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Caroline manages to avoid him for two weeks after that night.

He calls her once or twice, but he clearly isn't bothered about seeing her, if that's all the effort he puts in to seeing her. She avoids going out of her apartment, other than for rehearsals. She even orders in, doesn't want to run the rather small risk of seeing him at the supermarket. And it pays off. She doesn't see him, or even hear from him.

That is until Katherine convinces her to go to a party that Elijah's throwing (well, what Katherine was throwing mainly; she knew her friend far too well). They'd recently got back together, and she knew her friend was serious about him. Something Katherine rarely did. And the party was something to do with getting a big break in the Mikaelson company. She doesn't know the details, but Katherine pleads with her.

"Come on, Care," she pouts. "I feel like I haven't seen you in weeks. You're so busy with rehearsals. And I know you have the weekend off, so don't give me that crap about having to get up early."

Caroline feels slightly guilty at that, because maybe she had ditched Katherine a lot lately. And not all of it was due to rehearsals.I don't know many people there, I just want my best friend in my corner." She even adds the watery eyes, and even though she knows it's fake, Caroline finds herself agreeing.


"I don't know many people there, and it's important to Elijah. I just want my best friend in my corner," She even adds the watery eyes, and even though she knows it's fake, Caroline finds herself agreeing.

"Fine," she sighs. "I'm only staying for a couple of hours, though."

Katherine just grins, "Whatever you want, Care."

She doesn't want to see Klaus, but she grits her teeth, as she arrives with Katherine at some big venue that she has no idea how to pronounce the name of.

It would just be her look that when she steps through the door, Klaus is directly in her peripheral vision, with a brunette wrapped around him. The same one that she'd caught him on a date with, if her memory serves. He's smirking down at her with that smile she use to love so much, and the girl has a hand on his chest, as she whispers something in his ear.

Katherine is speaking, but she doesn't quite hear her, as she stills, her eyes firmly on her ex-boyfriend, and she's sure tears are welling in her eyes.

She doesn't break away until Katherine pulls on her arm.

"What is it, Care?" she asks (well demands, really). "Do I have to kill someone already?"

She laughs. Well, she means to. She really does. But it comes out as a half sob, and Katherine's eyes dart across the room, just as Klaus' date presses a kiss to his cheek, and he presses her closer to him.

"Oh." She startles slightly. "Oh."

Katherine's dark eyes soon dart back at her, and there is pity in them that she rarely shows. But, Caroline shakes it off. She's really not interested in the girl's pity.

"Nevermind," she gives the biggest smile she can manage. "Why don't we go find your boyfriend? I'm sure Elijah will want to show you off tonight."

Katherine looks hesitant.


"Don't," she cuts in harshly. "Please, just don't. There's no need crying over the past."

Katherine sighs.

"Okay." And then, "If you need to go, I can come with you."

She knows she would, and she loves her for it, but she shrugs, and tugs on Katherine's hand. She knows she wants to be here for Elijah, and Caroline's sure she can stick an hour or two of watching Klaus move on so quickly, especially since just two weeks ago, they'd had that night together. She had thought it had meant something, even if she'd left after. She just needed time to herself. She'd assumed Klaus would realise that. She had once thought that he knew her better than anyone, but he obviously doesn't. And he clearly can't care all that much, if he brought a date. A girl he'd already been on one with before.

So, she smiles.

"Let's go find Elijah," she repeats again. "Besides, I look hot as hell. There's no point wasting all the time I spent getting ready."

And it's true. She's wearing a red dress (and she didn't pick it out with him in mind, because it completely wasn't his favourite colour on her, not at all). It's form fitted, and it flares out slightly below her knees. It doesn't hurt that it makes her cleavage look great, either.

Katherine smiles, though it's not as enthusiastic as before, "Okay."

They find him not two minutes later, with some sort of employee stood next to him, with light hair, dressed in a suit. At least that's who Caroline thought he was. Turns out that it was the elusive Finn Mikaelson. The brother whom her ex had bemoaned quite a few times, but she'd never had to meet. Until now. Caroline manages to back out quite quickly, when Elijah introduces him to her and Katherine. Or, at least she tries to.

Elijah's teeth gleam in the artifical light, his smile evident, when he sees Katherine, and she knows her friend's smile is just as big. Even if she rolls her eyes, she'll stick it out tonight as long as she has to. Because she's here for Katherine. Her best friend. Because she's happy for her, she is. Even if it's a bit of a pill to swallow, knowing who else was here.

"Katherine," he greets, with a soft kiss to her cheek.

She smiles in return. A true, genuine Katherine Pierce smile that even Caroline knows was rare before Elijah came along. She looks as though she wants to say more, but a pointed cough interrupts them, and Elijah's head snaps to the side.

"Oh, of course." He even takes a step back, and clears his throat, "Brother, this is Katherine. Katherine, this is my brother, Finn. He's here from the London office, to negotiate some terms regarding-"

He's still gesturing between the two of them, before Finn interrupts.

"Please, brother. Let's not bore the ladies with such work talk they have no ability to understand. I would simply wish to meet your lady friend for tonight."

Caroline knows Katherine is clenching her jaw; clearly, she'd be warned about this Mikaelson (and she thought Kol was the worst one), but she bristles, an insult ready on her tongue. Katherine steps in, however, before she can do anything.

"Of course," Katherine grits out. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Elijah talks so highly about you. Is your wife here with you? I did look forward to meeting Sage in person."

"I'm afraid not. Urgent matters required her attention," Finn gives her in reply, though it's curt, and she's starting to think he's the rudest person she's ever met. "But you." His eyes flicker over to Caroline, and she tries to aim a smile. "I don't believe I've had the pleasure?"

She restrains a growl, barely, but her mouth parts to answer him, when a voice sounds out behind her. A very familiar voice she hadn't wanted to here tonight.


Katherine's eyes widen, as she twists her body slightly, bumping her hip into her friend's as she tries to avoid touching him, Klaus being much closer than she imagined he would be. His eyes are bluer than she's seen them in a while, though it's the woman at his side that catches her attention. She has red hair, but her smile is fake, just as it always was. Still, she's beautiful, she knows that, and why wouldn't Klaus be out on a date? She just didn't think it would be the woman he'd promised her he didn't have a thing for.

Still, she can't help the (perhaps irrational) jealousy that courses through her at the sight. And damn Klaus, the bastard, because if the smug look in his eyes as they focus on her is anything to go by, he's seen it and he's pleased. Asshole.

She narrows her eyes at him, and barely grits out a pleasant, "Klaus."

This time, she does growl under her breath, as she twists to meet Finn's knowing glare.

"Well, if you'd excuse me," Caroline manages politely. "There's somebody I said I'd meet before I left."

She doesn't wait for a response, as she storms across the room, and right to the bar, barely thinking before she orders a scotch. She'd definitely need something strong to get through tonight.


It's Katherine this time, and she's sort of relieved, but sort of something else too.

"It's fine, Katherine," she sighs. "Just go back to Elijah, I can handle Klaus."


She twists to face her friend, raising an eyebrow.

"You did plan the most of this party, the least I could do is let one of us enjoy it. I promise I'm okay. Go have fun. Meet your boyfriend's coworkers, or whatever," she tells her, leaning forward to her ear, with the bass booming through.

Katherine's eyes narrow, as she glares back.

"You'll tell me if you want to leave," the brunette demands. "I'll come with you, I promise."

"No, you won't," Caroline sing songs. "I won't let all of your planning go to waste, but I promise to tell you if it gets too much, and I'll just go back to my apartment, and we'll speak tomorrow."

Katherine grumbles, but knows she won't win, not with the determined look on Caroline's face.

"Fine," she sighs. "Wish me luck."

"Have fun," Caroline even manages a smile, though she sighs once Katherine's out of reach.

What was she supposed to do now?

"And here I thought you were here supporting your friend," is the voice that sounds in her ear, when she's not even half way through her drink, as she sits at the seat at the bar.

She looks up to find Klaus. Alone, this time anyway.

She glances at him briefly, but looks away just as quickly.

"And I thought you weren't interested in Genevieve. Guess we both misjudged," she snips, and goes about finishing her drink.

She's thinking, if she finishes this, she can just storm straight passed him, and not have to deal with this. She'll text Katherine later. She at least deserved to have a good night.

She chances another glance at him, and he looks torn.


"Save it," she snaps. "I don't wanna hear it, I don't wanna talk to you. Now, or ever. I just wanna get out of here, which is what I'm going to do now. See you never, Klaus."

Maybe it's the feelings of jealousy (irrational, a voice sings in her head), or maybe it's just him, and all the feelings he tends to stir within her, but she doesn't wanna deal with this right now. So, she doesn't. She slams her glass down on the bar, much to the disgust of the bartender, and she storms right out of there. She's still fuming, as she rushes down the concrete steps, her only thought getting out of there, and getting a taxi, when she hears heavy footsteps behind her, and not a moment later, a hand curls around her wrist, yanking her back.

Fury-filled blues meet hers, as she twists (albeit reluctantly).

"What now?" she hisses, done caring about what everyone walking into the gala must think. "What do you want, now? Can I not just leave in peace?"

He narrows his eyes.

"Don't think you can say something like that, and just storm off, sweetheart."

"What?" she exclaims. "The truth? That you've always had a thing for her. We both know it's not a lie. But good job, Klaus, you had me fooled for a while there."

"We both know that couldn't be more opposite of the truth, Caroline," he grits out.

She raises an eyebrow, even as her voice raises in volume, "Do we?"

"Yes," he hisses. "Do you think I'd be here right now? Chasing after you, as I always have, and always shall by the looks of things, if I wanted that women in there, love?"

She shrugs, "Maybe you just want a bit on the side. How should I know how your brain works, Klaus?"

His voice is considerably quiter when he speaks again, "Because you know me. You know me better than anyone."

She gulps, as he takes a step towards her.

"I used to," she almost whispers. She shakes her head, "And if all you want is to chase me, as you so charmingly put it, why bring her? Why go on a date with her at all?"

He presses his lips together in a way that Caroline knows she won't be getting any answers.

"Right, well, I'll be going then. Let's not do this for a while, 'kay?"

She's barely took a step, before she's back in front of him, his palm rough on the thin material of her dress, and she can feel his skin radiating through to hers, even through the layer.

"Mikaelson Inc is wanting to do some investment with her father. He's from a very well off company too, even if she works for ours, and Finn wanted to know if there would be any chance, that's why he's here, and it's why I agreed to the first... date," he settles on, his lips screwing up slightly. "She told me that her father would be here for the event, but that I was to accompany her tonight if we even wanted a chance, and now, he's nowhere in sight. It wasn't my intention to-"

She's so frustrated that there's tears welling up in her eyes. It isn't because she's upset, truly.

Klaus takes another step towards her, his thumb swiping under her eye.

"I never wanted to make you cry, Caroline," he says softly.

"You have," she tells him bitterly. "More than once."

He hangs his head, and he sighs.

"I know."

She isn't sure what to say to that, as she presses her lips together. Isn't sure what he wants her to say to that, but she does feel sorry for him. But then again, he has apologised (more than once), and she knows he doesn't do apologies. But he had basically called her a whore, for acting, which was her job. And now, she just doesn't know. So, she sighs.

"What do you want from me, Klaus?"

His head snaps up.

"What I've always wanted. Just you. I've always wanted you. Even if I have a poor way of showing it sometimes."

And then he kisses her.