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How could she have done such a thing. Even if he was not with her, the true was he was marry and not to her. Diana was not happy but she loved him with all her heart. She giving to her disear to be just like any other women and bedded the man she had been in love with seems she had come to man's word. She stay in bed thinking of what she had done and wondering if it was okay. Strong arms touch her hips and hug her in a warm embrace. How she wanted this moment to last just more but the sun was coming up and was soon going to brake the spell of the night. She didn't bother to move but she felt how he was getting ready. He was going to work after all. He kissed her on the cheek. " Diana, ma and pa ask me if you would like to spend Thanks giving with us?" He was hugging her ." I don't know Kal, I never celebrated such a thing." "It be fine and ma really likes you she is always asking for you." "I will go see her this afternoon and have lunch with her." "Okay cool I will call ma and tell her." They kissed, "Kal you will be late." "I can always fly so how about we spend a nice lovely 3o minutes together." She smile and walked to the bathroom. "I need a bath and also to get ready." "After I am done with you." He kissed her neck and lower, all she did was smile. It was hurting letting him do this. Even though their love making was so wonderful it also hurt her heart. She knew he was not hers and as days when by she was begging not to know the true. The only people that knew of their romance was Bruce and his wife. After they where done she saw him leave and she wend back to bed and began crying touching her abdominal.

Clark flew to his job after what he and his lovely amazon girlfriend had done. She was his girlfriend right. Something was bothering him, he had seen it in her eyes that morning she was not the happy. He needed to get on with his divorce as soon as possible. It was hurting the women who truly loved him. He had gotten marry to Lois a few years back. Things where good at first but then the romance began to die. He felt trap not knowing what to do. He cared for her but he could never feel her or when he was having sex with her. Lois began distancing her self from him after a year. They made love but was it all. She wanted to tell people that she was with superman it was all she seem to cared about and it was hurting him. Lois only loved Superman not Clark. The other thing was she began so angry when Wonder Women join him and Batman. Clark could not lie and say Wonder woman was not beautiful because you had to be blind not to see it. He meat Diana a year after him and Lois had been marry. About half a year after that she had left him for Richer. It had hurt him, he felt a bit sad but he had move on after half a year. After a year and a half of knowing Diana he had ask her out. She said yes. They been together for about 3 months now. She had met his ma and pa. Lois didn't know about it and he was not rushing to tell her. He was buying time to get the divorce over with it and ask Diana to marry him.

He made his way to his small office at the daily planet. He saw Lois and Richer it seem like they where having a big fight, but he didn't bother to even try to listen to it. He just did his job, till he got a text from Diana and it scared him at first he was just hoping she would not think he still had feelings for Lois. He didn't hate Lois but he didn't have romantic feelings for her. He read it." Hi Kal going to see your mother and then going back home for a few days. talk later." He sigh well she was going to see his ma so there was hope. He was going to fly in later in the day to pick up a ring for Diana. Two more days and he would be a free man. "Hey Smallville." Lois said in a sad tone. He didn't want to talk to her but what could he do." Hey Lo what's up." "Hey listen Clark, can we talk alone please." She stare at him. "Lois... I am kind of busy can this wait till I'm done." He said still typing in his computer. She looked like she was about to cry so he just got up and fallow her. What was he getting him self into. He had a bad feeling about it but he just when along with it.

"Diana is so good to see you here." Mrs. Kent hug her. " Hello Martha, how are you today." "doing fine and you hun, Diana are you okay you look a bit pale." "I'm fine is just well you see I'm well..." The older Kent look and began to smile. " Diana are you and Clark you know." Diana only nodded and smile. The older Kent hug her "How far along are you and why have you two not tell me sooner." "well... I have not told him. I just found out about a week ago and was hoping to talk to him is just you know I..." Mrs. Kent knew what was going on, Diana was having dough's again. "Diana trust me he will love such news, talk to him and tell him why you are sad about such beautiful news." "what if he is not ready what if I'm not ready." "well you can always come to me and I will be here for you but I think you need to tell him. Nothing can be fix unless you both sit and talk. Diana Clark has a smile on his face and is the same one he had as a child and is all thanks to you. I know he loves you and you feel the same. Don't let the fact that he was marry to someone ells put a print in the nice sheet of love you both have now." "I'm on my way home but before i go will tell him then I hope to talk to my mother about such news. I just hope she takes it the same way you have." Diana hug Mrs. Kent and flew to where Kal was working.

Clark had fallow Lois to the rooftop and he was not liking where this was going he could feel her hear rate increasing. "Clark... I know what I did was not right but..." She was buying time. "I want you to stop the divorce, please can we talk, I know you love me and I am willing to forget all if we can try to make things work." "Are you mad Lois what the fck would I do such a thing and wait did you said you are willing to... ohh this is rich, I can just laugh my self to death. I didn't killed us you did when you when and slept with Richer and wait let me see ohh yeah in our bed. Look Lois I don't know nor care what you and Richer are doing but don't think for a second I can just say ohh yeah lets get back together and not have dough's you would do the same." "Clark please we can work it out." " Sorry Lois but is just not happening." " Is her right, see I knew you had a thing for her and it bother me Clark." " Don't you blame her for this, Diana has nothing to do with any of this." Clark walked away not looking back. What was her deal anyways. He felt it in the air the only heart beat that made him feel safe and like nothing ells matter. He smile as it move closer and the owner of it came into view. He flew to where she was and hug her close. "Diana I missed you." He kissed her. "Kal can we go some where to talk."