WARNING: This chapter includes an M+ scene for sexual content. If you wish to skip it, just message me and I'll happy tell you how to avoid it.

Tell Me I'm Crazy

(I Can't Stop the Feeling)

Part XIV

Mid-March means March Break. Which means tons of families and children.

Which means he, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Ayame and Kouga are having a triple date surrounded by eight year-olds. It's as romantic as one would think it is. And by that, Inuyasha means not at fucking all. Unsurprisingly, he seems to be the only person that minds. Children whining endlessly about how cold it is makes him want to tell them that no, this isn't cold. Rolling the windows of your car down just to seem cool in February… Now that's fucking cold. This evening, right now? It's practically beach weather in comparison. He's only wearing a sweater, for fuck's sake.

Inuyasha stares really hard at the statue of light. Like, really hard. If he had laser vision, that shit would have exploded by now. Apparently, this weekend was the start of March Break. It didn't affect them in university but it certainly meant everyone was out to enjoy the light festival in full force.

"I wish my phone's camera wasn't so shitty," Ayame complains, still trying to take a picture of the thing. It's actually pretty cool, even though it's really weird. It's a mess of spirals and orbs, all surrounded by fairy lights that twinkle pale colours. There are girls everywhere trying to take pictures of it with their boyfriends standing behind them, looking about as enthused as the eight year-old whining children.

"How about," Kouga says, wrapping his arm around her waist and burying his face into her red hair, "you focus more on looking at it in person."

"Yeah, yeah." Ayame takes one more photo, makes a face and then puts her phone away. "Did you guys want to go to the trail over there?"

The six of them head towards one of the many light trails set up in the area, its path filled with swirling lights. Inuyasha doesn't know a lot about the festival but he guesses it's pretty cool overall. It's dark and only getting darker, some of the families starting to turn away to head home. Ayame leads the way, holding hands with Kouga. Sango has both her arms wrapped around a still kind-of sick Miroku, somehow managing to walk without issue. How she does it, Inuyasha doesn't even want to know.

"How many times do you think Miroku's asked to go to bed?" he asks Kagome, looking down at her. She's walking by his side, turning every so often to take in a swirl of dancing lights over the pathway. There are little stars in her dark eyes and Inuyasha needs to not think like a Hallmark card, holy crap.

"Oh, by now?" Kagome asks, tapping her fingers on her chin. "Like, at least nine times? He's a trooper though. Sango offered to stay home with him but he wanted to come anyways."

"I think he's trying to get brownie points." It's the obvious answer and so very like Miroku. "Once he's healthy, he's going to milk that for as much sex as possible."

Kagome snorts. "Please. Like it's not already bad enough. Sango's barely been at the apartment lately."

"I'm well aware," Inuyasha replies. "Considering I can hear it."

Laughing, Kagome wraps an arm around his and bumps into him, stepping right into his space. "Corner House walls are thin, huh?"

"I got noise cancelling headphones for Christmas for a reason," Inuyasha points out.

"Doesn't mean you don't hear the start of it." Kagome's hand slides down his arm, her fingers tangling with his. Her being so close means that he's so much warmer than before, body heat combining with the general feeling he always gets around her. "I'm pretty sure Sango mentioned she's staying at your place tonight."

"Ugh." Inuyasha glares at his two best friends ahead of them. "Well, at least the noises are going to be more placating than sexual. Unless they have sex when they're sick?" He grimaces, trying desperately to get the image that burst into his head out. As far out as possible. Oh god. "No, that can't be."

"Highly doubt it. I feel nothing but gross when I'm sick," Kagome agrees. "But, you know, just to be safe…"

Inuyasha smirks, looking down at Kagome looking up at him. She's trying her best not to smile hugely, practically the only way she knows how. It hits him again that this can't be as easy as it is. She won't always be this happy. He squeezes her hand tighter for a moment, enjoys her closeness. What was that stupid saying that rapper said about only living once? All the really fucking annoying kids these days were saying it, like the assholes they were. "Yeah?"

Shrugging, Kagome focuses her attention back onto the lights. "You may as well stay at my place. Again, safety reasons."

"Well, obviously." Inuyasha nods. "And we could have fun. The two of us… We have fun." Kagome raises a brow at him, like she can't quite believe where he's going with this. He doesn't either but it doesn't stop him from talking, digging the hole a little deeper. "I mean, we could go back and watch TV. Or play cards. Or… Do you guys have an Xbox there?"

"Oh my god," she groans, leaning into him so that her head is resting on his shoulder. "You're killing me."

"What?" he asks, as innocently as he can manage. "Did you not want to play cards?"

"Depends on the game," Kagome mumbles.

He smirks. Jesus, she's so easy. "Go Fish is always fun."

"You're terrible," Kagome complains, shaking her head and pushing away from him. And that's not acceptable. Not tonight, when they're surrounded by couples and families and stupid, pretty, fairy lights. "Why be such a tease?"

"Come back here," he says, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and dragging her in against him, even closer than before. Kagome snuggles in and sighs happily.

In that moment, Inuyasha realizes like the shmuck he is that she totally played him. He was damned if she continued to play along and damned if he didn't. No matter what, she would get her way.

He's smirking so hard it's almost a grin, so Inuyasha kisses the top of her hair. It's so easy, this thing between them. He knows damn well it's not the first time he's thought that but it just doesn't stop popping into his head.

"Jeez, stop looking at each other like that," Kouga says, rolling his eyes. "And I thought Sango and Miroku were bad."

"You guys weren't much better," Kagome retorts. "You're both literally on top of each other all the time."

"Not all the time," Ayame replies, though it's insanely weak and she knows it.

"Good try, Ayame," Sango says, shaking her head with a smile. "Did you guys want to check out one of the bars along here?"

Miroku nods and gives them all a sad face. "I could really use a drink."

"You're an alcoholic," Inuyasha states, slapping his best friend on the back. "But I'll buy your first round anyways."

"That's the spirit," Miroku cheers, grinning.

The bar they go to is also covered in multi-colour lights, the wooden look and antique feel made brighter. The girls all comment on how cute it is but Inuyasha can see a lot more dust than he thinks is healthy along the walls. Some things are better left in the dark.

"So I heard they extended your contract," Sango says to the redhead sometime later, drinks in everyone's hands. Kouga and Sango are actually on their second round, but Inuyasha's the designated driver and despite Miroku's act, he's still feeling like shit.

"Yeah, I'll be working with the athletic department over the summer." Ayame shrugs. "It's a pretty good gig. It'll be so much better than waiting tables."

"And you'll get to stay here," Kouga says, wrapping an arm around her.

"Aren't you going home?" Inuyasha asks, frowning.

The athlete takes a sip of his beer, nodding while he swallows. "Yeah but I don't live far. It's the other two idiots that do," he says, referring to Hakkaku and Ginta. "Plus, I'll still be here for practice over the summer."

"And we're going to be nearby," Miroku says. "Inuyasha's staying at Corner House. So really, Kagome's the only one that's abandoning us."

Scoffing, Kagome hits him. "As if. I'll still come and visit. It's not that far."

"It's over an hour away."

Inuyasha drinks more of his beer, letting the rest of them argue about the timeliness of the nearby major highway versus rush hour traffic, and jobs, and whatever else they're bitching about. He, personally, is still thinking about the fact that Kagome's moving back home. She has a job back there and family. So of course she's going back. There's a whooshing sound in the back of his mind, and it's not the sound of a shoe dropped, but it's definitely the sound of something being let go.

It's fine.

Kagome smiles up at him and lets her hand rest on his leg while she talks animatedly with Sango.

When he finishes his drink, he doesn't have another. He watches as Miroku gets more and more tired, the animation he normally brings dying out as the hours tick by. It's midnight when all of them leave, Kouga and Ayame waving their goodbyes as they head into a cab. As promised, he's driving the rest of them home.

"You know," Miroku says, bursting out into a yawn. It's not the most attractive look. "Kouga's been staying at Ayame's a lot recently."


Miroku shrugs. "I don't know. Just something I noticed."

Sango laughs and pushes gently at his cheek. "You are losing it, love. Come on, let's get you home."

"Inuyasha," his best friend whines. He makes grabby hands and he knows – he knows – exactly what's going on.


"Come on," he wheedles, still reaching out. "Carry me. We're bros. BBLs. Best Bros for Life."

Snorting, he rolls his eyes. "You made that up."

"Nope. You're just that stupid."

"Because that's going to make me carry you." Inuyasha shoves at him a little and feels only a tiny bit bad when it knocks Sango over too. "Get it together. You're sick, not dying."

"And you're mean."

"Yet still you're my friend." Miroku narrows his eyes at him but Inuyasha goes on, smirking as he unlocks his car. "I know you, man. You like them mean." He points at Sango.

"Hey!" she cries out, indignant. "Fuck you." It's not heated, and Sango looks more annoyed by the fact he called it out than anything.

Kagome sighs. "This took a turn."

And yeah, it did. He lets his lips curl up because he's not dead inside and starts the car, avoiding groups of teens walking aimlessly in the dark of the parking lot before heading back home. The backseat is quiet, too quiet. The rear view mirror shows nothing more than Miroku's eyes closed with his head on Sango's shoulder, her staring out the car window.

"I take it back, Miroku," Inuyasha says. "You must be dying."

He waits, knowing his best friend. Miroku would never leave a comment like that hanging. "Why?"

"You've literally begged me to allow you to make out with Sango in the back seat since I brought the car to Corner House." Inuyasha pointedly doesn't look at the mirror again because he does not need to know. "And we both know me driving would not stop you."

There's a beat of silence and then Miroku is groaning, sad and whiny at all of them. He hits the back of his seat lightly. "How dare you remind me about it! That's cruel. And this is such a nice back seat too. Like, there's more room than you think."

Kagome smiles over at him and there's a wicked gleam in her dark eyes. Damn, but this woman is going to kill him. "Yeah," she says, loud enough to be heard over Miroku's complaints. "We're well aware."

"What?" Miroku asks at the very same time Sango bursts out into hysterical laughter. "Wait, no. Come on, don't tell me that these seats are tainted. Oh god, were you naked on these leather seats?"

Sango laughs so hard that she starts coughing, choking on air or saliva or just the general horror that Miroku is her choice in men.

Corner House is still lit up inside when they get back and he parks the car, getting out but leaving it running. Miroku and Sango don't even comment. All he needs are a few things to stay overnight and it's not hard to pack them. What does he need: a toothbrush and toothpaste? Definitely. Clothes for tomorrow? Inuyasha shrugs, grabs a t-shirt and a new sweater but no jeans. He can wear those again. Boxers. Yeah, those. He zips up his bag and then swears, runs back into the bathroom to get deodorant.

When he gets back to his room he stares at his bag, remembering something pretty fucking important.

Well, also kind of awkward. He's fucking not a child but there's something about buying condoms and having to purchase them through old ladies working at pharmacies that really throw him off. So yeah. Condoms. Fuck, where did he put those?

When he makes it back to his car, Kagome's got that eyebrow raised, amusement radiating off of her like always when he does something she doesn't quite get. He tries to not feel weird because yeah, he had fucking lost the box of condoms that took him forever to buy. He had some from before but they were expired. He hasn't exactly hooked up in a while.

And thank any and all gods – thank the universe, whatever – that he found said box of condoms.

"You good?" Kagome asks, putting her hand high up on his thigh like that's a casual thing to do.

Maybe for most people it is, but Inuyasha is acutely aware of how long it's been now. The hunt for the condom box made him remember more than just the judgemental look the old pharmacy lady gave him. Oh god, if they have sex tonight he's going to have to pray that he doesn't lose it instantly.


Inuyasha looks over at Kagome and she's full-on smiling now. She probably can read his mind.

"Nope," he says, pulling back out of the driveway and heading to Kagome's. "You don't get to say anything."

"I'm not." Kagome's looking out the window now and damn it, it's clearly because she's trying to hide her face from him. The car ride becomes companionably silent, his girlfriend remaining true to her word. Does that make the situation worse? Inuyasha's not panicking in his own head, he's not.

Eh, maybe he is.

Jesus, it's not even like he's a virgin or anything.

"So, what card game do you want to play?"

He glares at the road because this cannot be happening.

"You mentioned Go Fish earlier but I've personally always enjoyed Crazy Eights."

She's doing this on purpose. He pulls into the underground parking, the same spot as the last time when they were in his back seat. Damn.

"Or we could always watch The Office." Kagome taps at his thigh, as if she just remembered something. "I've always had a crush on Jim."

No. No, no, no, no, no.

They get out of the car and Inuyasha tries to shoot her a look, because this is almost cruel. He knows exactly what she's doing though. He fucking fell in love with a mad genius, and it's infuriating. She's doing the same damn thing he did to her earlier and it's driving him crazy. But she knows this so Kagome's pointedly not looking in his direction, leading them to the elevator and getting on without a single glance his way.


"Actually, I haven't watched Friends in forever," she says, all excited. Her dark eyes land on him briefly before skittering away. Her smile is so big. He hates how much he likes it.

"You've made your point."

"What point?" Kagome asks as they get out of the elevator and head to her door. "I have no idea what point you think I'm making." She unlocks it, steps inside and he follows her because he's an idiot who clearly has no self-preservation. "I have no point." Kagome turns to him then, facing him dead on just as he kicks off his shoes. Her eyes are so intently focused on him that his brain short-circuits – mayday, mayday – and all he can do is stand there and watch as she takes a step closer, and another, and now she's pressed up against him with her head tilted back, watching him.

"You're crazy," he says, breathes. He remembers back to when he kissed her right here, the first press of his lips against hers after the tournament.

"You keep saying that," Kagome comments lightly, not bothered at all. "But you drive me crazy because I have wanted you for so long."

It's a fucking miracle he doesn't literally have an orgasm right there. He's so hard already, it's depressing. But it's not. It's really, really not. It's the opposite of depressing. Wonderful, even.

"Can we–?" she starts to ask but Inuyasha nods frantically and then Kagome's pushing him against her door, hands already under his shirt and touching his skin like it's necessary to live. Her lips are eager against his, warm and dry as the first few kisses are far too chaste for his liking. His hands wrap tightly around her and he pulls her as close as possible. It's just not close enough.

He's not sure it ever will be.

"Shit," he says, pulling back to breathe. Kagome takes the opportunity to tug at his sweater until it's off, his t-shirt following closely behind. Her hands are all over him and it's driving him insane.

"You have no idea," Kagome murmurs, kissing at his chest. Her hands are at his jeans, the button being undone and oh dear god. This is not even close to his first time but it feels like it. Inuyasha tries to take off her shirt but she's not paying attention, far too focused on sliding his jeans down.

When she slides down to the floor along with them, Inuyasha has to look up at the ceiling and try to get under control. Because holy fucking crap.

"You okay?"

The question makes him look down, shocked. How could he not be okay? He's wearing nothing but boxers and her lips are so, so close to where he wants them to be. Nodding almost frantically, he runs his hand through her hair. "You should be more undressed."

"Should've tried harder then." Kagome grabs at the elastic of his boxers and tugs them down. Inuyasha has maybe a grand total of three seconds to process what he's looking at before Kagome leans back and grabs at his overnight bag, which had fallen to the floor the second she touched him. "Tell me you have condoms in here."

"Side pocket," he croaks. He wanted them to be easy to find but holy shit, this situation never even crossed his mind before.

Kagome easily gets one from the box, opening the packet and then rolling the condom on him. His hands are doing this horribly awkward flailing thing around her head because he's not sure if he should help or not help or touch her or what if she doesn't like her hair pulled? Or should he say–

"Shit," he breathes out, head smacking painfully against the door as wet heat envelopes his dick. Oh god, this is happening. He looks down at her, stares for maybe all of four seconds before looking back up at the ceiling with his eyes squeezed tight. All he's asking for is a relatively decent amount of stamina. Kagome will surely forgive him the first time if it's quick but not that quick.

She does this thing with her tongue that even the latex doesn't take away from and Inuyasha can't stop the groan that he lets out, one hand sliding into her hair without thinking. This is going to be over way too fast. He dares to open his eyes and watch her, the way her hands smooth down his sides and her lips are wrapped around him.

This is really, horribly embarrassing but– "Up," he says, voice incredibly rough. "Up, up." He barely tugs on her hair, just enough to get the point across and Kagome pulls her mouth off of him, looking up at him with those big brown eyes. He is so utterly fucked. "Bedroom?"

His voice maybe, possibly, cracks a little. "Yes."

If he wasn't so turned on, he'd probably jump out of a window. As it stands, he just really, really, really wants to get off with her. Romantically.

She gets up, making sure to press all along his front, hands sliding up his sides. Inuyasha stares at her red, puffy lips and can't help but wrap his arms around her, kissing her until she's breathless and grinding against him. Yeah, they need to get to the bedroom now.

Kagome smiles at him, breathing hard and shaking her head as she steps away. Her hand grabs his wrist and then she's taking them both to her room. He nearly dies tripping over his jeans, eventually kicking them off somewhere down the hall just as she opens the curtains surrounding her room. Her bed isn't made, but there isn't anything on the ground. It's literally the only thing he notices before he pushes her onto the bed, watching her bounce slightly. Her legs, still off of the mattress, wrap around him and pull him closer. "Come here," she says, reaching out. Her hands brush against his stomach, unable to do more than caress. He doesn't want to lean down just yet anyways, too intent on looking at her.

She's wearing far too many clothes.

With a calmness that doesn't match earlier, Inuyasha grabs the end of her hooded sweatshirt, tugging it upwards. Kagome arches and then lifts her arms, allowing him to take it off and throw it to the floor. There's a t-shirt underneath but she's already pulling it up, her face disappearing behind the cotton until it's completely off and tossed away. Her pants are next, a slow pull down her legs that wrap back around him immediately when he's done.

"Come here," she says again and this time he leans forward, lips brushing hers.

"You good?" he asks in between one kiss, another.

Kagome nods and threads her hands through his hair, pulling him down, pulling him closer until he has to crawl onto the bed. What it becomes after that is nothing but sensation and Inuyasha is lost in it. His brain is screaming at him to take every moment in because this is Kagome but he couldn't stop himself even if he wanted to. She's been on his mind for so long, a constant need that's been filling him up. Now it's like he's past the brim, spilling over as he kisses her deeper, harder, tongues and teeth clashing.

She's so responsive with every touch of his fingertips on her skin. Inuyasha stares down at her, torn between amazement and disbelief. If someone told him at the beginning of the year that he would be here, in bed with Kagome feeling nothing but emotions he can't quite describe, he wouldn't have believed it. For a long time, he didn't believe it.

The first press of his fingers inside of her gets Kagome moaning, legs squeezing his sides. Her lips won't let his go and she's licking into his mouth like she'll die without him. It's a heady feeling.

"Jesus," he whispers, watching her arch her back and press into him with every curl of his fingers.

"Don't stop," Kagome begs, and he couldn't even if he tried.

His lips dance down her neck, her every gasp and moan a vibration against his mouth. He kisses across her collarbone, licks down her chest until he can push at her bra, still on, with his face until he's sucking on her breasts. The noise she makes, desperate and keening, practically lights his body on fire. He needs her, fuck he needs her.

"Oh god," she breathes, her hips tilting with every thrust of his fingers. She's wet, beautiful, face flushed so her porcelain skin is pink all over. He wants to see it, see how far the blush travels down her body. Instantly, her hands are in his hair, pulling him back up to kiss him with a desperation he's never known outside of this. The sound she makes the moment he presses up against her is the sexiest thing he's ever heard because she sounds like she wants him to never stop, needs him to never stop. She comes with a cut off cry, nails digging into his shoulder blades as every part of her body freezes.

Inuyasha watches her breathe, eyes half-open and hazy with pleasure. "Fuck."

She smiles, soft and slow and nods. "That's the idea."

Unable to help himself, he leans down to kiss her. It's chaste compared to moments before, but somehow even more intimate, like they both know exactly what it means.

She pushes at his shoulder, nudging him until he falls to his side and then his back. Leisurely, Kagome straddles him and smiles. Jesus Christ, she's going to be the death of him.

"Probably," she answers, and fuck, he said that out loud. "Let's find out."

There's literally nothing to describe the feeling of her slowly sinking down on him, her body tight and hot and so fucking perfect he's terrified that in two seconds the whole thing is going to end. It's not going to last long, not with the way she sits back and in a quick, easy motion unclips her bra. It would have taken him a billion tries, maybe a trillion – it's hard to figure out when her hips are grinding down against him, shoving his cock as deep as it can go.

Oh god, he's going to die. Shit.

He can't help but touch her everywhere that he can reach, thumbs pressing into her hips and nails scraping across her ribs. She's just as responsive now, head tilted back and tiny, little gasps making their way out her throat as she slides herself up and down. There's no steady or perfect rhythm but it makes no difference. Inuyasha is so lost that it's all he can do to keep up with her, fucking her as deep and hard as she'll allow, her hands on his stomach to brace herself.

Her dark hair is everywhere, spilling over her shoulder, her body arching as she lets out a moan. He doesn't even know the sounds he's making, can't keep track but it's an endless stream of incomprehensible words. It's intense, blinding pleasure. It's hot, clawing, frantic heat that builds and builds. It rolls in waves, crash after powerful crash and Inuyasha can only hold her tighter and tighter, never letting go.

He's not ever fucking letting go.

Waking up is slow at first, until he realizes he's not in his room.

Inuyasha opens his eyes, staring at an unfamiliar ceiling and unfamiliar curtains. He knows exactly where he is and before he can stop himself, his chest does that weird thing it always does at the thought of Kagome. Slowly, he turns his head on the pillow.

She's fucking beautiful. It's stupid, almost, how much he likes her. She's still sleeping, her dark black hair covering her back and part of her face. Her bare shoulder peeks out from underneath the duvet, hands buried under her pillow.

Inuyasha feels something in him click, an instant ease that takes away the tightness of his chest and brings only warmth. He fucking loves her; that much is certain. He's known for a while and hasn't bothered enough to try and push it back. He's been there and done that.

Rolling onto his side, he carefully brushes away some of the strands of hair covering her face, letting them settle elsewhere. Kagome is so dead to the world it's almost laughable, but Inuyasha doesn't want to be anything but quiet right now.

He's happy.

Burying himself a little further under the duvet, Inuyasha lets the warmth continue to settle over him, dance within him. He closes his eyes and reaches out, just slightly, to feel the matching warmth of her skin on his hand.

Inuyasha is desperately trying to figure out how the hell to start this new essay. It's going to be the most boring thing he's ever written, and considering this is his third year, that's saying a lot. So far he's written a grand total of five words and the stupid line cursor is blinking at him, almost mockingly. Normally essays aren't a big deal so it makes no sense at all that this is what's stumping him.

It's due in the next couple of days. He really can't put it off any longer and he knows for a fact the night before it's due he's going to be drinking rather than doing this.

So, the essay torture must happen now.

Inuyasha stares at the screen and wills it to write on its own.

His phone vibrating is enough to make him jump a little but he takes the opportunity anyways. Anything to get him to stop staring at the stupid blank document, holy hell. Inuyasha doesn't even check the caller ID; he just answers. "Hello?"

"You promised Myoga you were coming back to visit," Sesshomaru says, all businesslike. Pleasantries are for peasants, apparently.

"Yeah, I will soon. I'm waiting to see what my exam schedule is like," he replies, rolling his eyes hard at the ceiling. "Why?"

"He's excited." Coming from his half-brother, it sounds like the worst fucking thing in the world.

"Maybe if you were less of an asshole–"

"There's a reason I called," Sesshomaru interrupts, cutting as usual. "You'll be receiving in the mail an invitation for the engagement party. It will be late May and you're expected to listen to Rin and do what she wants."

Inuyasha groans. "Oh come on, really? You're planning your own party? And it's like two months from now! How is that an engagement party?"

His half-brother is silent for a moment but he can hear rapid-fire typing. Good to know that he's not worth Sesshomaru's undivided attention. "It was Rin's idea. Now, as the best man you will help."

"How many people will be there?" Inuyasha asks, holding off on any sort of confirmation until he absolutely must.

"Approximately two hundred invited, at last count. Likely higher."

Jesus fucking Christ. Who are they, the Royals? "And I have to help plan this?"

"No." Sesshomaru's voice is firm. "You only do what she says."

Oh good. There's just so much up to interpretation. "You didn't even ask me nicely to be your best man. Normally there's like a present and shit."

"What are you, five?"

The urge to stick his tongue out at him is incredibly strong in that moment. He's not proud of it. "Fine. I'll do it. I'll be your best man and I'll help Rin. But one condition."

There's a tiny little exhale that on anyone else would be normally breathing. On Sesshomaru, it's a dramatic sigh about the way his life is out to ruin him. "Tread carefully."

Asshole. "I'm bringing my girlfriend to the party and some of my friends, if they're available. I don't want to be at a party with two hundred people I don't even know."


Then the fucker hangs up.

Inuyasha stares at his phone and shakes his head. It's a wonder no one has attempted to kill him, all things considered.

The door opens and Inuyasha can honestly say that he's been waiting for this moment all night. Even possibly throughout the past month. Moments like these are few and far between and if the world is going to give him the opportunity, he sure as hell is going to take it.

Miroku enters, kicking off his shoes and dropping his backpack. He looks tired but Inuyasha knows it's because this group project is kicking his ass. It's a final and worth a huge percentage of his grade.

Doesn't mean he's not going to have some fun though.

Inuyasha and Kagome are sitting on the couch. She's leaning on him, eyes focused on the screen even as she steals popcorn from the bowl. They're watching some TV show that he's literally not paid any attention to but apparently she's riveted. There's cooking and a lot of yelling. At least two people have had breakdowns. He's not really sure what to make of it. "Hey," he calls out, lifting the hand around Kagome's shoulder to wave at him.

His best friend smiles. "Hey, what are you watching?"

"MasterChef," Kagome replies. She kicks at the end of the couch. "Want to sit and watch?"

"No, I should get some homework done," Miroku says, sighing. "Thanks though."

Inuyasha shrugs. "Sure. Oh, and Miroku?"


Somehow, he manages to keep a completely straight face. Inside, the glee is practically taking over. "Something you should note: this is how a person entering their house should be like. Not instantly closing their eyes because his two best friends are screwing on the communal couch." He waves an arm over them, as if showing off their completely normal state.

Miroku laughs and flips him off. "It's not my fault Sango can't get enough of me."

"It was completely his idea," Kagome adds, pointing at him. "Sango told me all about it. He's lying." She grabs more popcorn and frowns at the TV.

"Liar," Inuyasha states, pointing aggressively at his best friend. "You should be ashamed."

"Considering I've gotten away with it multiple times and you only caught us that once, I think it's you who should be ashamed."

Inuyasha looks down at the couch in horror because no. No, no, no, no.

"That, unfortunately, is true," Kagome sighs. "Sango is considering getting a spray water bottle to shoot at his face every time he tries to hump her."

Miroku's already gone, probably hiding in his room because he's too scared to face the consequences for what he's done. He's a terrible friend, honestly. It's amazing anyone in Corner House puts up with him. "Well, I guess I know what I'm getting her for Christmas."

Kagome smacks at his chest weakly but her body is shaking from laughter all the same.

Class is cancelled.

Inuyasha frowns down at his phone, reading the text from Kagome. Mythology was his last class of the day and the only chance he got to see Kagome. Tht sux kinda like that class

Well, yeah. I'm in it.


It's a blatant lie. Pathetic is the only way to describe how much his denial is working for him. Kagome knows it because all she texts back is a happy face.

He wants to keep talking to her but Inuyasha hates texting about as much as he hates meeting new people. It's hard to get a read on someone in a message and he's bad enough at that shit in person. Miroku laughs at him for it, but Christ, Inuyasha needs all the help he can get. Before he goes to type something in though, the grey bubble with dots appears.

Thank god Kagome is Kagome.

Shall I come over?

What he wants to write is pls. What he does write is sure.

Kagome sends him a happy face anyways. Kagome is Kagome, and she knows Inuyasha.

He's disgustingly pleased by it.

He's not alone.

Inuyasha's not fucking happy about this. The only way he would be is if the person in his room was Kagome. He very distinctly remembers saying goodnight to her last night. She has early morning practice. Ergo, whoever is in his room cannot be her.

"Good morning, stud muffin," Miroku coos, voice so near that Inuyasha recoils and tries to roll away.

"No," he complains. It's too early for this shit. "Go 'way."

"Happy birthday to you."

Oh god.

"Happy birthday to you!"


"Happy birthday, dear Inuyasha–"

Finding a strength he never knew he had, Inuyasha launches himself from the bed and tackles Miroku to the floor, desperately trying to cover his mouth with his hands. It's not working though. It's not–


Inuyasha grabs one of the pillows that fell to the floor and shoves it on top of his best friend's face. It is far too early for this.

"Inuyasha!" Miroku yells, voice completely muffled.

Ignoring him, he puts the pillow to use and gets comfortable. The twitchiness is annoying but eventually, it has to stop. Oxygen only lasts so long.

"Inuyasha? Um, I can't really breathe." A weak slap hits his back.

He lets out a happy sigh. Overall, not a bad way to start his birthday.

His birthday is April 1st, which is basically the best thing to have ever blessed Corner House. According to Hachi, anyways.

"We always have an end of year party but now there's even more reason," Hachi explained once while snacking on crackers. "More people will come."

In what universe Hachi thinks that's true, Inuyasha will never know. In fact, Inuyasha's pretty fucking sure less people will come. But whatever.

"What do you mean, less people will come?" Kagome had asked when Inuyasha felt brave enough to explain.

"I'm not exactly social," he had replied, because duh.

The look she'd given him was a weird mix of angry and upset. She kissed him though so he said nothing more.

Now... Well.

"Holy shit," Ginta yells over the pounding bass DJ Naraku-the-Fucking-Best is playing. "Who are all of these people?"

It's a valid fucking question because the house is slammed. It's always been busy but this is insane. "Guess everyone is, uh… Excited?" He may or may not be at his best right now. As the birthday boy, anyone can request a shot with him. Most people were people he didn't even know. They would just walk up to him and smile and say 'Happy Birthday!' Like they were friends or something. Or knew each other.

Fucking weird.

"It's called friendliness," Miroku says, rolling his eyes. He's been matching him shot for shot because best bros do that kind of thing. Also probably because he only has two exams and both of them are at the end of the month. Plenty of time to recover. Miroku still grabs at his face, eyes a little unfocused. Or maybe that's just him. "You know what it's like to be friendly, don't lie. You're a cactus on the outside but a marshmallow on the inside."

There's a snort to his left. Unsurprisingly, Hachi is there with beers in hand. "Yeah right. Here, Birthday Marshmallow. Have another."

Inuyasha thinks sticking to beer for the rest of the night is probably a good idea. If the nickname Birthday Marshmallow isn't phasing him, then there's a problem. "I'm not a marshmallow," he tries to argue but it's weak at best. Hachi just smiles around his sip of beer and Miroku flat out laughs. He has terrible friends.

Worst birthday ever.

"Corner House!" Naraku screams into his microphone, the beats getting only slightly quieter. Dear god, this party isn't slowing down. It's a miracle he's being heard at all. "How is everyone doing tonight?" he asks the crowd at large. The answer becomes a deafening sort of drunken roar, girls cheering and men hollering. "Classes are done! Quizzes and assignments are over!" Inuyasha takes a sip and tries not to think about the billion essays he has to write for finals. "And the best part," Naraku continues, hands cutting across the air in front of him as he gets going, "is that tonight is the birthday of one of Corner House's own."

Inuyasha stops drinking then because no. This is not happening.

"Everybody in this room – and I mean everybody – make some goddamn noise for our birthday boy, Inuyasha!"

Oh no.

The house literally shakes as everyone screams and DJ-Naraku-the-Fucking-Best nearly blows the speakers with all the bass he's got pumping out of them. Miroku throws his arm around him and jumps on him, Hachi closing in and then there's Kouga, Hakkaku and Ginta jumping around him, hands ruffling at his hair. And maybe it's the alcohol, or maybe it's something else, but Inuyasha can't stop the smile that spreads across his face, head ducking to try and hide his laughter.

Yeah, he's definitely going to blame this on the alcohol, true or not.

"Happy birthday, man," Kouga yells in his ear. Miroku is still attached to him like a leech but somehow the athlete has also managed to get an arm around him, pulling him close. "This is going to be one hell of a year."

And it fucking is. Inuyasha pats Kouga's cheek because they're soulmates and laughs, thanking him.

"Is he laughing?" Hachi asks, pushing the others aside to get a look. "No way!"

Miroku practically coos in his ear. "I know, right? But look at him! He's all good-looking and smart and has a really hot girlfriend who is like, the nicest person ever. How he landed her is beyond all of us, especially with that attitude."

Inuyasha rolls his eyes. "Fuck you my attitude is stellar." Maybe not the best sell. "Kagome knows." Where the hell is she anyways? She was with him for most of the night earlier but got separated at some point talking to other friends.

"I don't think I've ever seen you laugh," Hachi goes on.

There are literally so many people in Corner House celebrating that it's hard to find her. He wants to though with a single-mindedness he's aware is due to the beer in his hands. He takes another sip, still looking over the crowd. She was in some tight skirt and crop top that made Inuyasha nearly walk into a wall the first time he saw her.

"...Like last year, I'm positive you didn't even smile. Never mind laugh! Laughing is like a whole action that you need to involve your body in," Hachi continues. "And now you're laughing! I saw it! With my own eyes. I'm drunk but not that drunk. I didn't imagine it, right?"

He keeps talking, but Inuyasha is mostly (entirely) ignoring him and his best friend. There's only one thing on Inuyasha's mind right now.

He spots her among the crowd and like she's just as drawn to him as he is to her, she turns to face him. There's a smile on her face that's happy and devious, rolled into one. He can't look away, even as he takes another sip of his beer.

"Inuyasha? Are you even listening?" Hachi asks, sounding outraged.

"Not even a little."

And then Kagome runs. Her eyes are bright even in the dark room and there's a flush on her face that's not just from the heat. She pushes gently through the crowd of people until she's only a couple feet away. There's no way that he's prepared for the way she launches herself at him, clinging to his neck and making him stumble, beer tilting dangerously in his grip.

Kagome squeaks as Inuyasha falls back into someone, the both of them nearly crashing to the floor. "Whoops?" she offers. The expression on her face is one torn between sheepishness and laughter.

Inuyasha wraps his arm around her and kisses her. Because it's his birthday.

And because he loves her but, you know. Some things don't need to be said just yet.

Kagome's groaning. It's not in the good way.

Sighing himself, Inuyasha turns to watch her glare at her textbook. It's some consumer behaviour course, he thinks. She told him once and he was too busy staring at her lips to really pay attention. "That good, huh." It's not a question.

Kagome rolls onto her back, head now lying on her textbook where her hair partially covers some weird pink graph. Communications is weird. He didn't even think it was a real degree. "It's not hard there's just so much to remember. I feel like all I do is go through definitions a billion times."

He looks at his own essay which is only half-finished. Fine. A quarter finished. There's only so much work he expects to do when Kagome's around, especially on his bed. It doesn't matter how many times Kagome's adamant that they actually study during study sessions. He's still going to think about it.

She's staring at him now, a brow raised.

"What?" he asks. A huge part of him really wants to turn away and go back to his essay. Sometimes he thinks it would be easier if Kagome didn't act like she knew him so well. Then again, it's probably not an act.

"I think you zoned out for a bit there," Kagome says casually. "I even asked you a question and all you did was keep staring at me."

Ah. Awkward.

"I was asking if you're planning on going home at all during the summer. You said something before about sticking around here."

He shrugs. "I'll go back for a week or so. I was recently informed that I got an internship; it's not exactly close to here or home."

"You applied for an internship? Where?" Kagome asks, sitting up now.

"I didn't apply for an internship," Inuyasha corrects. He sighs and saves his essay, closing the laptop down. "My asshole half-brother got it for me. Long story short, the internship is more for him than me. It's some place called Purified."

"Oh." Kagome frowns. "Would you rather not do it?"

"No. Maybe?" He hasn't exactly talked about this, not even with Miroku. "Sesshomaru took over Dad's company. He's always worked with him so it's not a surprise. There was a good chance I was going to start working with him once I got a degree. I like poli-sci but it's not…" He shrugs. "That was kind of the game plan, in a sense. I never really worried too much about it because if I didn't work with him, I would just stay in school for my Masters. School is easy. People, not so much."

"And now since it's just the two of you, you don't want to work with Sesshomaru?" Kagome asks. He can tell she's watching him carefully. Inuyasha is well aware, thank you very much, he's not a damn sharer.

"Just didn't think about it," Inuyasha replies, honestly. He didn't. His thoughts this year were very present-focused rather than future. Even with his father's passing he never thought ahead. "But this is a good opportunity so it would be dumb to not take it." Why are they still talking about this? Inuyasha doesn't want to, not anymore, so he leans over and lets his hand sit low on her hip.

"You know the place I'm teaching archery over the summer?" Kagome asks. She's looking at him with this fond little smile, like she knows exactly what he's trying to do. Inuyasha keeps at it anyways. He nods, lets his thumb brush under her shirt so he's touching her warm skin. "They didn't want me to go to school initially. Not in a mean way; they just wanted my focus to be on archery. I'd still go to school but I'd be an athlete before a student. I didn't want that even though a lot of people thought it would be dumb of me to do so."

"Uh-huh," Inuyasha mumbles, leaning in. Because talking about Kagome leaving for the summer is actually worse than talking about his feelings on things. Both need to stop.

"When I go home–" And no, absolutely fucking not. Inuyasha cuts off that sentence with a kiss, leaning over further so that he can push her back down into the mattress.

"Studying," Kagome murmurs against his lips, kissing him right after the words are out, hot and slick and perfect.

Inuyasha hums, bites at her lower lip. "Later."

Exams are over but instead of feeling the usual relief, all Inuyasha gets is a sense of fear, deep in his gut. He's never had a solid girlfriend before, someone who is more than a couple dates or a casual hook-up. He doesn't want to let Kagome go. He's not being childish, he's not. He sure as hell isn't going to say any of this out loud.

She's smiling at him, arms around his neck and on her tiptoes. He's basically holding her up against the door anyways, looking at her dark eyes and lips puffy from kissing. "I can see you freaking out," she says, shaking her head.

"I'm not freaking out," he replies, because that's what he always argues with.

"Uh-huh." Kagome leans up to kiss him again, quick and chaste. "I'll see you soon."

This is the part where he's supposed to let her go, because her mom and brother are downstairs with all of her belongings packed away. She's moving back home for the summer and while it's not an impossible distance away from Corner House, it still feels wrong.



She gives him a tiny smile and really? What is it about this doorway that makes Inuyasha think of all the damn memories? Because this smile right now is bringing him back to the first day he met her, when he was brashly saying that sleeping under a tree was good for him, or whatever, and she wasn't taking any of his bullshit. That tiny smile doesn't do him in, but damn, it gets close.

Kagome unravels one hand from his hair and pokes him in the face, none too gently. It's not an answer but it doesn't have to be.

Holding on to her is only going to make it weird. Inuyasha knows this and yet his body almost refuses to cooperate. He's a sad human being. Accepting this, he slowly backs away and lets her down, watching the tiny smile lift a little larger on her face.

"I'll call you tonight, okay?" Kagome says.

Inuyasha nods.

This is not the time to panic.

Miroku takes one look at him later that evening and bursts out laughing. "Holy shit, you are whipped."

Inuyasha looks from his best friend to his other best friend. Sango's currently getting a foot rub while reading what looks to be a romance novel. Miroku is literally doing nothing but rubbing her feet. "I bet Sango didn't even ask for a massage. She just put her foot on your lap and gave you a stern look."

Sango nods and flips a page. "Pretty much, yep."

"But I'm getting laid after," Miroku replies, all puffed up and proud.

Laughing out loud, Sango shakes her head. She doesn't even bother looking up from the novel. "Whatever you want to tell yourself."

While his best friend looks stricken, Inuyasha slowly backs away from the room, making sure Miroku's eyes are on him before he pretends to snap a whip and mouth wh-cha!

"I don't like it."

Inuyasha stares at the glass fishbowls. His life is a miserable existence.

"But, maybe? I mean, if I add in the dirt and rocks and plants…" Rin trails off, grabbing yet another fishbowl that looks like every other fishbowl before it. "I guess I could like it."

He waits. This is not the end.

"Ugh, but it looks like something you put fish in which is not at all what you put dirt and plants in." She puts the fishbowl back and then lazily swipes at the $1 price tag stuck to the bowl. "And those stickers will be a bitch to get off."

Looking up at the ceiling, he wonders if taking summer classes was the smarter thing to do. Too late now, of course, but fuck it if he can't idly wonder what could've been.

"And yet, they are a dollar. Reasonably priced, I would say." Rin finally turns to look at him, brows furrowed. "What do you think?"

"I think it's a fishbowl," Inuyasha replies because yes, he's the best man but that doesn't mean he's a goddamn decorator. "And that you guys can afford to buy the $5 terrarium bowls back at the last terrible store we were at."

Rin sighs but nods all the same. "Yeah, you're right. They would definitely look better and I think the roundedness would go better with the rounded candles and marbles."

Marbles. Fucking marbles.

"You know best," he says, as nicely as he can manage. It's not like he and Rin have hung out a lot. In fact, this is probably only the fourth time ever since meeting her. For some reason, the tiny black-haired woman is adamant that Inuyasha is her guy for getting things done for this engagement party, and further, the wedding.

A part of him hopes this engagement party goes down in literal flames.

Rin smiles at him and grabs his wrist, dragging him from the store and back into the warmer, spring air. The weather has finally been turning into something almost pleasant, the rain holding off until nighttime. Once they're outside she doesn't let go of him but tugs him towards her tiny white car. "Let's get lunch, on me. It's the least I can do. You've honestly been such a help."

He's maybe said a total of twenty words the entire day. Inuyasha holds back his snort, but it's a near thing. When he looks back at Sesshomaru's fiancée, the urge to do so dies down viciously anyways. Her smile is huge and friendly, reminding him of Kagome. It strikes him then that Rin is far, far too good to be with his asshole half-brother. "You've done literally everything," Inuyasha says. "There is a lot more planning than I thought."

"Right?" Rin groans and starts the car. "I mean, I'm lucky that I work odd-hours so I can do a lot of the planning during the day. Once this is done I'll be able to focus instead of the wedding but god, there's so much to do." She glances at him before turning back to the road. "Sesshomaru says I should get a wedding planner."

"We both know that I never agree with Sesshomaru if I can help it," Inuyasha replies, rolling his eyes. "But that's not a bad idea. Considering you have how many guests so far planned?"

"Oh my god, let's not talk about it." Rin waves her hand at him as if to distract him, nearly hitting him in the face twice. "Let's talk about you, huh?"

Nope. He'd much rather not, thank you very much.

"How's Kagome?"

Oh. Inuyasha squirms in his seat, crossing his arms. It's not a fucking defensive position, not matter what the books say. "She's good. Sore because of all the archery she's doing. Teaching and training at the same time is worse than practice at school."

"Do you miss her?"

Inuyasha frowns because this is getting closer and closer to sounding like Girl Talk. He's not about that unless it's Miroku and both of them are drunk. Even then, it's not something one discusses after.

Manliness and all that.

Rin rolls her eyes at him. "Oh come on, you big baby. I saw how mopey you were after you finished talking to her on the phone last night."

"I wasn't mopey."

Rin pokes him in the cheek. It only hurts a little. "Like the eighth dwarf, I kid you not."


"At least someone thinks so. When are you seeing her next?"

Inuyasha shrugs. He refuses to admit the he was moping but. Well. Maybe he was a little. Myoga made him promise to hang out for the week and help Rin out, spend some family time. Inuyasha's hoping that he'll be able to drive up and see her, maybe go out for the day and do something. She's working a lot though.

Things are definitely simpler when school's their only focus.

Rin hums, rightfully understanding his silence for the non-answer it is. "How far away does she live?"

"From here? A few hours. From school though only about an hour."

"Well, I know things are kind of crazy with the engagement party so soon but after that's settled why don't you see if she can take a week off work and come here?"

Blinking, Inuyasha frowns at Rin. "Huh?"

"Invite her to spend the week here! Take her to the city and then get a cab back. Do couple things. I don't know! Sesshomaru and I left the honeymoon phase a long time ago."

That's a complete and total lie. Rin looks at him with the biggest heart-eyes he's ever seen and Sesshomaru– Well, he looks less constipated around her so that has to count for something.

"Plan some days together, even if they're a month from now," Rin says gently. "Both of you will be happier for it."

Other than Myoga, Inuyasha has never had anyone to go to for advice. Sesshomaru is so far off-limits that Santa Claus is more available for that kind of stuff. Miroku has always been there for him but it's different. "Thanks," he says, voice coming out rougher than he'd like.

Rin beams at him and he thinks, yet again, that Sesshomaru doesn't deserve her at all.

Inuyasha hates everything.

Why? It's simple: feelings are hard and recently, he's had a lot of them. Life was simpler when this shit didn't faze him.

He tightens his grip on the steering wheel, even though the car is already parked and off. He's parked on one of the many streets in the subdivision, just a few houses down from Kagome's place. She told him it was best to not park directly out front because her neighbours were nosy and for all intents and purposes, this was a secret. He's only met Ms. Higurashi once and she seemed really cool, but two days ago Kagome called him and asked him to come over because both her mother and brother would be away. Away. Which meant time alone for the first time in quite a while.

Nothing to worry about, honestly.

Inuyasha hates himself. Everything else is just projecting. He shouldn't be nervous but there's a part of him that wonders if the time apart was a bad thing. He's never been in a relationship to really know and he and Kagome didn't start dating until near the end of the year. They've been official for three months and for two of them they spent a lot of time together.

Inuyasha never thought he'd see the day where he wished summer break didn't exist. And yet.

If things are awkward between them, Inuyasha doesn't even know what he'll do. It's not like he's naturally inclined to alleviate those situations.

He needs to get out of the car. This is fucking ridiculous. The longer he sits here, the worse things are going to seem. They've talked on the phone nearly every night. Things are fine.

They don't feel fine as he trudges towards her house, climbing up the steps of her porch and then ringing the doorbell. In fact, Inuyasha feels dread. A lot of it. A whole bag of dread just resting on him, waiting for him to collapse.

The door unlocks and he braces himself. It's depressing.

But then Kagome is grinning at him and throwing herself out the door into his arms. He barely catches her and doesn't even have time to get a word out before she's kissing him.

"I'm so happy you're here," Kagome breathes, beaming at him. She kisses him again, once, twice. Inuyasha can't do much more than respond, hands tightening around her so that she doesn't take a step back. He doesn't think right now he could handle it.

And Christ, he is a sap. There's a voice in his head, sounding suspiciously like Miroku, calling him a cheesy idiot. A good looking, cheesy idiot, but an idiot all the same.

"Hey," he croaks, managing to force the word out.

Kagome huffs out a laugh and grabs his hand, pulling him into the house. "So I assume you want the tour later."

"I do?"

She glances at him over her shoulder, eyebrow raised. "You do." Then she tugs him up the stairs.

Inuyasha is surprised when the first thing she does is close her bedroom door, forcing his bag off his shoulder and then pulling at his jacket. It takes him a second to realize– Right. He's smarter than this. He really is.

Her face is in his hands while he kisses her and the both of them nearly crash into her dresser on the way to the bed. He tries so hard to get lost in everything about her, the way she touches him and kisses him and watches him with her dark eyes. Even together, writhing on the sheets he's still dumbstruck, a bit confused but unable to stop himself or slow anything down. He wants Kagome always. He's missed her.

He just wasn't expecting this.

Later, she's curled tight around him, her naked body pressed against his. The sheets are cool but her room is almost too warm; the sun coming in through the window is like being under a magnifying glass. Regardless, no part of him wants to move. Inuyasha tilts his head to stare at her, the way she breathes in and out.

"Have you had lunch yet?" she asks quietly, opening one eye to peer at him.

He shakes his head. He didn't feel good before and only felt worse the closer he got to her house. Even now, sated and kind of sleepy, his body feels like it wants to run. It's like there's a part of his brain that refuses to back down.

"We have stuff in the fridge. You okay with sandwiches?"

"Yeah, sounds good," he responds, voice rough.

Suddenly Kagome leans up on an elbow, dark brown gaze boring into him. "Okay, you're tense as hell. What's going on?"

"I'm not tense." Lie. Lie, lie, lie.

Kagome glares now, more serious than he's ever seen her. "You've been weird since I opened the door. It's not like you're a chatterbox but normally I get a couple words out of you. So, I'm going to ask again: what's going on?"

He can't stop the flinch at her words and Kagome looks almost horrified. He can see the wheels practically turning in her head. "It's not— I'm fine. I didn't know what to expect."

She seems almost angry now and he's definitely never seen this look on her. "What, the sex?"


"Then what, Inuyasha? Give me something to work with," Kagome practically begs, gaze intense.

How does he say this? How does he explain something he doesn't even understand himself? But Kagome isn't going to give him the option of getting out of this and she doesn't deserve him trying to anyways. "I just didn't expect to see you after all this time apart and have nothing change," he blurts, perplexed with himself as the words bleed out. Fuck.

Her expression doesn't soften but she doesn't open her mouth to argue with him either. Shit, when did this become a fight?

"I've never…" He waves his hand absently in the air, trying to encompass 'date' without having to voice it. "And I like you. A lot." He fucking loves her but now is so not the time. This isn't a damn rom-com. "I haven't seen you in weeks."

Inuyasha can feel the moment she deflates. She hangs her head forward, resting it on his bare chest. "Inuyasha, babe, not seeing me doesn't mean breaking up. It means we live far away from each other temporarily."

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder?" he asks, self-deprecating. It's a joke but it's very much not.

Kagome shakes her head but she's reaching out to lay a hand on his jaw. "I'm not going anywhere. Don't you ever assume that I am."


"Nope." Kagome points at him aggressively. "No, you don't get to make the decision for me. Don't you dare end this relationship before I get to even have a say."

Inuyasha blinks. "I didn't mean that."

"It sounded like it," Kagome replies softly. "And I like you a lot too, so relax. We're still good."

He pulls her closer until she's practically laying on top of him. Her bangs are in his face, tickling his forehead. "You're going to have to be patient as shit with me," he admits, frowning.

Kagome rolls her eyes. "I waited months for you to ask me out on a single date. I'm pretty sure I can be patient with you. I didn't exactly walk into this blind."

Blind enough, but Inuyasha keeps his mouth shut. He leans up and kisses her instead, slow and as apologetic as he can get.

"Sandwiches?" Kagome asks eventually, brushing her lips chastely against his.



"And chill?"

"Now you sound like Miroku," Kagome whines. She brushes his hair back before sitting up though, reaching for the nearest piece of clothing.

Inuyasha shrugs and watches. He's not in any sort of rush. "Hey, he and Sango are still going strong. All he does is send me pictures of the two of them."

"Doing what?"

Good question. Nothing interesting to him, but that doesn't stop his best friend from hounding him. Miroku's excuse is that if he had social media, he wouldn't get the text messages. "Stuff. They went to some park yesterday. He sent me a video of him eating sand when Sango tripped him." He saved that video. What were best friends for?

They find just enough clothing to get downstairs and make sandwiches, Kagome telling him to butter the bread while she gets the lettuce and meat. They end up watching The Office of all things and when Kagome coos at Jim and his stupid face, Inuyasha distracts her by ruffling the hell out of her hair, making it impossible to see.

"Stop it!" Kagome complains, after the fifth time he's done it. Jim makes a lot of stupid faces.

Inuyasha waits until she's looking at him, disgruntled. He shrugs at her and does the lopsided grin thing, staring into her eyes exactly like he would a camera.

"I hate you," she says.

She tackles him anyways and kisses the expression right off his face.

"This is…"

Inuyasha sighs and nods.

"It's, like…"

Another nod.

Kagome bursts out laughing. "I got to give this Rin girl credit. She outdid herself."

Almost his entire group of friends – Miroku, Kouga, Hakkaku, Ginta, Sango and Ayame – all simply stare, mouths open. Honestly, it was Inuyasha's reaction too, the first time he saw the backyard. It's like they left the normality of someone's front yard the second they stepped through the gate to the back, and entered a fairy world of lights, glitter and gold. If this is the engagement party, Inuyasha is loath to see what's going to happen for the actual wedding.

"And you helped with this?" Hakkaku asks. His eyes haven't left the fountain of chocolate yet. Yeah, the fountain of chocolate.

"I picked the bowls for the centrepieces," he replies. He also made the centrepieces for a solid nine hours one day because he was forced to. Well, kind of. If forced means that he woke up one morning to Rin's sobbing, red face going on and on about the billions of things she had left to do and that the centrepieces were never going to get done, then yes. Forced. Inuyasha had told her he'd do all of them just to make her get out of the house. Her crying was weird and really uncomfortable. The woman was never anything but happy as fuck, but like, on steroids. Her crying was just…weird. There was no better word.

"Hi there!" Said cheerful disposition broke into the group. Rin looked as pretty as always in an orange and white dress with her hair half-back. There wasn't a single thing about her that made you think she could be the bride. Well, aside from the monstrosity of a diamond on her finger. "You must all be Inuyasha's friends! Sesshomaru! Come over here!"

Sighing, because he was desperately hoping to avoid this, Inuyasha glares at her. "Now? Really?"

Rin sticks her tongue out at him and then in a flash goes back to her lovely, smiling self. "Which one is Kagome?"

Inuyasha groans the same time that Kagome steps forward, holding out her hand. "It's so nice to meet you," his girlfriend says, as friendly as ever. He's going to die though, honestly. Every time he imagined his friends here, he pictured them hiding way in the background. There were two hundred guests; surely, Sesshomaru and Rin would be preoccupied. Apparently not enough.

Rin's smile couldn't get any bigger, even if she wanted it to. "Inuyasha talks about you literally all the time. It's great to finally put a face to the name. You're so beautiful! Inuyasha, I'm so proud of you!"

Oh god. Even worse. Inuyasha can't do anything but glare at the nearby tree, even as his brother joins the conversation. Everyone is introducing themselves now and sure, Inuyasha should probably have been the person to do it. Whatever. He's a little irritated right now.

An elbow to his side makes him scowl and Kagome snorts at him, elbowing him once more. "She should be proud of you," Kagome says pointedly. "What's the matter?"

He wants to say it's too much. Too many people, too weird of a situation. The fact that he's willingly at home and not wanting to kill Sesshomaru has only be a recent development he's getting used to. Actively introducing them to his half-brother is like crossing a line he never imagined would exist.

"I've been terrified of the day that you two meet," he says finally, gesturing towards Rin. She's shaking hands with Sango now and cooing over Ayame's hair. Girls. Jeez.

"What's the worst that can happen?" Kagome asks. Her dark eyes are dancing with mirth, lips tugging upwards. "I'll tell you: she doesn't like me and then we have to spend the rest of our lives having really awkward holiday dinners. It's not the end of the world, Inuyasha."

She tells him this like it's the easiest thing in the world. In fact, it is. Inuyasha pictures it so clearly in his mind that all he can do is blink at her. Because all this time he's been waiting for a shoe to drop – and hell, it may still – but Kagome's operating on the assumption that this is it. Inuyasha's it.

Holy fuck.

"Let's get drinks, shall we Inuyasha?" Sesshomaru breaks in, voice as flat as usual. You'd think at his engagement party he'd at least crack a smile. Apparently fucking not.


"Charming, as always. Excuse us," Sesshomaru says, grabbing Inuyasha tightly around the elbow and all but dragging him towards the bar that's been set up outside. The damn thing looks like it was crafted out of gold.

"Not to be rude," Inuyasha starts and then winces, because really? The intention is there. "Why the fuck are you dragging me away for drinks? You have like a billion waiters walking around!"

"Because you looked one moment away from having a breakdown and that would cause Rin great distress. And then I'd have to console her. And then I'd have you murdered." Sesshomaru orders eight shots of some alcohol Inuyasha wasn't even aware existed.

"I think murdering me would distress Rin out some more, honestly," Inuyasha replies, just to be a little shit. "She fucking loves me. Probably because I show a grand total of five emotions compared to your zero."

Sesshomaru stares at him stonily, lips in a firm line.

"See? Exactly." Inuyasha thanks the bartender and grabs the tray of shots. "And there's no breakdown happening over here. I'm fine."

"You're unbearable."

"Love you too, asshole. Now fucking look like you're enjoying yourself, my god. We're not celebrating your upcoming execution."

Sesshomaru punches him in the shoulder. It's not as hard as he could have, most likely because he's holding all the shots. But when Inuyasha looks over, Sesshomaru's doing this weird constipated thing with his face, as if he's trying to reconfigure it and doesn't know how.

Inuyasha shouldn't be amused because his half-brother is a raging dickhead who wouldn't know kindness if it smashed his head in.

He's amused all the same.

"It's like they don't feel things like tiredness," Ginta says, leaning his elbow on the table with his face in his hand. He's staring out at the dancing crowd where Inuyasha knows Kagome, Rin, Sango and Ayame are singing at the top of their lungs, doing some kind of dance that's not grinding but also not much of anything else. Girls are confusing. None of them are even drunk.

Just… Dancing.

"It's a female secret," Miroku replies, nodding along. "When they hear their favourite song followed by yet another equally favourite song, the female body is rejuvenated back to full dancing life."

"I'm secretly hoping to go to bed soon," Hakkaku says.

Ginta snorts. "Not so secret."

"Hey," Miroku murmurs suddenly, nudging Inuyasha to get his attention. His phone is passed over, Instagram open. "Did you see the photo I took of you guys? I'm a master photographer."

Inuyasha glares at him. He wasn't aware there were pictures being taken at all.

"At least Kagome was grateful," Miroku mutters, rolling his eyes.

Inuyasha ignores him and looks down. At first he's horrified because he looks incredibly pleased, happier than maybe any photo out there. He remembers the exact moment the photo was taken, just a few hours ago. He and Kagome had been dancing when some drunk woman pushed into them, making them stumble. He'd been about to say something when Kagome clamped her hand over his mouth. She had that same guilty and amused look on her face that she always did, because his girlfriend couldn't ever experience just one emotion. At first, he'd been confused and then he licked her hand because fuck it. No one would know. No one was paying attention to them.

Kagome had jerked back, laughing and partially falling backwards while Inuyasha was smug and trying to catch her.

Miroku, it seems, had been paying attention.

The photo is in black and white and the caption simply reads: Crazy? Nah, just crazy in love.

"She even gave me photo cred–"

"You're a genius," Inuyasha responds. He pats Miroku on the back and smirks at him. "Best fucking friends."

"Always got your back, bro," Miroku says, grinning.

Inuyasha hands the phone over and stands up. By now, he's not even surprised to find that when he looks over at Kagome, she's already staring back at him, a smile on her face that rivals the sun.

The sun.

He's in so deep, too deep, but right now the thought doesn't scare him any. She's reaching out to him, come hither in her dark brown gaze. He takes one step forward, and then another.

And then he doesn't stop.

The End

Author's Note: This story would not be possible without any of you. That's right. You. You guys welcomed me back to this fandom with such kindness and encouragement; it literally blew my mind. The fact that so many of you had reached out to me personally was just… Honestly guys, you're the best.

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