gashat is a game cartridge with incredible power. Belt user can eliminate bug or viruses …'

So this must create a game warrior. It's like Pokemon but in real life. I pulled out a Gamer Driver and Gashat from a backpack and one more time I looked it around. "M, are you still here?"


"Good. Tell me something." I looked at the screen "How this belt work?"

"Huh? Want do you-" He stop in the middle of sentences before his face was serious "Forget about it. You can use a Driver or Mighty Gashat."


"Because, only a Genius Gamer can be synchronized with Mighty." M said "You can't, I am sorry. So forget about it, stay hide and don't even think to play a hero. Don't be stupid."

"But if I don't help them, they will die." I muttered, one more time looked at Gamer Driver "You said a Genius Gamer? I think I can handle this." I stood up and ran from my hideout. "Mister Qrow! Mister Taiyang!"

"Tyrian! Wait!" M yelled when I hide the device in a pocket. "Don't be stupid!"

Qrow looked at me "What are you doing?! Hide!" he yelled

"We handle this Tyrian." a second guy shouted. "Hide!"

"You can't kill this freak, they are some computer viruses. If their will infect, you will die. So I will help you!" I said, showing they a Gamer Driver. "I will change your fate!" I placed it on the front of my waist, allowing a black belt to be generated and wrap around me, also forming an another green slot with the silver button and two orange holders on the left side of the belt.


When I took out from the pocket a Mighty Action X. "It's time to play the Game!" I pressed a black button on Gashat.


A melody started when a hologram with logo Mighty Action X appeared behind me. Also, blocks coming out of the hologram, spreading everywhere on air and land and the pink circle enlarges to engulf the large area. Oh boy, M didn't lie, this little cartridge had a lot of power. I inserted the cartridge in Primary Slot.


Around me appeared a halo ring with six profile photo. Sweet God, this is more and more awesome! Well, five was gray with '?', but in one I saw Mighty, so I selected him.


Belt started repeated this, almost singing "Catchy." I muttered, waiting what happen. But nothing happened "Okay, what's now? Oh, maybe this." I flipped a lever.


"Huh?" To my surprise, a pink screen came out of the Gamer Driver's center. The energy pulled back and going through me. "Eeeh?!" I yelled surprise.


My body became enveloped in energy which swiftly hardened into solid armor. I wore a pink suit with black lines, with silver armor covering my chest, pink shoulders pads, and green boots. Arms and legs clad in black armor ended green bracelets along with silver knee and arm pads. Center of the armor resembled a silver NES/SNES controller with yellow, red, green and blue buttons on the right side and hammer and sword on the left. Back of center armor was big black goggles on the silver mask with spiky pink hair. A green collar was protected my neck. My helmet was mainly silver, with the faceplate which looked like snowboarder mask and goggles mixed with SD Gundam eyes. But the weirdest part was spiky pink 'hair.'


"Whoa." I looked at my armored hands "Whoaaa!" I lowered head to saw my before I caught helmet on my head "It's freaking insane!" Qrow and Tai were shocked "Holy cannoli! I am a Power Ranger!"

"You are a Masked Rider, idiot!" M yelled. This suit must be connected with strange phone "Sweet Oum, how is it possible Mighty chose you. How?!"

"Don't ask me. I am just a new player here." I joked, stretching out "Masked Rider, huh? Sweet." I had rubbed the bridge of my nose before my mind realized I don't know how to use this suit "Umm, M. Maybe little tutorial or something?"

M sighed "This is the tutorial."

"Oh," I said, before took a battle stance "Let's go!" Group of enemies charged to me with some kind of battle cried. I ducked a strike from one of their, before punched guy front of me.


Huh?! SFX effect after every hit?! 'This is really a game!' I thought, dogging strike, my fist connected with Bugster's gut on my left, before kick connected with another orange-head chest, sending him back. 'Man, they are really dumb.' I thought when I realized their battle scheme. Two or three were attacking me, where wait for their turn. "It's like Assassin's Creed," I said, punching next Bugster and sending him to fly back to five of his gang. This isn't that hard … ouch! I cried when two behind me strike with their wood weapon. Focus Tyrian, focus! When I turned to their, Bugsters tried to attack me again, so I jumped back.

That was I thought. My jump wasn't normal because I jumped above the Bugsters "Whoa!" I said, landing on my feet. How? Okay, maybe my body was in good condition, but think I can jump so high. 'Maybe this suit… it's only one way to check it.' I took a heavy breath before jumped again and did a front flip. That like I thought. This suit must be based on platform and action games. Maybe even it can do a double jump in the air. But one thing is clear.

This is insane. And awesome.

"Oh yeah," I said, punching another guy, before jumped behind Bugster to my right, ducking from a strike. The man who tried hit me, stopped in middle of the attack, trying to turn, but I kicked him, pushed him to his comrade. After that, I ducked strike from a wood weapon, catching it "Wrong." I said, pulling it staff and disarmed Bugster. Now, with the weapon, it's my time to attack. I slammed end of this shaft on disarmed Bugster, before blocked strike from behind. Turning around, pole hit two another Bugsters, sending their in the ground, so I earn little time to react from another surprised from my left side. Backflipped, I was thinking I dodge a strike, but two another Bugsters was waiting for me. They hit me with their staff, sending me to the ground "Ughh." I groaned when my face met with grass. No waiting for an invention, I rolled right, last moment before one Viruses staff hit a place where my body laid second ago. With kip up, I was on the feet.

With the breathing space, I took in my situation. They split into smaller group and surround me. "M, maybe a little help."

"You can summon a weapon. Just think about it." M said, "Keep going."

Think about the weapon. Okay, focus Tyrian. 'Weapon, weapon, WEAPON!' The pink holo ring appeared around me with only one weapon. Without any another option, I took it. It was a hammer. A white hammer with few black elements and green round face. But it wasn't an ordinary weapon, oh no. This hammer also has a big two buttons – pink 'A' and green 'B' - on one side of the cheek, another black cartridge slot on the opposite side and looking like spiked pink hair element.


'It looks similar to the hammer used by Jumpman in Donkey Kong' I thought, flicking weapon in my hand. "Okay, round two," I said, charging to the first group. They want to attack me, but I was faster and hit their one by one. When one group was on the ground, I jumped to another and attacked they. This 'HIT' SFX appeared every time I hit, strike or slam hammer on Bugster. 'This is REALLY a video game.' I thought, slamming the hammer on head one of they, before dodged strike. Another hit with the hammer and next Bugster was knocked on the ground. 'Insane, this battle is freaking insane.' next thought went to my mind when forced myself to jumped at the tree and used it to jumped on two more Bugster, sending theirs in the ground. 'But they still can fight. How can I beat they?' Wait a second, this hammer has two buttons. 'What happened when I press a B?' I thought, before pressed green button. Some sound familiar to spin jump from Sonic games, this maybe mean that button activates combo. I slammed a hammer on one of the Bugster, and I thought. The attack was two-timed more effective. Great. Jumping on the floating block, I pressed an A button. A pink hair element glow before moved up and released a blade.


"Holy cannoli, this is also a blade?" I said when jumped down a slashed one of grunts. Whew, this weapon is really great. I charged to the eight-man group and slashed one by one, sent theirs into ground. I pressed a B button two times, before slashed Bugster henchman. After that, I backflipped to three Bugster. They tried to attack me, so my first reaction was dodging the first strike, turning around grunt and slashed him, before blocked strike from another. Jumped on the block, I pressed an 'A' one more time.


Weapon back to hammer mode, before I pressed a 'B' four times before jumped down and slam a hammer on the ground. They were launched in the air. Waiting when they were back, I swung the hammer in my hand and when all three back, using my hammer, I sent they to rest of their friend. All fifteen was in one place, so I pull out Gashat from Driver


"Time to finish" I put Gashat into the slot in Gashacon Breaker.


Face of the hammer began erupting in colorful energy.



"It's mean finish attack," M explained. "You have a plan, right?"

"Nope." I smirked, "This power is more and more awesome." I swung a hammer before jumped in the middle of the Bugster, pulling a trigger "Rider Slam!"


My visors a glowed for a second, as I slammed a Hammer on the ground, caused an earthquake attacked and flung Bugsters into the air. Flicking my weapon, I stood up "See-ya!" I bellowed, before spinning around and slamming all viruses. They exploded one by one and 'PERFECT' SFX showed after the last explosion.


"You aren't bad" M joked, so I chuckled "If you want back to normal, pull out Gashat and flip a lever." It's like hiding cartridge to box after a game. Actually, this all 'Rider' stuff resemble a retro gaming. I pull out Mighty Gashat from the slot in the hammer.


Weapon disappears, so I want to pull a lever "One more thing. You can feel a little side effect."


"Side effect?"


And this was the last thing I had heard before I passed out.

Taiyang and Qrow walked to unconscious Tyrian. "Interesting." a black hair man said, kneeling to the boy. Tyrian glowed a little "His Aura transformed too. Something I never see before."

"Is it impossible?" Tai kneeled opposite to his comrade.

"For us, yes." Qrow took a Gamer Driver "But something tells me, man, who created this device discovered how to transform Aura." he added, looking Driver for all side "We should keep an eye on him."

Tai chuckled "You mean, train him to be a better warrior."

"You say this." Brawn said "If he really hasn't battle experience, he will need few lessons. Yang could be a perfect sparring partner for him. But first, we should back. More Grimm maybe shows out and we now have one unconscious boy." Tai nodded, so he and Qrow lifted Tyrian. They started to walk "You still have one room left?" Qrow asked a few moments later.

"Yea, why you as–" Tai stopped "Don't even think about it." Xiao Long frowned "I have two teenage girls and gathering boy to my house is a dangerous idea."

"Don't be ridiculous. He doesn't look that type of guy." Branwen said, "Besides, if he even dares do something stupid we both kill him."

Taiyang sighed "I am not worried because of him." Qrow laughed when he realized about who his comrade.

In one of the highest building in the city, on the last floor, was an individual office. It was filled with many expensive paintings and fours covers on the wall, in the middle of the room stood a two couches on the opposite site and long wood desk between. One of the walls was a big window, and beside a desk with computer looks like device.

Young gentlemen with black hair and green eyes wearing a dark business suit with blue shirt were looking thought to the window and thinking about something. From his though snapped him an opening door. To the room walked a woman with green eyes wearing oval-shaped, red-rimmed glasses. She has natural blonde hair, in a business suit as well, she was holding a file "Last report about object zero one."

"Zero one." a man huffed "It is sound stupid."

The woman nodded "Yes, but he isn't registered in a system yet. He passed out after a battle." she approached the man. The man took to file for her, so she looked at the computer on the desk. The screen was showing video footage of the pink Masked Rider battle. "It's truly amazing how fast he learn how used Action Gamer power. He maybe is really a genius gamer."

"This is only beginning." When Man finished browsing files, he sighed "Miss Tawny, this isn't a full report?"

Women shook his head "After he will register to the system, our R&D Department gets a full data about last battle and prepare the final report." After the man had given her back file, she bowed her head and walked from office.

President walked to one of covered poster. "Welcome to the game ..." the man smiled slightly, pulling out a cover and revealing a bigger version of the picture from Might Action X Gashat.



?: Mighty Action X








"So this is Vale, huh?"

"You will be perfect, little girl."

"Heh?! This is level one form! You must be kidding M!"

"You can call me a Masked Rider … Ex-Aid!"

STAGE 01-02: Ex-Aid Joins the Battle!

"Stay away from her, or I will kill you, do you understand?"


MIGHTY ACTION X - Gashat based on side-scrolling platform game "Mighty Action X." In game players control character called Mighty, fighting with virus-like enemies and collecting shaped like Mighty's head icons, making him stronger. Gashat creates blocks in the battlefield, they can be used as platforms or destroyed to obtain a power up.