Author's note: I just want to warn you about a few things, and share my point of view on a few things. First is an attempt child rape in this first chapter, though I don't think it is too graphic I have it marked off and easily skippable. This will be the only such scene of its kind and is the key point of Naruto and Sakura meeting up before the ninja academy. For those to wish to skip the scene, I will be filling in the blanks for you with short paragraphs that will at least cover what you should know to understand the story.

Another thing you will notice in this and not really agree with is Sakura at age eight taking a bath with Naruto at age nine. I wish to share my point of view on this briefly to defend myself I guess. One they are still at the age where being naked is somewhat ok in THEIR minds as they haven't really understood a gender difference on a physical level at this point (though they are starting too) also in Japanese culture it is common for younger children to bathe together during the time period Naruto is loosely based off of. And finally Sakura is an eight-year-old girl who was almost raped and then saved by Naruto, she would see him as a god within the hours after the event and refuse to leave his side and even let go of him. So Naruto's only real options to getting her clean and cleaning himself of all the blood are to take a bath with her at the same time. These events (the saving, the bathing and other events that will be mentioned.) will forge a bond between the two that has almost no embarrassment of any kind. They are both completely comfortable naked around each other and still enjoy baths together even in the present time of the story where Sakura is thirteen and Naruto is fourteen. They do not consider themselves boyfriend and girlfriend yet, however, that will quickly develop as puberty really started to hit them (Well Sakura as I have her as a bit of a late bloomer, flat chest and all for now).

If any of their closeness is distasteful to you, then this story is not for you.

I do not believe in a civil council having power in a military village anything they will try and do will be behind the Hokage's back and without any legal backing. I do not believe in the Hokage or Naruto screaming at the council them killing them off or the like IN the council room. It is not realistic. They will cause problems and Naruto will deal with them, but not in some silly shouting match in front of everyone

Also something I don't think has ever been done before but Sakura will awaken the Mokuton. The background will be that a daughter of the Senju before Konoha was ever even formed married into the Haruno family, but with Sakura being the first ninja in her family it had never awaken in them before.

And finally, I don't like information dumps I tend to skim/skip them in fanfictions I feel a good author finds ways to spread information out subtletly through his chapters. That being said I know this chapter has turned out as short of an info dump and I hope I put enough action and plot into it to make it enjoyable still. This chapter once done will have completely set up for my changes and known abilities for now and so the next chapters should all be character/plot progression.

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Chapter 1

Sakura jerked the knot of her anbu styled shoes before standing up to look at herself in the mirror.

'Today is the day. The day Naru-kun and I stop hiding." She thought with joy as she checked out her new outfit.

She wore black shoes that went up her legs only to stop just short of her calf and she wore non-reflective metal shin guards much like the village anbu. She wore a dark pink almost red sleeveless dress that stopped just above her knees. With slits down each side starting at her hip to free up movement. Under the dress and visible through the slits in the dress, you could see she wore skin tight black shorts. Over her chest, she wore a metal chest plate of the same non-reflective and ultra-light metal as the anbu. She wore fingerless gloves with metal plates on the knuckles and her arms were bare all the way to her shoulders. You couldn't see this however as she wore a large trench coat that was completely open in the front. And she wore arm guards over the coat that matched her shin guards. The coat was black with Sakura petals the same shade as her dress decorating it. On her head was the new leaf headband she had earned last week in the graduation exam acting as a headband. On the side of her head covering her left ear was a dark pink fox style oni mask. What was unseen by all and only known by two people was all the fuinjutsu involved in her outfit. All of her armor had fuinjutsu carved into every inch of the underside of it to reinforce it to the point that she felt confident that only something on par with the lightning jutsu she and Naruto had seen an anbu practicing could dent it. The anbu had been punching through metal plates with his fist covered in lightning and it was this that caused Naruto to find a way to protect them both from such jutsus through fuinjutsu. They hadn't been able to test it on Jutsus yet however, he had managed to more than quadruple the strength of the metal armor she now wore. All of her clothes had fuinjutsu sown into them mainly focused on muffling any noise she might make, and trapping her scent so that it wouldn't leave her body.

All of this was powered by chakra storage seal that covered her outfit and charged themselves off of any chakra her body restored past her maximum capacity, so that the fuinjutsu would not cause a drain on her reserves in combat. Should the fuinjutsu run out of chakra to charge it, it would merely go dormant instead of drawing more chakra from her.

Her hair was long enough to reach her waist and braided around sharp ninja barbed wire to discourage people from grabbing her hair in combat. Naruto may adore her long hair but they were both practical and had been planning to cut it until she had thought of this solution.

Across her back was a thirty-six-inch katana that Naruto had bought and filled with fuinjutsu for her. It was made of chakra metal which Sakura could channel both wind and lightning chakra through and she had spent many hours mastering each, though her main affinities were water and earth neither of those affinities improved the destructive power of her sword, so she had labored until she could channel both wind and lightning through her blade, not simultaneously of course. It was reinforced just as her armor was. And had a special fuinjutsu carved into that it that would constantly sharpen the blade and repair damage it might suffer while sheathed, taking metal from inside its sheath to repair the damage. Naruto had one that was a perfect match in every way to her own, this way if they ever needed to they could wield each other's blade with the same skill as their own.

As Sakura's thoughts drifted towards her blond savior she couldn't help but think back to how they had met.

Flashback(attempted rape warning, skip if you wish, I have will have summaries of what happened later so you stay informed.*

"K-Kaa-chan!" An eight-year-old Sakura dressed in a pink festival kimono yelled tear streaming down her cheeks as she turned in several circles trying to see her mother through the crowd.

She saw only a shadow move in the corner of her eyes before an arm wrapped around her and jerked her back into the alley she had been near. A hand covering her mouth cut off her scream and in the next moment she found herself pushed up against the alley wall a large and obviously drunk man holding her arms above her head. He quickly pulled and knife and cut her cheek deep enough for it to start bleeding immediately.

"Make any more noise and I will keep cutting you up. Do you understand?" The man hissed holding the knife in front of her face and Sakura nodded in fear as tears started to pour down her cheeks once more. This time in terror of the man in front of her instead of the thought of being lost.

The man lifted her up by the arms she had trapped above her head until her feet were off the ground and she started to struggle as he brought the knife towards the neckline of her kimono.

"No no no let me go." She begged only for him to slash her other cheek leaving a bleeding wound that mirrored the first and she snapped her mouth shut.

The mans knife returned to the collar of her Kimono and he quickly thrust it down slicing it open and the kimono fell open leaving only her small panties to cover her from the man's eyes. The man quickly cut up the rest of her kimono until it lay on the alley floor in shreds before doing the same to her panties. Leaving her in nothing but her socks.

The man took a moment to eye in in a way that made Sakura flinch and try and curl her body up upon herself only to have the man pull her away from the wall and slam her back into it.

Before the man could do anything else a rock struck him in the side of the head causing him to drop her. She feel to the alley floor and immediately curled up on herself so lost in her terror she couldn't hear anything above her sobs and her beating heart.

While she lay there lost to the world a blonde boy, the one who had thrown the rock charged at the dazed man, though only being nine years old and extremely underfed his charge would normally have no effect on any adult this boy was no normal nine-year-old and he was currently filled with a fury he had never felt before, brought on by what he had just witness the drunk man try to do to what was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life never mind that the thing was in fact a girl, a person and he avoided people like the plague. In his fury his eye's had turned red and the pupils became slits. His finger nails started to grow longer and his charge had enough force to cause the two of them to go flying down the alley. Though some measure of skill or just dumb luck the man was able to get his knife between them before they hit the ground. As the boy started to rain down vicious strikes on the man he ignored the knife and the pain it caused him as the man fought back slashing and stabbing in desperation opening several wounds on the boys arms and deep gashes in the boys chest and stomach all of which would steam and almost seem to boil before new flesh crawled over each cut as if it had never existed, though the blood remained, a testiment to the damage the boy had taken.

Eventually the man stilled under the boy ragged breaths showing he still lived though his arms lay limp to his sides. The boy would have continued his assault on the man until there was nothing left beneath him until a sound shattered his bloodlust and caused him to whip his head around. Heart wrenching sobs were coming from the small girl the kind he knew all to well from his own experience.

The boy staggered to his feet and stumbled as he made his way over to the girl unzipping his jacket and sliding it off as he went.

The girl didn't know how much time had passed or even that it was passing at all until she felt something being draped over here. Her eyes flew open and she jerked up to see an orange jacket slide down her body as she looked into the bright blue eyes of her savior. She could see her tormentor laying unmoving on the ground behind the blonde boy in front of her and she flung herself at the boy without a conscious thought clinging to him as tightly as she could and causing him to fall back from his crouched position and onto his butt.

"Hey, you're alright, everything will be ok." The boy whispered to her as he wrapped her once more in his jacket and held her close.

"My name is Naruto. What is yours?" He asked softly as he rubbed Sakura's back. It took Sakura a few tries between her sniffles and tears.


"Ok Sakura-chan, do you know where your parents are?" He asked in a soothing voice as he gently started wiping her face clean with his sleeve.

"N-no, I was calling for them when he grabbed me." It was at this time that she started to take more of the blonde by in. He was dressed in a black shirt and bright orange pants, his jacket still wrapped around her was also bright orange. He was also bleeding from a lot of cuts on his arms and chest.

"You're hurt!" She practically shouted and her trembling hands reached out wanting to help but having no idea what to do.

"I will be fine Sakura-chan I promise," Naruto assured her before refocusing in her once more. "I can't take you to a hospital, they hate me there and might do nothing for you just because I am with you. Are you ok coming to my home to clean yourself up? It is very close just in this building here up a couple flights of stairs.?" he asked waving at the building behind them and she nodded once again wrapping her arms around his neck. And burying her head into his chest.

Naruto picked her up in his arms and hurried into his rundown apartment building careful not to be noticed by anyone on the street. It didn't take long for Naruto to enter his apartment and move immediately to the bathroom.

Naruto tried setting Sakura down on her feet so he could start the bath but she refused to move, her arms staying tightly locked around his neck causing Naruto to sigh softly.

"Sakura-chan can you let me go? I need to get a bath started for you." Sakura just tightened her arms around Naruto's neck and shook her head.

"We both need a bath Sakura-chan, we are covered in dirt and blood. So I need you to let go so you can take your bath, then I can take mine after you." Again Sakura shook her head against his chest and Naruto frowned.

"Do you want to take a bath together then Sakura-chan, would that be ok." After a long pause, Sakura slowly nodded her head.

Flashback Ends*

Sakura shook her head to clear her thoughts before raising her fist in the air and declaring

"Let do this cha!" loudly before she turned to her bed and picked up her satchel filled with her scrolls, which contain ever personal effect and clothing she owned. She was a ninja now and as such was considered an adult, she could now legally move out and leave her parents behind. And She couldn't wait to be out of the house and away from her parents who were constantly warning to stay aware from the demon brat, and telling her Naruto was a monster.

Naruto was no monster he was the kindest and most honorable boy she knew. She was hardworking and never gave up even when the odds were against him. He was a year older than her but was graduating with her. The civilian council which her parents were apart of had done everything they could in their limited power and without getting caught by the Hokage to keep Naruto out of the ninja academy. And that was the only piece abuse her parents had done to Naruto that Sakura was grudgingly thankful for because it meant she could be on the same team as him.

Through studying past teams to try and find a guaranteed way to be on the same team they had discovered that every year the Ninja and Kunoichi of the year were paired with the worst graduate. So to form a strong team Naruto decided to play the fool and Sakura had worked hard to be the best Kunoichi in the academy. With Sasuke being rookie-of-the-year even though Sakura had scored higher than him in the written test, the physical test, and the jutsu tests, the academy still handed the title of rookie of the year to him, it was practically a sure thing that Sasuke Naruto and Sakura would be on a team.

She and Naruto had planned to save up for the first few months that they were ninja in order to get an apartment together in the shinobi district. Naruto's current apartment has been vandalized to the point of it being unusable and though they did have their secret base for training it was a place neither of them wanted to live in.

However, their plans got moved forward when Mizuki had tried to trick Naruto into stealing the forbidden scroll. Naruto had gone to the Hokage and told him right away. The Hokage told him to play along and that anbu would be tailing them. The assignment was considered A-ranked by the Hokage and Naruto received the pay and note in his files for the mission and that windfall of cash had allowed them to make a down payment on the apartment they had been looking at.

Sakura couldn't help but think of the startling discovery she had made during the mission last night. Naruto had come to her and informed her of his mission and she had shadowed him. She didn't think for a moment that Naruto didn't know she was there, but he had never said anything. Her discovery had come When Naruto was almost hit by a windmill shuriken.


"NO!" Sakura shouted rushing forward with her hands outstretched in a vain attempt to save Naruto from the windmill shuriken that was currently flying towards him. Iruka had was unconscious from his and Mizuki's fight and Naruto hadn't been strong enough to defeat Mizuki, who was a taken a pill of some kind that turned him into a tiger-human hybrid.

Sakura knew she would never make it in time and it was in that desperation that she felt a feeling in her gut and a sudden flow of chakra left her body.

Then a dome made of wood had shot out of the ground and encased Naruto, the windmill shuriken impacting and then deflecting off the wood without leaving a scratch. Sakura froze at the sight and then slowly looked down at her hands in awe at what she had just done.

Flashback ends*

The anbu had taken Muziki out just after he had thrown the shuriken and Sakura hadn't noticed until the anbu had ordered both of them to report to the Hokage, where the Hokage had sworn all those who had witnessed her ability to the new S-class secret. Only herself, Naruto, the anbu and of course the Hokage new about it, Iruka had been knocked out and so never saw it being used and Muziki had been killed. They had hoped to interrogate him but the chance of him escaping as small as they were, weren't worth the risk of Sakura secret getting out until she was strong enough to defend herself. Knowing this the anbu has made the decision to kill him instead of capture him.

With one more glance around her room to assure herself she had packed everything, she headed downstairs where her parents were waiting for her.

Upon entering the kitchen Sakura noticed her father was sitting at the table and her mother at the stove making breakfast.

Her mother noticed her first and smiled brightly at her at first. However, as her mother seemed to notice her new outfit a frown took place on her face instead.

"Good morning Sakura-chan, what are you wearing?" Mebuki Haruno asked in confusion. Sakura mentally scoffed. Her mother believed that her purpose for becoming a kunoichi was to win Sasuke Uchiha heart and marry the rich young heir as so many young girls in the village wished to do. It was a very easy cover over the last few years she just had to act like almost every other girl at the academy and no one had been any the wiser.

"Morning Kaa-san, Tou-san," Sakura replied with cold neutrality ignoring her mother's question. She stood straight-backed and tall, well as tall as she could be still only being thirteen years old and yet to hit her growth spurt. Both her mother and father were looking at her in shock at her cold and distant tone of voice.

"I've been hiding many things from you over the years many of which I never plan to explain to you, but one of which you need to know now. I am moving out, and after this morning I doubt you will see me much anymore. All my things are packed and I will be leaving a few moments." Sakura explained hopeing to cause her parents as much pain as possible. She could have just said she was moving out and that would be that but she wanted them to know how little they really knew about their daughter. She wanted them to realize that because of their hatred their daughter was disgusted with them.

Her mother and father's faces just continued to pale as their shock seemed to reach new levels. Sakura supposes that their shock was a good thing, she didn't need them yelling at her. She had enough difficulty restraining herself from enacting vengeance against them for all the pain they had caused her Naru-kun as it was. She doubted she could stop herself from putting them in the hospital if they were to shout at her right now as keyed up as she was from Naruto's near death the night before.

"You might be wondering why I hid things from you and why I am moving out now. The answer is simple. You have treated my most precious person as trash, you have participated in mobs who tortured him, you have actively worked to ostracize him. You have hidden the fact that merchants refuse to sell to him or overcharge him from the Hokage and you continued to insult and degrade him in front of me. You believe Naruto to be a demon and over the years it has become clear to me that nothing will change your minds about him." Sakura recited virbatim from what she had written a few days ago. She was much more nervous doing this then she thought and had reverted to what she memorized rather then improvising as she had wanted to do.

"Now you see here!" Her mother tried to interrupt her face turning red in anger, However Sakura focused all the killing intent she could on her mother her own anger rising and washing away her nervousness. Her mother quickly sat down in fear of the murderous intent her daughter was filling the room with. Her killing intent was nothing that would intimate anyone of chunin level or above, for civilians like her parents it was overwhelming enough.

"Be silent and listen!" Sakura roar back causing both her parents to flinch. "Naruto has saved me, he stopped a man from raping me when I was only eight years old, and when I told you this you lead a mob to go torture him because he was obviously a demon for beating up the man who was trying to rape me. If that didn't show me the kind of people you are nothing will. You care for some petty revenge against a child who has done you no wrong then you do about your own daughter and her safety." At this Sakura growled softly a habit she had picked up from Naruto and spun around to march out of the house. However, before she left she looked over her shoulder at her cowering parents.

"You have always called Naruto a demon, so from now on you can call me Oni-no-Sakura, for that, is what I am, I am the demon's cherry blossom," With that Sakura left her old home for good.

About a half hour later Sakura was sitting by herself in the corner of the academy classroom opposite the classroom door and she couldn't help but smirk at all the confused looks she was receiving. No one had yet to recognize her with her new outfit and new hair style. The sword on her back probably also helped confuse them because no one in their class had ever worn a sword to school before. With her hair done differently, no makeup on what so ever and her complete outfit and attitude change, even her pink hair didn't help the idiots in the classroom recognize her. A few of the older boys had already approached her and tried to flirt. She had ignored them completely. As she waited for Naruto to arrive. She couldn't help having her mind wander to the cause of their first interactions. She had been eight years old about to start at the academy and it had been the annual festival that celebrates the defeat of the Kyuubi. Sakura had found herself alone in a pretty bad part of town. She had been set upon by a very creepy old man there and Naruto had saved her. Though not before the old man had ripped all of her clothes from her. Naruto had fought the man and eventually won though not without taking a few deep cuts from the man's knife.

In Sakura's young and traumatized mind, she had clung to Naruto and refused to let go, despite the fact that she was completely naked. Though her being eight years old that wasn't a big deal to her really. Naruto had wrapped her in his orange jacket and carried her all the way to his apartment, which wasn't that far away from where this had all happened. He had drawn a bath for her but she refused to get in, instead of clinging to Naruto, so Naruto had taken a bath with her to clean them both. It had felt so wonderful to them both that they couldn't help but repeat it. They bathed together at least four times a week, always after their physical training days. The warm water surrounded them, Naruto's warm skin against her own, his hands scrubbing her body. It was a feeling Sakura never wanted to end. And when Naruto had entered puberty it had amazed her how good it felt to watch him get hard at the sight of her, it warmed her entire body and she couldn't wait to start her growth as well, as it was she hadn't even started her period yet, which made her a pretty late bloomer. She didn't mind, however, as Naruto couldn't go a moment without telling her how beautiful she was, and with how often she saw his body back up his words she was at least confident that Naruto found her beautiful and that's all that mattered to her.

Sadly, the morning after Naruto had rescued her and brought her home things turned out pretty bad. She hadn't understood at first why he insisted on dropping her off and leaving before she even entered her home but later she did. Telling her parents that a boy named Naruto had saved her from being raped and going on about how he was a hero and had beaten up the bad man who wanted to hurt her, her parents had only seemed to register that Naruto had beaten up someone, something he had never done before. They had formed a mob that night and tortured Naruto horrifically, worse than any other time.

They had quickly become secret friends after that. Sakura had come to him crying and apologizing believing his beating to be all her fault. Naruto had quickly assured her it was not her fault they had been friends ever since.

Just one year into the academy Naruto had found a secret underground base when running from a mob and quickly showed it to Sakura. The base had contained a few storage rooms filled with all kinds of ninja weapons the ones they didn't need they sold in order to pay for good katana's and the anbu armor, each of them had three sets of their armor and outfits. A large library filled with not only jutsu scrolls but manuscripts on research that had been done by a man named Orochimaru who they later found out was a traitor to the leaf village.

They had also found a lab but it was, for the most part, empty and held nothing that interested them for long.

She was drawn out of her thoughts when she heard a couple of the girls in the room gasp and she looked towards the door and smiled.

'That's right all you fangirls, Naru-kun is hot and he's all mine! Cha' Naruto was dressed in a similar manner to Sakura, his trench coat was black and fox orange, not the bright orange of his jumpsuit. He wore a matching orange shirt and black pants. He was armored in all the same places she was and had an identical blade sheathed on his back.

Sakura smirked at a couple of the girls as they were completely ignored. Naruto even walked completely around a few of them who stood in his path to then fall into the chair beside her.

The whole room was silent watching them at this point. Even Sasuke had stop brooding for a moment as he tried to figure out who they were.

"Good morning Sakura-chan, You are looking as beautiful as ever," Naruto said turning to smile brightly at her. She took his hand in her own on top of the table for all to see and greeted him in return.

"Good morning Naru-kun" Sakura replied blushing slightly and smiling brightly. before anything else was said by anyone, the classroom doors opened and Iruka walked in to assign teams.

(same teams as cannon.)

Team seven were all seated on the roof of the academy building. Their Jounin sensei had been two hours late and had immediately told them to meet on the roof. Naruto and Sakura didn't mind their sensei tardiness as they both had their own projects to work on as they waited. Sakura was currently trying to develop Tsunade's signature taijutsu strength from vague guesswork done by Orochimaru in some of his journals and Naruto was working on his Fuinjutsu studies as best he could. Orochimaru didn't have very much on the topic left in the base they had found and the library never let him in to study. If he henged into a civilian a shinobi would notice what he was studying and become curious, and if he henged into a ninja another ninja would get suspicious as barely anyone in the village was interested in fuinjutsu. Not that he expected the library to really have much on fuinjutsu it was such a rare art it was likely he would need to find a sensei or some original works to study to progress any farther. Still, he loved to experiment and practice always helped in making him faster.

After a few minutes of all four of them sitting in silence Kakashi finally spoke up.

"Alright, I let's start by introducing ourselves. Start with your name, your likes, and dislikes and dreams" Their sensei Kakashi said as she leaned back. "Let's start with you pinkie. He said pointing at Sakura who glared at him slightly for the name.

"My name is Sakura Haruno, I like Naru-kun, medical ninjutsu, and kenjutsu. I hate all those too dumb to tell the difference between a scroll and a kunai. And those who look no further than their first impression for the truth." At this Kakashi's eyes widened at the implied knowledge about Naruto. "My dreams are to become the the greatest Kunoichi ever equal to the greatest Hokage ever along with some other things that are none of your business" she finished in a serious voice staring at Kakashi as if daring him to question her.

Kakashi stared back for a moment already planning to pull her aside and to try and determine if she knew the secret of the Kyuubi after the meeting. And it was surprising to see such a serious declaration from a thirteen-year-old girl. They were normally fangirls at this point in their careers.

"Well, alright…" Kakashi drawled after a moment. "You're up next blondie," he said pointing at Naruto.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I like Sakura-chan, ramen, and fuinjutsu." At this Kakashi raised an eyebrow in surprise. According to academy records, Naruto was dead-last in his year, barely able to pass the academy. Yet here he was claiming to know fuinjutsu. It would be interesting to see what the truth was. "I dislike all those who cannot see past their hatred, and those who pick on Sakura-chan. My dreams are to become the greatest Hokage this village will ever have and to revive my clan." Naruto declared calmly meeting Kakashi's stare with his own. Kakashi had to suppress a giggle as thoughts of his two students being part of the next icha icha novel entered his mind. It was a few minutes before he returned to the world to see all his students watching in impassively.

"Right, you next blackie," He said pointing at Sasuke

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. I'm going to restore my clan, and kill a certain someone."

'Great' Kakashi thought sarcastically in response to Sasuke's introduction though outwardly he displayed no emotion.

"Right you are all to be at training ground seven at six in the morning tomorrow for the test to see if you will truly become genin. Out of all of you who passed the academy two-thirds of you will fail and be sent back for more lessons. Oh and make sure not to eat anything, you will just throw it up." With that, Kakashi shunshined away before any of them could speak.

Sasuke grunted and walked away while Sakura and Naruto stayed still for a moment.

"We aren't genin yet?" Sakura whispered suddenly afraid of what would happen if she wasn't a genin. If she wasn't a genin her parents could pull her from the program and she would be forced to go back to them. With what she had done early that morning that would be hell for her.

"Hey, it will all be alright," Naruto said pulling her into his arms and smiling down at her. "We just have to pass this test tomorrow and everything will be alright, we are far stronger than anyone else in the academy and we are used to working together. I would guess the test will be about seeing where we really are in skill level and seeing if we can work together." Sakura sighed and relaxed into Naruto's hold.

"You're probably right, I am just worried. If I don't become a genin and I am forced back with my parents, I don't know what they will do to me for what I did this morning.

"We will run away together before I let you go back to them Sakura, I promise."

"We can't do that baka." She admonished in an affected voice. "You are the village Jinchuuriki, they would hunt you down no matter where you went. We wouldn't get far, not as we are now. I know we are probably pretty close to a mid-level chunin in skill, but that would be nothing to the anbu they would send after us." She tried to reason with him.

"I don't care about the odds; they will never force you to go back to your parents," Naruto promised and Sakura just sighed and nodded knowing he would protect her no matter the costs. It was her job to try and lessen the costs wherever possible.

"Alright, let's go to our new home."

It didn't take long for them to arrive at their new apartment building and after two flights of stairs they arrived at their new apartment on the third floor.

"Oi, what are brats like you doing here?" A voice called out just as Sakura and Naruto were unlocking their new apartment. They both turned to see a scantily dressed kunoichi standing in the open doorway next to their own. Apparently, this was their new neighbor. She was dressed in in a very short skirt and a full body chain mess without a true shirt, or a bra if the way her breasts look through mess was anything to go by.

"We are have just moved in here today. We graduated last week." Naruto replied tapping his forehead protector and smiling brightly.

The lady scoffed. "Brats like you, genin? You wouldn't last a minute in the field."

"If you say so Kunoichi-san," Sakura said calmly causing the woman to blink slightly having clearly expected them to yell at her that they could take on the world.

"The name is Anko Mitarashi brats. And you do know that that apartment only has one bedroom right?" She asked leaning against her doorframe as she watched them. Sakura blushed slightly at the question but didn't look away and Naruto just smirked.

"Well, I would hope so, no need to pay for an extra room we don't need." Anko laughed her ass off at that and Naruto and Sakura slipped into their new apartment her laughter echoing behind them.

The apartment was a small one-bedroom affair with a living room, kitchen combo, and a single bathroom, but it was enough for them. However, they both drew their Katana and got into fighting stances the moment they realized someone was sitting on their living room couch.

"Yo." Their sensei called out from the couch where he was reading an orange book.

Both Naruto and Sakura sweatdropped at their senseis actions and but didn't relax their stances.

Kakashi sighed and snapped his book shut.

"Sit down both of you, I have some questions and I need answer's" He said seriously and both Naruto and Sakura nodded sitting on the two barstools that were at the counter separating the kitchen from the living room.

Both Naruto and Sakura didn't say a word just silently watched their new sensei until he sighed again and started to speak.

"During introduction today Sakura it sounded as if you know one of our villages S-class secret, which is punishable by death, it is only your obvious closeness to Naruto and that fact that the S-class secret involves Naruto that you haven't been brought in for interrogation.

"Look like our guess was correct Sakura-chan." Naruto said with a smirk that caused Sakura to smile even in the tense atmosphere of the room.

"What was guess would that be Naruto?" Kakashi asked seriously and Naruto just smirked more.

"Well Sakura and I have been wondering what the seal on my stomach was for many years now, and since I have started studying fuinjutsu I could at least tell the seal on me had something to do with containing something within my body. That paired with villages everywhere calling me the demon child, my birthday being on the same day the Kyuubi attacked and the red chakra that sometimes covered my body and healed me when I was beaten as a child and we figured I must have the Kyuubi sealed within me. Are we right Kakashi-sensei?"

Kakashi dropped his head into his hands and rubbed his temples as if he had a big headache.

"What do you mean when the villagers beat you badly enough Naruto?" He asked after a long moment.

"Answer my question first Sensei." Naruto growled and Sakura took his hand in hers to calm him down.

"Yes, sealed within you is the Kyuubi. Now Naruto when were you beaten badly enough that red chakra covered you, the seal should only allow for something like that if you were dying and there was no hope for you without it."

"Well it hasn't really happened in years now, I have gotten too good for them to catch me anymore. But the villagers used to love chasing me down and beating me to within an inch of my life, I've lost count of the number of times I've see the red chakra heal me." Naruto replied shortly not wishing to go into any details. Still it was enough to make Kakashi pale, to have been beaten so badly as to need the kyuubi's chakra to survive was far worse than any of the official reports had even hinted at about his childhood and pointing to glaring falsehoods in the reports the Hokage was getting about Naruto's life.

"I… see." Kakashi replied sourly and it took him a few minutes to gather his thoughts, in that time Sakura had moved to Naruto's lap and was stroking his neck softly. It seemed his questions had brought back some bad memories so he decided to move on to his second set of questions, or rather assumptions.

"You know, neither of you are anything like what you're academy reports say. Going purely by the academy reports I was expecting a screaming Sasuke fangirl and a complete prankster-loving, loudmouthed idiot. Care to explain?" He asked with an eye smile.

"What is a ninja's number one weapon Kakashi sensei?" Naruto answered with a question and Kakashi nodded standing up and not bothering to answer the question, everyone knew a shinobi's number one weapon was deception

"Good, I look for to seeing your true abilities tomorrow morning. Good night, and try not to stay up all night, you both will need your rest for tomorrow's." He called out the last bit as he left their apartment leaving a stream of perverted giggles behind him that left Naruto and Sakura blushing a bright red, not at the thought of each other doing those actions, but that their Sensei was teasing them about said actions.

Author's Note: And there you go chapter 1, a little rough I know, I don't have a beta for it. This has just been an idiot that had been stuck in my brain and taking over all my imagination the last week so I got it down in words and out to you peeps to enjoy.