A/N: I can't believe I actually continued this. Do you have any idea how hot and bothered I was writing this? Well here's part two for you sinners.

Oh how you'd wish tonight were like any other night: your boyfriend coming home and, waking you up mid-slumber with soft, feathery kisses as his hands roam your body, whispering sweet nothings into your ear. It'd usually end up either with you rebutting his advances by swatting him away lazily, not without grumbling under your breath for being woken up before going back to sleep, or completely giving in which usually results in half-asleep, playful midnight quickies.

Tonight however, was different. The loving atmosphere you'd so much expected was replaced with frustration and jealousy. Saeyoung's lips crashed onto yours, kissing and biting roughly as his hands snaked up along your arms above your head. He nipped down on your bottom lip just hard enough for you to gasp in pain, granting him access for his tongue to be plunged into your wet cavern. A strangled moan left your throat into his mouth as your tongues danced, a thin string of saliva was drawn out between when he finally pulled away, and your gaze fell upon his ferocious, lust-filled ones.

Next thing you knew, both your jacket, along with Saeyoung's shirt were swiftly discarded and tossed away across the room.

"MC…." He breathed, suddenly bringing his hands back down to tweak your nipples, hard, not caring if it hurt and you cried out in response. He licked his lips, golden eyes glinting at the sight before him, feeling his cock stir at those flushed cheeks and heaving bare chest of yours.

That was until a bruised spot on your neck caught his attention, and you noticed the golden hue in his eyes darkening as they narrowed.

"What is this?" The question came out bluntly and the tone of his voice told you he definitely wasn't happy. A hand left your sore nipple to rest at the hickey on your neck, thumb stroking lightly at it at first, then, without warning, came pressing down and rubbing viciously. Another hiss of moan was ready to leave your lips but Saeyoung muffled it with another kiss.

"Did my brother do this hm?" His mouth was now positioned at the bruised spot, hot breath caressing it as he spoke, "and you had no qualms in letting him mark you while I was away?"

Your only response was a whimper as he hungrily latched himself onto your neck, biting and sucking furiously to cover Saeran's mark with his own. You moaned at the twinge of pain and pleasure that gushed through when Saeyoung's teeth drew blood from your skin, only to be lapped up quickly by a swift motion of his tongue. At the same time his hands found your thighs, grip firm and strong as they forcefully spread your legs apart, ramming his hardened groin against your already soaking wet cunt.

You tossed your head back in pleasure and your hands instinctively moved down to wind in his crimson locks.


To your dismay, your movements were somehow restricted as you felt something tugged at your wrists. When they were finally brought into view after much struggle, you noticed a nice red ribbon fasten around them.

Saeyoung glanced back at you, chuckling at the pout that had now formed on your lips.

"What babe? You didn't think I was gonna let you off easily after how naughty you've been tonight, did you?" His hand caught hold of your bounded wrist and shoved them back up above your head, smirk widening when you put up no resistance in letting him do so.

As guilty as you felt, you were loving this whole new side of him. Sure it felt a little intimidating at first, but it faded as fast as it came when you knew the person doing it is none other than your lover.

"You're mine," He hissed and began trailing burning kisses and hickeys starting from your neck, "this…" to your breasts, "and this," making sure to pinch them, grope them, bury his face, tongue and teeth between them before continuing all the way down, repeating the process with every inch of your skin, "and finally this…" his lips reached the seam of your panties and took it between his teeth, sliding them off with ease. You shuddered excitedly as a gust of cold midnight breeze hit against your naked sex. He plopped himself down between your legs, blowing on your clit after giving it a flick with his tongue, "…they're all mine."

"Saeyoung…ah!" you mewled as his tongue ran along your slit with a quickening pace, two fingers pressed on each lip only to be spread apart nicely for his tongue to dive in. His mouth suctioned onto your swollen cunt, sucking and lapping the familiar juices that seeped out. "Mmm babe," he grunted between laps, "you taste so good, so wet for me." The same fingers now toyed with your slit, dipping into the wetness then rubbing against the folds in attempt to elicit a moan from you, and as his name rolled off your tongue wantonly, his fingers pumped into you without another thought, increasing the digits as he went.

You were panting, breath ragging gradually as he picked up the pace, feeling yourself getting closer and closer to the edge when— his fingers abruptly slipped out, and you whine at the lack of stimulation, his lips quirking as you did so.

"What's the matter, babe?"

"You know exactly what the matter is." You pouted, and he laughed.

"Hm…do I?" He teased and you watched as his fly came undone, boxers following suit after, allowing his member to spring free from its restraints.

Saeyoung grinned when your arms moved down unknowingly in attempt to grab hold of his pulsing shaft, ready to have him fill your mouth but were unfortunately pinned back into place.

"Ah ah babe, not tonight," he chided, voice low with tremor and it sent shivers of excitement to your core.

In truth, he actually wanted the same, to have your hot mouth wrapped around his member, and have you moan into his cock while he rocks into you, watching the lewd faces you'd make as you suck him off. Oh gosh the mental imagines were never ending and they were just about enough for him to find his release. But with you sprawled out enticingly before him, he'd figure he might as well give his lover a taste of his sadistic side. After all, two is better than one right?

"Now tell me, what do you want?" His fingers caressed your inner thighs, the tip of his cock brushed on your clit slowly, tauntingly.

You bit on your lip, taking in the way his sharp eyes gleamed as they bore deep into your soul.

"Babe, I won't know if you don't tell me." There was a smug to his tone as his cock now pressed against your slit, dipping in slightly so that only its head slipped in. He then began circling your opening, heated eyes watching as your hips bucked into him, only to have him withdrew completely.

You squirmed and gave another whimper, hating the fact that the little shit was enjoying himself like this; teasing your hole as you still then leaving you hanging the next.

"I don't hear anything babe~"

"Ah…mmph..Saeyoung I—"

"Hm~? You what?" His cock was back again, rubbing your cunt, while one of his hands took your clit between two fingers and pinched.

"Hah-ah!…j-ust..fuck me already Saeyoung!"

He grinned devilishly as he obliged, thrusting into you full force while his hands hitched up your knees so your legs spread even wider, grunting with flushed cheeks as he watched his cock disappear into you. He leaned forward just enough so your lips touched and smashed his lips against your gaping mouth, reciprocating your cries with his low groans.

Both hands squeezed your breasts as he rocked into you, pace quickening with every thrust, going deeper and harder. You arched into him, lolling your head back as his name left your lips between moans. Going even louder when his teeth grazed on your nipple as he sucked, the vibration of his muffled groans sending waves of pleasure throughout your body and his other hand continued fondling your breast. His tongue lapped and tease your sensitive bud, growling when you started tightening around him, feeling his cock swell more inside as he watched you, your aroused expression, swollen lips, and oh God, perfect breasts covered with a fine sheen of sweat and saliva. He licked his lips at the sight. You had no idea how much he wanted to fuck you up, to leave you a moaning mess begging him for more while he destroys your pussy.

Your eyes were shut, cheeks flushed with a darker shade of red as his cock filled you deep, spreading yourself wider for him and letting him take you however he wanted. Your moans became pants as you felt yourself getting hotter, and soon after a wave of orgasm came crashing violently and you came.

"Hng MC!" He let out a huffy growl as your walls clenched around him, brows knitted together in pleasure. Before you could even so much steady yourself out, you were swifly turned and bent over, having only bounded arms for support when his weight shifted against yours, flinching as his cock incidentally swirled inside you. "Oh babe we're not done yet." His voice came out a hoarse whisper, and a second later his hips came pounding into you again mercilessly, one hand rubbing on your over-sensitive clit while the other snuck up to your cheek, two fingers forcing their way into your entrance, begging to be sucked on.

His body shifted so that his head rested on the nape of your neck; broad, heaving chest pressed firmly against your back. "That's it baby, suck them nice and wet 'cause they're gonna be inside you real soon."

Your mind went blank, eyes half-lidded as the pressure of arousal coiled up inside you increasingly with every pump, his cock repeatedly rubbing against the hidden pleasure spots inside you that he knew all too well. You could tell by the way he shuddered above you, muscles tensing along with groans of your name leaving his lips like chants that he was close, and you began to move your hips mindlessly to match his quickening rhythm, the sound of skin slapping against skin resonating across the room.

Panting, he removed his fingers from your mouth, grinning at the way your saliva dripped all over then shoved them into your wet heat as promised. They pumped in sync with his dick, curling up occasionally to meet your g-spot, causing your legs to quiver underneath him. It wasn't long before the second wave of orgasm swept over you, crashing even more violently than the first and a scream erupted from your throat, clutching tightly again around his cock as juices dripped out from the sides. Saeyoung followed soon after, reaching his climax with a string of curses, hips jerking uncontrollably as he rode out his last waves of orgasm before collapsing on top of you.

Both of you laid there, bodies flushed together trying to catch your breaths. His hands met yours and seconds later the ribbon came loose, allowing your fingers to intertwine followed by light kisses planted on your back before rolling himself off of you to lay by your side.

"Babe?" His fingers wound softly in your hair, voice warm yet with a slight hint of regret.

"Hm?" You hummed in response, turning yourself over to face him.

"I…wasn't too rough on you, was I?"

You were stunned for a moment, and when a frown crept onto his face from your lack of response, you giggled, cupping his cheeks between your hands, "Babe, that was The. Hottest. Sex. I have ever had in my entire life, and I absolutely loved it." He smiled, expression softening before giving you a peck on the nose.

"The hardest you've ever came huh?" He teased and you laughed, diving into his arms for a long sweet kiss, only to have him break the moment to ask, "so who's better, Saeran or me?"

You rolled your eyes at the wide cheeky grin that had now spread across his face.

"Well obviously that would be Saeran." You said jokingly.

"Oh babe, don't make me go for round 3." He threatened and you giggled as he pulled you in to continue the kiss he had left off, strong, familiar arms wrapped tightly around you as you both dozed off comfortably in each other's embrace.