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The following Fall.

Toby was standing at the window, hands pressed up to the glass as he watched the leaves tumble down from the trees.

"Dad, do you think we have enough red leaves?" Toby asked, turning around and slinging his backpack onto his back.

The previous year had been a crazy one of firsts for our family. First relationship in 4 years, first dog, and now, first year of kindergarten. Surprisingly, it was Bella that had the hardest time of dropping Toby off the first day of school, but we'd slowly become used to our little man being in all day school.

Buster was not at all happy with the change in events. He had not little guy bossing him around, sneaking him treats and playing with him during the day. I'd had to hide countless shoes from Buster.

"I think so. Do you think she'll say yes?" I asked, holding out Busters leash to Toby.

Toby signed to his friend, walk?

Buster loved walking with us when we took Toby to school. The one morning we forgot him, he sat at my feet all day, and I swore he glared at me, if a dog could do so.

"You know she'll say yes, Dad. She has to," he reasoned, grabbed the leash and started walking to the door.

I grabbed everything we would need. A certain ring box weighing all of it a good way.

Toby had to be at school soon, and Bella was at her shop, but had texted that she had hot chocolate for us if we met her for a quick hug at the park before walking on.

Never a more perfect time.

Once we arrived at the park, she was at the same exact bench she had been sitting on a year ago. Only this time, three hot chocolates and a bag was placed next to her. Her face lit up the moment she saw us. I grabbed Buster's leash from Toby and held him back as my boy ran up to his mom.

Hello, friend, he signed. I think you need this red leaf. I saw it and I had to give it to you.

He placed the red leaf on her lap as he stepped aside, his head turning to me. All I could focus on in that moment was Bella. The minute she saw what was on that red leaf, her hand went to her lips as she gasped in surprise.

I walked up to her, knelt down, and grabbed the ring box out of my left pocket and opened it.

Marry me? I signed and my heart sped up.

"Yes! Edward, oh my god, yes." Bella cried and her hands shook as she pulled me up onto the bench with her, and I immediately kissed her sweet lips.

"See, I told you she'd say yes, Dad," Toby suddenly said.

"There is absolutely no way I could say no to my boys, but this was perfect. Today is simply the greatest day." Bella pulled Toby up on the bench with us as Buster laid down at my feet.

"I would've asked sooner, but I wanted to make it special. We met you here, learned from you here. I fell in love with you the minute I saw you look up at us when you were sitting on this exact bench," I admitted, holding her hand in mine. "It was instant and life altering. And now I can say that you'll be mine, and I'll be yours. Always."

A lone tear fell down Bella's cheek as she moved in to hug both of us, and kissing Toby on the top of his head. "I never thought I'd have this, but I am so glad I do."

I looked at my watch and noticed we had to hurry to get our little man off to school. Bella stood up and placed the bag in Toby's backpack.

"Alice packed you a lunch, and I may have sneaked a double chocolate muffin in there." She winked and gave him one more hug. "Have a good day."

We left Bella and walked to school, Toby instantly forgetting me the moment he saw one of his friends before the bell rang.

On the slow walk home, my phone pinged with a message.

You make me happier than I ever thought possible. But I think I might be able to make you even more happy, Bella texted.

I replied, You make me happy as is. I don't think anything can top you saying yes.

A minute later, my phone pinged with an incoming picture message. It was a picture of a positive pregnancy test with a piece of paper with still think I can't top it?

I had to stop walking, the happiness and shock getting to me. My face hurt with how big I was smiling.

I sent one last text.

Safe to say we're even.