The soft, insistent whispers floated down the corridor to his ears, carrying strains of anxiety and poorly-concealed tension. You know he did it! he heard Radditz hiss. You know he's afraid of us!

Nappa's throaty chuckle resounded off of the metal walls, stopping Vegeta in his tracks. His two henchmen never talked frankly to one another in front of him, and so he decided to take advantage of the opportunity to eavesdrop. I know that, but what good will it do to let the Prince know? He still believes Freeza's lie about the asteroid and all.

As if we wouldn't have detected an asteroid big enough to destroy our planet! Radditz snapped. Vegeta edged closer silently, trying to determine how far around the corner he could edge before being seen.

He's just a boy. There's nothing he can do now, Nappa replied coldly. You know what our duty is. The King ordered us to protect the boy at all costs. That includes protecting him from himself. Who knows what he would try to do if he knew? He may try to destroy Freeza now and get us all killed. Wait, for he may very well be the One. Give him time and he may avenge our people yet.

Radditz muttered angrily. How do we know how much time we have? How long before we cease to amuse Freeza and he destroys us?

Does it matter? Nappa said tiredly. We'll all die out anyway. No females and all.

Radditz barked a bitter laugh, the cold sound chilling even Vegeta's icy heart. You're right, Commander. He'll let us live forever, since he probably suspects we know the truth. Lord Freeza likes nothing so much as seeing people suffer.

Vegeta had to stop himself from sagging against the wall in shock, the full import of his subjects' conversation sinking in at last. Raw anger seized his every bone, infecting him with rage at the injustice dealt to his people, the destruction wrought on his future. That disgusting lizard would pay, he decided, picturing Freeza's face before him screaming in pain. He would lie low for now and play the flunkie, but someday, someday he would rise up and show that honorless dog Freeza just how horrible death could be.