This is the final chapter of the first book of Carnate Thingy. I hope y'all enjoy, also, please read the A/N at the bottom.

The walk was filled with silence, the only one who dared to hinder their path was Peeves who Luffy levelled with a glare. "Get out of our way." He growled at the poltergeist.

Said poltergeist turned tail and fled at the anger in his expression, "I'm so sorry." He stuttered as he flew away, Peeves had never seen someone so, what was the word? Determined perhaps? Well, whatever it was made his shiver in anticipation and feel just the slightest piece of sympathy for those on the receiving end of that glare – himself included.

Now that there was no-one left to stop them from reaching their destination. They reached the door, Luffy, not one for words simply pointed his wand at the door, causing it to immediately open for him.

Hermione and Ron were left gaping at that display of power, how was he able to use wordless magic like that? They weren't supposed to learn that until at least year seven and even then most accomplished wizards had difficulty in using wordless spells. How was it that an eleven-year-old, muggle-born knew how to use such a power?

Inside the room Fluffy was sleeping while a harp played softly. "Huh, so that's its' weakness." Sanji commented, lighting another cigarette to the disgust of Ron and Hermione.

Ron and Hermione were simply in a state of shock, these people. Who are they? They sure as hell weren't like anyone they had met thus far.

Luffy pouted for a few seconds. "But I wanted to say hello to Fluffy." He cried, frowning deeply at the harp that was playing of its' own accord.

"It's okay Harry, we can talk to him later." Usopp said placatingly, there was no way he wanted to face a three headed dog once again (even if the other one actually had a fox head and was an amalgamation made by an insane doctor/scientist).

"I think Harry might get his chance to talk to Fluffy." Zoro pointed at the harp that had ceased in its gentle playing.

The first dammit of the night was uttered by Usopp, triggered by the beast awakening from its peaceful slumber.

It stretched muscular joints, allowing Usopp to spy how big the creature actually was. It yawned widely and finally noticed them. "Hey! Hey! So your name's Fufu huh? And here I was calling you San." Their captain scratched his head. "Oh well, you'll always be San to me."

Fluffy took one look at their captain before lowering itself to the ground in a submissive posture. "Good boy! Now, you did your best right?" He asked the three-headed dog, smiling widely at it.

Some form of sound that sounded suspiciously like a whine escaped all three of its' heads and Luffy nodded in understanding. "It's not your fault, but, you can't let anyone else past here aside from us alright?"

The heads nodded an affirmative in sync. "Yosh! Let's go guys!"

And Luffy jumped down the trapdoor without a second thought. Thus the cause of Usopp's second dammit of the night (and undoubtedly not the last).

Zoro followed next, the ever faithful swordsman. Sanji jumped in after him, muttering about stupid moss-heads beating him. Usopp made sure that Hermione and Ron jumped in first before landing on a weirdly soft, squishy surface.

Said soft, squishy surface began to coil around them, Luffy looked at it with a calm expression on his face, he could probably force whatever this thing was into submission but he realised he had probably already terrified the two non-Straw Hats enough for the night. Zoro and Sanji also adopted nonchalant expressions, they were monsters in their own right so they probably thought that the plant was nothing more than a minor nuisance.

So Usopp took the lead in being scared enough for the monster trio and himself combined, thus the third dammit of the night. "Gah! Do you guys have any idea what this thing is?" He asked rhetorically, not really expecting them to answer.

"This is devil's snare." Hermione said frowning as she experimentally wiggled her arm, only to have the vine tighten.

"Devil's snare?" Usopp remembered clearly that entry, he actually wanted to try it out in one of his new attacks. "Oh yeah, the ones that don't like light or fire."

"Yes, yes it doesn't Neville." Hermione looked surprised at the level of knowledge he had expressed, she hadn't really expected much of a Hufflepuff in terms of brain power, but then again Neville was quite adept at Herbology from what she could gather from the lessons they shared together.

"Fire?" Sanji asked, already running through whether or not he would be able to light his leg on fire.

"Fire?" Luffy repeated, he didn't doubt that Usopp had it covered if it was fire, after all he had quite an impressive arsenal.

He was saved from answering in the form of Usopp and Sanji, Sanji lit up his leg shouting 'Hell memories!', effectively burning away the half that had ensnared the monster trio.

Usopp burned the other half away with one of his fire bird stars. Ron and Hermione's fall was stopped by their captain who was able to take the hits from the floor with a practised ease. "Is everyone okay?" Usopp asked needlessly.

After a round of affirmative they moved away. Walking through the passageway Luffy stopped and frowned, he turned to Zoro and Sanji. "Do you guys feel that?"

Quirrell had reached a room with, what were they? Chess pieces? Wherever he was it was becoming dangerously close to the final room where the mystery stone was undoubtedly hidden.

(Not that they could actually tell where the stone was, the stone seemed to be hidden beyond their own senses.)

Zoro and Sanji grimaced, Usopp looked between the trio and without words, knew that it was getting borderline desperate. He had no doubt that his captain could kick the ass of all collective criminals in this world without a doubt but Voldemort was a lot stronger than the usual run-of-the-mill witches and wizards.

But even so, the people of this world were so much weaker so maybe Voldemort wasn't as badass as he had been made out to be.

He did inspire fear in the heart of the world by using a collection of dark magics, bat-shit crazy followers and powerful creatures.

And if he had the power of the sorcerer's stone then it might might be a close call of a win.

Luffy frowned deeply, he couldn't find the stone thingy but he had found something else. That stupid mirror he had found and Dumbledore had warned him away from was in the final room.

But, ahead of them was a room of keys with wings?

They fluttered around, seemingly innocent. "They'll attack us if we cross the room." Zoro commented, looking disinterested at the keys flying around the room, fitted with wings made of various shades of colours. "Captain, let me handle this."

At Luffy's nod he leapt up into the air and in one fluid movement brought out Shusui and with a single slice, incapacitated all of the keys, their ruined wings fluttered in vain to keep their owners afloat.

Hermione and Ron gasped loudly at the obvious display of power, how in the hell was an eleven-year-old able to effortlessly handle a sword like that? Why did he have another two? Were they simply backup?

The keys landed on the ground with loud clanking noises that resonated through the room. "It's this one." Zoro handed his captain one of the larger keys that slid into the old fashioned key hole comfortably.

Luffy smiled dangerously. "He just finished the room." He whispered to Usopp before pushing open the door, Hermione and Ron winced at the loud creaking noise, it cut through the silence like a siren in an utterly silent night.

The next room was extremely dark, neither Hermione, Ron nor Usopp could see anything in the all-consuming darkness. But, as they stepped into the room, light flooded the room, revealing a large…


Luffy strode across the board to the pawns on the other side. They crossed their weapons threateningly at the Straw Hat boy, "Move." He growled at them, immensely surprised when they did not heed his command.

"It looks like we have to play to make it across." Ron commented, inspecting the pieces carefully. "Harry, you're better than me, you can play."

Luffy took a deep breath, he would entertain Ron's wishes. "Okay, Zoro, go be my castle, Sanji and Ron, my knights, Usopp, my bishop and Hermione, my queen. I'll be the king."

Everyone nodded their affirmatives and moved to their positions.

The following game was intense as both sides suffered losses from their forces, thankfully Luffy was able to pull his nakama out of tight positions as to not allow them to be hit. The opposition had no such qualms and thus had more casualties. Despite their lack of players, the animated objects were steadily gaining headway despite Luffy's best efforts.

Dammit, he had once commanded a fleet at some stage when they had led the attack against him. Sure his nakama had all helped him along the way but he knew what had to be done to win so why was it that the quickest way to win was to sacrifice one of his living nakama.

Ergo, Luffy was frowning in Ron's direction, he knew what had to be done but he could not bear the thought of sacrificing his nakama for him.

"Harry, it's okay, it's the only way we can win." Ron said from his position atop his knight, he was watching the board with calculating eyes, sweeping across to look for weaknesses, he had been watching Harry's moves and realised what his problem was – he wasn't willing to sacrifice some of the living.

The move he was talking about would incapacitate Ron from the game and allow Usopp to bring the king into checkmate. "But-"

"There's no buts." Ron snapped. "Sacrifices have to be made during chess, now, do you want to stop Quirrell or not?"

Luffy shakily nodded, he could not would not remember similar words spoken. Forcefully he dragged himself into the present game. Ron would not die from an attack of this calibre, that he was (had to be) certain of. "Usopp! When it's checkmate I want you to take Ron to Madam Pomfrey."

Usopp nodded his assent, he realised what a move like this could do to his captain's mentality, while they had spoken of it a few times, their captain still blamed himself for their deaths (executions). Later on it would be time to go back to the mystery room and reassure their captain, but for now, he had an order.

Ron took a step forward and the queen immediately smashed into him with a sickening crunch, Ron was tossed to the side with ease. Hermione looked ready to rush to his side but Luffy shouted. "No! Finish the game!"

And so they did, and as soon as the king threw down his crown Usopp rushed to their fallen comrade and hauled him onto his back. "I gotcha Ron."

Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Hermione raced into the next room and Usopp ran back through the other rooms, "Hang on buddy."

Zoro observed his captain in silence, Luffy was frowning and while his aura was harshly supressed the guilt he felt was rolling off of him in waves. Zoro saw that look in his eyes, it was one that he had adopted for a short while after they had reunited, it was a look that should not be in his child-like, abnormally happy captain.

He knew that nosebleed and Usopp had seen it too, it was why Usopp had taken Ron without complaint and why during their trip curly-brows had only made half-hearted insults his way. Zoro frowned and laid a single hand on Wado, he wished more than anything that he could simply cut away his captains guilt.

But, for now, they will soldier on into the depths of the night and defeat whatever enemy that crazy old geezer threw at them.

(Later they would dine and undoubtedly drink together in Merry. And all would be forgotten for the time being.)

The room they were currently in had nothing but a table with potions, Hermione was reading the riddle left for them on a scrap piece of paper.

Sanji was also huddled around her, something about potions being his forte.

The entry to the final room was blocked by fire – unnatural fire and so was their exit. Luffy watched Hermione mutter to herself and look at the mismatched vials of potion with precision. "I think this is the right one." She finally said, picking up the smallest vial.

Sanji watched on in mild interest, he had no doubt about Hermione's abilities, she was no Robin-chan or Chopper but her intelligence was incredible. Overall, that was the only vial he would be willing to stake his captain's life on.

As Luffy went to pull it out of her hands she snatched her hand back. "I'm pretty sure." She frowned at the vial and parchment in turn.

Luffy reached again, this time smiling his smile that was guaranteed to make anyone feel confident in their latest activity. "I trust you Hermione."

She blushed at his faith. "There's only enough here for one to get though the black flames, and just enough to get back to safety."

"Zoro, Sanji, can either of you make it through the fire?" Luffy asked, looking inquisitively at first mate and cook.

What he really seemed to be asking (at least to the Mugiwara) was who was going to come and who was going to stay behind. "I can." Zoro said finally, after a heated mute battle with Sanji.

(Yes shitty-cook, I am stronger, stay with Hermione.)

(I'm going to fry your brains and make something useful out of you broccoli head.

But I will stay, take care of him.)

"Ok, Sanji, I want you and Hermione to go back through the fire and go see that old geezer." Luffy smiled widely at the duo and they couldn't help but smile back.

But Hermione's bottom lip still trembled with worry. "Harry!" She shouted and threw her arms around him, squeezing the rubber man tightly.

"Hey Hermione, it'll be alright." Luffy said softly, smiling gently at the girl as he pried her off of him.

He pulled off his straw hat and placed it on her head. "Now you keep good care of that for me while I'm gone."

She gripped the brim tightly, she didn't exactly understand it but she knew that this hat was one of his treasures, and a promise.

(Not that she knew that there were countless other promises laid upon that hat.)

"Be careful." Were the last words she uttered to Seamus Finnigan and Harry Potter, two terrifying and amazing eleven year olds that she was able to call her friends.

Luffy and Zoro smiled at her words, oh, they would be careful, careful to avoid allowing the disgusting creature to live.

And with one fluid movement Luffy swallowed the contents of the vial and, without further ado, leapt through the fire with a determination to contest even the hottest fires of hell.

Zoro followed not a second later, slicing at the fire, blades as black as the flames, imbued with Haki to prevent him from being burned.

Luffy was standing just on the other side of the flames inside the final chamber, there, in front of an odd looking mirror was Professor Quirrell.

"I was right." Luffy murmured to first mate.

"I never doubted you."

Quirrell gazed at them with a look of indifference, the man was overconfident in his ability to take down two ordinary eleven year olds.

Well, he should be, but, unfortunately for him the duo in front of him were anything but ordinary children.

They were battle hardened warriors. One a king and the other, willing to sacrifice everything for the first.

They would not relent until victory was in their grasp.

"Potter, I wondered if I was going to see you here tonight. I didn't expect you to bring along a little friend." Quirrell suddenly frowned, if only just realising the implications that there were two of them, how exactly had they managed to share the potion between them?

He shook his head, probably some dumb luck, it was not of importance. He had a job to do and would not be swayed, he would get his hands dirty for his one and only master. "Neither of you seem particularly surprised." He commented.

"That's because we knew." Luffy said simply, rage was starting to fill him, that thing was in the room and never before had he had a stronger reaction to the presence before.

It was like Mother Nature herself was calling to the boy, willing him to destroy the abomination before him.

"But how, I made it all look like it was Severus' plot, I even made sure to play the p-p-poor st-stuttering Professor Quirrell." Quirrell was looking at them in annoyance, if they had figured it out then how many others had?

"Are you the one who killed Lili and James?" Luffy asked, eyes locked onto the thing atop his professor.

"Me?" Quirrell looked confused but laughed heartily. "What a misguided no-."

"I wasn't talking to you." Luffy cut him off. "I was talking to the thing on your head."

Zoro stood stock still, taking in the situation laid before him. In the worst case scenario, they both die at the hand of this teacher, broken into pieces by whatever spells the teacher can concoct. Something told Zoro that there was no way in hell that that scenario would play out.

Best case scenario they kick his ass and haul it back to the headmaster's office and get stuck being interrogated on how the hell they managed to bypass their security and manage to defeat an insane teacher and the Dark Lord.

Both scenarios didn't really matter to Zoro as long as his captain lived. He was unable to live without him, sure he had survived eleven years' worth of it but it was something he wished to never repeat, his family were pretty decent but they were no Straw Hat crew.

He had achieved both of his dreams in their previous life but recently he had made himself another promise.

He would protect his captain at all costs and make him free as many times as he was able to.

He was brought back to the present dilemma by the sound of Quirrell's monologue ending (thank Gan Fall, why do villains feel the need to monologue so much?) and Luffy looking more pissed off then when he had entered the room.

Suddenly Luffy's stance changed and he glared at him. A single, incredibly strong wave of Conqueror's Haki rolled across the room and, as soon as it touched the thing and teacher, Quirrell's eyes rolled into the back of his head and yet he did not fall for a few seconds, if through that thing on his head or sheer will-power, neither would know as Quirrell and the thing were silenced in one felled swoop.

Quirrell dropped to the unforgiving floor like a marionette that had its strings cut. "We can't kill it." Luffy frowned at his ex-professor's body. "His soul, it…"


Luffy sat in front of the mirror, legs crossed tightly. This would be the very last time he would see the mirror.

There! In the mirror, the real Luffy smiled cheekily and waved at them both before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a ruby coloured gem, he placed it back in his pocket and Luffy was surprised to feel a weight settle in his pocket. He glanced down to his pocket in surprise.

He pulled it out in confusion, how the hell had it appeared in there?

"Oi, Luffy, is that it?" Zoro looked at the stone carefully, it didn't seem like much appearance wise but one had to be an idiot to not feel the undeniable power radiating from the unassuming object.

Luffy turned the stone over in his hand carefully. "Yeah, I think it is."

"What the…?" Zoro's face turned ashen, he seemed to just really notice, there, in the mirror, he was standing behind his captain, his captain wearing his usual green robe, adorned with the usual scars. It was quite odd to look in a mirror with both eyes and see one closed up.

But, that was not the worst part, no, the worst part was the fact that they were surrounded by those long dead. Sunny, his nakama, Kuina, even Mihawk and Perona made an appearance.

"Oh, the mirror…" Luffy sounded quite downtrodden to Zoro's ears.

"You've seen it before." It wasn't a question but Luffy nodded and affirmative anyway.

"Since the beginning of Quidditch season."

Zoro really wasn't as surprised as he should have been at the information that his captain had kept this mirror a secret.

His captain didn't need to say anything, they simply stood and sat in their places in front of the mirror, drinking in the faces of their nakama. Drinking in their own faces. Finally, Luffy sighed and stood up.

"We should probably get going." He went to grab Quirrell's robe to drag him along but he accidentally touched his face with his hand.

Quirrell's face crumbled. He hadn't even risen from his Haki induced coma, but even so he started to scream at an inhumanly high pitch as his entire being began to crack out of existence.

Luffy jumped back from the body, startled, he didn't do anything so why was this happening? Quirrell moaned as more of his body cracked, it became as dry as a desert and began to completely crumble away.

It didn't take long for his entire body to turn to dust, but, the thing lingered in the room, it writhed in agony, determined to not let this be its demise. It screamed and flew straight at a frozen Luffy, it curled this way and that like smoke and passed straight through Luffy's body.

Luffy, had not moved an inch, he was morbidly fascinated by the severed soul. As soon as it came out the other side Luffy felt an incomprehensible darkness form in his vision, he heard Zoro scream his name, and then…

And then he knew no more.

"That damned fool!" Hey, that sounds like Sanji, was it already time for breakfast?

"He shouldn't be so reckless." Usopp spoke much softer and with a hint of timidness.

Luffy tried to rise out of the darkness he was residing in, his nakama…

He had to see his nakama!

But, try as he might, he couldn't seem to drag himself out of the oppressing waves of nothing.

When he finally awoke it was to see blue eyes staring at him intently through a pair of golden glasses. He looked cautiously at the Headmaster, obviously he had made it out of the room and been taken somewhere else. "Where is Zoro? How about Ron?" It was partly a rhetorical question, he had already located Zoro but he had yet to find Ron, where was he?

Lines of confusion appeared briefly on Dumbledore's face before he gently smiled. "Ah yes, Mr Finnigan, he is just over there." He pointed to a chair next to Luffy's bed where Zoro was currently snoozing, hands resting on his katanas. "And Mr Weasley is still sleeping."


"Yes, something is happening to him, Madam Pomfrey doesn't quite know what is wrong with him, it is beyond her knowledge apparently." Dumbledore was once more astounded by the concern that permeated the young boys features, he really cared about them.

But, eventually, the worry faded and he adopted an expression that portrayed his hunger.

"Old man, do you have any meat?" Luffy asked, he really was hungry.

"No, but your friends seem to have left you some and there are tokens from your admirers." He gestured at the pile of meat and sweets.

Luffy immediately dug into them, stuffing his face to the brim. Swallowing, he sighed in contentment, "That's much better."

Dumbledore chuckled lightly at his antics. "What happened down in the dungeons between you, your friends and Professor Quirrell is a complete secret, so naturally the whole school knows. I believe your friends Misters Fred and George Weasley were responsible for trying to send you a lavatory seat. No doubt they thought it would amuse you. Madam Pomfrey, however, felt it might not be very hygienic, and confiscated it."

"Shishishi. They tried to send me a toilet seat?" Luffy managed to say between laughs, that was great, he would have loved to see Madame Promfrell's face when she confiscated it.

"How long have I been asleep?"

"Three days." Dumbledore would have continued if not for a very panicked exclamation.

"Three days?! That means I missed fifteen meals!" Luffy wailed in despair.

"Oi, keep it down would ya?" Zoro awoke.

"Zoro!" Harry turned straight from panicky to relieved in the span of a second when he noticed his friend, it amazed Dumbledore to the highest level. "Hey, old man, what happened to the stone?"

"It has been destroyed." He said, amused at his nickname.

"Destroyed? But wasn't it that really old guy's treasure?" He asked, confused.

"Oh! You know of Nicolas Flamel?" Dumbledore sounded positively delighted by that fact. "You did research properly. Well, Nicolas and I agreed that it was for the best."

"Hmmm, that means he and his wife will die doesn't it?"

"They have enough elixir stored to set their affairs in order and then, yes, they will die."

"Huh, well they have been alive for a very long time, they would have been able to go on lots of adventures but it also means that they wouldn't be able to keep their nakama alive." Dumbledore was shocked at the wise words spoken by the seemingly absent-minded boy.

"Indeed, you are quite right Harry."

Luffy sighed loudly. "That Voldywarts guy is gonna try and come back using different methods, isn't he old man?"

"Yes, he never truly left."

"I see. In that case, when the day comes, I'm gonna kick his ass!" He proclaimed loudly, Harry's friend beside him didn't flinch, instead he seemed prepared to take on any who dared attack Harry.

My my, what a strange collection of friends. Dumbledore thought to himself, they were quite knowledgeable, strong and courageous, all traits required to defeat Voldemort himself. He would tell Harry sometime about what he must do to defeat that man, but today was not that day – it was too early.

"Can I see Ron now?" Luffy asked.

"Of course, however, you must do so on one condition." Luffy nodded eagerly for him to continue, "You allow me to accompany you."

"Of course! Let's go!" There was no hesitation evident, he would do anything to see nakama.

They approached one of the beds with curtains drawn tightly around them. "Oi, Ron. You there?" Luffy pulled back the curtain to the sight of their orange haired friend lying on his bed looking pale.

The most noticeable difference was a large scar almost running the entire length of his forehead. Albus frowned internally, – outside he was as stoic as always – a knock on the head from a stone chess-piece should not have been able to do that to an eleven-year-old child.

But, apparently it meant something to Seamus and Harry if their collective gasps were to go anything by. Then they both smiled widely and promptly left the bed together. "Shishishi, looks like we found our musician."

"Yeah, the pervert's been gone long enough too."

These words confused the Headmaster greatly, who was it that they were talking about? Surely not their friend on the bed. It simply was another mystery added to the pile of things he would never understand about Harry Potter and his odd bunch of friends.

"I'll take my leave now Harry, do get better." And with that he walked out of the wing, cloak flying leisurely out behind him.

"What are you doing out of bed?" The matron, Madam Pomfrey asked sternly, descending on them like a true demon from hell.

"I wanted to see Ron." Came his reply.

"Get in bed now! You're lucky I'm letting in that one." She pointed at Zoro. "The only reason he is here is because he absolutely refused. You need rest, not friends."

"I need meat; I'll feel better with a lot of meat." Luffy assured her.

Madam Pomfrey sighed and pinched her nose. "If I send in your friends will you get back in bed?"

"Sure." And so he did and after that the matron allowed Sanji, Usopp and Hermione to race into the room.

The matron sighed in exasperation, those kids were insane, taking on the Dark Lord by themselves and coming out on top. They were far too reckless for her taste and she had no doubt that this would not be the last time they attempted something like this again.

That boy was a lot like his father in that aspect and they shared the same looks but that was where the similarities ended.

Physically, there was nothing wrong with him but mentally, dear god help them. When Poppy had created an astral projection of his mental state she had to refrain from screaming, there were tears in his soul that would only be healed by time.

And the Dark Lord, he had tried his damnest to try and kill him by passing through his own body. It was a terrifying sight to behold to say the least. She had half a mind to immediately get him on anti-depressants but when that Seamus fellow had entered the wing he had lit up in joy.

And even now, she could see the unrestrained joy on his face at the sight of his friends. That kid must have seen hell to be that damaged, but how?

Either way, she was going to have to report his damage to the Headmaster and recommend a course of action.

Hermione was still wearing his hat and seemed ready to hug him again but refrained after realising just where he was.

"You moron." Sanji said affectionately, chewing on a toothpick and raking his eyes over his captain's body for the major injuries.

(None, apparently it was all mental.)

"The whole school's talking about it." Usopp commented, looking eagerly at his friend. "And I didn't even say anything, what actually happened?"

So Luffy explained and Zoro translated when Luffy messed up. "And then I knocked them out-."

"How did you knock them out?" Hermione interrupted, looking quite confused.

"With Conquerors Haki." Luffy said like it was the most normal thing in the world.

"Conqueror's Haki?" Hermione asked confusedly, she had never heard of such magic, she would be sure to look up its origin later on in the library.

"So what happened to you all after I sent you back?" Luffy asked.

"I hightailed it out of there with Ron and we somehow made it back to the hospital wing, Madam Pomfrey doesn't know what's wrong with him, he should have woken up by now." Usopp explained grinning. "But, he has a new scar on his forehead and his body is trying its hardest to grow an afro, but to no avail it seems."

The Straw Hats shared looks before laughing. "He wouldn't be Brook without it, although." Luffy started. "It's gonna be weird seeming him in the flesh." Then he pouted. "No more skull jokes."

"No more skull jokes." Usopp repeated glumly whilst Hermione looked at them in wonder.

What in god's name were they talking about? An afro and scar? No more skull jokes? It just didn't make sense.

"Well, I took Mademoiselle here back to the owlery after discovering that Dumbledore wasn't even in the castle." Sanji explained, picking up from where Usopp had left. "We went to the Great Hall and there he was, the only thing he said was 'Harry's gone after him, hasn't he?' and then he was gone, presumably to the third floor where he met the stupid swordsman carrying Luffy."

"Tch, as if someone like that could take us down." Zoro grinned just a tad maniacally, he seemed to have ignored Sanji's nicknames for the time being.

"Oi, Luffy, there's a feast on tomorrow night. I will be creating delectable dishes alongside the house elves." Sanji added.

"There's going to be a feast?!" A pool of drool appeared under Luffy as he imagined all of the tasty foods he would be able to eat.

"Yeah, and Gryffindor and Slytherin are tying now for house points but Ravenclaw kicked Gryffindor's asses in Quidditch without you." Usopp added.

"We still get to have the feast right?!" Luffy would be very upset if he couldn't make up for the fifteen meals he had already missed.

"Yeah, everyone does." Sanji said, smiling at his captain.

"Oh thank goodness."

Everyone laughed at his antics, including Luffy.

At that moment Madam Pomfrey bustled over to their group. "It's been half an hour already, now, all of you, OUT. That includes you too Mr Finnigan."

Zoro opened his mouth to protest but stopped from the look his captain sent him, everything is fine now, I'll see you tomorrow.

"Very well."

And they filed out leaving Luffy alone with one surprised Madam Pomfrey.

He left just like that?

"Hey, Promfare lady, when can I leave? I feel fine."

"My name is Madam Pomfrey and not until I say so." She said sternly, he probably could leave now and be fine, so long as he was with his friends but she didn't want to take the chance. Tomorrow, she decided, tomorrow she would let Dumbledore know about his mental state, until then she would observe him overnight.

"But I'm fine." His voice rose to a whine and Poppy had to refrain from hitting the boy over the head.

"You can leave tomorrow, in time for the feast." She acquiesced.

"Yay!" And there, his impossibly wide smile graced his features.

It was midnight when Luffy finally drifted off into the warm clutches of sleep, he really didn't want to sleep by himself but, he reminded himself, firstly he needed sleep to be allowed out of this place and secondly Brook was just over there if things got really bad.

So, he slept and dreamt of a time where pirates roamed the five seas in search of the greatest treasure of all time.

They achieved their dreams and Luffy became the Pirate King, but there was an uproar in society. Especially coming from the Fleet Admiral Akainu, he wanted the Pirate King executed, and so his desire became a reality.

The scene in his head swam from a gorgeous night in a palace to that of the execution block, they were dying, his nakama.

And there was nothing he could do to stop it. Brook was long dead, burned then melted into a pool of calcium. There were not even bones to bury.

His crew, his nakama, they died after achieving their goals, that was the only reason why Monkey D. Luffy could smile in his last moments.

But here and now he did not smile, instead, he cried out for the pain of losing his friends was too great, after all, being alone hurt much more than Death itself.

"No! Don't leave yet! Come back!" He shouted with all of his might at the dead bodies of those he cared about most.

"Luffy, you did this to us!" Nami shouted, swords still piercing her shoulders, yet she drew breath to blame her captain.

"If you weren't so weak we would be living!" Zoro shouted, glaring at the only one he would ever call captain.

"I'm sorry guys." He whispered, trying to shut his eyes in his nightmare, but alas, they would not close and he was stuck seeing them hurl insults and blame at him.

"Luffy-san!" The voice was far off but it definitely wasn't part of the dream.

"Luffy-san, you need to wake up, yohohoho!" There it was again, Luffy held onto the voice like it was a lifeline and dragged himself out of his nightmare realm.

There, in the hospital wing he was greeted with the face of his eighth nakama, well, not his face, per say but the face of Ronald Weasley.

And that matron lady was also with him, peering at him with unrestrained concern. "Move." She said to Ron.

"Wait! Brook!" And then the newly reborn swordsman and musician found himself with an armful of his captain.

"Yes, Luffy-san, it is me, yohohohoho!"

Madam Pomfrey looked on in concern, neither of those boys were alright, after all, Harry Potter had obviously been having a nightmare, a severe one at that, one that caused him to moan in pain and scratch at his chest? And Ronald Weasley, it was like he was an entirely different person.

What was with his odd laugh? And why was Potter calling him Brook? But, looking at them hugging she noticed that Potter was a lot more relaxed now, he might be sobbing openly but his friend was comforting him.

She sighed, she was going to need to concoct a brew for dreamless sleeping time for him. Poppy resolved to speak to Dumbledore first thing in the morning. But for now, she expanded the bed Potter was on and shepherded the pair of them onto it, she didn't fully understand the deepness of the bond they shared but apparently having one of his friends nearby helped.

Who was she to question such a method? Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

The sun was finally beginning to rise and with it came the two boys whose limbs were tangled together. Madam Pomfrey had, as she had promised herself, left the wing and headed toward the Headmaster's office.

"Brook." Luffy sighed in contentment, listening to his nakama's strong heartbeat thump away in his chest.

Brook was finally sleeping after spending hours comforting his captain, after all, that was his job and Luffy had had a particularly nasty nightmare judging by the tear tracks staining his face.

So Brook had hummed the most soothing songs he knew and had eventually resorted to one that would be certain to send anyone off into the grips of sleep.

He sighed, he now knew who was here and who was missing. It became painfully obvious after he awoke, the nicknames thrown at each other between a curly browed boy and another sandy haired boy with three katana. The sharpshooting skills obvious from a boy who was a liar. And the straw hat atop his captain's head.

It was all a relief to know he was not alone, apparently he had not been alone for the entirety of his new life as well. Their navigator was his little sister, what a thought! It did mean that he had seen her panties multiple times, oh how jealous Sanji would be!

Brook woke from his dreamless sleep to a startling loud growl emitting from his own stomach, that was another dilemma; he finally had a flesh and blood body after so long. It was a jolting experience to say the least.

But, he remembered his time as Ron and surmised that it would not be so difficult to relearn everything once more. And besides, as a skeleton he had still eaten food and excreted it, it shouldn't be that hard with flesh and blood.


As of now he really needed to relieve his bladder, but his captain was holding on tight. "Luffy."


"I really need to use the bathroom."

His captain chuckled, voice husky from sleep, and disentangled himself from his musician.

Once Brook relieved himself (thank god he knew how to) Luffy smiled widely at him. "Let's go eat!"

"Wait! I have something I must tell you." He cried, remembering his sibling, at Luffy's nod he continued. "Nami-san is my sister Ginny."

"Really?" He exclaimed, imagining his navigator as Ron's sister. "What's it like with her as a sister?"

"Oh goodness it's terrifying, thankfully she doesn't charge us but she is quite scary yohohohoho."

Luffy laughed, a hearty one that conveyed all of his emotion. "She's coming to Hogwarts too right?"

"I'd assume so, she will be next year." Brook said. "She's still the same Nami-san we all knew."

Luffy smiled broadly, he had found two nakama in a single night!

"Let's go eat now then!"

"But when did the Madam Pomfrey say we could go?" Brook asked.

"She said tomorrow yesterday which means we can go!" Luffy explained.

"Ok, then, let's go."

When they arrived at the hall it was to discover that it wasn't even open for breakfast yet. "Naww, but I wanted to catch up on my eighteen meals."


"Yep, I only had three meals yesterday and I was out for five days, that means I missed eighteen meals."

"My my, you're quite quick at calculating that yohohohoho!"

"'arry? Is that yer?" A bulking figure appeared in their line of sight, "Ron too?"

"Hagrid!" And Hagrid found himself being hugged by Harry, who had quite the grip mind you.

Hagrid promptly burst into tears from where he had been captured. "It's all my ruddy fault!" He cried. "I told the evil git how ter get past Fluffy! I told-!"

He was cut off by Luffy bonking him on the head, hard. "Why'd yer hit me?" He asked, rubbing his head where an egg was undoubtedly growing.

"You were hysterical." Luffy said simply, he frowned at the half-giant. "It wasn't your fault Hagrid, you didn't know what he was planning to do, and besides. We made it out safely."

He blinded Hagrid with his grin, Hagrid was taken aback by his smile and stopped crying. "I guess yer right 'arry." He muttered and was rewarded by a shishishi!

"Anyway, I got somethin' for yer." Hagrid said, prying the boy off of him to reach into his coat pocket. "Dumbledore gave me the day off yesterday ter fix it."

He pulled out a leather-bound book. Luffy opened it eagerly, inside it was filled with wizard photographs. Waving and smiling at him from every page were Lily and James, they were accompanied by what he assumed to be old school friends.

"Sent owls off ter all yer parents' ole school friends, askin' fer photos…" Hagrid confirmed Luffy's suspicion. "Knew yeh didn' have any, so d'yeh like it?"

Luffy gave his reply in the form of another toothy smile. "I love it Hagrid! Thanks!"

Just because they weren't his real parents doesn't mean he was going to forget about them, they had given their lives up to protect him after all.

At that moment the doors opened to the Great Hall and Luffy abruptly raced inside with a cry of "Food!"

Brook followed at a much more leisurely pace, striding into his place beside his nakama. Luffy had already tucked into a plate piled high with sausages, bacon, basically any meat he could find.

Food went flying everywhere and all the students that filed in sleepily took one look at Luffy and went to their usual places.

Another sign that people were getting used to the abnormality that was Harry Potter. But they did pause for a second at the sight of a new scar adorning his red-haired friend who was also eating with no manners.

"Luffy." Zoro sidled in next to his captain, he usually got up this early to train and figured that his captain was here.

"Zoro's here." He exclaimed through a mouthful of bacon and toast.

"Hello Zoro." Brook said, swallowing scrambled egg and managed to get it all over himself and his unfortunate clothes.

"Brook." Zoro tipped his head, sipping some sake from his flask.

"Brook!" Usopp shouted, racing into the room from his place in the doorway.

"Hello Usopp, it has been a while."

"That it has been." Usopp plonked himself down next to Brook and begun eating at a much more sedate pace compared to the two beside him.

"Hey morons, seaweed head." Sanji swooped in next to Zoro, beginning a fight.

Luffy smiled through his food, this was almost perfect, if he had the rest of his crew then it would be perfect.

By now most of the school had filtered in and were alternating between staring at Luffy and whispering to their friends.

"Ugh, do they ever shut up?" A very annoyed Hermione made her way over to their group, sitting next to Usopp, the 'they' in question was the entire school.

Some were standing up from their tables to get a good look at Luffy and were beginning to talk much louder.

"Mornin' 'mione." Luffy swallowed, creating an obvious lump in his throat and smiled brightly at the witch.

"Good morning Harry, hello to you as well Ron." She probably would have hugged Ron if not for the fact that he was eating almost to the calibre of disgustingness that Harry ate at.

"Ahh, good morning Hermione." Brook replied, still in the process of scarfing down his breakfast.

Luffy's stomach was beginning to distend, giving him the appearance of being pregnant, well, he looked pregnant until 'Life Return' was performed and the consumed food was converted into his muscles.

Thankfully, no-one had noticed his stomach expanding and shrinking, that situation would have been quite embarrassing.

Finally breakfast was over and the entire student populous trudged reluctantly to class, "Shall we, sencho-san?"

"Yosh, let's go." Luffy replied with his usual exuberance.

"You two might want to get changed then." Hermione pointed out their hospital clothes.

"You're right Hermione, let's go get changed first Brook."

And so they did, arriving forty minutes late to class because Luffy wasn't following the dress-code.

("No Luffy, you cannot wear your muggle clothes to class, you'll be lucky if they let you wear your sandals.")

Unluckily for the two wayward Gryffindors, they had a period of potions that morning. When they finally rocked up Professor Snape was beyond furious, "Ah our latest celebrities finally make their appearances, where were you two?" The question was as sharp as one of Zoro's katana.

"Getting changed sir, sorry that we are late." Brook said politely because he knows his captain will be anything but polite.

"Forty points deducted for your tardiness." He sneered at the two of them.

"Why do you hate me?" Luffy asks, because he is blunt and knows nothing of tact.

"Get to your seat Potter, you too Weasley." And Snape is slightly flushed and looks positively livid.

The lesson passes in relative peace, with only a few explosions occurring when somebody screwed up their potion. Sanji was thankfully catering to his captain's incompetence in potions.

Thankfully enough they were only present for approximately twenty minutes.

During their second period (herbology), a runner came from the school requesting Luffy and Brooks' presence in the Hospital wing.

When they arrived Professor McGonagall and Madam Pomfrey were present. Madam Pomfrey muttered something about 'reckless children' and bustled about them, inspecting them for their previous injuries. Then she sat Luffy down on one of the beds and Professor McGonagall came closer to speak.

"Now Harry." She began. "How often do you get nightmares?"

"What? Why?" Luffy looked at her confusedly, heart beating a little faster in his chest.

"Because, there are potions that can stop you from getting those nightmares, if they're anything like the one you had the other night then I cannot sit idly by whilst one of my patients is suffering." Madam Pomfrey said.

"Okay. Three or four times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less." He still was confused as to why he would need something to help him sleep, but then again, sometimes Chopper had given him drugs to make him sleep easier whilst injured.

"Now, what I am going to give to you must be used sparingly, no less than a mouthful per night," Madam Pomfrey handed him a large jar of purple liquid. "I cannot stress how detrimental this will be to your health if you drink more than a mouthful."

"Okay, I've got it, no more than a mouthful, but what exactly is it?"

"A sleeping draught, that one is quite strong so that it lasts for longer, in fact, it should last you almost all summer, I have discussed this matter with Professor Dumbledore and he agrees with me." After more promises as to only take one mouthful per use, Poppy and Minerva allowed the two boys to leave.

"They're going to give me a heart attack one day Poppy." Minerva let out a sigh.

"Thank goodness we're excused from the rest of classes." Brook said, humming as he plucked the strings of his beloved violin.

They were currently situated on the Thousand Sunny; she had appeared as soon as Brook had awoken. She was docked alongside the Going Merry, for now they were sitting inside the aquarium room.

Brook had also discovered some of his older clothes and his cane sword, he was also delighted to discover that he could leave his body with his soul and could summon the winds from the world beyond with his cane sword.

"I still can't believe a room like this exists. It seems far too fantastical." Brook commented.

"Mm, it's a mystery room." Luffy smiled widely from his spot on the lounge.

They sat, listening to Brook gently work up songs from the recesses of his mind. But, eventually, everything came back to 'Bink's Sake', it was the default song.

"Luffy-san, if we stay any longer then I fear we may miss the feast." Brook gently shook his captain out of the slumber he had fallen into.

"Food!" And Brook had to sprint to keep up to his captain…

Sprinting was hard.

After many quick pit-stops to catch his breath, Brook arrived at the hall, he was only a couple of minutes after his captain, however, and quickly sat next to Usopp.

Zoro, Usopp and Hermione were all present and had quickly claimed seats around Luffy, Sanji wasn't there, most likely because he was a part of the preparations to cook and bake for the feast.

The decorations in the hall were silver and green but also scarlet and gold, it was to celebrate the end of the Slytherin win streak, well, technically they still won but they had to share the title, ergo breaking their independent streak. "So we tied huh?" Luffy asked, not really interested, he only wanted the feast.

"Uh huh." Zoro grinned, "Honestly, Slytherin should have won, then we would've beaten shitty-cook."

Dumbledore strode in at that moment, decked in his usual garments, the chatter died almost immediately.

"Another year gone!" He said cheerfully from the podium he had elected to speak from. "And I must trouble you with an old man's wheezing waffle before we sink our teeth into our delicious feast..." Luffy was drooling now, eyes lighting up at the prospect of the feast, Usopp hit him over the head.

"Listen to him Luffy, he could say something important." Usopp whispered to his friend.

"…The house cup needs awarding and the points stand thus: in third place, Hufflepuff, with three-hundred and fifty-two; in second, Ravenclaw have four hundred and twenty-six and, breaking Slytherin's seven-year streak, in first place we have a tie. Both Gryffindor and Slytherin have managed to both get four hundred and seventy-two."

A storm of aggressive cheering rose from the two rival houses.

"Yes, yes, well done Gryffindor and Slytherin." Said Dumbledore. "However, recent events must be taken into account."

The room went very still, except for Luffy who perked right up. "Oi!"

Everyone jolted at the noise, who would dare interrupt the Headmasters speech? The source of the noise came from a certain straw hatted boy. "We don't need the points old man! Let's get the feast started!"

Dumbledore stared at the boy in front of him who had just directly challenged his authority, but he felt no anger, instead, he felt pride.

One would think he was simply arrogant for his choice of words but Dumbledore understood, he did not want the praise, he simply did what he wanted. Albus Dumbledore bowed his head slightly at the boy, "Very well, let us tuck in!" He clapped his hands and food appeared, so much that it put the feast at the palaces in Alabasta and Fishman Island to shame.

Luffy immediately began piling food onto his plate, there! One of the cooked fish looked like something Sanji would cook. He added that to the amalgamation of meat atop his plate.

Usopp was eating leisurely, even when Luffy stole his food as there was a lot more where it came from.

Brook was also eating at a sedate pace; he was going to have to get this body of his into shape, eating like his captain did was not going to help him.

Zoro was eating some rice that Sanji had obviously prepared, it was pretty good (not that he'd ever let nosebleed know). He had also slipped his flasks of sake in and was currently making his way through the third flask of it.

Hermione watched them all in fascination, she had half a mind to make Luffy repent for his actions, but she understood on some level the embarrassment they were feeling.

And besides, none of his friends seemed particularly bothered by it, in fact, they seemed to be thankful for it.

But not everyone else agreed with their sentiments. Half of the Gryffindor table were angry, the chance to overtake Slytherin had been stolen from them, and by the boy-who-lived.

Some of the teachers were livid at the obvious disregard for authority the boy had displayed, Snape was glaring at him as if he thought that he could really kill with a glare. McGonagall had pursed her lips tightly, what was he doing? Hagrid was wondering what was happening. But some of the other teachers had smiled knowingly, damn that kid was admirable.

Flitwick found himself wiping at his eyes furiously, that kid was great.

"Sanji!" Luffy cried through his food, knowing his friend's aura anywhere.

"Hey guys. How do you like the food?" He asked, squeezing in between Luffy and Usopp.

"Ish dericious!" Luffy cried once more, the food distorting his words, some of the kids directly across from him promptly lost their appetite.

"Tastes as bad as always ero-cook." Zoro said from where he was sipping his… 'pumpkin juice'.

"What did you say shitty-swordsman?" And then they were really at it in the divide between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor.




"Shitty lost child bastard!"

"Grrr." They growled in perfect sync.

Suddenly they were fighting physically and everyone was moving away, giving them a clear space. When one of the teachers got up to intercept them Usopp suddenly shouted, "If you don't stop fighting then Luffy is going to eat all of the food."

They immediately shot horrified glances to the table and were terrified to see it all disappearing rapidly. "Luffy!" They shouted together and tackled their captain who currently had a stack of dishes beside him that he had pilfered.

He landed in his plate of meat and potato with an oomph! "Hey, you're gonna make me miss out on more food." He complained from his place under their combined force.

"Nuh uh!"

"Not happening!"

By now everyone had stopped their eating to stare at the monster trio. Suddenly the food on the plates disappeared. "No!" An anguished cry was heard from the straw hat boy.

Desert replaced it. "Cheer up Luffy-san, I still see desert! Not that I ha-. Oh wait, I do, yohohohoho!"

Usopp laughed along with Brook at his mistake with punning. Brook pulled out his violin. "Shall I captain?" He asked, at Luffy's mhm he began to play, it was a lively tune, one that had everyone smiling and nodding along.

But, as it had before, the melody eventually turned into Binks Sake and before long the five Mugiwara began to sing along.

The rest of the school watched on in confusion, what song was that? A few of the older teachers recognised it, every so often, in the Leaky Cauldron or in less savoury locations, you would get a few sailors of the sea. And after a few drinks were in them they began to sing that song.

They wondered how they learnt the song.

Luffy pushed the combine force of Sanji and Zoro off at Hermione's cry of "What the hell is this? Is that meat?"

Lo and behold a plate of meat cupcakes were sitting by her, it didn't last a second. Luffy jumped up and stretched to a normal length to reach his prize. "Meat!"

Treats such as it had popped up all over the tables, and every time they were consumed by Harry Potter.

What a weird child.

Thankfully the feast ended without any injuries (Madam Pomfrey would have had a fit) and everybody trudged off to bed, well, almost everyone. The Mugiwara filed out towards the mystery room, stomachs full of food and others with sake.

Hermione followed, eventually she raced out to the front and demanded that they stop.

"What's wrong Hermione?" Luffy asked, wondering what she was doing.

"Take me with you, wherever you sneak off at night, take me too!" She cried with a tad of desperation.

"Sure." Luffy smiled warmly at her, they had already told her the truth so what was the harm? "By the way, Snakey! Why are you following us?"

And there, in the shadows a figure cursed silently, how in god's name had he spotted him?

Luffy frowned at the spot where Snape was trying to hide, he was doing pretty good, but he hadn't expected someone like the demon trio to be able to sense him.

"Fine then." Luffy frowned once more before turning heel and continuing off to the hall where the mystery room was.

"So that's where they go." Snape muttered, still 'hiding', how had Potter noticed him?

But he now knew where they went, the Room of Requirement, not only that but apparently they did it every night, if Granger's words were anything to go by.

Why? What was the purpose of going to a room every night when they could simply bunk in one of their dormitories? He was certain that one of the teachers wouldn't mind.

He scowled, that performance at dinner showed just how arrogant Potter was, so much like his father. But, if he really thought about it, his friends had seemed relieved and not impressed by his display.

That led him to the conclusion that they didn't like the recognition, but, Potter was just as reckless as his father, it was fair to assume that he was arrogant as well.

Either way, he didn't like him or his crew, it didn't matter that one of them was Draco Malfoy, son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy and the other a serpent. They had both willingly chosen to become friends with that fiend.

And, it seemed like they had known each other for years, but how? It was to his knowledge that Potter had never met another wizard so how could he know not one but three other wizards?

And Ronald Weasley, another abnormality, judging by the way he acted at dinnertime, it seemed like he was an entirely different person.

But they were close together, that much he could see, he actually admired (and envied) them a little for the strong ties they shared.

Well, either way he had to report it to Dumbledore, who knows, it might be interesting to him.

"That was a delicious feast." Luffy sighed, patting his stomach.

They were entering the room and judging by Hermione's gasps this wasn't what she had expected.

"Sunny!" Usopp cried and ran towards their second ship, the second and last ship to ever sail the Grand Line.

"Now muscle-head over here can train with his weights without being an eyesore." Sanji jabbed his finger in Zoro's direction while simultaneously lighting a cigarette.

"Oh yeah? Well then I guess I'll just have to train in the kitchen dartbrow!" Zoro hurled back, shifting into an offensive position.

"Well then I'll just have to cook up your stupid brains marimo!"

And they began an all-out brawl between themselves, legs swinging and swords slicing.

"Shishishi!" Luffy had already claimed Merry as his seat and was watching the swordsman and cook fight on the sandy shore.

Hermione was still standing where the door used to be in shock, "What? What? What is this place?" She finally managed to say.

"It's a mystery room!" Luffy shouted.

"Why is there a beach inside the castle?"

"Because we had to let Merry and Sunny dock." Usopp explained.

"What are they?"

"The ships of course."

So the night passed quite quickly, Hermione was finally starting to believe them; she had spent the night firing questions at them like she was engaged in an interrogation.

They ended up in a dog pile on the sandy shore, worn out by their night escapade. And for once, (without the aid of drugs) everyone slept dreamlessly.

Luffy had completely forgotten about exams and was surprised to receive them quite so soon. To everybody's surprise he managed to just scrape by with just over the passing mark (thank goodness for Hermione Granger), he had especially shone in the practical section. (He had almost completely failed potions).

Sanji flew through potions like it was a breeze and managed to pass every other subject.

Zoro was just as good as Luffy at the practical exams and also breezed through the written exams.

Usopp had aced herbology and charms and managed to score average marks on everything else.

Ron, or rather Brook managed to score average marks in all exams except for potions which he only just managed to get over half.

Hermione, to nobody's surprise, managed to get top of the year with almost full marks on every exam.

Their final days spent together before the holidays were spent training harder than ever before and setting training regimes to follow.

Brook was especially adamant that he have a training schedule as he was quite far behind the rest of his nakama. "Shishishi, if you want, when we come back I can try and teach you Haki." Luffy suggested, having perfected everything aside from Armament – it just wouldn't come to him at will. "Usopp, you already have learnt observational now though so I can train you in the other aspects."

His suggestion was met with two very positives from Usopp and Brook. Brook also said he would ask Nami.

And then the day when they were supposed to be boarding the train arrived and Luffy was trying to shove everything in his trunk.

"You idiot." Sanji said from atop his own perfectly packed suitcase. "Just use your wand."

"Ahh, right!" So Luffy brought out his wand and told it to pack his suitcase.

One of his garments caught on fire. "What are you doing! No, it's not funny!" Luffy shouted while he tried to put out the fire.

"Luffy." Sanji began slowly. "Did you just tell your wand what to do?'

"Yeah, why?"

Sanji shook his head. "Only you…" he muttered.

Finally the fire was put out and Luffy was left with a smouldering school shirt, he shrugged. "Sanji, please!"

He sighed, loudly. "Fine, but just this once, you gotta learn how to do it yourself."

Sanji packed his captain's suitcase neatly so that everything fit. The note they had been given fluttered to the ground, it warned them not to use magic outside of school.

Sanji tossed the now crumpled up sheet of paper at his captain who caught it effortlessly, he opened it, eyes scanning the neat writing before shrugging and shoving it in his jean short pocket.

"You do are aware that we are supposed to be in uniform Luffy-san?" Brook asked, he had also already packed his suitcase.

Luffy glanced down at his usual outfit, the only change being that his shirt was buttoned up. He crossed his arms defensively, "So?"

"So don't complain to me when you get in trouble off Snape." Sanji warned, zipping up Luffy's now packed suitcase. "Let's go."

Hagrid took them across the water in their fleet, Luffy, Sanji, Usopp and Zoro all occupied one and Luffy sat atop the front raised part of the boat, feet dangling over the water.

They boarded the Hogwarts Express, quickly claiming one of the carriages as their own where they laughed, played and ate the meal Sanji had packed them.

"You guys." Luffy began, sounding unusually serious. "You better write, I know I can't very well but promise that you'll write."

"Of course captain." Zoro said from his corner, one eye opened lazily.

At his affirmative the rest were quick to respond and Luffy's smile turned into a blinding one. "Shishishi, I'll miss you all."

Before long everyone else was changing and they were pulling into platform nine and three quarters at King's Cross Station.

It took a ridiculously long time to actually get off the platform as an old wizard was only letting them go on in pairs and threes. Luffy didn't hesitate to complain about the arrangements, whining until Sanji kicked him.

"You should all come to my house yohohoho! It certainly is big enough." Brook smiled.

The demon trio passed through the gate, ignoring the various goodbyes Luffy received off people he had never even met.

"Luffy!" As soon as got over the other side he found himself with an armful of his navigator.

"Nami!" He hugged her tightly, ignoring the odd looks he received off muggles and wizards alike.

"Nami-swan!" Sanji twirled around the orange-haired girl, drinking in her sight in his perverted gaze.

"Oh, Sanji-san, I forgot to mention." Brook paused for effect. "I have seen her panties."

Sanji abruptly gained a nosebleed at the thought, "Oh no, young man, are you alright?"

Mrs Weasley raced over to where Sanji lay in a pool of his own blood.

"Tch, pervert." Zoro muttered. "And hello to the witch."

"Zoro, don't think that I've forgotten your debt, regardless of death." Nami replied, disentangling herself from her captain's rubber limbs.

Mrs Weasley was quite confused, since when did her daughter know these boys? "Oi, Mrs Weasley, thanks for the sweater and fudge." Luffy said, smiling at Brook and Nami's mother.

"Oh it was nothing, dear."

On the ground near her, one extremely perverted cook was thinking; I will be able to watch Nami transform from this little caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Each fleeting moment more lovely than the last.

And, as if hearing his thoughts, (he probably did at some level) Zoro stepped on Sanji's face. "Mmph!"

"Stop being weird." He said before turning to Luffy. "If you want you can come stay with me at some stage, just send your owl-thingy to 'Seamus Finnigan'."

"Thanks Zoro!" And Luffy threw himself at the older man who immediately dropped whatever he was holding (just his birdcage and trunk) to accommodate for his captain. "Shishishi."

"Dammit Luffy, you can't just do that." Zoro was understandably miffed, more annoyed with his reflexes than his captain, since when did he tell his arms to drop his trunk and owl?

"Shishishi." Was his only reply.

"Ready are you?"

It was Vernon, purple-faced, moustached and still looking furious at his nephew. But this time it was more for the friends he was messing about with rather than the fact that he was carrying an owl in a cage in a station full of ordinary people.

Luffy's nakama stiffened, that was Luffy's uncle, aunt and cousin? They didn't look nice.

Petunia and Dudley looked terrified, hiding behind Vernon's massive frame.

At that moment a rather timid looking house elf walked over, accompanied by a nondescript looking butler, the butler walked straight up to Sanji. "Mr Draco, we are here to take you back to the manor."

"Give me a minute." Sanji replied, still focused in his fantasy world. "Ahh, Nami-chwan."

Another couple of people walked over, one who was obviously a wizard judging by the ridiculous muggle clothes she was wearing. Her mousy brown hair was swept to the side, "Seamus!"

The man was much subtler and looked in place, sandy hair the same shade as his son's, he grinned at their group of friends. "We are Seamus's parents, I'm John and my wife is Mary, who might you all be?"

"Ronald Weasley." Brook bowed slightly before them.

"Pleasure to meet you Ronald."

Greetings were exchanged and Neville's grandmother came up and scared them all, she seemed like a strict one. "Up to no good again I see? Eh? Mr Potter." She nodded in Luffy's direction before dragging her grandson away.

"I'll owl you all over the summer!" Usopp called over his shoulder.

"Bye Usopp!"

Finally, the only ones left were Brook, Nami and Luffy, wordlessly they hugged. "I'll hopefully see you both at your place!" He smiled widely at them and laughed.

"Don't do anything stupid Luffy or it's going straight on your debt." Nami warned, eyeing her captain with troubled eyes, she, and everyone else, could tell that he didn't want to go back to his house.

But there really wasn't much they could do so for now they would allow him to go, and later, they would probably kidnap him and hightail it back to the Burrow.

Vernon was getting very… upset at being ignored. "Hurry up, boy, we haven't got all day." He walked away.

"Hey Luffy." Nami pulled on his arm. "They don't know you can't do magic." She grinned mischievously, if his uncle was that nasty then some pranking and threatening was in order.

She remembered that every year Fred and George complained about that note, and she also knew that it was the student's responsibility to show it to their parents.

Comprehension dawned in Luffy's eyes and he smiled wider than before. "Oh, I'm going to have a great summer."

"Nami-san, you are quite devious." Brook commented.

"What did you call me?" And unfortunately for Brook this resulted in an egg atop his head.

"Shishishi! See ya's!" Luffy waved at the two Weasleys and finally turned away, trailing after his uncle.

He would be able to stretch in front of them and savour their reactions, he could probably get away with a lot of other little things too. After all, the Minsty of whatever had never picked up his stretching or anything else as 'illegal magic'.

Oh yes, he was going to have a wonderful summer.

Andddd, we're finished. (again), so imma get started on book two now that I am finally up to date, so thanks to anyone who's read this before for waiting patiently for me to binge the ever loving fuck out of One Piece. Ciao, I'll see y'all in book 2.