Welcome one and all to Tracee's second SYOT, Blow Me Over, the 22nd Annual Hunger Games! Oceanside is chapters away from its conclusion, and I've been thirsting to start up a new SYOT, so I decided to put this out there. This is in the same universe as Oceanside, just 12 years after the fact. After I wrap up Oceanside, I will include POVs from the lucky Victor of the 10th Hunger Games. After the meaty, story part of this chapter, I'll tell you the rules and give you the form afterwards. Enjoy, and I hope you all consider submitting and reading! :D

And all the kids cried out,

"Please stop, you're scaring me."

I can't help this awful energy

Goddamn right, you should be scared of me

Who is in control?

Lucia Theonis, 19

Resident of District 2

The Victor of the 21st Annual Hunger Games

The sharp sound of the snare drums beats through my chest, and I close my eyes, absorbing the ever consistent beat. The quick, military rapping of the drumsticks across the surface of the drums rattles my bones and heightens my senses. It brings me back to the promenade, the quick clop of horseshoes against the smooth cobbles, the steady pounding of the enormous timpani, the undulating cheers and waves of the incandescent Capitol crowd. The stark leather and gold gladiator costume was drenched with sweat, but that just made it gleam brighter under the whirring florescent lights imposed upon us. Bastian was dressed in matching attire, and we hefted false, silvery swords as long as our arms, cheering jovially. I knew then that we would dominate this arena. But I never knew that at the end, it would come down to just me and him, two swordmasters poised against one another, standing within the confines of the golden Horn.

I try to exculpate the memories from my head, but of course I'm going to think about it all know, of course I'm going to reminisce until my head explodes. Because it's Choosing Day, the fateful day a month before the Reapings where the male and female volunteer is selected after a brutal series of trials that test endurance, strength, prowess with weapons, bravery, and intellect. On Choosing Day, however, there's a dark side. For eleven months, the body or bodies of those that died in the previous Games have been painstakingly preserved in the District's morgue. Now, one black as night casket is being lowered into a crevice in the earth. Bastian rests, still and cold and pale as ice, inside it. There's only a single rift in the ground, for I'm here, alive. The excited volunteers stand nearby, but I don't mind them. Excited. Hmph. I know that volunteering is essential to keep Two the most virtuous and loyal District, and to keep those that don't have a chance at Victory out of the arena, but if I had my way no one would ever volunteer, no one would ever even enter the Hunger Games.

Suddenly the steady rap-tap-tap of the drums cease, and I find one of my fellow Victors, Scylas, prodding me. He waves me forward, and I remember. The Victors all help bury the dead. My heart speeds over the limit, its furious pounding replacing the tapping of the snares.

I step forward, Scylas and the three other Victors out of Two walking forward with me. We each grab a shovel. The cold iron and oak handle feels unnatural and heavy in my smooth, impeccable fingers. Of course, there's a Capitol reporter poking around since I'm here, so my prep team was driven over via train to dress me up like a little porcelain doll. My skin is smooth, the callouses from my chosen hobby, metalworking, rubbed away by acidic creams and scrubs. The stiff black dress I wear came with a matching little cap and veil, but those are long gone. I may be under constant scrutiny from the adoring Capitol who loved watching me murder little kids, but I still have some freedom. The only reason I'm partially excited for the next Games is so that the Capitol will move onto the newest, hottest Victor. I got lucky. The Snows never sold me. They no leverage over me unless they want to bomb the precious District 2 Academy and the Nut to the ground and slit the throats of three of their hardest working and most loyal Peacekeepers (my parents and brother, Arius.)

I realize that I've been standing there, not moving, while the four others shovel. I fill up my shovel with cold, tightly packed brown dirt and heave it into the maw in the earth, my thickly muscled arms easily lifting the heavy shovel and its muddy load of soil. I shovel and shovel and shovel as the cold bites at my skin, and when we've filled the hole, we pat down the top layer with the flat parts of the shovel. Brick, another one of the other Victors, retrieves a large granite plaque and pushes it into the ground at the top of the grave. It reads "BASTIAN SEMPTUS" in thick black capital letters. Now Bastian rests in the Field of the Fallen, where 37 Careers and innocents from Two lay, still and cold, truly buried six feet under.

An early morning fog still clings to the Field, and as we shuffle away, the entire Field melts into the smoky mist. Scylas and Brick walk ahead, and Headmistress Anniston (yes, she still makes me call her Headmistress even though I graduated forever ago) goes off on her own on a hike through the nearby forest. Our oldest Victor, Clay, walks with me. He's short and wiry, not like the rest of us, who are all tall and thickly muscled. He's the only Victor from Two that didn't really train. Even Brick sort of trained in the quarries on his own. Clay was just a fit kid from Two who managed to make it out of the arena alive. But, anyway, he trudges down the hill with me. The Victor's Village sits on a nearby hill, the main city center hub of Two and the Academy a couple of miles away from there. Clay never really speaks much. He's very reserved and relaxed. So I'm surprised when I hear his voice warble from his lips.

"Her name was Carissa Thonson," he whispers, and I understand every word's truest meaning.

So that was a bit brief, but I'm going for quality, not quantity, with this story. I hope you enjoyed Lucia and the look into Two's lifestyle and traditions. I've always liked District Two, and I hope I wrote this well enough to get you all to submit tributes xD

Before we get to the form, which will also be on my profile, here are my many rules. Sorry, but I want this to be a good SYOT, and in order for it to be good, I need a lot of good characters.

1. This is not a first come first serve. Please submit to whatever slot you please, and I'll select the best tribute for each slot. The deadline to turn in tributes is November 4th. At that point, any empty slots will be filled with extra submissions or Bloodbaths. If I get a pair of tributes I really like for a District, I will start writing them.

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Oh, and also one last note. I am not the type of author that will kill your tributes if you do not review, but I find reviews helpful, and it happens that most of the tributes that made it to the Top 8 in Oceanside were tributes of submitters who reviewed and read almost every chapter. Your feedback is truly appreciated, and if I know that you're reading and critiquing the story, your tribute will have a better chance of surviving longer.

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