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Vale City. A beautiful city, one that dominated in the tourist industry, given the fact it was the capital of the country that went under the same name. The CCT (Cross-continental-transmit-system) stretched high into the sky in the very centre of the city, a spire even amongst the skyscrapers that surrounding it, dwarfing the office buildings that dare to try and take its throne as the highest building in Vale. It was a notable hotspot for both natives to the town and sight-seers, mainly due to it allowing - as the name implies - contact with other countries that went outside the range of mobile phones. Even the newest line of cellular devices, the Scroll, developed by the Schnee Device Company, were limited on range outside the country where the caller was.

Surrounding the CCT were high skyscrapers, mostly consisting of offices or luxury hotels with immaculate views and ludicrous prices, clearly meant for the wealthier travellers. Expensive restaurants and clothing stores lined the streets below, one or two parks thrown in to boost favourability. Soon the 'upper-class' district ended, flawlessly transitioning into the commercial district, filled with stores and shops of every single kind imaginable - take-away, toy store, grocery store, workshop, car dealerships - it didn't matter, Vale had it all. The stores eventually died down, spreading out into a clean array of streets that led to rows upon rows of houses or apartment blocks.

On the northern side of the city laid the industrial district, teeming with factories, warehouses and other old grey buildings. Unlike the rest of the city, the transition was neither smooth nor flawless, instead it was arguably a mass of grey with pillars of black smoke that simply existed to the north of Vale. Many people of the city claim to just not associate it with the city, that it was simply a different entity than the city they grew to love. It wasn't unsurprising, giving the undesirable state of environmentally-friendly machinery or buildings. The White Fang, an outspoken environmentalist group, had continuously drawn attention to the state of the industrial district, aggressively egging the government of the city to take action. The mayor of the city had promised to do things about it, but saying there was more pressing matters at hand, so it would be pushed down the priority list for now.

However the state of the city wasn't of particular interest as of now, instead the focus was closer to the centre of the city, bordering on the upper-class district, where a moderately good hospital stood proudly. Within its walls the nurses and doctors avidly went about their jobs, some moving languidly while others rushed about, barking orders for help with patients in the ICU.

Located within said ICU ward was one Jaune Arc, sitting at the bedside of his lone family member, Hazel Arc. While Jaune was a teen bordering on nineteen with messy blonde locks and stunning cobalt-blue eyes, Hazel was a skinny girl only recently surpassing her twelfth birthday, her blonde hair cut into an easily-manageable braid that rested over her shoulder and down her front. The similarities between the two siblings made it easier to draw the conclusion of brother and sister, and subsequently sympathy would be felt for the duo.

Hazel was attached to several machines Jaune didn't even understand the purpose for, yet didn't question their necessity. One he did understand was the heart monitor, steadily beeping as her heart did. Hazel was dressed in a simple hospital gown under her blankets, her cobalt eyes staring at the TV screen on the opposite wall with a gentle smile on her face. Jaune distractedly watched the cartoon he vaguely remembered from earlier life, but his focus was divided between that, his beloved sister, and his phone. It was an outdated piece of tech, yet still functioned well and meant he didn't have to buy a new Scroll. He couldn't afford to waste the money.

His phone beeped an alert and he barely repressed a sigh, instead disabling the notification and looking up at his sister, who's matching cobalt eyes were already staring at him in mild confusion and curiosity.

''I've got to run sis.'' Jaune murmured, a note of guilt to his tone.

Hazel merely smiled lightly, lightly punching his shoulder, ''Stop looking so down Jaune. Why though? You got a new job interview?''

''Yeah, in about an hour.'' He smiled in return, ''It's for a position as security guard in the industrial district. The pay is decent and the entry requirements are just my level.''

''Heh, big bro is going to be a guard.'' Hazel snickered cheekily, making Jaune flush slightly in embarrassment from the jab. After all, while he was in his teens and worked out every now and again, he couldn't be considered muscular or intimidating by any means.

He fixed her with a slight pout, ''That's just mean.''

''Aww, I'm sorry~'' Hazel sang cheerfully, pulling a cute smile and lifting Jaune's mock-pout. He chuckled lightly as he pushed himself out of his chair, picking up and putting his old but well-maintained coat on. He gave another smile at her and gave her a kiss on her forehead, ignoring her whine of 'bro~!' and her swatting hands.

''I'll see you later sis.'' He smiled.

Hazel huffed, smiling back, ''Bye Jaune, have fun!''

''You too sis.'' He replied, closing the hospital door behind him. Only once he was out of sight did he grimace, hands running through his empty pockets, lacking the change for a bus. The biting winds outside didn't look pleasant for a city-wide walk either.

He sighed.

Just another day.

Jaune arrived at the small office building shortly, and to his relief the howling winds had subsided halfway through his walk, allowing him to not only arrive quicker, it also meant he didn't have to walk across the city getting frozen by the wind alone. His double-checked the address to be sure, and once he was satisfied he wasn't about to walk in to the wrong place and make an idiot of himself, he walked in.

The small building was just on the border of the industrial district, the high chain-link fence bordering between the highway and greyscale district preventing anyone from entering unannounced, only being able to get through via the office he just entered. That said, it was surprisingly well furnished, with a smooth chestnut brown floor with beige walls. The room, while not particularly large, still had a homey feel to it, indicating someone might spend a lot of time here. A little under a dozen plain black chairs lined the left and right walls, a desk situated at the wall opposite of the door.

Behind the desk was, to Jaune, a startling beautiful woman. Dark skin contrasted with her lime green hair and sharp crimson eyes, staring intently at the magazine in her hands. She wore a long-sleeved light blue shirt with a dark navy blue vest over it, a gold badge on it indicating her being a guard. She looked to be around his age, possibly a couple years older but still close to his age. She hadn't noticed him yet, so immediately the first thing that came to Jaune's mind was something he'd tried a thousand times prior.


''Hey beautiful.'' Jaune 'smoothly' stated, leaning up against the counter with a faux-suave smirk, ''I couldn't help but notice you're here all by you're lonesome... I think you could use some company.''

Crimson eyes flickered up to his cobalt ones, disinterest in them clear as day. ''If you aren't here for a reason, get out before I call the cops for harassment.''

'Damn... shot down in five seconds flat.' Jaune winced, chuckling awkwardly as his demeanour broke entirely, ''Eheh, sorry... I'm here for an interview to be a guard?''

''Oh? You the guy?'' The thus-nameless girl said with mild surprise, looking him up and down briefly before gesturing lazily to the door next to the desk, ''The boss is in there. Oh, and don't flirt with her.''

He winced, but said nothing.

The door was an appealing oak colour, a rectangle of glass allowing him to see the even more beautiful woman that sat behind the desk. Long black hair that fell over her shoulder and smouldering orange eyes like flames, lazily reading over what looked to be like reports. Clad in a black business suit that hugged her figure quite nicely, she looked outright stunning to the point he had to resist simply standing there and staring with a slack jaw. Before he could do that however the elegant woman looked up, sent him a smirk and gestured him inside, then returned to her work.

''I presume you are here for the interview?'' She asked the very second he opened the door, leaving Jaune slightly surprised by the arguably accurate assumption.

He didn't let his surprise show though. ''Yeah, I'm Jaune Arc, Miss...?''

''Cinder Fall.'' Cinder smiled, holding out a hand for him to shake. He did so, mentally surprised by how soft her hands were, not even mentioning how velvety her voice sounded. ''I'll be you're direct superior in this partnership, if you take the job that is.''

As she sat down, she continued, ''I'll cut straight to the chase; the old guard who worked under me unfortunately quit after health issues became a problem for him, heart issues if I remember correctly. The job of being the guard will have you stationed within an old academy building on the far side of the industrial complex, closer to the shore than the highway. You'll have control over the building's control systems, those being the cameras for viewing purposes, the steel doors encase you feel the need to lock down part of the building, along with various other security measures.''

''Of course, due to the head of the company being quite strict on power consumption, you have a limited amount of power you can use. It is more than enough to get through a night, however the generator itself is in need of maintenance and the crew won't be down until next week, so you'll have to deal with things as they come. On the subject of your safety as a guard, there isn't much of a threat to yourself. You are merely there to watch and observe to prevent anyone from attempting to break into the building, and in the event they do you are to alert the guard in this building, Emerald, who in turn will call the police. I must stress that you are in no situation recommended to confront any potential thieves for your own safety. Best leave it to the professionals.''

''Your shift will last from midnight to six in the morning, where you allowed to leave your post and clock out at this building. Be sure to do that, otherwise it won't count towards your pay. On the subject, you'll be paid 50L per night, although you'll be given pay on a weekly basis, totalling up to 350L per week.''

Jaune's eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets at that. Any previous jobs he'd managed to secure didn't even pay a fragment of that much, and most of the time it was on a monthly basis. Part of him was curious as to why it was such a high-paying job when pretty much anyone could do it, but dismissed it under the notion of it being a more dangerous job - on account of potential burglars. With this amount of money he could easily afford to pay the hospital bills his sister so desperately needed.

A small stack of papers were planted in front of him, breaking him from his thoughts. ''Here are the legal papers. It is mostly standard legal stuff, however the first three pages are the ones that require signatures. Take your time.''

Cinder handed him a pen and he took it, quickly writing his signature down where it was needed. He briefly looked over the contents of the papers, but most of it was - as Cinder said - legal stuff, such as him understanding the nature of his job, his requirement to work the mandatory six hours, etc. Only when he got to the third and final page did he pause, staring at the last place where his signature was required.

''Um... 'In light of recent hiring methods, if you sign this and become a guard for the specified complex you will be legally required to attend a mandatory seven days of work before you may pursue any options of quitting'...?'' Jaune read aloud, staring at Cinder in mild confusion.

She merely smiled, ''Ah, that. It's a recent implementation of the company due to some hires only working a few days before leaving, most of them apparently using the job for quick cash. This rule is just to ensure that you actually intend on having this job, and not just using it to get quick cash and bail. The whole 'legally-required' part makes it more... secure.''

''Ah.'' He nodded in understanding, swiftly writing his signature on it and pushing the papers back at Cinder. She took them, briefly scanned over them to be sure, then put them down and flashed him a beautiful smile.

''Welcome to the job, Mr. Arc. Are you prepared to work tonight?''

He nodded, ''Yeah, I can make tonight.''

Cinder grinned, ''Great, I shall give you a tour then. I think you'll find the job simply...''


Jaune followed after his new boss, exiting out of the building as the sun dipped in the horizon, casting long shadows across the buildings. They passed several buildings and warehouses of various size and shapes, all in moderate states of care while others seemed a bit more unstable, arguably decrepit. Soon however they arrived at the building, according to Cinder. It certainly looked old, with a large square-shaped building joined onto a smaller, rectangular building that ran adjacent to the main building, what looked to once be a tower behind it, only for it to have been cut off halfway, leaving a broken stump that had been forcibly covered with concrete, leaving an ugly wound on the building.

They walked around the building, the walls showing they were once pristine and bright, but had fallen to the wear and tear of time and faded to nothing but bland concrete. Now that he took a better look, he could see where some parts of the building might've once been small ridges or design patterns, but now was indistinguishable from the many cracks and holes on the building. The two eventually came around to the entrance, a pair of heavy metal doors closed, no keyhole or keypad visible.

''As you can see, the exterior isn't in the best of states. I can assure you however the inside is slightly more appealing to the eye. The main entrance doors will only open at 12AM and 6AM, allowing you to enter and exit at those times. I must enforce that you do not dawdle, as they only stay open for five minutes before they close again. In the event they do close and you are unable to get out then contact Emerald via the tablet that you will be using.''

She shook her head, ''Regardless, let's go inside.''

Cinder pulled out a remote from her pocket, aiming it at the metal doors and pushing a big red button on the remote. The doors groaned briefly in protest before they swung open outwards, revealing the interior of the room as they entered. It was more spacious than he originally expected, closest to the size of a hotel lobby. The floor was covered with a burgundy carpet, the edges by the walls being gold. The walls, while slightly faded, still retained its original ivory colour and helped him see in the darkness. The duo of Cinder and Jaune walked into the centre of the room, the air more musky than outside.

''This is the main lobby. Ahead of us are the two staircases that lead to the student dorms, and behind us leads to the security office. To our right that hallway leads to the cafeteria, the double doors to our left lead to the library and the door between the staircases ahead of us used to lead up to the tower. Before it collapsed, of course, so now it's blocked off entirely.'' Cinder explained, smoothly gesturing around them.

It was true to her word. When they were stood in the centre and facing to the left of the door, they faced the 'front' wall. A pair of metal elevator doors stood there, rust visible on them, the white painted flaking away to show the grey metal underneath. On the far left and far right of the wall was a pair of wide staircases, the burgundy carpet trailing up them without the slightest sign of wear and tear, odd compared to the rest of the room. The hallway to the right was wide enough to fit a car and twice as tall as one, leading down into a large room filled with tables. The two corridors on the back wall (the wall to the right of the entry doors) led down identically, both having little-to-no features about them aside from the same burgundy carpet and ivory wallpaper, although there was some boxes and stuff. The doors to the library were closed, the old wood showing signs of rotting from time alone.

''Here is the security room.'' Cinder announced once they reached the end of the hallway. The security room in question wasn't too big, probably only a little bigger than a bathroom with a doorframe on both the left and the right side, a small fan built into the wall, currently off. Below the fan was a small desk built into the wall, bearing several old monitors that clearly didn't work. The thing that drew his attention though was the modern SDC-brand tablet and a flashlight. Cinder picked up the tablet, turning it on via the power button on the side. She flicked through what looked like a set-up system, throwing the mouse around with practiced skill before handing it to Jaune.

''Here is your tablet. From here you are able to flick through the cameras in the entire building, along with lock down the doors on either side of us if you need to. You can also activate the lights in various parts of the building if you need to, oh and the generator is located in the utility tunnel.''

Jaune blinked, ''Steam tunnel?''

''Mm. It's the first door on the right in Hall B, the hallway that connects the cafeteria and the lobby. I don't know why an academy has a utility tunnel, but my guess is that someone tried to modernise the building but gave up five minutes into the project.'' Cinder shrugged, ''There isn't much danger to you in there, although I would advise being cautious around the pipes just encase they burst. Regardless, the door to the utility tunnel is locked by default, so if the generator starts to fail you'll have to unlock it via the tablet before entering. In the event the power goes off suddenly, the door will unlock automatically, so you'll just have to pull it open.''

''Across from it is the bathrooms, although the camera in there is disabled for reasons that should be obvious, although you'll still have audio. The hallway to the right of the security room is Hall A2, while the one on the left is Hall A1. Ahead of that is the Lobby, where it branches off to Stairway A1 and Stairway A2, the left and right respectively, the Library and Hall B as mentioned prior, which in turn leads to the Cafeteria, the bathroom and the Steam Tunnel.'' Cinder explained at length, ''Stairway A1 leads to Hall C1, which connects to several empty rooms meant to be bedrooms. The same goes for Stairway A2, which leads to Hall C2 that connects to several bedrooms also. They're mostly unoccupied-''

''Mostly?'' Jaune interrupted incredulously.

Cinder blinked, as if surprised by his interruption, before continuing, ''Yes, there are some animatronics from a while ago. I believe these were test models made prior to the animatronics you now see in stores and at parties. However they are deactivated, so don't worry about them.''

Jaune checked through the tablet as Cinder continued, and true to her word, there was. The two Hall C's branched off into four bedrooms apiece, with B1-1 being the one to the back left, B1-3 to the back right, B1-2 to the front left and B1-4 to the front right. On the right hallway, it was the same, although the codenames were changed from 'B1-number' to 'B2-number'. B1-1, B1-4, B2-1, B2-2 and B2-4 were empty bedrooms that looked to have a thick layer of dust in them.

B1-2 however had an animatronic in it. It was surprisingly detailed and realistic, being female with what he could admit was a stunning body, with bright crimson hair done up in a high ponytail behind her, held up by a small crown of gold. She was dressed in what looked like Spartan armour, with gauntlets, metal corset and golden headpiece. Emerald eyes were dull, but if they had been real he could foresee them being as close to a genuine emerald as possible.

B1-3 had a short girl with messy orange hair and teal eyes, a slightly unnerving grin plastered permanently on her face. Her white shirt and pink skirt went well together, the shirt having a small heart shape cut out in it, allowing the slightest view of her impressive cleavage. While the red-head had been sat leaning against the wall like a broken, despondent toy, the redhead was sat on a bed, hands forward and her body leaning forward slightly, as if she was leaning closer.

B2-3, compared to the last two, was packed full. Four female animatronics were present, each having a starkly different colour scheme. The first looked younger than the rest, dressed in a gothic-lolita dress with a long red hooded cape behind her. Her eyes were a rare silver colour, still shining bright despite the dull nature that came with being powered down. She had a slight smile on her face as she sat on her bed, knees brought up to her chest and head resting on her knees, eyes staring endlessly ahead.

On the bed above her - suspended by ropes - was a pale-skinned animatronic with platinum blonde hair and icy blue eyes, a single scar running down the side of her face. She looked almost like a porcelain doll, dressed up in an equally pale white skirt and bolero jacket. It was... very princess-like, helped with how she laid down on the bed with her eyes staring at the ceiling, yet her facial expression relaxed, like sleeping beauty. The bed didn't even seem bothered that a metal person was laying on it, meaning those ropes must be pretty damn tough.

The third animatronic was more brightly colour, with a mass of blonde hair left out behind her without a care, yet somehow still appearing well cared for. Her lilac eyes were dull yet still seemed to have a spark of life in them, like an excitable child faking sleep. Unlike the other two, the blonde wore much more revealing clothing, being a yellow top that strained to hold her large bust, a tan jacket and a pair of black booty shorts. It didn't fit with the whole 'academy' thing, then again none of them did. She was lying down on the bed, her hands behind her head and a cocky grin on her face, eyes staring at the bottom of the bed hanging above.

The fourth and final one was situated on a bed suspended up by books for gods sakes. The girl seemed to embody 'cool beauty', with a look of mild interest on her face as she lied on her bed, slightly upright as she read a book in her unmoving hands. Her golden eyes seemed to shine in the darkness, her black hair nearly absorbing what little light existed in the room. Her clothing was neither revealing nor conservative, instead reaching a middle ground with its monochrome style, hugging her robotic body tightly.

Jaune flickered through the other cameras; Lobby giving a view of the whole lobby, Hall A1 and Hall A2 providing a view straight down the halls, Stairway A1 and A2 didn't give much of a view, only of the stairs themselves, coincidentally out of view from the Lobby camera. Hall C1 and C2 gave a view straight down the halls, with each of the bedroom cameras giving a view from the corner of the room to cover maximum viewing area. Hall B was mounted in the left corner with its back facing the Lobby, giving a view straight down the hall while also giving a view of the heavy metal door that lead to the utility tunnel - or as it was marked on the camera, Steam Tunnel. Across from it was the bathroom that Cinder mentioned, although it was labelled as 'Audio Only', probably for the best.

There was a camera inside the tunnel, although it was hard to make out much due to the extremely poor lighting, only visible because of faint red lights spaced out just enough for viewing purposes but not helping for detailed analysis. Cafeteria was positioned high up, giving the perfect view of the entire room, showing the dozens of empty lunch tables that made the place just feel even more empty. When he flicked to the adjoined kitchen however he was greeted by two other animatronics, both also female and in their teens.

The first could only be described as 'fashionista', with a brown and black colour scheme. Her attire clearly wasn't meant to be worn in the kitchen, given it looked to be worth several hundred Lien alone. Her hair was brown in colour, fading down into an orange tip. Sunglasses hid her eyes partially but the brown colour underneath was still visible. She was stood before one of the counters, one hand on the worktop and the other on her hip. The other girl had long brown hair that fell all the way down to her waist, chocolate brown eyes and an expression of deep thought on her face. Her outfit was... strange, to say the least, although it looks like some of the inspiration came from the other girl given the colour scheme. The definitive feature of the second girl however was the pair of near-realistic bunny ears that sat on her head, as if they grew out of her very skin.

What a weird, weird academy.

''...and that seems to be about it.'' Cinder finished, drawing Jaune's attention as he cursed himself for spacing out, ''Its nearing midnight, so I'll leave you with your new job. Keep an eye on the cameras and use the building's maintenance systems if you really find the need to. To quote a certain little girl I used to know...''

''Welcome to Beacon.''

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I didn't write them in detail due to not wanting the prologue to be even longer than necessary, but all the animatronics are wearing their combat outfits. Also, encase my descriptions were piss-poor, here's who was revealed to be here; Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Pyrrha, Nora, Coco and Velvet. Will there be others? We'll see.

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