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Draco POV

I tensed as Mother called my name over the rubble, begging me to come to her. I glanced to my right to see the melting pools of chocolate staring back at me.

"Draco!" My mother called. "Come here, Darling."

My eyes never wavered from the deep brown orbs, hoping for to understand all that I couldn't say. I had been away from her for far too long. Too long to be sent away again. "No." I half whispered.

"No?" Lucius asked, disbelief in his voice. My mother's stone facade started to crumble.

Clearing my throat I spoke again, this time louder. "No. I will not come to you. Whether I fight and live or I fight and die, I will do so while I stand by my wife." And with that I took three strides and gathered Hermione into my arms, effectively shielding her from any who may try to curse her. I could feel her smile against my chest, our bodies fitting together in a way that only soulmates do. The gasps around us were annoyingly expected. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Potter roll out of the giant's arms, and by the tensing in my arms I know she saw it too. My body reacted before my brain could, grabbing her by the wrist and pulling her out of the way just as Potter and Voldemort started dueling.

After what seemed like ages, Potter finally killed the evil git and the war, for now was over. I held onto my loves hand as we walked through the Great Hall, asking if any need assistance. Most were leery of me, refusing to acknowledge my presence. I watched as she held, and cried with the Weasley family. Percy had jumped in front of a curse meant for one of the twins, killing him instantly. I hadn't known him at all really, but the Weasleys were family to her. They were all she had left. They all knew of our marriage, well except the dragon trainer one. I had yet to meet him.

I was lost in my thoughts when I felt a small hand slip into mine and tug me out of my stupor.

"Let's go." Was all she said. I nodded dumbly as she pulled me towards the seventh floor, likely to the Gryffindor tower. She led me passed the portrait of the Fat Lady but instead of going for the staircases she whispered another password to a statue and it swung open to another common room, a more private and secluded room. "McGonagall offered this room to us, well another one to Harry and one to Ron as well. She thought that the Trio would want some privacy tonight."

"Hermione," I started but was quickly cut off.

"Draco. I have spent months in a tent, away from you. I was tortured not only by your aunt but by watching your eyes as you had to watch. If you do not shut up and kiss me right now, I will hex your bits off."

I smirked and followed her orders, her usually soft lips were now slightly chapped. Our lips moved together with perfect ease, making my heart a little lighter. I could feel our magic mixing through our bond as we enveloped each other.

"I'm so sorry," I whispered as I leaned my forehead against hers, my voice cracking with agony.

"Don't." She snipped. "You didn't do this to me. You got me through it. You saved me."

I just nodded against her as she held me tight, letting my sobs wreck my body. After I stopped, she kissed me softly and pulled me towards the washroom. I studied her as she turned all the faucets on and began stripping us both, my eyes accounting for each new scar on her body. I massaged her scalp as I washed her hair, earning a very familiar moan from her. The lower part of me stirred with delight from her sounds. I brushed her now clean hair to the side so I could kiss her neck, my hands were roaming her chest like a starved man.

"Now, baby, I need you now." She said breathlessly. We both let out a groan as I slid my member into her, quickly finding the rhythm that we had once perfected.

"I love you, wife." I chanted as I came fully inside of her. I held her as she came down from her own high.

"I love you too, husband." She smiled. "Now take me to bed."

I cast a drying charm on us both and carried her bridal style to the four post chamber bed. The rest of the world could wait, tonight I was loving my wife.