Author's Note: I do not own the character of Murder In The First. I just like playing around with them and placing them in an Alternate Universe. This story will be about the journey Hildy and Kami takes as they become friends and then lovers. It is a female/female love story. If you do not like stories like this then this story is not for you. I want to thank my dear friend, and sister Manhattanite who has been encouraging me to write a fanfiction story for the longest time. She has been gracious in reading my chapters before I post them, and also made suggestions. Her own stories are the best, check them out. I also want to thank my dear friend Accrossthepond for all her encouragement with this Hildy and Kami story. She along with Manhattanite are the reason I decided to try and put pen to paper or finger to keyboard, lol.

Chapter 1: Background

Hildy stood at the window overlooking the corner 8th Avenue and 57th Street, Manhattan. She could not believe that she was really there. If anyone had told her one year ago that her entire life would be uprooted, and she would be living on the other side of the country in twelve months time she would not have believed them. Yet, here she was, standing in the office that now belonged to her partner Terry (Terrance) and herself.

Hildy looked at her watch, and thought to herself that she had just a little over thirty minutes to go before Terry and the guys came over for the Monday morning meeting that had become customary in such a short space of time. Hildy looked once more out the window as her mind traveled through time to one year ago when everything crumbled and triggered the events that eventually brought them to New York City. She sighed as she remembered the case she and Terry were working on. They were getting nowhere after investigating the murder of the nurse and her husband in their home. Every lead turned out to be a dead end until the brother of the nurse returned from overseas after finally getting the news that his sister died. When he found out that his sister was murdered by unknown assailants he went into shock and blamed himself. It turned out that he stood up to the drug man in his area who proclaimed himself to be Julius Caesar (JC). This JC character tried to recruit school children to distribute drugs in the school where the nurse's brother volunteered his time on afternoons teaching the students woodwork. This stand for right that the brother took in effect placed a target on his back. When JC tried again with his recruiting tactics a week later, the nurse's brother stood up to the scumbag once more, and called the police but by the time the police arrived at the school, JC was gone, and there was no sign that he or his 'soldiers' were ever there.

Hildy and Terry, then armed with the new information from the nurse's brother, began to investigate JC and when they gathered enough evidence to request a warrant to search his premises they did so. Their intel did not reveal how many connections JC had, they erroneously labeled him as a small fish in the pond of vomit that filtered throughout the city. It turned out that he had 'friends' within the police department, and he was tipped off about the warrant. He was able to move all his supplies from his property before the police arrived. But one of his minions in a foolish attempt to look 'big' fired the first shot at the police officers as they searched the property. To this day Hildy could not remember clearly what happened in the hailstorm of flying bullets but the end result was several officers were shot. Terry was shot in the back as his bullet proof vest as compromised, and she sustained two gunshot wounds to the arm and hand.

The memory of the wound to her hand caused her to unconsciously flex her fingers as the memories flooded her mind. Waking up in the ER in pain, with wounded officers in the cubicles all around her flooded her heart with fear. She remembered screaming for Terry as she was not sure if he was dead or alive; she remembered the doctors sedating her and having to be taken to OR because the bullet shattered the bone in her arm. The only good thing that came out of the gunfight at the drug lord's property was that he and several of his goons were killed. Terry was injured in his back as the bullet proof vest failed. No one knew if he would walk again as there was so much swelling near his spinal cord. But God was good and as the swelling went down the damage to his back was not permanent. The doctors told Terry and his wife Emma that he had a long road ahead of him with intense physiotherapy and they could not guarantee that he would walk perfectly in the future.

The tipoff that the drug lord got from someone in the police department lead to one of the biggest internal investigation in recent history of the San Francisco PD. Even though JC was a relatively small fish, he was connected to bigger fishes who in turn had several police officers and a few judges on their payroll. The fallout from the shoot out reached far, and by the time the dust settled, Terry and Hildy were saddened when they found out that persons from within their own squad were involved. The disillusionment and depression that began to plague Hildy as she recovered, and slowly regained the use of her arm took a toll on her.

Being placed on extended sick leave, and having regular psychological sessions with the therapist, gave Hildy time to re-evaluate everything that was important in her life. For the first time she allowed herself to be totally honest as she spent hours in reflection and journaling. Hildy grew up in a loving home with parents who taught her about God, and encouraged her to always do the right thing, to always take a stand for positive even if those around her were afraid. Even though she no longer attended church regularly, the training she received as a child grounded her as an adult. That was why it was so hard for her to come to terms with the corruption that was becoming more and more apparent as the investigation into the police department and judiciary continued. Persons she thought she could trust in the department turned out to be wolves in sheep clothing.

Emma came to see her often in the rehab center as they discussed Terry's progress and state of mind after the shooting. Terry had identified himself with his job so much that when the internal investigation unearthed the names of officers he knew and trusted, Terry could not believe it at first. But as the days went by and the deep rooted cancer was exposed, Terry became more and more bitter. It took several sessions with the psychologist before he began to realize that he was more than just 'his job'. Like Hildy, it took hours of reflection and honest communication with his therapist and his wife before he was able to acknowledge that there is a future ahead for him, there is happiness in the world just waiting to wrap around him. The love that Emma had for Terry was what helped him to break free of the fog of depression, and disillusion that wanted to take up residence in his mind.

Hildy, however, did not have anyone to sit by her side and fight for her, as she fought her internal battles. There was no significant other placing gentle kisses on her forehead as she pondered her future. When both Terry and Hildy returned to work after months of recovery, the balance that their squad had, was off its axis. Try as Terry and Hildy might, to feel the love and camaraderie for the rest of the precinct, they could not because they had changed. In an unprecedented move to control the stink of the drug lord scandal that implicated several high ranking police and public judiciary officials, the Mayor of San Francisco and the Governor of the state sanctioned a special separation package for any officer who was injured in the shoot out that wanted to take early retirement from the police service. After a long discussions with each other, and a lot of prayer in which they both asked Heavenly Father to guide them, Hildy and Terry with Emma's approval both decided to take the retirement package. They chose to leave the west coast to start a New Beginning on the opposite side of the country as co-owners in a Private Investigation firm.

Hildy dragged herself from the past as she heard voices of the guys walking down the corridor as they approached the conference room for their Monday morning meeting.