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"Leo, what's wrong? Why isn't it healing?" "I don't know. I think that the blade was cursed." Leo, Piper, and Wyatt were all gathered around the fourth Halliwell, who was currently unconcious do to a stab wound. "Come Chris. You're gonna be fine," Wyatt said, though it was more for his benefit than his brother's. He felt guilty because it is his job as the older brother to take care of his younger brother, and he had failed. "There must be something we can do," Piper persisted. "There is," a vaguely familiar voice answered.

Leo and Piper froze in shock when Cole Turner emerged out of the shadows. After a few seconds of shock Piper immediately tried to blow him up. To their suprise he orbed to safety, but his orbs were a mixture of black and blue. "You're a demilighter," Leo realized. "What's a demilighter?" "A demilighter is an ex-demon that has been brought back as a whitelighter. They can orb and heal and posses other whitelighter abilities, but also retain their demon abilities so they can help their charge out in a fight." There was an awkward silence as the Halliwells stared at the new arrival. "If you're a demilighter what are you doing here?" Wyatt asked. "Well I'm here because Chris is my charge." "What? No I would know if my son had a demilighter," Leo argued. Cole chuckled, "Whatever you say." "Why would my son need a demilighter?" Piper questioned. "Many people think that Chris doesn't have a lot of power, but he has more than people think. You know about his orbing and telekenesis, but he is also a guide and has Elder powers." " What does that mean?" Before Cole could answer Leo cut in, "A guide is someone that guides or helps really powerful witches stay good and control their powers. They can basically never turn evil." "He's my guide isn't he?" Wyatt asked. "Yes he is."

"There's something else. I get that being the guide to the Twice Blessed would require extra help but not enough for him to need a demilighter." Cole sighed and took a deep breathe, "He is also a time keeper." Wyatt and Piper gave eachother confused looks before looking at Leo who's eyes had widened in shock. "It makes sense." "Exactly." "How often?" "Its the Charmed Ones and the Twice Blessed." "Point taken." "Hello," Piper interupted, "Care to include everyone in your confusing and criptic conversation?" Cole looked at Leo as if asking permission. After receiving a nod he began his explanation, "A time keeper is a rare gift. They are powerful witches that are allowed to travel in time and change the past." Piper's eyes widened in realization. "In the other time line he had the power, but nobody realized it. The Elders began looking into it after his death." Wyatt was getting frustrated at being left out, "Hey. Anyone care to tell my what's going on?" Piper and Leo looked at eachother, "We thought they might find out one day." "I know." "Ok, we'll tell you, but first you have to promise that you won't do anything crazy." When he promised they began to tell him the story of a whitelighter from the future, named Chris Perry.

When the story was finished Wyatt was crying, "He died for me." "Sweetie-" Piper began but he cut her off. "No don't sweetie me. I am the older brother. I am supposed to protect him, not the other way around." He walked over to were his brother was laying still unconcious on the couch, "How?" "How what?" "Cole you said that there was a way to save him, how?" "The Elders have decided to send you into the past. Chris's powers and abilities play a vital role in your family and they want it to stay that way." "Ok when do we leave?" Piper asked getting up. "I'm sorry Piper. You're not coming. Just Wyatt and me." "But I thought you were supposed to take care of Chris?" "Well consider me on loan," Cole joked. "What do I do?" "Well I am going to borrow your brother's powers real quick to get us there, and when we have fixed what we went back to fix we'll return to here." Wyatt stood up and faced the demilighter. With one last look at his parents he grabbed the extended arm and with a blinding flash of light they were gone.