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::.::Pretty Baby::.::

By ~*Jasmine*~

Chapter One: The Queen And The Outcast

Sora peeked over at her friend, Mimi's, sheet of stark white paper and gave a slight sigh. The seventeen-year-old young woman technically knew these ballads were confidential but she couldn't help herself. And anyway, filling out the form for Prom King and Queen was sure to be the hot topic of the morning, laughed and chattered about in the hallways. No one's vote would be kept a secret and Sora could just imagine how many guys and girls alike would approach her in the hallway, saying warmly, "Hey Sor, you totally got my vote!" Not like she'd ever asked for it to begin with but, then again, that was the severe social obligation of a popular girl.

Ha ha! Sora had to actually laugh to herself at that thought as she contemplatively chewed on the eraser of her bland school-issued pencil. She made it seem as if being well liked and smart was a bad thing. Actually, being a social butterfly had its good moments, like how she glowed proudly after raising enough money to improve the Odibisha High School gymnasium or how she had been accepted to the college of her choice on a full scholarship. And then she was never short on friends either… Yet still, all the attention and glorifying could give one a big head sometimes and, with fake people around all the time, it was hard to tell who was a real friend.

       Sora saw both Tai and her name circled in bright pink pen on Mimi's paper. Of course, she was somewhat sure that at least half of her senior class had done the same; everyone always told her that she and her boyfriend, Tai, made an absolutely perfect couple. After all, both were popular, into sports, very nice, and attractive. Even though Sora didn't think of herself as gorgeous, others seemed to. With her shoulder length silky auburn hair, warm scarlet eyes, playful smile, perfect tan skin, and thin frame, she did fit the mold of what every high school girl wished she could be.

       "Pass your sheets up to the front row, please," Mrs. Hiushuw said. The pretty blonde haired teacher walked over each row, collecting the paper ballads.  As she passed by Sora, her black skirt rustling with her movement, she smiled warmly at the Prom Queen candidate and whispered, "Good luck this year, Ms Takenouchi."

Sora returned the grin half heartedly as her stomach churned. Then the bell rang and the teen leaped up from her desk, unable to hide the relief of being able to leave the stuffy homeroom and stretch her legs.

       People passed by in nameless herds, their voices like a murmur of wind. Sora walked within the crowd and teenagers seemed to break apart to let her pass, as if the girl was somehow Moses parting the Red Sea. Sora blushed faintly at all the encouraging comments hurled at her and briskly walked to her locker. Coming to a stop at her icky mint green colored locker, Sora eagerly twisted her lock this way and that; silently pleading for her stubborn combination to work as her mind flittered with thought. People patted her fondly on the shoulder and she threw them fake smiles while cursing under her breath, "Damn locker! I can't even open it!"

     Suddenly a strong arm circled her waist and lips met her cheek. "Hey babe. Having a little trouble?" the masculine voice asked with a hint of amusement.

     Sora looked up to see a pair of dark chocolate eyes peering down at her surrounded by a tan chiseled face. "Tai! Boy, am I happy to see you! My lock doesn't wanna open today."

     The young man let his hand skillfully twirl over the combination and the locker gave out a satisfying *click* before opening up. Then Tai turned to his girlfriend's pleased face and said smugly, "See, nothing to it, Sor."

       "Ya sure. Just don't let your head swell any bigger or it may need it's own zip code soon, Mr. Prom King," Sora teased as she pulled out her notebook and an assortment of books from the inside of her locker.

Tai grinned and ran a hand through his mass of dark brown locks. "Speaking of the Prom, I think you're sure to win Queen this year Sora."

   Sora's face darkened a bit but Tai didn't seem to notice. 'Again, I'll be called: Queen Sora. O yippee,' thought the girl sarcastically. It wasn't as if she wanted to seem ungrateful... but all her high school life she'd been voted Queen of this and that and she now felt this hidden yearning to have just one year were she wasn't a monarchy over all the other teenagers. Just one year to find out who her real friends are and, in the process, find out just exactly who Sora Takenouchi is without a fancy title. Coughing away the feeling, Sora replied with as much spirit as she could muster, "That's great, Tai. I think you'll be king this year too."

  Of course he would. He was always king of everything. "I hope..." said Tai humbly, though his giant smile told Sora that he was as sure of being named King as she was of being Queen. "Hey, you wanna go to the mall with me after my soccer practice? I have to pick up a suit for the Prom... I might even treat you to a McDonald's Kid's Meal if you're good," Tai added the last part cheekily.

  Sora slammed close her locker and rolled her crimson eyes. "A whole kid's meal? O Tai, you're so good to me," she replied sarcastically, with a flourish of her cinnamon eyes. Then punching his arm playfully, she laughed, "I guess I'll go to the mall with you even if you are being a jerk. I don't trust your fashion sense enough to let you go by yourself."

  Tai snorted in mock indignity, "Me? Bad fashion sense? Ha! I am the definition of style." Then he pulled Sora into his arms and kissed her lightly.

Sora giggled flippantly against his lips before pulling away. "See you later, Tai."


Matt yawned and doodled on his paper. School sucked, teachers sucked, parents sucked. The only thing that didn't suck, according to the teen, were Matt's band and Saturdays. The eight-teen year old young man relished the thought of jamming with his fellow band mates tomorrow after school; his lustrous male voice crooning loudly over guitar cords and thunderous drum beats.

  Breaking away from his day dreaming, Matt ran a hand through his longish blond hair and glanced around. Mr. Pedrin was going on and on in an excited jabber about balancing chemical equations and equally boring chemistry jumbo. Matt watched in uninterested humor as the stout man's black mustache jumped with each quiver of his fat lip, like a furry caterpillar dancing to a strange beat. 'Okkk you are way to bored for your own good, Matt', the boy thought to himself with an exasperated sigh.

  Matt's blue eyes darted over the small class of kids. A few nerds actually looked interested in all this science stuff, their scrawny arms moving rapidly to jot down the notes. The rest were bored out of their minds. One girl had started a game of seeing how big she could blow a bubble in her chewing gum. Another boy looked as if he was thinking about stabbing his eyes out with his pen in an attempt to be sent home. A young woman with bleached blond hair and blue eye shadow caked eyelids was gazing at Matt dreamily, a small smile on her face as her fake nails clicked against her desk. When she noticed the object of her affection giving her a weird stare, the girl's cheeks flushed crimson and she immediately turned to face Mr. Pedrin. 

  The young man furrowed his eyebrows. Another member of the 'I-Love-Matt-And-Am-Devoted-To-Him-Forever-And-Ever-And-Ever-And Ever...' Club. Good grief! By this point the whole female population of Odibisha High School, and even some males, were a part of the Matt fan club!

Suddenly the door to Mr. Pedrin's classroom opened and in walked a tall young woman. The girl wore slim fitting jeans and a pretty tee shirt and, as she sauntered over to the teacher with a bright smile, all the guys' eyes followed her. "Sorry, Mr. Pedrin. My locker was stuck again but I have a note," she said cheerily.

  Mr. Pedrin waved away the piece of paper and returned the grin. "No need, Ms Takenouchi. I trust you, I know the captain of the tennis team wouldn't lie to me," beamed the science teacher.

  Matt watched as the auburn haired girl walked over to her chair in front of his desk and he couldn't hide his glower. 'Sora Takenouchi'. The name hung heavy in his head like a rain cloud ominously hovering within his skull. 'Ms Popular'. Everyone was in awe of the future Prom Queen and Matt couldn't help but feel the rawness within him at the very mention of her name. 'Big freakin deal! They worship the ground she walks on like she's a goddess or something. We'll she certainly isn't a perfect little role model,' he thought savagely. His grip became so tight the pen in his hand felt as if it was a razor being sliced into his palm, drawing etched lines along his skin.

  "Couldn't open your locker? Awww, maybe you should stop doing your lock and your boyfriend at the same time?" Matt whispered into Sora's ear.

  "Screw you," the girl hissed back, still smiling at Mr. Pedrin the whole time.  

  "Any time, baby," he snickered and winked suggestively which only got him a 'humph' and a cold shoulder.

The blonde returned to scribbling on his paper. Matt couldn't even stand the sight of Sora. She was... really pretty; he had to at least admit that. Her shiny, fragrant auburn hair brushed against her shoulders and her wide crimson eyes radiated a seeming purity and kindness. But under all that outward beauty, Matt was sure, lurked her true self - a snob, a brat, a complete bitch... Maybe Matt was biased. 'I mean, after all that happened, how could I not be?' At that thought the teenager felt a dull sadness crease over his heart.

  Matt pushed the notion back at once. He wouldn't feel grief - anything - again for her. It'd taken him so long to convince himself that she didn't matter any more, that Sora was just some bad dream. 'I won't let her affect me again, ever.'

  Yet even as the young man thought these determined confessions, the pen in his hand stopped it's doodling. Matt looked down and gave out a surprised gasp. There on his paper was scrawled a small seashell. 'What is the matter with me? Get over her already, Matt!' In a fit of rage he clamored up the paper and crinkled it into a tight ball.           

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