Here it is, folks! The final part to "Leo and the Beanstalk!"

"What the…? What is this?"

Don Vizioso was not happy about what he saw on the table. Nearly all of his food had bite marks in them. Crumbs were everywhere, on the table and on the floor.

"Those darn rats are at it again," he grumbled.

Then he noticed that the room was strangely quiet. Why wasn't the harp playing? He looked around for the magical instrument, and when he saw a broken string sticking out, his entire face turned beet red.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HARP?!" he roared. The Turtles, who were hiding behind the bowl full of golden eggs, covered their ears once again. Mikey looked like he was about to wet his shell. Vizioso went to pick up the harp and investigate the damage…when he suddenly smelled something.

He continued to sniff the air, his nose wrinkling. "Hmmm…I smell…the blood of a…turtle."

The Turtles' hearts stopped at that moment. They hoped that he wouldn't find them. That he would leave the room and give them enough time to…

The bowl was suddenly picked up, revealing the huddled Turtles to the very angry and hungry giant. They looked up at him, and Mikey even attempted to smile and wave at him. "Uh, h-hey, Don Vizioso," he said nervously. "What up?"

Vizioso only growled and picked up a magazine, rolling it up and raising it over his head.

"Oh, sewer apples," Donnie mumbled.


"…eo! Leo! Wake up!"

Leo groaned as he slowly opened his eyes and regained consciousness. Two blurry images were standing over him, which were soon revealed to be Raph and Donnie.

"Oh, thank goodness," Donnie sighed in relief. "We thought we lost you for a while."

"You okay, bro?" Raph asked as he helped Leo to sit up.

"My head is pounding like crazy and my whole body aches," Leo mumbled. "But overall, yeah, I'm okay. Wait, we're still alive?"

"Yeah, but incredibly sore," Donnie said as he rubbed his head, wincing a bit. "That Vizioso guy didn't apply enough pressure to kill us. He most likely just wanted to stun us."

Leo looked up at his surroundings and realized that they were sitting in a giant cage. They were no longer in the living room but were now in the kitchen. A pot was being heated over the stove. Leo had the sneaky suspicion that he and his brothers would soon join Vizioso for dinner…as the main course.

"Leo! You won't believe who's here with us!"

He turned to see Mikey in the corner with an old man who was wearing black glasses. He looked familiar…


Mr. Murakami was a blind Japanese man who ran a noodle shop in the village. He was also an old family friend and would offer the Turtles free pizza gyoza whenever they would visit him. However, about a few weeks ago, he mysteriously disappeared. There wasn't even a note. It was like he vanished without a trace.

And yet here he was, sitting with them in a giant cage.

"So you are finally up, Leonardo," Murakami said with a smile. "Your brothers have been greatly worried about you."

"I don't believe it," Leo said softly. "Murakami-san, you're alive. Is there where you've been the past few weeks?"

"Yes, I'm afraid so," the blind old man said solemnly. "That giant just grabbed me one night and put me in this cage. There were already people here when I arrived. One by one the giant picked them out and…and made meals out of them. I was the only one left until you four showed up."

All of the Turtles' faces became as white as sheets. The giant was kidnapping and eating people?!

"I knew it!" Mikey panicked. "He's gonna make us…'ulp'…into turtle soup! We gotta get outta here!"

"Yeah, I totally agree, Mikey," Raph grumbled and crossed his arms. "Only one problem: we're trapped in a cage with absolutely no way out. We don't even have a bobby pin to pick the lock."

Leo had to think of a solution quick before Don Vizioso would return. He refused to let it all end here. He wasn't about to let his family become some entree for the wicked giant to stuff his ugly face with.

Then he got of an idea. It was risky, but it was better than sitting around and waiting to be eaten.

Leo summoned his brother for a huddle.

"Okay, guys, listen carefully. I have a plan…"

"Well, looks like I'm having turtle and dumpling soup tonight," Vizioso chuckled darkly as he returned with a kitchen knife. The turtles were whimpering and holding onto each other in the cage. They were all frightened out of their minds.

Or so they seemed.

"So…who'd like to go first?"

Leo slowly got up and took a step forward. "I will," he said with a straight face, although his whole body was shaking like crazy. His brothers cried out behind him. "Leo, no!" "Don't do this!" "Are you nuts?!"

"How noble of you," the giant mocked as he opened the cage and reached for Leo. Just as he was about to grab the oldest brother…


Leo jumped onto the giant's hand and bit as hard as he could. Donnie and Raph quickly followed suit. Vizioso cried out in pain and frantically waved his arm around, tying to pry the Turtles off. He stumbled and fell backwards toward the kitchen counter, hitting his head on the edge. The giant had been knocked out cold and slumped to the floor.

"Mikey, get Murakami-san!"

"On it, Leo!"

The Turtles and Murakami quickly left the kitchen and headed toward the front door, but then Raph suddenly turned in the opposite direction.

"Raph, wait!" Leo ran after his brother and called out to him. "Where are you going?!"

"We're not leaving without that goose!" Raph called back as he ran into the living room.

"Raph, no! Leave it! We gotta get outta here now!"

Raph didn't listen and climbed up the legs of the drawer, Leo frantically following him.

"Raph," Leo panted as he reached the top where Raph waited, "we don't even have the key to the cage!"

"Sure we do!" Raph pulled out a small golden key from under his belt. "Got it out of the giant's pocket while he was unconscious." He opened the lock to the cage and grabbed the goose in his arms.

"I still think we should leave it behind," Leo scolded. "It doesn't even belong to us!"

"Yeah, well, Murakami didn't belong to Vizioso, either!" Raph retorted. "Nor did any of those people he ate!"

"…good point," Leo said with nod. "Let's take the goose."

The Turtles used their grappling hook guns to climb down the beanstalk, with Murakami holding onto Mikey and Raph carrying the goose under his arm. About halfway down they heard a thunderous voice in the clouds.


"Uh, guys?" Donnie looked up at the clouds and gulped. "HE'S COMING AFTER US!"

"EVERYONE, PICK UP THE PACE!" Leo ordered as they went further down.

Once they finally reached the bottom, Leo immediately ran into the house and came back with axes, which he handed to his brothers. "Cut down the beanstalk! Hurry!"

But before they could even start whacking, they heard a very loud SNAP! They all looked up and saw something fall out of the sky. As the figure got closer, they could hear a bloodcurdling scream. They immediately realized that Vizioso was falling straight toward them!

Fortunately they all got out of the way just in time, and the giant Don Vizioso fell flat on his face and completely smashed their house. The impact of the fall trembled the earth.

For a while, there was silence. No one said anything as they stared at the giant's body, which continued to lie very still.

Finally Mikey spoke in a whisper, "What happened up there?"

"W-well," Donnie said softly, "my theory is…is that Vizoso's massive weight couldn't be supported by the beanstalk. So at…at one point the stalk just snapped and caused him to fall to the earth."


"So," Raph gulped, "is…is he dead?"

Mikey picked up a nearby stick and slowly walk toward the body. With a shaky hand, he poked Vizioso's arm and instantly flinched away, expecting some movement from the giant.

None ever came.

"Yep," Mikey mumbled. "As a doornail."

"Where will we live now that our house has been completely destroyed?" Donnie asked as he looked at the damage with a sad face.

Leo gently patted Donnie's shoulder. "It'll be okay, Donnie," he said with a smile. "Don't forget, we now have a goose that lays golden eggs. We can afford a new house and so much more."

"Yeah, that's right!" Mikey exclaimed. "We're rich as kings! Maybe even richer! We can afford a new house, cars, video games, and best of all, a lifetime supply of pizza!"

The goose, which was still in Raph's arms, suddenly laid another golden egg…which landed right on his foot.

Even though no sound came out of Raph's mouth, it was apparent by the look on his face that he was in great pain.

Mikey did his best to stifle a laugh and placed a hand over his mouth. Leo and Donnie couldn't help but wince.

"How about we go see a doctor first?" Leo suggested.

So after taking care of Raph's broken foot, the Turtles paid for a new house, which was actually more like a mansion. They never had to worry about food ever again. In fact, Mikey almost got fat from all the pizza he ate. Leo scared him straight by reminding him of the obesity that literally killed Don Vizioso.

Leo smiled warmly at his family as they all sat at the dining room table, enjoying their sumptuous feast.

"I kept my promise, Dad. I hope I made you proud."

And deep down, he knew that his father was smiling down at him.

The End.

Chloe was already asleep by the time Leo finished his story. He smiled gently at the sleeping girl and stroked her hair.

"Sleep tight, Chloe," he whispered as he kissed her forehead.

Tomorrow night would be Donnie's turn.

That's all folks! Next chapter will be Donnie's story! Can't wait to finish the first part!