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Author: Twix3780

Language: English

Rated: Fiction T

Genre: Angst

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

It was a rare day, like today, to find Lothor abnormally quiet. Normally he was raging about being defeated by the pesky Power Rangers and sending as many monsters as he possibly could down to earth to cause a commotion. But not today. The Rangers knew not to take the day for granted and had split off to partake in recreational activities.

Shane had headed to the skate park.

Dustin and Blake were at the motocross track.

Tori was at the beach.

Cam was at Ninja Ops.

Whilst Hunter and Aliyah had agreed to train. It wasn't a change of pace for Aliyah as she was always training, but this time, her partner was the spiky haired blonde thunder ninja that she shared a deep loathing for.

"Watch it!"

"Then move!"

"We're supposed to be training!"

"And you're supposed to move to avoid being hit."

Hunter growled in aggravation as Aliyah walked past him and pulled her sai from where it had embedded in the wall. "Why are you so annoying?" he asked.

"Why are you?" Aliyah asked.

"You think I am annoying?" Hunter asked.

"I know you are," said Aliyah. She twirled her sai between her fingers and walked back to her starting point. She turned to face Hunter and held up her hands, her fists curling around her sais. "Ready?"

"Are you going to try and take my head off again?" Hunter asked.

Aliyah shrugged. "Guess we'll just have to wait and see," she said.

Hunter rolled his eyes and held his thunder staff in both hands. It was a lot bigger than Aliyah's weapon of choice but that didn't mean she couldn't do severe damage if she wanted too. The sai was a throwing weapon, and Aliyah had very good aim.

Aliyah smirked and lunged forward, ducking under a swipe and kicked her foot into his ankle. Hunter hit the floor with a thud, his staff landing on his chest and nearly winding him.

"Too slow," Aliyah teased, standing over him.

Hunter glared at her as she twirled her sai in her hands. He acted quickly, tossed his staff to the left and rolled over, grabbing Aliyah's legs and pulling her down onto the floor. She hit the ground on her side and rolled over onto her back. She tried to push herself up when Hunter rolled over on top of her, pinning her hands either side of her head.

"Let go!" Aliyah snarled.

"Now who is too slow?" Hunter asked. He felt her raise her leg and quickly wedged his own between hers, preventing her from kneeing him where it hurt the most. "Now now, Aliyah, we mustn't act irrationally."

"Irrationally?" Aliyah snapped. "You have me pinned, I'd call it fair game."

"If you can't get out of this then I've underestimated you all this time," said Hunter. "I'm hardly touching you."

Aliyah pulled her right-hand free of his grasp and placed it against his broad chest. She could feel his heart beating beneath his clothes and body, and smirked. "Your heart is racing," she said.

"We've been training, what did you expect?" Hunter asked.

"You're hardly out of breath," Aliyah said with a shake of her head. "But yet your heart is beating hard. What is it, Bradley?" She flicked her gaze back to his and searched his face for her answer. His jaw was set, and his eyes held a hint of lust. Her lips quirked upwards at the corners. "Does this turn you on?"

Hunter growled as she started to move her hips. "Stop it," he said.

"You've wanted this for a long time, haven't you?" Aliyah asked. "Probably even envisioned a scenario just like this one. What happened, Bradley? Did we make out? Did you touch me? Maybe like this..." she removed her hand from his chest and raised her shirt, exposing her stomach to him, she then grabbed his hand and placed it against her skin, sliding it up to the bottom of her ribcage and around to the side.

Hunter swallowed hard and had to close his eyes in order to compose himself, and released her left hand from his grasp.

Aliyah merely smirked.

"Did you think you'd fulfill your dreams if you trained with me today?" Aliyah continued, pushing herself into a sitting position. She lifted both her hands to his face and run the fingers of her right hand through his hair.

Hunter shuddered at her touch.

"Guess what?" said Aliyah, leaning in so her lips were inches away from his own. She could feel his heart skip a beat. "My dislike for you would never allow me to fulfill your dreams." She pulled back and clambered to her feet.

Hunter groaned as he toppled forward, barely catching himself as Aliyah walked away from him. "You're pathetic, thunder boy," she chuckled. "As if you actually thought I was going to kiss you."

She picked up her sais from the floor and returned them to the training cupboard. She then quickly pulled on her discarded jacket, pulling her hair out from under the collar as she turned back to Hunter. He was glaring her.

"See you around, lover boy," Aliyah said, winking and heading for the door. Her fingertips had barely brushed across the door handle when she felt a weight on her wrist and she was tugged around.

Hunter bore down on her from up high, his face was flushed, his chest was heaving and he was glaring at her. "It's not cool to toy with a man's emotions like that, Logan," he said, pushing her against the door by her hips, his hands tightening their hold on her.

Aliyah scoffed and rolled her eyes. The space between them sizzled with electricity, and the tension was so thick it could've been cut with a knife. "So, what, now you're just going to take what you want? Last I checked that fell under the category of sexual harassment."

"I'm not going to take anything, Logan," Hunter said. "You want me just as bad as I want you, you're just too stubborn to admit it."

Aliyah laughed. "In your dreams, thunder boy," she said.

"Every night."


Hunter bit his tongue and swooped forward, mashing his lips against her own. The action took Aliyah by surprise and her whole body tensed and started to shake. Unable to move very far given her current situation, Aliyah parted her lips and bit down hard on Hunter's bottom lip.

Instantly, Hunter let go and pulled away. Aliyah's teeth tore at his lower lip causing him to bleed. He raised a hand to the wound and narrowed his eyes at Aliyah.

"Why in the hell did you do that?" Hunter yelled.

"I could ask you the same thing!" Aliyah snapped. She put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him away. "Next time you want to do something foolish, spare a thought to the consequences that follow your actions."

"I didn't do anything you didn't want," Hunter spat. He walked forward again and placed his arms either side of her head, cornering her again. "I know you want it as badly as I do, I can see it in your eyes."

He groaned as the wind left his body. His gaze flickered down to the fist that was curled into his stomach and then back up into the face of the woman it belonged too.

"You really enjoy being a punching bag, don't you, Bradley?" Aliyah snarled, her eyes hard with anger.

Hunter coughed and pushed away from her. He took a deep breath, held it for a few seconds and then released it. "Deny it all you want, Logan," he said, turning to look at her again. "I know you -" he cut off as Aliyah lunged for him, knocking him back into the far wall. Her legs wound around his waist, and her hand tangled in his hair as her lips attacked his.

Instinctively, Hunter grabbed her hips and hoisted her up further before winding his arms around her legs and butt to hold her in place, all the while his lips matched her own with the same ferocity and aggressiveness.

When they separated, they were both breathless and flushed.

"I thought..." Hunter started.

"I said I wouldn't fulfill your fantasies," Aliyah replied. "But my own? Well, that's a different story."

Hunter smirked and turned around, pressing Aliyah against the wall and maintaining a firm grip on her as she remained balanced on his hips. He pressed his lips against hers again, before casually sliding them down to her neck.

Aliyah let out a breathy moan of his name and her eyes closed as her gaze slid out of focus.

Kara and I decided that instead of rewriting the whole series, we'd do a few one-shots surrounding Hunter and Aliyah, as it was originally planned.

So, what did you think?