Ch 14 A Destiny Fulfilled.

Raphael stood on a balcony high above a throng of mutants and humans waving and cheering joyously at him, but he didn't seem to hear or see them. His eyes searched the masses looking for the one person who promised he would be there, but so far, he did not see him. It had been four months since the night he and Donnie had witnessed the miracle of Michelangelo's powers coming to full term and now it was his turn for his destiny to be fulfilled.

As his eyes wandered over the strange faces, behind him, the Daimyo continued to address the people of his land and welcome them to a new era and age of hope and prosperity coming to the kingdoms. To the left side of Raphael, stood a beautiful young Salamandrian, looking happy yet rather nervous of the turtle next to her. She wore a beautiful white kimono and a golden circlet adorned the top of her head. A necklace made of gold with a red ruby surrounded by diamonds hung down her neck. It was the gift Raphael had finally selected for her. She held Raph's hand loosely yet tenderly as she was pronounced his wife. When a golden circlet was placed on top of his head, the crowd before him clapped and cheered. But still, Raph was not swayed by it, nor did he seem to care about the humans who stood next to him, smiling proudly.

King Hamato Yoshi and his Queen Tang Shen stood before their subjects in full royal garb. They bowed respectfully to their guest, the Salamandrian king and queen as the Daimyo announced the marriage of their daughter Princess Mona Lisa to the royal charge, Hamato Raphael, to the subjects who had gathered to see the two kingdoms joined on this glorious day.

Standing to the side and slightly behind the Hamatos stood Splinter with Donatello and Michelangelo standing in front of him. While Splinter watched his oldest adopted son with pride, both Donnie and Mikey watched the ceremony with a stoic expression as their eyes also searched the massive amount of mutants and humans that had gathered.

Raph felt a gentle squeeze on his shoulder as the Daimyo announced the turtle and Salamandrian could now seal their marriage with a kiss and the ceremony would then conclude. Raph turned to look at Mona Lisa while she turned to look at him. They brought their lips together and gave a quick kiss and then quickly parted. The citizens of the Hamato and Salamandrian kingdoms once again gave shouts of joy. The two youths smiled shyly at each other then turned to look at the people who cheered their names.

As Raph turned, he caught a gleam in the back of the courtyard. A dark green skinned turtle with a familiar katana mounted a beautiful white steed. He brought his sword to his face and smiled directly at Raph. Raph smiled widely and looked to the side of him. It was clear from the looks on their faces, Splinter and the other turtles had also seen him.

Leonardo stood in the back of the courtyard watching the ceremony with mixed feelings. He was happy to see Raph finally fulfilling his destiny, but at the same time, he felt his heart ache for a love he knew he could never have. If it had been possible for him to give into Raph and run away together, he would have done so in a heartbeat. But he had always been the responsible one. The mature turtle who did what was expected of him. After all, he had told himself many years ago, he was the Guardian and it was his duty to see his brother fulfill his destiny and the Turtle Nation, as well as all mutants and the kingdoms that surrounded the Daimyo's land, come together once again. A burden he carried with both pride and anguish.

He gave a light chuckle as he watched Raphael give his new wife a quick kiss. He placed his hand to his own lips with a thoughtful look. The warmth of Raph's kiss still lingered on him and he knew it would for a long time to come. While he thought back to the last time Raph held him, his eyes wandered over the crowd of various species that had gathered. Most were terrapin from the east and west clans. They had journeyed here several weeks ago when the bright light of the blood red moon had shown over the kingdom of the Daimyo. All terrapins and other mutants knew this was the sign of the Savior's coming. And since then, word had spread like wildfire. Many had come seeking the Savior's help and had set up camp just outside the Hamato kingdom. The clans were now coming together and Mikey was doing everything he could to be there for them.

Leo had not expected to survive the fall off the cliff. After all, it was over a hundred foot drop and the prophecy had foretold the Guardian's sacrifice to bring the Savior's power to full term. But he had felt his brother's warmth surround him as he fell to his doom and the light that shield his body kept him safe. It had taken over a week for him to recover from the injuries he did receive but as soon as he was able, he began his trek back to the Daimyo's to meet up with his brother, the other turtles and Splinter, who had successfully rounded up the traitors to the Hamato Monarchy as well as those who conspired with Saki to threaten to destroy the Daimyo's reign.

As a reward the Daimyo brought him into his ninja army and along with the Daimyo's most noble Samurai, he would travel the provinces keeping the peace and fighting alongside the Daimyo's top warriors. They all knew that although Saki was dead, many of his foot clan and other followers were still a threat to their happiness and way of life.

Mikey, along with Donnie, would travel back to the Hamato village and stay with Splinter. Mikey would learn ninjutsu as well as other studies, and Splinter would see to his well being and bring him to the various provinces to spread the word of peace and give hope and comfort to those who sought him. Then, on his twenty-first birthday, Mikey would become an apprentice to the Daimyo and would live in his stronghold along with Donatello and Splinter and his personal servants.

After witnessing Mikey's miracle, Donnie, being the scholar he was, decided he would accompany Splinter and Mikey so he could write every account of the wondrous things that would happen and continue to give his own personal testimony of the many things Mikey had done and would continue to do.

Raph would return with his new bride to the Salamandrian village and continue to be the liaison between the terripin clan and the Salamandrian clan. Leo knew this was not what he wanted, and Leo wished he could change it but he knew it was better this way. Though his heart ached to see Raph with someone else. The tender kiss they shared their last night together before the Daimyo sent him to the Lapin Clan, where he would train, would last him a lifetime.

Leo nodded his head at Splinter and his brother and friends who each gave him a slight nod in return. He then pulled on the reins of his horse and maneuvered him to the drawbridge of the courtyard. He galloped his way over to a white rabbit sitting atop of a brown horse.

"Well kame." The rabbit said in a scratchy high pitch voice. "Are you satisfied to see the royal Hamato turtle and salamandrian princess wed?"

"Usagi." Leo addressed him with a chuckle. "I have a name."

"Yes Leonardo." He replied with a sly grin. "But I figured since I was forced to take a detour on the way to see my own family, I had the right to demote you." The two laughed and continued on their way toward the Lapin clan's village a few hours away.

"Forced?" Leo said with mock surprise. "I would like to know what sword I held to your head to 'force' you to come here?" He tapped his chin as they continued their way. "As I recall, you were just as eager to see the wedding as I was. .

"Of course my friend." Usagi nodded. "I would never deny you the chance at seeing your friend and family fulfill their greatest deeds in life." The white rabbit looked at Leo curiously. "Will you be able to see them again?"

Leo nodded. "The Daimyo promised I would be able to see my brother and our friends on a regular basis." He suddenly gave a light laugh. "I may even end up being a personal bodyguard to the prince when he travels from one province to the other."

Usagi laughed with him and nodded. "Tell me Leonardo." Usagi glanced at him. "I have heard only bits and pieces of the legend of the Terrapin Savior." He looked ahead again. "Since you are the brother, would you perhaps know the story?"

Leo looked at Usagi with a twinkle in his eyes. "I know the story very well my friend." He told him.

"Well, seeing as how we have a few hours before we reach my village, perhaps you will do me the honor of telling me the tale?"

"Of course." Leo smiled proudly and cleared his throat. "A thousand years ago, in a village at the top of mount Pinnacle, a young maiden found a beautiful turtle egg….."

The End.


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