Hey there peeps. So through lengthy conversations with a few of my readers, and some work on my own I have decided Oni-no-Sakura will be facing a... clean up. Not exactly a rewrite but I will explain below.

Oni-no-Sakura has far to much smut for my liking. In all honestly, I am not even sure what I was thinking when I was writing it before and I have deiced to go back remove the smut, add new scenes, and details to the story and then once done (I am on chapter 4 of the clean up right now) I will continue it.

Here are a list of the things I am doing/plan to do or have already done

smut will be removed. I will have no smut scenes in this work until perhaps near the end and then it would be only one or two, most likely. The smut fest this was turning into will vanish.

Team Oni, will, however, be nudists, in the private of their home, teasing will happen, sex will not.

I am adding a few more details, and fixing some plot holes.

I am adding some scenes about Neji, Hinata, Sasuke (eventually) and others to give a bit more details about the world.

I have made a few changes to the Kakashi, Hiruzen meetings that will lead to some clean up the village action.

Team Oni, their weapons, and their summons have been selected, you will have to read to find out.

Understand I am not doing a complete rewrite, MOST of the story will remain unchanged and untouched, which is why I am calling this a clean up not a rewrite. I did almost nothing to chapter three for example just some references, and conversation pieces were changed to fit into the no smut thing.