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How would Misao herself react to that on top of Kyo and the other Tengu

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Misao sat quietly at the back of the class gazing out of the window. Today was a lot more boring than usual so she paid little interest. It seemed no matter how many times she stared at the clock time was adamant on going slower and slower.

For all she loved Kyo and everything he did for her; she had to admit her classes were not very interesting. She had other things on her mind and boring classes made her lose interest fast. Not to say she had bad grades; far from it she was just average and in the middle of her class positions for ranking.

"Miss Harada; is there something more interesting on your mind than my lesson?" Kyo asked firmly. He did care about her education and knew her parents would want the best for her. So to pay little attention was not going to help her future at all.

Misao sighed heavily and looked up quietly. Kyo was having another power faze mode; because he was playing teacher now. It seemed every time he put on those suit and glasses he seemed to develop a superiority complex.

She got up slowly annoyance on her expression "Sorry Mr Usui; I've had a lot on my mind recently" she explained firmly. Just because he was a tengu and her boyfriend didn't mean he had to understand everything that clouded her heart.

While they had known each other as kids; they had spent a great deal of time away from each other. During that time she had changed and she wasn't the same little girl she was before. Kyo was still dear to her but she was also independent and strong; she had learned to look after herself during that time.

Kyo raised his eyebrow suspiciously at her attitude; however, since they were in class he could do nothing to address it right now. Something was eating her today and he was going to get the bottom of it sooner or later.

"I see; well Miss Harada while such things are not uncommon for a girl your age; I ask that you kindly take my classes seriously" he stated firmly. he had to use the teacher mode for now before he could ask her about it as himself.

Misao shot him an angry glare but said nothing; he could talk about acting his age. He was 20 and acted like a spoilt, perverted brat half the time. "I'm sorry Mr Usui; I'll see about going to see a councillor with my parents" she stated firmly. God knows what she would say to them though; what with her abilities.

Kyo stiffened for a minute; what kind of problems was she having to need the help of a professional. He would have to talk to her about this later in private. He then allowed her to sit down and continued the lesson. However, his gaze from her did not leave; what was she hiding from him this time.

After class

Misao wondered down the hallway quietly walking fast. She knew Kyo would just pester her about her mood and she wasn't up for that. She wasn't in a good mood today; she had been dealing a with a lot of stress recently. While having a demon Tengu as a lover was never going to be easy; life was hitting her hard.

She was already in her second year of high school and was getting offers from various college's. Her future was awaiting her and she had no idea of what was going to happen to her. Everything was happening so fast and she was beginning to worry about what paths to take and which side to choose; the humans or the demons.

Kyo stated he wanted to marry her after high school was over but she didn't want that. She worried about her education first and then her future; she was still a teenager after all. She couldn't be carefree and laid back like he was; she had to take life seriously and think about her future and how her actions would affect her.

She was so immersed in where she was going that she barely realized she was about to bump into someone. There was a loud cry and then she heard a thump and found herself on the floor.

She looked up and found another female student around her age sitting on the floor looking rather disorientated. She then realized she had knocked another student over on account of to paying attention.

"Ah! I'm sorry! I wasn't paying attention!" Misao apologized babbling awkwardly. God she was so out of it she caused an accident. She really needed to get a hold of her daydreaming or she would really get into trouble.

The other student looked up quietly causing Misao to state at her in awe. She was aware she was in the top ten prettiest girls in her year; but this girl took the cake by far. She looked like something straight out of one of her fairytale books she read as a child.

This girl was around 5'3" like herself making them the same height. Her complexion of skin was very smooth and well cared for; but she was rather pale for a girl her age. She wondered if she was anemic or was weak bodied; but then her skin wouldn't be so pretty.

She had long creamy legs and healthy D cup breasts with a measurement of 30 cm. She had long slender fingers and well cared for nails meaning she took care of herself. She wondered what diet she was on to make herself look this good.

She had stunning amber eyes that shone like a jewel and drew Misao in the longer she looked. They reminded her of rare stone used for healing called "Tiger eye" they reflected the light well and had the same colour.

She had waist length violet hair styled into a Hime cut to which the side bangs ended at her ears. The hair was wavyish but had a straight style and ended at her waist giving her the appearance of a princess. Never in her life had she seen such a lovely girl before; hell she was prettier than Kiyo ever was.

Misao realized she was staring and shook her head realizing how rude she was being. She had just never met such a pretty girl before in her life. She reached out her hand to help the girl up feeling stupid. She wasn't interested in girls romantically or sexually; but she had always been curious to try.

The girl smiled gratefully "Thanks so much; I'm sorry I should have been looking where I was going" she apologized quietly. She had been staring absentmindedly as she was walking down the hall; upon catching sight of Misao she had lost all sense of time and what she was doing.

Misao stared at her in awe; this girl was apologizing for her mistake?! She felt even worse that she was blaming herself. "Don't be! I was the one being clumsy you weren't at all at fault" Misao stated sternly. She would never let another person blame themselves for her actions.

The girl stared at her quietly then smiled; she certainly was a good person. "My name is Tsubaki Himura" she said politely. She might as well give her name so she could find a way to speak to her again.

While the latter was against it she still felt semi responsible for not warning her she was about to impact. She hadn't exactly been paying much attention herself either; so she was just as much at fault for causing the accident.

Misao blinked and then realized she was being rude "Sorry! My name is Misao Harada; 2nd year class B" she explained. She had never lost her trail of thought over another girl before. She was just that pretty; god puberty was confusing.

Tsubaki smiled politely "It's nice to meet you at last Miss Harada; all the boys in my class are nuts over you" she revealed slight jealousy in her tone. They never stopped talking about her; while she tried not to care it sometimes got annoying.

She had looked up to Misao for a while and admired her from afar; always thinking how pretty she was and how she always seemed to get into accidents. She had always longed to voice her opinion and feelings towards her.

Misao blushed; she knew she was popular with the guys but that was only because she was a blonde. Many guys found blondes pretty for some unknown reason; most likely due to porn she guessed.

However, compared to Tsubaki she was average; the latter looked like a feudal era princess from the warring states. She was so beautiful compared to her it was like looking at a work of art.

"You know Miss Harada if you're not busy later; would you care to have lunch with me?" Tsubaki asked politely. She had been wanting to get close to Misao for a while but could never find the time to. Now that fate had given her a chance she was not going to let it slip through her fingers.

Misao blushed and stared in awe; this stunning girl who could get any guy she wanted was asking her to lunch?! It would be rude to say no given how nice she was being towards her.

"Sure; I mean but don't you have someone else to eat lunch with?" Misao asked politely. She could imagine a girl like this got confessed to every day or her shoe box was over run by love letters.

Tsubaki hesitated looking uncomfortable "All the girls in my class only pity me because I'm frail. The guys only want to spend time with me in hopes of getting with me. I was hoping that you may actually be nice to me" she explained quietly.

Misao was one of the nicest and most genuine girls in her year; she was never fake and always acted like herself 100% of the time. Tsubaki liked that about her and felt she could trust her.

Misao felt rather touched by this; she has chosen to spend time with her because she could trust her. That made her feel a little fluffy inside hearing such nice words. It was rare that when a person spoke to her they didn't have an ulterior motive.

"Sure I'll eat lunch with you then; You'll have to come to class B though during break. I hope you're ok with eating in my classroom though" she explained politely. Students from other classes who were friends could eat together; as long as they had permission from other students. As long as they didn't argue or got on ok the teachers were genuinely fine with it.

Tsubaki's face lit up with hope; she then grabbed Misao's hands tightly looking like she was about to cry. "That would be wonderful! I can't wait!" she said excitedly. Finally, she could spend time with a student she admired.

Ever since she transferred to this school she had looked up to Misao due to her courage and forward personality. Her kindness and genuine personality had shown and Tsubaki couldn't help but be drawn to her.

Misao smiled awkwardly; even this girl's personality was cute. She was like a make believe character right out of an anime series. She could imagine kyo playing a game with a character similar to her personality being the main character.

Tsubaki then rushed off excitedly her violet hair flowing behind her like waves. While she was glad to make a new friend; she couldn't help but wonder what the other girl loved about her so much.