I do not own Miraculous ladybug or its characters. This story does not take place in France, but there will be mention of Ladybug and Chat Noir. This is a story about my own OC, basically for my own enjoyment, but if you enjoy reading it too then that's a bonus Now that that's over, let's dive in~



Welcome to Kingston

Canada, a majestic and peaceful country known for its diverse cultures, cold weather and most importantly it's maple syrup. If you don't know where Canada is it's right on top of The United States of America, Canadians are basically the very nice versions of Americans if that helps with the picture. Canada is also known for its major lakes which are the worlds biggest supply of fresh water, if you ask me that's why every other country is friends with us. Canada's major cities are places like Toronto, Montréal and the capital city of Ottawa, but this story is set in the city of Kingston, population of 114,000, in the province of Ontario. Kingston is located on Lake Ontario and is know as the "Limestone City" for it's 19th-century buildings such as lakeside Kingston City hall. Kingston also has an abundance of nature, its major parks including Lemoine Point Conservation Area, Lake Ontario Park, and Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area. This beautiful city is where I now live and the follow story is about the adventures I have here so please sit back, kick off your runners, grab yourself a double-double and a poutine, and enjoy.


Geez... what's that sound? it's fudging hurting my ears... I groaned as I slammed my small pale fist around the lumpy mattress I laid on, I really wish I bought a more comfortable mattress, the shrill sound of my alarm cutting through my small one bedroom apartment filled with nothing but a couple boxes and my old uncomfortable mattress on the ground in the corner of the room. I laid tangled in a mess of blue and black blankets, my ears covered to protect them from the sound of my alarm.

Eventually, after many attempts at finding the source of the annoying sound, my fist made contact with a small rectangular device, my out of date phone. I groaned again as I dragged the device into my warm lair, wincing as the bright light from it burned my half lidded eyes. After closing my eyes I aimlessly fumbled with the phone, trying desperately to silence the alarm that pulled me out of my somewhat comfortable sleep, letting out a satisfied sigh when I succeeded in my mission.

"Finally..." I muttered to myself as I threw the device out from under my mound of blankets and draped an arm over my stinging eyes. I sighed as the irritating throbbing of my ears dulled down, allowing me to relax myself once again within my warm cocoon.

My eyes suddenly shot open, "Oh sugar I'm gonna be late!" I exclaimed, listening to my voice echo around my empty apartment as I kicked the blankets off me. I scrambled off my mattress and onto my feet, tripping over a cord before regaining my balance and moving to my glass balcony doors. Taking a deep breath to brace myself, I threw open the black curtains and winced at the bright light, thankful for its power to wake me up.

"Good morning Kingston, Please be nice to me today." I smirked, putting my hands on my wide hips as I looked down at the quiet neighborhood. My apartment is small and may be located behind an Elementary School, but it's also close to major bus stops, outlet stores, and it's amazingly cheap. I snorted as I caught sight of my reflection in the window, my dyed midnight blue curls were tangled making it look like I had horns on the sides of my head. My pale skin was dusted with freckles and what I thought was chocolate still on my plump lips from my private party to celebrate my move to Kingston. Private meaning it was just me and the only friend I had. "I look great." I said sarcastically, staring into my own golden coloured eyes as I played with one of her star shaped silver lip piercings.

I jumped out of my little daze as I heard the sound of my phone ringing, my heart leaping into my throat as I once again remembered just how late I was running. "Oh sugar." I muttered as I scrambled back to my mattress and snatched up my phone, swiping to answer it then balancing it between my ear and shoulder as I rushed around to get ready.

"Hey sleepy head! It's a beautiful April morning, figured I'd give you a nice wake up call ,knowing you, you were probably sleeping away this glorious morning and was going to be late to your first day of school. Soooooooooooo... are you ready?" Said a playful and way too smug for his own good male voice on the other end of the line.

I sighed softly, ripping open a box labelled clothes and digging through it, throwing a few articles of clothing over my shoulder until I found what I was looking for, "Yeah I'm up, am I ready? Nope. No where close." I answered, popping the p in annoyance as I jumped around my apartment pulling on my clothes.

"Figured~" the smug boy said in a sing song voice, I could hear other people around him like he was somewhere very busy. "Morning, Can I get a black coffee and a triple-triple? Thank you." His voice was more muffled then, like he was covering the phone.

"It's either you're actually being nice and getting me a coffee, or you're faking it and getting my hopes up. I'm voting the latter since it seems like something someone like you would do." I said sarcastically as I made my way to my way too small bathroom, with barely even any room for me, to tame my hair.

"Ouch! No coffee for you then." he faked hurt, but I knew there was a huge grin on his stupid face. "You almost ready there Sleeping beauty?" he asked, the background noise getting louder for him.

I ran a brush through my tangled blue curls uttering my equivalent to swearing as I did, "Sugar... fudge... donuts .." I could hear him laughing at me, knowing exactly what was causing my pain. "Hey! you try having this ridiculous curly hair!" I barked at him, feeling the need to punch that stupid grin that was most likely plastered on his face.

"Awe poor baby, your life is sooo hard." he teased, snickering for a bit before he let out a surprised yelp. I guessed he moved the phone away from his ear since his yelling seemed more distant, "Hey watch where you're going man! You almost ran me over!" Then there was the distant yelling of a man apologizing. Canadians, they're even polite when they're almost running people over.

I watched a smirk grow on my pink lips in the mirror as I mimicked his tone, "Awe you poor baby, your life is sooo hard." I could hear him sigh on the other end which satisfied me.

"So are you done getting ready? I'm almost at your luxurious apartment." he said, I laughed at that.

I took a tiny step back from my mirror, since that was all the room I had before bumping into the bath tub, and examined myself in the mirror. My midnight blue hair was now tamed, the top part slightly straight until it hit around my ears then it bounced out into big fluffy curls that bobbed on my shoulders. My lips were clean of chocolate, but my star shaped snake bites still drew attention to my plump lips so there was no need for the delicious mark. My golden eyes looked even bigger with the help of a single layer of mascara to make my eyelashes longer, but that was all the make-up I ever wore. My eyes drifted down to my body, smiling as I looked at my outfit. It was my favourite. I wore a long dark blue sweater that fell off both shoulders to expose my white dress shirt underneath and reached down past my hips to about mid-thigh like a short dress. I wore black long shorts that stopped above my knees with long white socks and flat black shoes. "Yup I'm ready." I said popping the p again, satisfied with my looks.

"Alright, Just Buzz me up when I get there. Don't fall back asleep now ~" he said teasingly, hanging up before I had a chance to say anything witty back.

I sighed as I shoved my phone into the frustratingly small pocket of my shorts, seriously why do all women's pants have small pockets? , before I looked back at my reflection. I was never a skinny girl, like most of the girls I see in magazines or on TV, but I liked my body. Curvy and sassy, that was my thing. I had wide hips and thick thighs, a slim waist with an average sized chest and an average butt. Girls and boys alike have spent years telling me I was ugly and fat, but I had long since stopped listening. I was healthy, that's all that mattered to me.

The intercom next to my front door buzzed, announcing the arrival of my smug friend who felt the need to spam the buzzer. I lived in a three floor apartment building on the third floor, but my landlord didn't like strangers in her building so every apartment had an intercom to buzz in visitors. I sighed and stuck my tongue out at my reflection, "Time to go kick some butt." I said to myself, like one last pep talk before walking slowly to the intercom and pressing the button, "What's the password?" I said into the device.

"I have coffee~" the boy answered in a sing song voice. I had no choice but to let him up now, I could never turn away coffee let alone free coffee. I would have to put up with this nuisance for the sake of the delicious liquid that kept me from passing out. So I pressed the button on my intercom that would unlock the doors for him, waiting patiently by the door for the arrival of my heavenly beverage.

It didn't take the elevator long to bring my friend to the top floor of my apartment building. Next thing I knew he was tapping the rhythm to one of his favourite animes on my door. I think it was Noragami. I sighed deeply and pinched the bridge of my nose, "And to think this dork is my only friend. He's lucky I'm an weeb too."

"I heard that and… you know you love me~" my ridiculous friend called from the other side of the door.

"Love is a very strong word. I'd say I tolerate your existence." I retorted with a smirk on my face even though he couldn't see it.

"Ouch, maybe I'll just drink your overly sweet coffee myself then." He responded, trying to sound hurt, but when I swung open the door he was standing there with the biggest grin.

"One triple-triple, Sleeping beauty." He said proudly, holding the cup out to me which I snatched from him right away. "Save your thank yous and words of praises for later, we have to hurry since someone was late waking up." He said with a grin and a wink before he turned and walked off down the hall.

I sighed, slinging my shoulder bag on, taking a big sip from my coffee, then locking my door and rushing after my friend who was now threatening to leave in the elevator without me. I caught the elevator, punching his arm once I was standing next to him.

"Thank you." I muttered stubbornly and turned my head away from him as I held my coffee cup in both hands near my lips.


"Attention Class!" A firm woman's voice called over the chattering that filled the classroom, tapping her pointer on the hardwood of her desk to further gather the attention of her students. She was a skinny woman, who always wore her milky brown hair in a tight bun on top of her head and always wore dress suits accompanied with simple heels. Her glasses sat on the end of her nose as she looked over them at her students who were slowly turning their attention towards her. Once she was sure all eyes were on her, she pushed her glasses back up her nose and cleared her throat. "We have a new student." She said simply, motioning to someone who was standing right outside the door of the classroom, me.

I took a deep breath, I wasn't nervous, I was absolutely one hundred percent not nervous. I've done this too many times, so I'm used to it right? A smirk grew on my face as I rolled her shoulders, walking into the classroom with my head held high like I was marching off to battle. I heard whispering all the way until I stopped beside the teacher's desk, spinning on the heels of my feet to face the class. They all went quiet as I adjusted my shoulder bag then placed one hand on my hip, "Hey, My names Aloisa Fortescue. It's a pleasure to meet you all." I kept my voice even, strong, and tried to ignore my annoying friend making faces at me at the back of the room as I gave a salute wave to the class.

The class was too quiet for my liking, but as I looked them over I noticed some girls turning to each other to whisper. They didn't look pleased with my arrival which caused me to smirk. The teacher tapped her pointer on her desk, drawing attention back to her as she pushed up her glasses.

"Let's all be nice to Aloisa and welcome her to Loyalist Collegiate and Vocational Institute, She's not from Kingston so try to be helpful. Aloisa please take your seat next to Chaise Honiahaka." She said and pointed to none other than the goof himself. I sighed and gave my teacher a quick smile before making my way to the back of the class, completely ignoring the judgmental stares I got as I sat down.

I rested my elbow on my desk, propping my chin on my palm as I gave Chaise a disappointed look, "I think sitting next to you is going to lower my IQ." I muttered as I looked at him. He was a slim guy, but I knew very well how muscular he actually is. Stop thinking dirty, he was shirtless when I first met him is all. He was strong, having built up muscles from archery ,which he's studied most his life, but he was such a dork. He was looking at me with those big green eyes, his arms rested back on his chair in a lounging pose. His brown hair was long and he always kept it in a loose ponytail to keep it out of his face. He was mostly native american so his skin was a nice bronzed colour. He was wearing a simple v-neck black shirt with blue jeans and black converse, He also wore a silver bracelet on his right wrist that looked like a full moon in the jaws of a wolf and silver rings decorated his fingers, I always wondered how he could always wear so many rings.

"Hey, I'm smarter then I look." He said with an innocent smile, his thumb moving to twirl one of his many rings around his finger. A habit I noticed the first time we met. We had met at comic con a few years ago, He had dressed at Grey from Fairy tail , which is why I had seen him without a shirt, and I happened to be dressed as Juvia and ended up following him around comic con and pretended to fawn over him like Juvia does with Grey. He thought it was funny and we ended up going out for coffee to talk normally, we bonded over having common interests in anime. We exchanged emails after that, talking everyday, when he found out I was moving to Kingston he had told me he lived there too and offered to help me out. I may think he's annoying, smug, and constantly getting the urge to punch him, but I was grateful he was there. It made moving to Kingston by myself so much easier.

The teacher cleared her throat, gaining or attention and we were met with her displeased stare. I offered an apologetic smile as I turned my body fully towards the front of the room, ignoring the eyes on me as the teacher began to speak, " I am Mrs. Reeva. Now that introductions are out of the way, let us begin."

"All business... no play." I mumbled as I pulled out my books and did my best to pay attention to the lesson. I always loved transferring schools half way through semesters. It was a good thing I was a fast learner and the master of all night study sessions. I was exhausted just thinking about all the studying I would have to do to catch up to everyone.

I jumped slightly when a book dropped down in front of me, I blinked a few times at the book before looking to Chaise with a confused expressions. 'My notes' he mouthed to me. I felt grateful to have him around, even if his huge grin was irritating me. 'Thank you' I mouthed back, tucking the book into my bag to copy later.


School was just as boring as I thought it would be, other than nearly getting into a fight with this stuck up fashion girl who pushed me out of the way in the hall, it was basically uneventful. I was on my way home now, playing with my lip piercing as I looked down at my phone and up at the street signs around me. I was in such a rush this morning I didn't even get to memorize the way home and Chaise had archery after school so I had to figure it out myself.

"I suck at reading maps..." I said with a annoyed sigh as I leaned myself up against a lamp post. I stared down at my phone, zooming in and out of the map I pulled up to try and figure out where I was. Normally I would be completely oblivious to the world as I tried to figure out this confusing image of names and buildings, but something caught my eye.

An older woman walked past me, she was a short woman with long white hair but it was what she was wearing that caught my interest. The woman was wearing a floral print shirt that reminded me of a Hawaiian t-shirt with the biggest sun hat I had ever seen. It was ridiculous. It was a good thing that I was watching this old woman though, because she was walking right out into the street as the walk light was about to change.

"Hey! Ma'am! Hey!" I called, but the woman was already halfway into the street when the light changed and, just her luck, there was a truck coming. My eyes widened as I darted for the woman, grabbing her and throwing both of us onto the sidewalk on the other side, using myself to cushion the woman's fall. "Oh sugar! Are you alright?" I asked as I helped the frail looking woman to her feet.

"My My! I thought I had enough time. Thank you young lady. Oh! let me get your bag." She said reaching down and grabbing my bag before I could protest, secretly slipping a small black box into it before handing the bag back to me. "Thank you very much Young lady, You're very courageous." The woman said with a kind knowing smile.

I sighed as I took my bag and slung it back over my shoulder, "It's no problem Ma'am.. But please be more careful..." I said and smiled to her, watching as the old woman began to walk away before stopping her, "Ma'am! Uhm... could you help me find my way?" I asked shyly.


The older woman happily helped Aloisa, writing her the best directions she could, before waving her off with a kind smile as Aloisa marched on with her head held high. "Are you sure she's right master? The Wolf has worked alone for so long, we could wait for one more suited." Spoke a soft voice to the woman, hidden within the folds of the woman's shirt.

The woman smiled fondly at the girls blue hair that was disappearing into the distance, "No I think she will be just perfect. A woman always knows best." She said with a chuckle before turning and heading the opposite direction as Aloisa continued on, completely unaware of what was hidden within her bag.

"Let's just hope the wolf knows how to play nice with other, he needs to understand that the moth is getting much more dangerous and he's going to need some help." The women said to her hidden friend.

"Yes, I will admit, he does need help." Spoke the small voice

Hey whoever read this! I hope you enjoyed it a bit! I'm kinda really obsessed with Miraculous... and anime. There is going to be a lot of anime references.

Anyways... This is basically my own story with my own characters, but the concept is still owned by the people at Zagg Studios! Don't sue me -3-

The obliviously king and queen may or may not make an appearance themselves later on in this story, that all depends on if I feel I can properly portray Marinette and Ladybug. Chat I have no problem with because me and him share a common interest in puns and flirting.

So Yeah... If any writers have any pointers for me I'd appreciate it! I'm not a new writer, but this is my first time writing a fanfiction. I'm enjoying it a lot~

Hope you all like it~


Runners: Running shoes, shoes

Double-double: Two milk, two sugar coffee

Triple-triple: three milk, three sugar coffee

Poutine: French Fries with cheese curds and gravy

Weeb: a one-syllable contraction of weeaboo and is often used to describe people who are obsessed with anime, figures and manga

Any questions feel free to PM Me!