Thanks to everyone who read this. It was quite an...INTERESTING way to write a small AU (if it could be considered one). But I'm glad those that liked the story liked it. There was a lot of information on vampires to use, but I wanted to keep it from being too hokey.

I got an idea for the first chapter/prologue from watching Queen of the Damned and I just had to buy the soundtrack to help with the creation process. Blame the final fight scene on 'Down with the Sickness.' X)

I've seen Queen of the Damned, both Blade movies, Interview with the Vampire, and own a six set of fiction books called The Last Vampire. I had a LOT of information to sort through. I used what I thought would be the best and some things that sounded logical during some of Kelah's explanations. The rest I meshed and mingled with what sounded cool.

Some of the things that happened never occurred to me until I was in the middle of a chapter and had a split second of block. After that, my mind ran with the ideas...even if I had a small know-how of what to do.

This can be considered a small continuation of both Avalanche and Giving from the Heart. The stories go in order with the series, so it's partly AU. I tried to keep it as IC as possible, but I assume there will be spots. Anything from Kagome can be blamed on being a vampire, and having two shikon shards in her arm.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you keep doing so!