Crouch was acting as the questioner.

"Mr. Septimus. Explain what part you played in the events of 5 June 1976."

"What part?" Gary asked without much emotion. "Several things occurred that day."

Barely containing himself Crouch replied, "Explain what happened in Diagon Alley during the time you were there."

Gary nodded. "Petunia Evans, a students and sister of another student, arrived to Hogwarts reporting that Death Eaters were attacking Gringotts."

"Did you actually see them attacking?" one member said.

"I saw a number of dead bodies along the path from Fortescue's Parlor to Gringotts Bank. I saw a number of spell coming from a group of individuals that appeared to be Death Eaters. Tom Riddle, also known as Voldemort, was standing behind them observing the fight between the wizards and goblins."

Another wizard asked, "So they were not attacking you?"


"Why did you interfere?" Crouch asked.

"We had arrived to help counter the attacks, as no one else was easily available. The Headmaster sent a message to Auror command and asked staff if any wished to help. Four of us then traveled there. I am a Master of Defense. I saw my skills needed."

"So you had no official sanction?" a member asked who looked remarkably like a Mulciber.

"No I did not."

"What happened next?"

Gary grinned to himself, "I called out 'Hey Idiots! Over Here!' toward the group. Once sent a killing curse toward me and …"

"Did you hear the incantation?" the Mulciber asked.

Gary rolled his eyes. "No but I observed the characteristics of the killing curse."

The man over rode him. "Let the record reflect it was an unknown curse that was green!"

Crouch did so. "Anyway, I banished an object in the curse's path."

One of the members asked, "You didn't return fire?"

Gary smirked. "Nope. Just banished a book to catch the curse. At that point, Tom Riddle – Voldemort – ordered his people to stop attacking."

Crouch asked curiously, "Why did he do that?"

Gary replied, "I have no way to know the mindset of a Dark wizard and why he does things. I can't speculate."

"What book was it?" Crouch asked.

"A book that had no writing within it. It did have the name Tom Marvolo Riddle on the title page."

"So this was the Riddle's book?"

Gary shrugged. "I could have been."

"What it enchanted?" one of the members asked a bit eagerly.

"Yes." Gary's tone was quite dry and cool.

"What enchantments did it hold?"

"It contained a compulsion curse and a Dark enchantment to tie Riddle to this plane of existence. Quite Dark – quite evil."

Another member asked, "Why did you have this item?"

"Because I spent the last year, since I appeared in Britain and accepted the Defense position, collecting all the items which Riddle used to tie himself to life."

"Where are they!?"

With a sublime smile Gary said, "Destroyed. All of them. I ensured every curse was destroyed. No items left which contain these Dark enchantments."

"How did you destroy them?" Crouch asked.

"I used one as a shield – and used a Counter-curse on the rest. When Riddle apparrated to attack me from behind, he arrived just in time for the enchantments to dispel. It distracted him enough for Albus Dumbledore to try to contain him."

"And what did you do?" another member asked.

"I engaged the remaining Death Eaters."

"How do you know they were Death Eaters?" another member asked angrily.

"They were dressed as such. Also, each one killed and captured had a tattoo which marked them as one on their arm. It is in the official report."

Crouch said, "But if you had not interfered, none of the wizards would have died."

Gary said evenly, "They were attacking Gringotts. I am certain that the Goblins would have objected … most strenuously."

"But you were the one that goaded them to attacking wizards. Until that point, you had not actually seen them attack any other wizard or witch – only Goblins."

"Yes. But they were attacking the Goblins – and that was, in my mind, quite enough justification to interfere."

Crouch smirked viciously as he said, "You had no official sanction. You witnessed no crimes against wizards or witches. You goaded them into attacking you. You had stolen these items that were enchanted by the wizard you were facing, thereby giving some justification for asking his friends to assist in taking you down." He turned to the members that had been handpicked to get rid of this nuisance. "I propose we try him and send him to Azkaban immediately."

Another member said, "I second!"

Gary said, "There will be protests. I helped take down those terrorizing the masses."

Crouch looked at him and said, "The delusions of the masses are not our concern. No one will be told of your fate. Your incarceration will be sufficient to tell those that create problems for the Ministry to keep their opinions to themselves." He cast a spell and a door which contained a Dementor behind it opened.

Gary smirked. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Who's going to stop me?" Crouch asked.

Just then, Albus Dumbledore appeared in the chamber via phoenix fire.

"I OBJECT to these proceedings in the strongest possible terms! This is madness!"

Crouch was nervous. "Dumbledore! This is a closed session. You were not a part of those called. What are you doing here?"

"I am her to prevent this travesty of justice that you are creating. You would send one of those who helped end the threat from the Death Eaters and the Muggle Queen to Azkaban for his part?"

One of those present asked, "How did he know?"

"I've been listening on the Wizarding Wireless!"

Gary pulled out a communications mirror and held it up. "I borrowed this from a Hogwarts student. Quite a genius he and his friends. It allows voice and images to transfer. Only voice here – but the wireless only transmits voice."

Dumbledore added, "There are quite a number of Wizengamot members, Aurors, and members of the public who are trying to get in right now. Only I with Fawkes was successful."

Gary casually sent a Patronus to the Dementor – it quickly returned to the closet or wherever it was. Those present gaped when it was wandless.

Dumbledore looked at Gary.' "Impressive. I have not seen a wandless Patronus."

Gary waved his hand over the mirror to turn it off. He handed it to Dumbledore and said, "Return that to James Potter and get the Wizarding Wireless to return Sirius' mirror as well. I've had enough of this shite."

The sitting members immediately protested. With a casual wave of his hand, every person in the room was wrapped in chains and a gag covered their mouths.

Dumbledore, witnessing, felt his mouth drop in shock. "How powerful are you?"

Gary smirked. "I'll tell you a secret. I'm the most powerful being in this room."

Dumbledore paused. "What are you then?"

A voice sounded from an area off to the side interjected, "Before you stands a God, Good Albus." Everyone, even those chained, turned their heads and were confronted with several beings. Being traditionalists, those present (or at least some) were known to most of those. Their eyes widened.

Gary bowed. "Hello, Cousins." He turned to Albus. "Albus Dumbledore, I present the Morrigan, Celtic Goddess of Fate and Magic, Prophecy and War, and of Revenge; the Dagda, Celtic God of Magic, music, prophecy, regeneration; Danu, his mother, Goddess of Magic, wisdom, prosperity; Gwydion, Warrior and Magician God, God of Magick and Enchantment; Scau-ahch, Scottish Goddess of Magic, Healing, Fighting Arts, Prophecy; and Hecate, Greek Goddess of Magic, Witchcraft, the Moon, and the Night."

Dumbledore genuflected to each named God and Goddess and each acknowledged him.

Hekete (or Hecate) spoke again. "And this is Marak Ilumian, Patron God of Freewill, God of Travel, God of Knowledge. He also is a Warrior and Wizard."

Dumbledore was agog but finally bowed. Marak waved him off. "Oh, do stand up, Albus. I've been working with you – hell, for you – all year. You know me already."

"Yes," Dumbledore said. "But I was not aware of your position as a God." He paused. "And where do you fit in? What Pantheon – if you will."

Gary shrugged and grinned. "I'm … independent. Not that important."

Branwyn said, "Don't let him fool you, Good Albus. He acts as Agent and Messenger for the original Creator from which all of us sprang. A God he was created in payment for his selfless work among the dimensions and realities."

"Dimensions and realities?" Albus asked.

"Yes. Other dimensions are those that are similar – for the most part. Some contain other versions of you and everyone else. Some contain female versions of all males and male versions of all females. Some contain just a few differences. These are all products of different decisions. I was directed here to … let us say, impart a certain momentum … to this reality and the dimensions which will come from it. A reality is a set of circumstances that are unique. For example, in many worlds there are no wizards and witches. Some have travel into space. Some are full of evil muggles, evil wizards."

Gary grinned. "I'm a little sorry to tell you that, unfortunately, a very large percentage of dimensions where you live you're a good-intending but utterly ridiculous, manipulative Machiavellian figure at best and an evil manipulative Machiavellian figure at worst."

Albus paled. "Truly?"

Seriously, Harry nodded. "Yeah. I think I got you before you went off the deep end in this dimension. I hope that creates enough dimensions with the truly good and intelligent versions of you that we can reverse the trend."

"Then I thank you for your efforts." Albus paused. "So the warning about the Chamber …"

"Yeah – you guessed it: Basilisk. I fixed a few things here. I wanted to see you solve some of your own world's problems. Normally it takes a parselmouth. But I've given you a path. Let's see if you can overcome enough of your desire to do it all alone to truly solve this issue and not leave it for future generations. I'm a God – but I can't fix everything. I could have killed Voldemort with a thought – but it was your job. If you had failed, it would have fallen to the next generation and many would be lost."

He looked at Crouch, who was almost catatonic in shock. "If things had gone on, Crouch Junior would have become one of the worst traitors to Magical Britain in the world. His father is a real bastard and, in his bid to become Minister, would have pushed Junior over the edge. Maybe him being taken out now will save the boy."

Harry glanced over to the waiting deities. "Sorry. Is there a reason you've come?" he asked them.

"Some of us came just to say hello. Some came as a warning to these of our displeasure. While they will not be able to speak of what they have observed here, they will warn their heirs from their cells that they were wrong in their desire to kill or marginalize those who are newly gifted in their families … or newly regifted as it actually is … and that they should listen to Good Albus' more … moderate positions." The Morrigan turned to Albus. "But I would warn you: Do not deny the traditions and rites and rituals that make up traditional magic. You are a product of millennia of civilization. Throwing away the wisdom of the past in favor of the efforts of non-magicals to demystify the world would be … in error."

Dumbledore bowed. "I thank you, Great Lady. I shall meditate on your words and hope to justify your faith in me."

The Morrigan nodded. Harry moved to embrace each female Goddess and give a more manly embrace or greeting to the male Gods. He then turned to Albus. "I'm going to resolve a few things before I go – but when I leave you won't see me again most likely. Give my regards to those that I have … shown favor to. If you think about it, you'll guess which ones I mean. I would, however, give you one boon for the hard work which you will perform for the next score of years."

With that, he walked over to Albus and, grabbing his arm, he traveled.

A short moment later, the two reappeared. Albus looked, to those who could see, more serene. A few of his self doubts resolved and a few poisonous memories cleansed, he was much more prepared for the work ahead.

Albus and the local deities watched as Harry moved on. Albus would take to sending a prayer of good wishes toward the God that had allowed him to complete the impossible goodbye that he had missed all those years before.

He also had a few messages that he was to pass on to Abe. Ariana had been quite vocal about what she thought and Albus did not want to disappoint the lady.

When Albus opened the doors, allowing those without to enter, the Aurors had quickly taken those inside into custody at the Minister's order. She would have definitely been flayed by the public if she had failed to do so. That much was certain.

Gary visited the one place he needed to before moving on: Gringotts. He finally decided to leave with Ragnok the secret he had found below Hogwarts: A significant lode of Gold was found a mere one-hundred and fifty feet below the castle's foundations.

Ragnok agreed to a contract that would allow him or his successors to disclose this only if it would save Hogwarts or Magical Britain in the future. Otherwise, it was to be considered a reserve.

Gary also arranged for the moneys he had earned to be placed in a trust for Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin for when they graduated from Hogwarts. Sirius and James and Severus and even Lily had or would have resources. He wanted to see a decent Peter and Remus as well given a chance to get a good start. The Goblins would not inform anyone but those named about it and only once they graduated.

The "Conspiracy" that Crouch and the family members of Death Eaters had tried caused the public to rebel against the status quo like nothing else. Amazingly, the Defense Professor who had been targeted was somehow forgotten in the uproar.

A much more moderate Ministry resulted from this.

The Marauders as well as the others Harry had put an effort into had some measure of happiness. It was not all sunshine and daisies – but it was much more hopeful than the future had looked as of September 1, 1975.

Petunia eventually received 8 OWLS. She worked for Florentine Fortescue (Florean's alternate in this dimension) for a few years – until her first pregnancy prevented her.

Peter graduated with much more confidence than in other worlds. Upon receipt of the trust from his old Defense Professor, he opened up a vintage car restoration business and made a good living.

Petunia Pettigrew nee Evans received royalties for a number of years for a few ice cream flavors that the Goblin nation bought quite enthusiastically. They obtained the process and recipes and sold these around the world to other Goblin enclaves.

Their children were all quite normal for witches and wizards – except one who was late blooming. Petunia ensured that one received just as much education as they could regardless of this fact.

Lily married James. They had a few children. Their oldest, Harry, was quite powerful. Somehow he inherited Lily's temperament, though he did pull a prank or two. The real pranksters were the youngest children.

Lily achieved Potions and Charms masteries and eventually began teaching at Hogwarts.

Severus Snape achieved his masteries as well: Potions and Defense. He did not become a Professor – save for a few NEWT level classes as a favor to his old friend Lily.

He married Felicia Channing, one of the most desirable girls from his year at Hogwarts. His changes fifth year opened a number of eyes – and she was there first.

She was quite happy to show Severus off to her friends and family. They had powerful heirs as well.

Sirius married Marlene McKinnon. No Blacks had married into that family for centuries (too light) and their children were great friends with the children of the other Marauders.

Remus hemmed and hawed about relationships while running a successful bookstore selling old Muggle and Magical books. Eventually, he was claimed by a persistent younger woman.

Albus ran Hogwarts for another twenty years. In that time, the entire castle had been upgraded with improved lighting, as well as heating and cooling systems. The Wards had prevented quite a number of those who might have thought to use the old "privileges" from doing so. No rapes were allowed. No Dark objects came in. No subjects were taught in poor facilities.

By the time Albus left, the newer generation thought it had always been that way.

Lucius Malfoy had successfully gotten Wizard studies classes instituted. He had been shocked when Dumbledore had been quite amenable. He agreed that non-magicals should learn the old ways and not just learn the bare basics.

The Defense texts were standardized and were regularly updated when laws changed, but the basic structure remained the same. British wizards starting faring very well on the Dueling circuits.

The ICW (without Dumbledore as Supreme Mugwump – he was too busy) did do away with any of the prejudices against Masters who had studies in Britain. Their Standardized testings were just as good as the ICW versions and, by 2000, accepted anywhere there was a magical government.

A few Dark wizards and witches tried, at times, to stir up the old prejudices but were quickly put down. Dolores Umbridge was one of these: She landed in Azkaban in 1988 for a number of crimes after she had been refused a contract in 1980 for her views.

It wasn't a utopia – but Magical Britain came out of the Dark Ages and into the future quite well.

Harry was sitting at the Diner at the End of the Universe having pie. God soon joined him.

"Nice job, Harry." God took a bite of his Manchester tart – Harry had ordered it for him.

"Thanks. It was nice to spend a whole year in one place. It was also nice to create a more positive future." Harry took a sip of his Master Blaster cocktail.

"You know, you still have a few things to practice about being a God."


"Yep. Like: Do you know that you can hold your breath – or put your biological processes on hold with a thought?"

Harry considered that as he ate his own tart. "Not really. I thought I could die and be reborn. I just worry that I would be reborn repeatedly if I ended up in an environment that killed me and kept killing me."

God shook his head as he drank his Jovian Sunspot. "Still thinking like a Mortal."

"I'm better!"

God smirked. "Yes. And you'll get it .. eventually. That's the cool thing about being a God. You can be stupid for a few thousand years and you can still learn … eventually."

Harry rolled his eyes and took another bite. Everyone was a critic!