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Third Person View/Dream


'Thoughts in a dream.'

Bugsters/Devices (Scrolls, Phones, Drivers, Gashats)

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Name: Tyrian

World: 01 "Brave new world" (Stage 01-02)

Gashat: 1

Time: 0:55





The Bugster virus threatens humanity, also knows as Game Syndrome. If the virus propagates, it takes over the host, and eventually, the patient disappears. Tyrian Magnum was given a high-level mission, which is clear all ten games and becomes a superhero who'll save humanity. Tyrian saved his new friend – Ruby Rose – who was infected by Bugster Virus. He decides to fight to save his friends as a Masked Rider Ex-Aid!

A two and half weeks had passed since my very first battle with the Bugster Monster and second as a Masked Rider Ex-Aid. I defeated Salty, Ruby cured, and her father accepted my explanation, I was pretty sure everything would be okay, but I forget about one person. Yang. I had a very 'nice' talk with her. She was less forgiving and 'gave me advice' to leave her home and start my life. So I 'forced' M to find me a place to stay. He offered me one of his old safe house, so in three days I was in new location and start 'new' life.

After moved, I realized I haven't much money. That strange application on my Scroll sent me some cash for destroyed Salty, so was weird for me, but this wasn't enough. Next mission was a find a job, and after few days I was able to get one as a shop assistant at a shop called From Dust Till Down. The owner, as well as my boss, has few more shops – and noodle bar with pretty good food – so he need help in one his shop. Funny, Grun worked as a shop assistant last half year after school, and he loves that, so I thought 'That can't be hard.' Oh boy, I was so wrong about that. I hate this job, but before I find a better job I must work here.

"Here you go." I gave a young girl – who probably was a student from Signal – a package with ten fire Dust Crystal "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"No, thank you." she answered, taking her order and walking away from the counter.

"Please come again!" I said with a fake smile when she left the shop "Finally. Man, what's wrong with kids this day. They can't decide what they want." I sighed, sitting on the chair. Thanks to Lord Helix, she was only here fifteen minutes. 'Time for a little break.' A door opened, so I got up. To the show walked a man in a brown outfit with the package in hands. Delivery man? "Welcome to the From Dust Till Down. May I help you?"

"Yes, I am looking for ..." he looked at package's superscription "Mister Magnum. I have a package for him."

"Oh. It is me." the man nodded and placed it on the counter "Where to sign?"

He shook his head. "It isn't necessary. Goodbye." The delivery man walked from the shop, so I looked at the package.

'That was fast' I thought before opened it. Inside was few 12V battery and the rectifier, all parts I need to repair 'Zero.' Oh yes, almost forget about it.


The day after moved to my new place, so I decided to clean-up "Could you remind me, why did you leave this place?" I asked M, cleaning old wardrobe.

"Nothing big. Only police want my head." he said, so I chuckled "What?"

"You? Chased by the police? Really?"


"For what? Tea dealing?" I mocked him and opened a wardrobe "Come on M, don't joke with me."

"I am not joking!" he shouted little annoyed "It was complicated, okay?"

I smirked "Of course. Tea dealing is the biggest crime in this world. I pretty surprised you are still alive." M huffed when I pull out a big box 'What we have here… holy shit!' Inside was a freaking robot! It was 3 foot 3, mostly pink-yellow-black and its head was a copy of R.O.B's head. "M! What in the world is that?!"

"Hmm?" he looked at my new discover "Oh, you found zero zero." I turned my head to him "Support Robot Gamer Zero Zero. Support Robots was developed to increase Riders powers, but something went wrong and the program canceled. Zero Zero was a prototype with a unique ability."

"What do you mean?"

"Check its waist" Huh? I looked at robot's waist and noticed the Gamer Driver! "He can transform to Masked Rider. Before your Gashat was completed and gave to you, they must test it on someone, right? Zero Zero did not need to bond with the Gashat, so it was a perfect as a test subject."

So that little robot can be a Masker Rider, huh? And test all Gashats? Let me think. Yang wants to kill me, and Ruby should stay away from me to my and her safe. 'Liar, you met with her yesterday, and you two went to the arcade.' The voice in my head said… I think. Maybe I just my imagination. "It can be useful." I smirked before walked to the computer on my desk "M, do you have a blueprint of him?" He nodded "Send me." I grinned. Oh boy, finally some fun.

"Perfect. If I am correct with all calculation, this should be okay." A door opened again, so I looked who entered "Welcome to-oh, you are late."

To the shop walked a girl. She had impossibly long hair, resting on her hip, a slender frame, long legs that sprouted beneath her inside matching white tights and brown eyes that could burn any man souls. She wore a white tunic silver-trimmed short skirt with dark spikes. "What kind of greeting is that?" she asked, placing right hand on her hip. I pointed a watch on the wall. She shrugged, so I cocked my eyebrow.

"Special. Only for you, princess", I mocked her. Girl twitched the eyebrow and walked to the counter "Kiki, you are late again."

"You are not my boss." girl huffed before placed a little paper bag on the counter. I rolled my eyes and opened it "This is enough for your silence?"

"If it is with extra cheese, yes." Kiki chuckled "You have more luck than a brain." I muttered, wrapped a paper towel from it. The girl smiled and went on the backstage when I ate my burger and back to the magazine. After a while, she came back.

She looked at me "Where is a boss?" Kiki asked when I finished my dinner.

"I don't know. Phone to him if you want." the girl sighed "What?"

"Sometimes you act like a jerk," Kiki muttered and sat on the counter, exposing her legs. "Come on, ask! You know I am waiting for this."

"We both know you tell me even if I don't ask." She glared me, as I grinned "So how your audition, princess?"

"They will call me. But this time I think they call to me!" I chuckled and closed a magazine. In three weeks she has got a ten or eleven auditions. "But the way." Kiki looked at me "Can you take my shift next Thursday?" and she smiled. "Please."

"Another audition? You know, I have plan-"

"Please?" She put her hands together and looked at me with sad, puppy-dog eyes.

I sighed and waved off. "Fine, but-"

"I know, I know." Kiki smiled softly, before giggled "Hey, maybe we can go to the lunch when the boss came? I am starving like never!" I want to say something "And no burgers. Maybe Thai?" she rubbed her chin and looked at me with the devious grin "Oh, and you are paying."

Huntsman Gamer vol. 1

Stage 01-03: Lazer's the name, the race's my game!

After two hours of teasing and mocking each other and pretty good lunch with Kiki, I finished my shift and back to my new home. Finally. "And here's my little paradise" I chuckled and stopped in front of the large gray building. It was just the standard rectangular shape with normal windows and balconies for each apartment. I went inside and rode the elevator up to the ninth floor. When the elevator stopped on my floor, I walked out and moved in front of my door. I did a little spin, pulling out key and opened a door.

"Honey, I'm home!" Shouting, I went inside. My apartment was stark. Wardrobe, couch/bed, little TV with gaming console hooked up to it and desk with wood chair. No less, no more. Why? When I get better job, I will move again to the better place. "M?" I asked after plug Scroll to something like 'computer' or device like Nintendo Switch Dock. 'I want play Sinnoh remake on Switch, but no, I must transfer to this world. Sorry Cynthia, maybe next time I will kick you ass. Or play Platinium if I finally find a charger with USB port.' From another side, I saw my friend "Where-"

He rose his hand "If you are looking for a dinner I give you advice. Find girlfriend or boyfriend. I don't care." after my frown, he smirked "You now..." he started when I was pulling out parts from the box "…that girl from your job."

"Kiki?" he nodded when I checked everything "Nah, she isn't my type. I mean, she has a perfect body and awesome legs, also she has nice and funny, but she is too talkative."

"This is bad?"

I nodded "For me, yes. And also Kiki has a boyfriend ..."

"They broke last week."

I shrugged "I wonder why ... wait a minute." I sent him a death glare "Are you spying her?" M scratch his head "You bastard! How dare you?!"

"Okay okay. Jeez, calm down." M huffed "She just pretty, I want to know..."

He stopped when he saw my angry face "One more word and I will find you and rip your balls. Am I clear?" M nodded "Jeez, last time you told me you are not finding a girlfriend."

"You mean when Yang and Ruby tricked you?"

"No tricked, just convinced to took they for the film."

"With trick."

"Screw you," I said before took a look at Zero Zero's blueprint.

After three long hours, I finally repaired Zero Zero. "Is it ready?" I asked M, eating a sandwich which I should not eat because it's almost nine a clock P.M, but my stomach wants food. Last half an hour my friend was checking and updating Zero Zero's firmware.

"Yeah, but maybe you should equip with Driver." he advised, so I looked at him "It was creating to support Masked Rider, so it may attack you if it sees you are average human, not it creator."

"Yeah, good idea." I placed the Gamer Driver on my waist "Here we go." I flipped a switch button on the robot. Nothing happened "M, ideas?"

"Nope," he muttered before something hit me. I fall on the floor and tried find who did this. "It's working! I can't believe!"

"Yeah." I muttered when robot looked at me curiosity "Hello Zero Zero. My name is Tyrian Magnum, and I am Masked Rider Ex-Aid." I said and pointed the Gamer Driver. It nodded "It's nice to meet you." I hold out my hand to him. Zero zero grabbed my forearm and shook it with confused look on 'it' face. I and M laugh, when my new comrade took a battle stance "Wait, wait. It's okay." I told and tried to calm him down, but he kicked my ankle "For what?!"

M chuckled "Oh, he likes you." I glared him, before hold up my hand again. Zero Zero looked and probably think 'What that strange creature want?' "Now I know why they cut this project. It is-" he stopped when Zero Zero took my hand and shook.

"Do you say something?" I mocked my friend before looked at Zero zero "Can he speak?"

"I don't know." M said "Blueprint shows a speaker, but I did not see an option to active it. Maybe in the future, I will find it."

"Zero zero … no, that sound stupid. You need a name." The robot looked at not sure about what I was talking to him "Maybe Lazer?"

"Lazer? What a lame name." M chuckled, but Zero zero was reacted more enthusiastically to his name. "Really? Geez."

I smiled "Welcome in the clan, Lazer." Now, only get another Rider Gashat.

A few days later

"Like always." Miss Twanny frowned, looking at her watch. President, who laid on the wall next to her, chuckled "I don't know what they are doing there. Choose a new curtain to their offices?"

"Or maybe set a new taxes," Dan muttered. "And you should calm down. It's one hundred times better than sitting in the office and listing lawyers complain." His assistant rolled her eyes "If he restores CR, I won't complain about wait ten minutes or more."

"But it's almost hour." Twanny huffed and crossed her arms "He doesn't respect our time."

Dan looked annoyed at his assistant "And what is more important than?" she frowned "Exactly. Time for the second step in our plan."

"Our plan, our plan. Only our plan" the woman hissed and wanted to add something, but the door opened. She got up from her chairs when Dan straightens up.

From the room walked two middle-aged men. First was tall with tanned skin and green eyes. He had black hair that was slicked up like spikes. He wore a dark overcoat with black boots. Second was little shorter than the first man but more hefty, also with tanned skin and brown eyes. He was bald and had bristle on his face. He also wore a dark overcoat with black buttons, but on his jacket, he had pinned the red cross. "Thank you, Steven. So we will see next Sunday? This time I will beat you!" the second man laughs, patting his comrade on his back. Both men shook their hand, before first went something "Idiot." bald men muttered when his friend was away "You believed, he want more money for his alternative source of energy."

"Very good." Miss Twanny said "Dust should have an alternative if something happened. Even now, the price goes up when that bastard Torchwik's stealing everything." man nodded "Our economy and safety rely on this, so plan B is always a good option."

The man smiled and looked at Dan "Where are you find her? She is smarter that my assistants."

"I am not his secretary." Twanny frowned "Definitely not here." She added.

Man giggled "Of course Viola, of course. And yes, you have right. But he wants five more than he got last year."

"Eight million?" Dan asked, surprised "It's insane, even for him. I heard, he has debt, but ..."

"This isn't our problem, but Viola made a point. Council is worried after Torchwik's action. Dust price went up and I think they will accept this idiotic idea." The man frowned, before waved off "Never mind. Come with me, we must talk about few things." he added, moving.

Dan and Twanny nodded, before came along "Director Hinata, you saw files about last accident, right?" CEO asked.

"Yes." he sighed "I was hoping they never back, but ..." the man took a breath "… we haven't a better option, right?"

"Right now? No." Dan said, sadly. "We are still looking for another three Genius Gamer, but one Gamer Driver and one Rider Gashat are still missing."

"And we can't find a thief." Miss Twanny added "Hard to believe. He stole complete and prototypes. Even with that Gashat." Dan gulped when he remember a test of 'that Gashat.' Laboratory destroyed, two engineers injured and two years of hard work for nothing "We should destroy it when we had opportunity, but no, someone here said 'we can control it, trust me Viola.'" she snorted

"I did not know that stupid robot goes berserk." Dan frowned "You are worst then my late dad."

"That?" older man said curiosity.

"Prototype level five." Dan said, "It was our most powerful weapon right now, but also very unstable and dangerous for the user."

Director very fast realized "How much?" they stepped into to elevator. Dan and Twanny were silent for a second "Mizu. Viola. Answer on my question."

He and she had looked at each other before Viola shook her head "Ninety-nine point nine percent user dead. It was the only simulator, but one of our prototype robot destroyed the lab and exploded after." he said. "We were working on more safety version, but a thief stole the last prototype. Now we need more time and data. When object zero two, zero three and zero four will register ..."

Hinata looked at him "Two, three and four?"

"Quest Gamer, Shooting Gamer and Racing Gamer." Viola explained when they walked from the elevator "And Proto Action Gamer is still missing like Mizu said earlier." Miss Twanny added, passing Director the Scroll. "Also, I bring a list with the name of candidates. "

"Hmm, interesting." Director looked at the list before stopped in front of the door "And who you propose as the new new supervisor?"

"Me," she said. Mizu and Director looked at her "To be honest. Only less than dozen persons know about the Bugster, and only one is a doctor, but he is too irresponsible to be a supervisor." Dan chuckled, so Viola nudged her elbow to him "Only me haven't the important job, and I am sure I can handle this. Unless you have an objection, director."

"Of course I don't." councilman answered. Dan and Twanny looked at boss "You should choose the best doctors for that task. Mizu will help you, right?" CEO nodded dumbly before all three went to the room "And also I will ask the director of Vale University Hospital to give you a helping hand. In that case, Viola, Mizu restore CR as soon as you two can."

"As you wish, councilman," Viola said when just Mizu only nodded and looked at man and woman were sitting on the couch. He was a middle-aged man with tousled silver hair, thin brown eyes, light complexion and sharp facial features. He wore shaded glass spectacles and a small, purple, cross-shaped pin on the cowl around his neck. His outfit mainly consists of an unzipped black suit over a buttoned vest and green shirt. He also wore a black trouser shoes and long, dark-green pants.

She was middle-aged with very light blonde hair tied back in a bun with a curl hanging down the right side of her face. Her eyes were bright green, and she wore thin ovular glasses. She has dangling teal earrings that match the hanging pendant on her collar. She wore a white long-sleeved, pleated top that has a wide keyhole neckline and gauntlet cuffs that flare in pleats at the wrist. Her lower body was covered by a black high-waisted pencil skirt with bronze buttons and black-brown stockings, black boots with brown heels, and a cape that is purple inside and black on the outside.

"And who are this gentlemen and lady?" CEO asked.

Director looked at mystery man, who stood up from coach "Oh yes. Dan, please meet a Headmaster of Beacon Academy, mister Ozpin and his assistant Miss Goodwitch. Headmaster, Miss Goodwitch, please meet Viola Twanny and Muzuiro Dan, New Genm Plus's CEO and creator of new Gamer Driver System."

The last phrase surprised Dan. Why did his boss say something classified like that? Even rest of council don't know about a system, Masked Riders, and the Bugsters. "It's a pleasure" he tried to hide his thoughts and shook Ozpin's hand. "How can I help you, sir? New battle simulators for your students?" Headmaster smiled, when Goodwitch played video from Ex-Aid's last battle. After it had finished, she showed a few photography, where user of the system spared with blond hair girl. Dan was little shocked. How did they get this? "He is good." he muttered, looking on Ozpin "Let me guess, you want information we gather after his battle with Salty."

"Yes, but not only," Headmaster said, so Dan twitched his eyebrow. That was not an answer he wants to hear "I want him." he pointed photo when Rider performed a Rider Kick to Salty.

"You what?!" Viola gasped "This's insane! He will be an important part of Cyber Rescue. Only he can ..."

"Very well," Dan said. Viola turned her head to CEO, shocked "But I want a place my man in your Academy. To keep an eye on Ex-Aid and all students."

'His man? Who the hell-' Viola stopped in middle of her thoughts "Muzuiro are fucking insane?! Him?!"

Two days later

"One order for Tyrian!" the man at the window of a food truck called out. I walked to the window and took an order "Here you got T. And one more time thank for repaired radio."

I smiled "No problem man. You have the best burger I ever ate and trust me, I ate a lot of burgers in my short life." he laughed "Thanks. See ya tomorrow." I waved to him with a free hand and walked over to a tree. 'And where is she?' I sat down, taking a bite of burger. Come on Kiki, where are you? Thank you Lord Helix, the boss came to the shop and changed me because she did not answer my phone and did not come to the job. She likes to be late, but typically she called or something. 'Maybe Bugster kidnapped her?' I half joked, taking another bite. That is good as hell. One thing in this world is pretty awesome. Okay, maybe three things.

First is of course food. Everywhere I went, the food was good or pretty awesome. Ruby showed me a cake shop, M sent few good food truck, Kiki drags me to Chinese restaurant – I hate Chinese food – and the boss has his noodle. And everything was awesome, even Chinese food.

The second thing is girls. When I took a look, I saw a beautiful girl. Yang – before she wants to kill me – or Kiki are eight on ten, but they aren't in my type. Ruby? Huh, maybe, but I see in her more like a younger sister than a potential love interest. But know Grun, when he will see blonde Brawler, he will try to ask her for a date. She is in his type. 'Note to myself. If Grun asks Yang for a date, run away. Qrow will kill me.'

Last things. Video Games. Ruby showed me the Arcade, and I discovered so many great games, I felt like I back to my childhood, when the game didn't have a million DLC or day one patch. And to be honest, I am video game nerd and technology geek, so I every day discovered new awesome series. Like Mighty Action Series. Game developed by industry named Genm Corporation. They created ten games but closed five years ago after some incident. The man who run that disappeared and his son opened a new studio, New Genm Plus. And they will release a reboot of the original Mighty Game… Mighty Action X. 'Second note to myself. Try find more about NG Plus.'

I finished my burger "Man, I am tired." I laid my head on a tree and want closed eyes. Time for a break, even five minutes. Boss asked me to come earlier tomorrow, because he will get big Dust shipment from Schnee Dust Company and he want extra protection. That bastard Torchwik has balls.


Something exploded. "What the fuck!" I yelled and back on the feet. Someone used a Fire Dust or what? Seconds later screams of terror could be heard, and people started fleeing. I blinked and then noticed a cloud of black smoke.

"Look here!" a man near to me shouted, pointing a place "Call the Police and Fire department!" he added before we all heard a weird howl. A very familiar howl.

'No way!' I thought and ran to place of accident. "Bugster!" I yelled when I saw a big orange tire. Without any hesitation, I equipped with the Gamer Driver and activated Rider Gashat.


"Time for a level one action!" I spun the shaft of the Gashat with my finger, before inserted cartridge in the slot. "Transform!"


Holographic pink ring had popped before Mighty was automatically picked up. Screen rammed into me, and I was surround with pink light.


In my level one armor aka 'Chibi Rider', I did a little stretching before battle "M, just guess what."

"Yeah, yeah. Bugster." he sighed "Give me sec, I checked on which game he is base." M added bore. What's wrong with him? Last few days he acted like that. He didn't sleep or what?

No waiting for his great help, I summoned Gasachon Breaker and rushed to the Bugster Glitch. Big Wheel noticed me and started spinning "Take that!" I jumped at him, hitting him repeatedly for a few seconds. To my little surprised, the Bugster counter-attacked with big strike and sent me flying back. "Not good." I grimaced after hitting an asphalt. Second, later I ducked from his rushed. Bugster crashed on the one block, revealing a red medal. This my chance. I ran toward Glitch, who want strike me, but I rolled next to him. "Item get! Muscular!" A red energy surrounds me before I began hopping blocks and hit Bugster. 'One hit, one kill.' Glitch separate from the host, so time from level two "Transform Plus!" I shouted and opened a cover of Driver.


I landed on the ground crouched down in level two armor. The new Bugster looks like from the Mad Max movie. Mostly yellow-blue racing suit, with exhaust pipe on his back and weird helmet "Motors from Bakuso Bike." M finally spoke out. A motor theme Bugster?

Motors looked at me "You have balls, boy?" he mocked me before next to him appeared brief of computer data. "Come on, bike!" it formed bike with Bugster Henchman's Head on the front. Bugster walked to motorbike "What about duel of speed?"

"Race?" I smirked under mask. Well, I never got a license, but I was close. In this world, nobody cares about that. "Okay! M, one bike please."


"Huh? What do you mean impossible?"

"Impossible. Mighty Action X is based on the action platforming game, not racing." he said calmly "So you must beat him before he runs away."

I frowned "You aren't funny M. You can't use mods or something?"

Meantime Bugster hoped in his bike and revved engine "Here I go! Outta my way!"

"Hey, get back here!" I want ran after him, but a wave of purple energy made through toward the arena.


Huh? I looked around, trying find source of that sound. "M, what's going on?"


On the hill stood another armored Masked Guy. He looked almost like me! The only difference was a color of his armor. When I was mostly pink, he was purple dark. "Eh? Palette swap?" I asked confused. New Rider jumped from the hill and rushed to me "Whoa, wait! Let's talk first!"

"He is using Proto Mighty Action X."

'So he is my doppelgänger.' I thought, ducking from his strike. Okay, first fight, later talk. Maybe if I will kick his ass, he will give me some answer. "You own me expiation." I swung my blade, but Black Rider dodged and delivered me kick to my back. I did step forward and turned, doppelgänger used this opportunity. He performed some weird combo. Left punch, right elbow, kick to my gut, he spun and elbowed me to my head, before executed dropkick and sent me flew backward. I groaned in pain, rolled on the ground. "Man, he is strong."

"Proto Gashats are stronger than the final one." M explained "But are more dangerous for the user. Poor guy, he will die sooner or later." I shook my head and got back on the feet. Black Rider jumped at me, but I ducked, pressing a B button to activate Combo Power and finally slammed his back. Rider flipped in the air and landed on the ground crouched down. Second, later, he delivered me powerful uppercut and cached my arm with Gashacon Breaker. He disarmed me in a blink and threw hammer away.

"Hey! You know how much this cost?!" he didn't answer, but around him appeared a purple holographic ring 'This is bad.'


It looks like a fix of blade and game controller… Wait. 'And he has some weird purple device. Like gamepad with the blade,' Ruby's word echoed in my head. A person who infected her with the virus had the same device. That bring me only one conclusion "You! You've allied a man, who infected Ruby with the Bugster Virus, are you?" I asked him, but Black Rider did not answer, just attached weapon on his right arm.


"Strong silent type, huh? It doesn't matter, you will tell me who infected my friend. One way or another." With the roar of a chainsaw, he shot forward, slashing me. I want to perform a block but I haven't any blade. The attack was so powerful and sent me flew backward. Second time. Is his weapon now a chainsaw? That is unfair! "Bastard. Who the hell are you?!" Without a word, he detached the weapon and switching it to what look like two barrel.


I got back on the feet and ran at a place when my weapon lied, he began shooting to me. I was running and dodging any energy blasts I could. It also a gun?! Finally, I got a Gashacon Breaker and pressed A button, switching weapon to Sword Mode. Deflecting one blast, I jumped and tried slashed him, but he quickly hopped back, spinning around, shooting at me. Dodging, I pressed a B button and rushed to him once more, he aimed at the ground sparks flying and smoke forming. I prepared to his attacked, when the smoke cleared he wasn't here. "He retreats? But why? M, explanation!"

"Don't yell at me!" he shouted, when want I closed a cover and pull out Gashat, but someone cached my leg.

"Where is she?" She? "Where?" I helped him sat up "That monster."


"A green monster … very familiar to the dragon."

"No way..." M muttered, "He can't be alive."

The boy cried in pain "He took her! Help her!" I nodded, before my eyes noticed ambulance. "I beg you! Save her!"

"I will. You have my word, as a Masked Rider." I said and ran away. When I was sure anybody will see me, I back to civil and took the X-Fire "What in the world was that?!"

He was pale like a wall "He is alive. But that is impossible."


"Graphite back. I-I must warn them." he hangs out. Oh, come on! Really right now?

"Well, shit." I sighed. Without motorbike, I can't do anything "If I only have one million poke dollars I can buy bicycle." Scroll vibrated. "Kiki or boss." I checked, but a message was from the Gamer Driver Software Application "No way!"

"I'm home!" Ruby yelled when she walked to her home. Zwei ran to her and welcomed her, so Rose patted dog. Yang looked surprised at her younger sister. "Something's wrong?"

"Yeah. You are early." she said, so Ruby rolled her eyes and walked to the living room "What's wrong? You look mad."

"Me? No!" Young Huntress sighed when Yang sent her a glare "Maybe a little mad. Never mind." she waved off.

"Wanna talk?"

Rose waved off "No. Last time you scolded me from hanging with Tyr ..." she covered her mouth whenYang clinched her fist. "One word too much." she smiled nervously.

"How many time I must say you this. Stay away from him."

"Why?" Ruby frowned "What's wrong with you two? You only said stay away from him, when Tyrian isn't bad man or monster." she patted Zwei "Maybe he beat me in all games we played, but ..."

"No, Ruby stay away from him. Or you ..." Blonde brawler stopped. Ruby looked at her sister confused, but Yang sighed "You don't understand." she muttered and left a room.

She didn't know everything heard her father 'Now everything has sense. I must talk with her.' he walked to room "Take him for a long walk, okay?" Ruby nodded, so Taiyang went to the backyard. Yang was sitting on oval stone. She noticed him.


"Yang, you were too harsh for him." Taiyang said, sitting next to her older daughter "He ..."

"Why are you defend him?" Yang asked, "Because of him, Ruby almost died."

Her father snorted "I heard version, where Tyrian first separated the Bugster from Ruby and next beat him to save her life. No tried to kill my second daughter." Yang wants to protest, but he continued "Look, Yang, I understand why you try to keep Ruby away from him, but she doesn't know, and you can't force her to don't meet with him. You can kill Tyrian or tell her the truth. If you kill Tyrian, the Bugster will win. That mean more people will suffer and die. Someone kid, mother, father, friend."

"But if I will tell Ruby what happened that day, she will help Tyrian and protect people, no matter how dangerous it will be." he nodded, so Yang sighed "We both trained to slay the Grimm, but that is different. I get, Tyrian isn't a bad guy, but he still somehow connects with this virus monster. Salty is from Might Action Series, Tyrian armor and abilities are also from that game. And that Gashat is based on Mighty Action X, which will be released soon. And how I should not be harsh on him?" she closed her eyes "He did everything to save Ruby and don't harm her, but this does not change his company is dangerous for her."

"Because Tyrian uses this same source of power, he is dangerous?" Taiyang asked, so Yang was slowly nodding "So for you, everyone who can use this power is dangerous, even if he or she will do anything to protect people?" he questioned before rolled his eyes "Don't lie. You don't believe in this either."

After a long second of silence, Yang finally nodded "Yeah. You have right, I don't believe. And he apologized me. I acted like jerk."

He placed a hand on her shoulder "You know what to do."

"Yeah, but why are you giving that options? I can kill Tyrian and take his Driver ..."

"You can't use Driver." Taiyang said "Your uncle tried and it did not work. Tyrian explained him and me, only a Genius Gamer can use the Gamer Driver and Gashat. So it does not like he want to be a Rider, he had that night two options. Run or transform. Tyrian decided to fight and change me and your uncle fate. With all responsibility." Blonde Brawler shook her head, but her dad stood up and "I only know him a month, but I think if he must choose one more time to fight or run, he will decide to fight. Especially to protect his friends."

On the next day, I was stood before the building. That wasn't typical building, oh no. It was a large, standing about two stories high, with shattered neon lights, but mostly it looked like ruin. 'Player One Arcade.' I read a sign. Lazer, who came with me, glanced building.

"Well, this is the place," I muttered, looking one more time in my bag with Driver and Gashat and finally gave it to my comrade. "You remember a plan? If I don't back in fifteen minutes, transform and try find me." Lazer slowly nodded "If you will running on the power, run, and contact with M. He will take care of you." I want to be walking to the door, but Lazer cached my arm, so I looked at him. He shook his head "I will be alright, so trust me, okay?" Robot pulled me "Lazer, listen. I don't like this plan either, but we need Gashat based on the racing game. We are without options, we must use all opportunity to beat Motors Bugster and black Rider." He still wasn't sure, but he let me go.

"Thanks. Remember plan, now hide." Lazer did a few steps, but he back to me. I looked at him, but my robot clenched his fist and held it. I smirked before I fist bumped. 'I have a robot friend. That odd and nice' After that he hide, so I turned and walked to the door "Here goes nothing." I knocked three times. After few seconds, door opened, and man in the black suit looked at me.

"What you want, kid?" he asked bluntly

"Meet with your boss." I said. The man snorted and tried close door, but I catch it "Wait. Hide and seek. The password is Hide and seek."

He rolled his eyes, before opened a door "Come." I entered the building. A lot wrecked arcade was around "Follow me." he told me. After a minute, we both entered the room from where on the desk sat a man, and few another thug sat on the chairs, playing games.

The man was a young man with black hair and green eyes, wearing a blue jeans, tropical themed shirt and unzipped red leather jacket "Hmm, we have a guest." he said. My guide pushed me forward "So, what can I do for you?"

"Umm. I am looking for game called Bukusou Bike." I said. The man looked at me surprised when rest of his crew got up from their chairs.

"And who sent you?" boss asked, jumping from the desk. I want to move back, but I felt a cold steel the on back of my head. Oh great, they have guns, I should know. "So, who sent you?"

I gulped. If I told you a truth, he killed me. But if I lied he also killed me. This isn't good. "Application on the Scroll." man chuckled, before order one of their man checked me "Hey!" I shouted when thug took my Scroll.

Thug passed device to his boss. "Oh, nice wallpaper. That blonde is your girlfriend?" he asked, little teasing. "Not bad." Boss opened a Scroll "So, you don't lie. You have the app, Masked Rider Ex-Aid."

I blinked surprised. "How?"

Laughing, he walked to move "So you are here for what? Another game to your collection?" I nodded, so he started walked around me a with the serious face "Maybe you first master Mighty Action X. And what do you do the with new game? You use this to rob a bank? Or you want to impress a girl?"


"No? Huh, hard to believe" he caught my collar and looked straight into my eyes "So what are you planning?"

"Save the girl from someone named Graphite." his eyes widen opened. He also knows that mystery Graphite. "Listen, the Bugster are based on the racing game. I need that game to change her fate."

He let my collar and took step back, one more time glanced me "Why? Why you want act like a superhero?"

A few weeks ago I supposedly can not answer on that question, but to my surprised I answered without any hesitation "Once everything took for me, but one man changed my fate. So now..." I looked straight to man "I will change the fate of this world. This is my answer."

The man smiled, before pull out from the pocket a yellow Gashat "You passed a test. Good luck Ex-Aid." I nodded thankfully when he gave me it "Until next time." man who bring me here, took my arm and we walked from the room.

Dan sat on the table, before pressed something on his computer. Twanny stepped from the shadow and glanced him "And?"

"Hard to tell." Viola said, rubbing her chin "Something is wrong, but he seems to be a nice guy." Dan shrugged, but one of his thugs started glitching.

"Mean, this's still bugging." he pulled out bulky Gashat from slot. All criminals disappeared "But I am pretty surprised. Bang Bang Simulation worked longer that I expected. Now only finish second, debug and test." Twany walked to the desk.

"He is back? I mean Graphite." CEO nodded "But how. He was defeated, destroyed and killed." she gulped, "You think, they back to?"

Dan shrugged "It does not matter right now. Even if they back, we can not do anything more than just watch. Our turn ended five years later Viola, we have new objectives." he looked at the bulky cartridge and smiled "Now we must create more Gashats for Riders. More powerful and more safety." smirk appeared on his face. It was a perfect time to check old projects.

"But still. I can't believe you ask him for a help. You will have this kid life on your conscience. Remember my word."

After this weird conversation, I found Lazer and we both went to the safe place, where nobody should see our transformation. Robot gave me back Gamer Driver and Mighty Gashat "Thanks." I said, pressing Driver to my waist and passing Lazer a Bakusou Bike Gashat "It's time to for a race!" I yelled, activating a Mighty Gashat.


My little friend nodded, before pressed a black button on his new Gashat.


I spun the shaft of the Gashat with my finger before I raised up my left arm with it, then I inserted the cartridge in Primary Slot. At that same moment, Lazer spun around and inserted a yellow Gashat.


Around me and Lazer appeared a halo ring with six profile photo, before Mighty was automatic chose in my ring when a Bukusou in his ring.


"Transform!" I announced and we both flipped a lever on the Driver.


The pink screen came out of the Gamer Driver's center before moving back toward me.


In that same time, from my comrade Gamer Driver shot out a yellow energy resembled a motor on the raceway, so Lazer ran through.


His level form was different that I imagined. He transformed into a mostly yellow bike with familiar level one head on the front, Gamer Driver with finisher slot on under gas tank and colorful buttons on the both sides. He honked, so I hoped on him "Ready? Time to check new feature." I asked and pressed a finisher button on Kiwezama slot.


We transported on some kind raceway. Oh, so that is work, pretty awesome I must said. "Hey ugly! I challenge you to race!" I did not wait long, a Motors drove to me very fast and stopped next to me.

"You have some nerve to challenge me in Bakusou Bike, Masked Rider." he said, so I chuckled "So you have the courage to ride with me?"

"Yep. I won, I got the girl back, deal?" Motors only laughed "Like dad always said. Drive like the wind."




"Let's clear this with no continues!"


We both revving the engine and started the race. Focus Tyrian, focus on the goal. 'Like on the arcade last time, wait for a good moment.' I thought and tried finding a good place to overtake him. He was still in the lead, I followed him on the few next meters and two bends before revved.

"What?" he turned his head back and noticed how close I was. "Eat this!" From the Motors' exhaust fired a yellow 'balls.' First, two hit the raceway next to me and exploded.

"Shit!" I yelled, starting dodging next grenades "You are cheating!" he laughed and seeded up. Crap, not good. Time to kick some ass. "Lazer, full throttle! Let's show this freak who rule here!" Lazer honked approval, so I revved him. I had got into the slipstream, giving me quicker seeded up. "Wait for it" I muttered, when I saw a bend. 'Good moment!' I pushed Lazer to max speed to switched back, eliminating the slipstream and giving me a little boost.

My bike draws with him. Motors noticed that so want to punch me. I parried strike and kicked him in payback. He almost lost balance, but before I punched him he fired one of his grenades straight to me "Eat this!" he laughed when it hit me and blow sent me flew back.

"Laaazer!" I yelled. My comrade immediately turns and ride to me. "Thanks!" I thanked him, after backing on the bike "Time to finish this!" I pushed my bike once more time "Go! Go! Go!" Motors had two motors lead, but Lazer gave one hundred percent and we both overhaul Bugster. I noticed a girl, she was pretty. Now I know why that boy was so desperate to saved her. "Time to double action!" I was taking of yellow Gashat from Lazer's Driver.


I lifted up the cartridge to my mouth and blew on it, then inserted it my Finisher slot before pressing the silver button as well.


I revved the engine and pressed the button once more time "Rider Kick!"


Me and Lazer's visor had glowed before I jumped off Lazer toward my rival "I am not the wind!" Motors turned to head to me and yelled when my foot connect with his chest. My comrade speeded up, so I hopped back to him.


Meantime platform, where the girl stood, disappeared. She screamed in complete terror "Level …" I caught her in the last second "...clear!"


Damage 1000 points
HP 850 points


Fighter Stance 100 points
Special Move 2500 points
No Miss x2 10000 points
Good Friend 8000 points
Speedster 10000 points

SCORE: 0041970

"Heck yeah!" I excited, pull a girl on the ground "You are safe now."

She hugged me tightly "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"This is my job." I said when she let me go "But the real hero is your boyfriend." the girl looked at me confuse "He is a person who told me about your kidnapping and he was very worried when an ambulance took him to the hospital. You should go and visit him."

Girl huffed. "He isn't my boyfriend." Oh, I got it. A moment of silence for our brother in the friendzone. "But you have right. I should check Moes, he did everything he could to protect me. Maybe he isn't that bad after all." she said before pulling out something from her pocket. It was a lime green Gashat. How she got that? "Umm, you know what is this?"

"How you got this?" I asked, pointing a Gashat. 'Shakariki Sports.' Tony Hawk's Pro Skater clone? Great, I and Grun loved that game.

"I found it yesterday in the park," she answered. Park when she kidnapped, interesting. I nodded, but before I took Gashat, my eyes noticed purple bullet flew toward her.

"Watch out!" Without any hesitation, I covered her. The bullet hit my back and sent us both the ground. "Are you okay?" I asked, checking her. Thank Helix, she was all right.

"Yes." the girl said "But that thing … look over there!" she pointed Black Ex-Aid, who took Shakariki Sports Gashat from the ground "He is your brother?"

"No." I helped her got up "Hide." she nodded, before ran away "You! What the hell are you doing?!" I yelled to him, summoning Gaschacon Breaker "You have a problem with me? Okay, I don't care, but how dare you attacked civilian!" he inserted Gashat to finisher slot and pressed the button "You ..."


Okay, he wants fight, he got this. I once more took Lazer's Gashat and inserted into Hammer.


Hammer's head began surround with black-yellow energy, so I spun a few times before jumped to my rival "Rider slam!"


Black Ex-Aid glanced me, before pressing a silver button one more time his visor glowed before he took a step back and performed a perfect superkick. Like, Shawn Micheals.


He kicked straight to my chest and sent me flew back "Aaaaa!" I cried in pain and crash on the ground. "Man, that hurt," I muttered, preparing to next round, but nothing happened. I looked around, and my doppelgänger was nowhere to be seen. "Huh?" I stood up, but annoying sound reminded me something. My rider gauge was almost empty. 'Crap. One strike and I almost died. And something told me, he did not use full power.' with few thoughts, I put the lever back and took out Gashat.


Man, what a day and I still must go to the work. "Stupid shipment," I muttered and walked to Lazer, who still was in Rider form. Something was wrong "Hey buddy, thanks for the help with my black brother." I half joked, but Lazer was silent, and his eyes were closed. 'Of course, a battery must be empty, he switches to hibernation mode. I wonder...' I inserted Gashat to his Driver and hoped on him, before revving the engine. This form is still working. Good, very good.

Three hours later

"That was the last one." Boss said when I closed a door of the van. I want take to create for him, but he pointed a famine figure in end of the valley. Oh boy, you must be kidding me. After that battle with weird Bugster and my doppelgänger, she must show up. "Your girlfriend?"

"Old friend who want rip my balls and snap my neck. Or something like that." he chuckled "Can I take a break?" he nodded, before walked to the shop. 'Okay, Tyrian. Be cool, you have the Driver on your waist and Gashat in the pocket. If she is planning something stupid, you will have few seconds to react.' I thought, shoving my hand into pocket where was Gashat. 'One second to jump back and active Gashat, next two to insert, one to flip the lever. Transforming takes five seconds, but it protects me from her punch. I hope' Yang sighed before walked to me. She was acted cool, but I think she was little nervous "Hey."

"Hey." Yang said, "Can we talk?"

"Oh, so you want to speak before snapping my neck?" I asked sarcastically "Or rip my balls? Or maybe rip my neck and snap my balls?"

Blonde Brawler rolled her eyes "Oh come on, why are you even think I want to do this something like that?" she placed her hand on the hip.

"Stay away from her, or I will kill you?"

"Oh, that."

"Yeah that. If you are here, so you must know me and Ruby hang out. Okay, I am ready to die, but you don't take me so quickly." I want to pull out Gashat from the pocket, but Yang started waved.

"Wait, wait, wait! Pause!" she said, "I am not here to fight!"

"Huh? So what you want?"

She sighed loudly "Look, I am sorry." I looked at her confused "I shouldn't act like that when you saved Ruby from Salty."

"Wait a minute, you are apologizing me?" she nodded, before I burst of a laugh.

"What's so funny?" Yang huffed.

"Because you apologized me, but I was never mad at you." She twitched her eyebrow "Listen to me, I wasn't mad at you. You acted like a big sister should act, good job." I pull out my hand from the pocket. "To be honest, I very jealous, because Ruby has such a great sister and friend to protect her, even if she doesn't appreciate that so much as she should. Yes, she was little mad at you when she realized why I moved, but she didn't know the full truth what's happened."

"But ..."

I placed my hand on her shoulder "I should apologize you, your sister, your father, and uncle for that happened three weeks ago. On your position, I probably was punching that bastard who risk my sister life and forced him to beg for mercy."

Yang smirked "Oh, great idea. Next time I will use it, but knowing you, you never will do that."

"Jackpot!" we both laugh. "We are cool?" I hold out my hand to her. She had looked at me before smiled shook my hand.

"We are cool," she said before she hugged me from surprise. And pressed an injured place, so I cried in pain "What's wrong?"

I waved off "Never mind."

"Tyrian. Talk or I force you." I sighed before took off my t-shirt and showed her my wounds I got after the last battle "Oh my god. What's happened? The truck hit you?"

"No truck." I looked straight at her eyes "Only evil Masked Rider beat up me. Oh and he is connected with a guy, who infected Ruby." Yang had winded her eyes before I noticed one particular emotion.



Graphite punched the wall next to him. He was pissed. About Masked Rider victory and another comrade dead. "That bastard" he muttered and hit the wall again. And again. "Ex-Aid … I will crush your bones!" Graphite punched again and destroyed a wall. "Pathetic man who act like a hero." He turned to Parado, who was sitting on the chair and playing the game "Let's just smash him up already! Without him, we take over humanity, and the Bugsters will rule the world!"

Parado looked at his comrade and smiled "Strength alone does not solve puzzles." he stood up and faced Graphite. His face change to serious "Just stick to my plan. You will get your opportunity to destroy Ex-Aid." Graphite snorted, before Parado noticed a figure walked to their "Oh, we have a guess."

Older boy turned to figure, who was a Black Ex-Aid "Masked Rider." he said, pulling on his gamepad device "Prepare to die." Bugster commander wants to press A button on the device, but Parado stopped him "What's now?" The boy smirked and pointed a familiar weapon on the Black Ex-Aid's wrist "Bugvisior. How you get that?!"

"Correctly it's a Gasachon Bugvisior." the new voice said. From the shadow walked a boy in that same age like Graphite. He had gray hair that was short and spiky. He had tan complexion, one red eye, and one green eye. His clothing consisted of a dark silver coat with dark lime pants and boots while wearing a gray scarf "Copy of meine Bugvisior. Perfect weapon for my last creation, do you admit?"

"You!" Graphite snapped angrily "Traitor." he wants to rush, but Black Ex-Aid took aim to him "Call your dog, off or I will kill him and you."

The boy sighed "Good to see you again, herr Parado and herr Graphite."

Parado smirked, walking to the Black Ex-Aid "Last creation you said. Well, now I know what were you doing last two months, Missingo. Created your own Masked Rider."

Man named Missingo smiled and bowed "Ja. I took the great opportunity ..."

"Silent you worm!" Graphite shouted, pressing A button on his Bugvisor "Traitor must be eliminated! Once for-"

"Enough!" the younger boy snapped and glared his comrade "Let's first hear what he want." Graphite wants to say something, but Parado sent him another death stare. The Older boy snorted, before walking away "Impatient. He does not understand nature of this puzzle."

Missingo smirked "Like last time. Herr Parado, I came to you with a proposition." he added, showing Parado the silver briefcase. "I obtain not only my Rider but also this little thing." he opened it. In the briefcases was a nine Gashats, Six was black, one was red, one was orange and one was yellow. "I hope you will listen my offer."

Parado looked at Missingo with a cocky smile. "This game will be more exciting that I thought."



Ex-Aid: Mighty Action X

Lazer: Bakusou Bike

?: Proto Mighty Action X, Shakariki Sports








"M, one day I will find you and kick you ass! Why you don't tell me about level three?!"

"You want to come to my school?"

"Ugh, you complete dolt! What are you even doing here? Aren't you a little too young to be attending Beacon?"

"Stories of heroes and monsters. They're one of the reasons I want to become a Huntress."

STAGE 01-04: Punch'n'Slash!



BAKUSOU BIKE - Gashat based on a racing game where anything goes, including destruction and sabotage. It creates a trophy in the battlefield, so Rider can destroyed to obtain a power up. Opposite to another Rider Gashats, it transforms Rider'on motorbike and can be used to summon bike by another Rider.