Title: A Long Stopover

Universe: Harry Potter

Time: Maurauder's Era Hogwarts

A Full Arc

"The Lone Traveler: Originally a Mortal Human Wizard and dimensional traveler, this being ascended to Godhood as a reward for services to the Creator. Very often arrives and leaves using a spectacular aura of blue light. His Divine name is Marek Ilumian, Fury of the Light, a Minor God of Knowledge and Travel and Patron God of Free Will. His appearance normally associated with preventing apocalypses or helping to ensure Free Will can be exercised by mortals. All assistance should be rendered when he appears. Does have a mischievous streak, especially when accompanied by a Goddess from another dimension who appears as a small innocent girl."

Rupert Giles Watcher's Diaries, 27 September, 2000

Albus Dumbledore was sitting at his desk, finishing some paperwork. He glanced at his old clock and saw that his appointment was very soon.

His annual search for a Defense Professor normally took weeks buts luckily, this year, he had an application arrive just the day after the notice went to the Prophet and other publications

He heard the knock and pushed the parchments to the side. "Come in, Minerva and Guest."

His Deputy Headmistress appeared, leading a rather well-dressed wizard. He stood. "Good afternoon. I assume you are Mr. Septimus."

The man bowed briefly. "I am."

"Please have a seat, Mr. Septimus. Thank you, Minerva. You may go."

The man replied, "Actually, if the Deputy Headmistress wishes to stay, I have no objection. I imagine if I am hired, she will need some sense of whom is answering to her – assuming that the staff would normally go to the Deputy before troubling the Headmaster. Or am I presuming?"

Dumbledore looked at the man briefly and then nodded to Professor McGonagall. "You are welcome to stay as well, of course."

Minerva peered at the new applicant and then shook her head. "As much as I would like to, I have things that need to be completed for the year-end reports. I am certain we will become acquainted should he be hired."

The man nodded respectfully at her. "Thank you for your assistance then."

She nodded back and left.

"So, I received your application. Most impressive. I was curious though. Your application is for one year only. Is there a reason for this?"

The wizard smiled. "I have heard rumor that there is a curse on the Defense Position – no professor has lasted more than one year for one reason or another, almost all unlooked for and many times unpleasant. To avoid such a curse if it does exist, I felt it best to apply for a single year. And with the job currently held, it will give you time to search for next year's applicant without undue haste and worry."

Dumbledore sat back. "You know? I have never considered it quite that way. I have always attempted to find a permanent solution."

The man chuckled. "Such a curse, like most things of the Dark, are more easily countered or at least avoided if one works to understand first before running off half-cocked. And that takes an honest looking first."

Dumbledore smiled. "A good attitude to take."

"As I heard an Auror explain to one of his underlings one time: Constant Vigilance."

Dumbledore chuckled. "I believe that you describe an old friend, Alastor Moody."

The man shrugged with a smile. "I was just around when he was dealing with an idiot who was a bit hex-happy out of his cups."

Before Dumbledore could answer, they were interrupted by a trill coming from the side of the office. Looking over, Dumbledore's phoenix appeared to have just woken up. "You have a phoenix companion! Wonderful creatures."

Dumbledore nodded. "Fawkes and I go back quite a few years now."

The visitor nodded. "Do you mind if I …" he motioned toward the phoenix.

Dumbledore motioned him forward. The man stood up and walked over. "Hello, Fawkes. I am Garrick Septimus."

Fawkes, who knew exactly who his visitor was, trilled in cheerful greeting. He accepted the caress of his fellow phoenix.

Dumbledore, watching, smiled. He was much more sanguine about this applicant, seeing how positively Fawkes reacted to him. If he had been concerned at first, such was no longer the case.

Mr. Septimus returned to his seat. "Thank you."

"Oh, no need for thanks. I should thank you. Very few take the time to greet him properly."

The man smiled. "I have a great affinity for phoenixes. A phoenix was very instrumental, after all, in my wand's creation." He saw that the Headmaster assumed he had the feather of a phoenix as a wand core – let him assume, Garrick Septimus – Gary Seven in English – would not disabuse him of the notion.

Dumbledore finally said, "Let us return to your application." After a thorough review of the document and a quiz on different items related to Defense, Albus was satisfied. "Well, I do believe that we have our Defense Professor for the 1975/1976 school year. Do you have particular texts in mind?"

His newest professor gave an enigmatic smile. "I started working on that as soon as I decided to apply. How long before you need a list?"

"Well, it is 17 June currently and Hogwarts has just ended for the year. New letters will have to go out as of July 24th for the first years and August 1st for the remaining years." Albus pawed through some parchment until he found the item he was looking for. "This was the list used last year. You can either approve it or bring a new list. We begin our planning by 15 July. Your time, until then, is your own."

Professor Septimus stood and shook Albus' hand. "Very well. I shall begin reviewing this list and, begin my preparations. Although I have access to other quarters in necessary, can I perhaps acquaint myself with the rooms that shall be mine for the next year?"

"Most certainly! Where will you be staying until 15 July?"

"I have taken a room at the Leaky Cauldron – my home not currently being in Britain, as it said in my parchmentwork. It is sufficient for my needs."

Dumbledore nodded. "Would you mind a house elf as a guide?"

The man shrugged. "No. I would assume they know the best ways – and the way to the kitchens." He said this last with a grin.

"Yes Quite." Raising his voice, the Headmaster called, "Floxy!"

A house elf popped into the room and said, "Headmaster calls for Floxy?"

"Yes. This is Professor Garrick Septimus. He will be teaching here next year."

The house elf turned and looked at the new arrival. Garrick saw the house elf's eyes go very wide. Before the house elf outed him, he took charge.

"Hello, Floxy. You and the house elves may call me Garrick or Professor Septimus. Do you mind showing me around?"

With real enthusiasm Floxy replied, "Floxy would be happy to show Hogwarts to Great Professor!"

"Good," he said with a smile. "I shall follow you!" Garrick turned. "Thank you, Headmaster."

"Oh, we'll be working together. Feel free to call me Albus." Garrick nodded and followed the elf out of the office. The Headmaster had been taken aback by the house elf's reaction, but it wasn't too far out of the norm. Resolving to think about it later, he went back to finishing what he had been doing before Garrick Septimus had arrived.

Harry Potter, Lone Traveler, also known as Marek Ilumian, Fury of the Light, and God of Free Will, Knowledge and Travel, made his way out of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

When he had arrived, he had found himself standing in front of a notice board. He had immediately dismissed this, looking around to see who in the area might need his assistance. Finding no one about, he returned to his arrival point and looked more carefully.

The notice board (this was at the Ministry of Magic and it was the middle of the night) had several things on it, mostly dealing with things Ministry employees needed to know. But one particular thing stuck out: A notice that Hogwarts was looking for a Wizard in Good Standing, knowledgeable in Defense Against the Dark Arts, to become the Professor for the next year.

At first, Harry had assumed that he was to find someone. But somehow (he thanked Ry and My sarcastically) he knew that this was not the right answer. And suddenly it came to him: He was to be the new Professor. After getting a Divine ping that he was right, Harry had rolled his eyes and started thinking.

It didn't take him too long to realize that he was, in effect, immortal, and spending time in one dimension for a significant period did not detract from his duties – indeed, he arrived when he arrived and he left when he was done, and he was not locked in to any particular time stream.

And so, after a time, he realized that he could do much good parking himself in one dimension and doing one needed job, and he was not going to harm any other dimension by doing so. In fact, if he did things well, he could conceivably affect quite a number of dimensions because they split off and merged on a regular basis.

Conceivably, this dimension could positively (or negatively) affect hundreds or thousands of others.

And so, there was every reason in the Multiverse to do the job and to do it right.

And after he decided to do it, he started grinning. He was going to have fun.

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