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"Tsuna's White Flame"

Chapter 02: The Flame of Snow.

Tsuna decided to stay in his room for the rest of the day, lost in thought and a bit out of his senses. Barely registering the passing of the day, time flew by with him dazed, staring out the veranda. The sky was turning dark, as if a storm was brewing. His guardians remained silent, and observant. They had been there the entire time, waiting patiently on his every word and move.

"How long do I have to stay here?"

They suddenly heard Tsuna's voice, but he didn't turn to look at them.

"You don't have to stay in here, Bocchan. You can go outside and do whatever you want." Gokudera answered almost immediately.

Tsuna suddenly whipped his head back, frowning. "No, not that. I mean, for how long do I have to stay in Italy? When can I go home?"

The guardians stared back at him.

"Uhmmm..." Gokudera started nervously, but Mukuro beat him to it.

"This is your new home now, Boss-chan~" Mukuro smiled with the fakest cheerfulness ever. "You have to stay here for the rest of your life~"

Tsuna visibly deflated, and looks like he's going to cry.

Gokudera was internally panicking, and decided to open his mouth to spout promises he didn't know he could fulfill. "Don't worry, Bocchan! You can go back to Japan whenever you want! But of course, we have to go with you, and later on come back here, and just have visits whenever..." It all slowly died down sooner than he wanted though.

Tsuna let out a sigh, and slumped down on his seat. "Reborn didn't tell me that I have to stay here forever, I thought I just have to bear with whatever ceremony that was and then I could go back."

"Do you have something you left there to get back to?" Yamamoto asked.

"Well... uhmm... I guess I just thought I'd have to finish at least middle school first..."

"You're education will be taken care of here, Bocchan. You will be homeschooled, and be taught by the best people of their profession. But if you also want to attend a school, that may be taken care of as well. Of course, the priority will be on everything you need to learn as the next Boss of the famiglia." Gokudera explained.

Tsuna stared down on his lap and deflated even further. "I see..."

"If you have anything you wish to do, please proceed however you like. We still have plenty of time, and nothing is set just yet." Gokudera continued.

"I don't really feel like doing anything," Tsuna looked at them with the most sheepish smile. "I'm kind of a boring person to be honest."

"On the contrary, we all think you are the most interesting person in the entire mansion," Mukuro smiled mischievously.

"Uhm, I think you guys are all interesting too," Tsuna was a little nervous, but went undeterred. "Like you, Mukuro... Is that red eye of yours for real? Sometimes, I think I want to poke it out and play with it like a marble."

"Is that a compliment or a threat?"

"It's a compliment of course, your eye is really out of the ordinary and it's pretty." Tsuna gave him a genuine smile, and Mukuro couldn't help remembering a distant memory.

"You said the same thing ten years ago," he accidentally muttered.


"You said the same thing ten years ago," Mukuro repeated and further explained. "You might've forgotten, but you've visited Italy before..."

Tsuna looked thoughtful for a moment, "well, I do remember going to Italy when I was four... but I don't really remember much of what happened while I was here."

"Must be the trauma," Mukuro received an elbow to his ribs for that, from Yamamoto, so he reconsidered his words. "Or it could just be because you were still very young."

Tsuna ignored the first part, "so you're saying I've met you guys before?"

"Yes, in fact we have a portrait." Yamamoto smiled.

"A portrait?"

Tsuna was then escorted to a storage room, just beside his room, and it was filled with a lot of old things none of which he could recognize. They were mostly boxes, and furniture covered with sheets. On the side, there were a lot of big paintings, all of which were covered in cloth. Yamamoto and Gokudera moved the first one, and glanced at him before unveiling it.

Tsuna's eyes widened, blinking a few times at a portrait of them, he couldn't remember. His small four-year-old self was sitting in a high back chair in the middle. Gokudera to his right, followed by Yamamoto and Lambo in front of them. To his left was Hibari, Sasagawa and Mukuro, who was turned to the side. All of them were just teenagers, except for Lambo who looked just about five.

It was nice, and it made him feel something good, but at the same time baffling because he could not remember having this picture/portrait ever taken.

"Can I have this put in my room? Replace the painting on top of my fireplace."

"Of course, Bocchan."

Yamamoto and Gokudera then proceeded to carry the portrait back to Tsuna's room, and had Ryohei remove the painting of some flower to be replaced. It was bigger, but it still had enough space.

"Boss-chan, are you sure you want to be seeing this first thing in the morning everyday?" Mukuro grimaced, Tsuna admitted not remembering a thing so it's not like it had any sentimental value to it.

"It's fine... I've never had much friends, but now I have you guys." Tsuna smiled to himself, unaware that his answer surprised his guardians. "I guess it's one good thing about being here."

While Tsuna was busy staring at the portrait some more, and his guardians were busy staring at him, a phone suddenly rang. The guardians all looked at each other, but it wasn't theirs.

"Sorry, that's mine." Tsuna turned to his luggage and dug inside for the ringing phone, finding it and answering. "Hello?"

The guardians just watched him from behind, listening to only Tsuna's side of the conversation.

"Wow, thanks! I almost forgot about it..."


"Yeah, well... nobody greeted me a 'happy birthday' here, everyone was pretty much busy celebrating something else..."


"I was told that it was just a coming-of-age ceremony... but it turned out to be some kind of inheritance."


"To be honest, I'm not too sure myself... I just wanted it all to be over as soon as possible."


"Oh? Well, thanks... but I don't really know for how long I'm staying here so..."


"Yeah, okay... thanks a lot. I miss you too!"


"Uhm, no... They said he left, and I don't know when he'll be back."


"WHAT?!" Tsuna suddenly yelled, expression horrified.


Tsuna was trying to calm himself, heaving deep breaths, but he still looks so worried. "Did it say anything else?!"


This time, Tsuna's expression hardened after hearing the reply. He quietly turned to look at his guardians, face still in shock. "All right, I'll check right now. Thanks, and please call me again if anything more happens." He locked the phone and turned to Gokudera. "Is Grandpa here right now?"

"Yes, he should be in his office-" Gokudera was cut short as Tsuna bolted out the door. "But I think he's in the middle of a meeting!"

They all ran after him.

Timoteo had his hands clasped together in front of his mouth as he continued to stare hard on the coffee table in the middle of his two guests, Xanxus and Dino, while the Varia, Dino's men, and the Ninth guardians flanked the sides of the room. They were talking about how they could possibly soften the relationships concerning the family heir and how they could have him open up to them (of course, Xanxus being the least helpful), when suddenly, the door banged open and the very subject of the meeting runs up to Timoteo's table to slam his hands on it.

"Where's Papa?! Call him back now!"

"Tsu-kun?" Timoteo instantly looked concerned, but was still unsure what to do.

"Bocchan, what's wrong?!" Gokudera caught up to him and held him by the shoulder.

"PAPA'S GOING TO DIE!" Tsuna yelled out with all his might, breaking away from Gokudera's grasp. "Call him back now! Please!"

Before anyone could react, the phone in Timoteo's table starts ringing.

And Tsuna felt his heart stop.

Timoteo's hand unconsciously moved and pressed on the answer button.

"This is CEDEF member, Turmeric. Nono-sama, we have bad news. Iemitsu-sama was shot."

It was on loudspeaker. And while everyone allowed that piece of information to sink in, Tsuna fell to the floor.

"Bocchan!" Gokudera was immediately cradling his Boss. Yamamoto, and Ryohei tried to help them up.

"We're nearing the gates of the mansion, we'll be there within five minutes." The man on the phone continued.

"Is he still alive?" Timoteo dared to voice out the question.

"I'm sorry, sir."

Tsuna shot up and asked, "how long has he been dead?!"

"A little over twenty minutes,"

Tsuna bolted to the nearest veranda and jumped off, an explosion of white flames erupted and the next thing they saw was Tsuna floating with white flame-like wings. [1]

"Send a medic team out now, I'll meet them at the gates." He said as he flew away as fast as he can, a stream of white flames marking his trail.

Everyone in the room went after him in a hurry, calling for the medics at the same time even though there doesn't seem to be a need for it anymore. Timoteo arrived at the scene with his guardians, Dino and his men, Xanxus and the rest of Varia, and the Tenth guardians with the medics. They saw the father and son inside a thin veil of white flame sphere, Tsuna had both of his flaming hands pounding onto Iemitsu's chest, hoping to pump in as much blood into his brain as necessary. [2] While the man on the ground was lying on an opened body bag, a sign that he was already completely pronounced dead.

Tsuna didn't have wings anymore, but if they didn't notice it before, they noticed now that his eyes are blue. And he was crying, desperately trying to revive his father, while muttering to himself. "No, no, no, no... you can't die, I hardly remember anything about you... you need to live... Papa..."

And as if a miracle happened, Iemitsu started coughing out blood.

"Papa!" Tsuna cried in relief and the veil of white flame disappeared, giving the medics the chance to take over the situation.

"Please let us handle this, Decimo-sama! He needs surgery immediately, the bullets are still in there." The chief tried to explain as calmly as possible, pushing him to the side gently as they lifted Iemitsu onto the stretcher and into the van.

Tsuna tried to go with them, but a hand gripping on his wrist prevented him from doing so.

It was Timoteo. "Tsu-kun, what did you do?"

Tsuna looked back with tears still streaming down his face, he didn't even seem to hear the question at all. Suddenly, his blue eyes rolled back and he fell to the ground unconscious.

It had been almost three days since Tsuna had been sleeping like a rock, but that was more than enough time for the rumors of his so-called 'miracle' to go around the entire mansion and the rest of the Vongola famiglia, if not further to very selected and reliable friends from strong ally families. It wasn't just the case of bringing the dead back to life, but also the foretelling of the supposed death of his father, and the never-before-seen white flames. [3] More than all of that though, was the unbelievably strong reaction they all witnessed coming from Tsuna when his father was reported dead, and the fact that he was crying like a baby the whole time he was trying to revive his father.

"For someone who said he wanted his father to die, he sure cried a lot," Mukuro couldn't keep the comment to himself.

"He obviously didn't mean it, he's just fourteen." Gokudera answered.

"Oya?" Mukuro sneered. "You've been very caring of him since he came here, but if I remember correctly, you were against the inheritance yourself, weren't you?"

Gokudera sighed. "Of course, I was against it, but only because I think Bocchan isn't ready yet. The burden of the entire Vongola family would be too much for just a kid."

"Hmmm..." Mukuro redirected his gaze to the person at the far corner of the room, who would be in charge of Tsuna's further training and education. "What do you think, skylark-kun?"

Hibari opened his eyes, and glanced at their sleeping Boss. "Regardless of his age, he's already shown us great potential. I would love to see him fight soon."

"Kufufu~ indeed," Mukuro seemed to agree.

"But more than all of that," Yamamoto continued from where they left off. "He's a good kid! I like him already."

"Is he going to be all right, though?" Lambo looked behind him to Ryohei. "He's been out for three days now."

"Well, I've already check on him numerous times." Ryohei moved towards Tsuna's bed to peer on him. "His vitals are all normal, and he doesn't seem to be suffering from anything. Really, he's just sleeping to the extreme."

"I've heard some of the servants talking, that Bocchan used too much of his power in reviving his father that he became like this..." Lambo crossed his arms. "Do you think that's true?"

"Well, I don't think it's unlikely... we don't know the cost of bringing the dead back to life," Gokudera rubbed at his nape. "Of course, we aren't sure if Iemitsu-sama was really brought back to life either."

"He was dead! We all heard the report, and he was already in a body bag!" Lambo argued.

"What I'm saying is, we don't know the conditions and how it happened," Gokudera sighed again. "Iemitsu-sama already woke up, but we can't exactly tell him what happened just yet, he's still recuperating."

"One of the nurses told me that he was asking about Bocchan, she didn't know what to tell him," Ryohei added.

"Do you think he'd believe it if we told him he already died?" Lambo asked.

"To be honest, I don't think anyone would believe it, if they didn't see it." Gokudera answered.

"It's a good thing we all saw it, huh?" Yamamoto smiled sheepishly, "even Xanxus and Dino."

"Well, one thing's for sure," Mukuro approached the bed. "Our little Boss-chan here has a lot of explaining to do when he wakes up."

"If he wakes up," Lambo interjected.

"Oh, come on... let's all be positive about this~" Mukuro's red eye was gleaming.

"What if he doesn't remember anything, though?" Lambo turned to Ryohei, "that's possible too, right?"

"Well, yeah... but I sure hope that doesn't happen," Ryohei scratched on his head.

Just as they were all about to fall into another silence, there was a knock on the door and it opened for Reborn to enter.

"Reborn-san!" Gokudera was a bit surprised.

"You're back to the extreme!"

"Yes, well..." Reborn looked at his student lying on the bed. "Some things couldn't wait."

The demon tutor walked over to the bed, and without another word, took out his pistol, pointing it to the forehead of his student.

"Reborn-san, what are you doing?" Gokudera nervously asked.

"Waking him up," Reborn replied. "Don't worry, I'm using hyper dying will bullets. He won't die."

And he shot him.

Tsuna's body exploded in sky flames, blazing everywhere as his hyper dying will mode was forcibly activated. It didn't take long before the flame diminished, and as Tsuna opened his eyes, all the flames were gone, not even the flame on his forehead stayed. His eyes were a mix of glowing orange and chocolate brown swirling together, like it was unstable.

"Dame-Tsuna," Reborn called, tapping him on the cheek. "Dame-Tsuna!"

"I'm awake," Tsuna responded, closing his eyes again to try and gain stability of his hyper mode.

"How are you feeling?" Reborn straightened up.

"My head hurts, I'm dizzy and I wanna throw up."

"Good, meet us at the dining hall in half an hour," Reborn turned to his back, and started walking out. "Guardians, prepare your Boss for lunch."

As soon as Reborn was out, Gokudera bent down to the level of their Boss. "Bocchan, are you all right? Can you get up?"

"Yeah," Tsuna sat up with the help of Gokudera.

"Are you going to be okay? Can you come down for lunch? If not, we'll just tell Nono-sama and Reborn." Gokudera inquired further.

"I'm fine," Tsuna's eyes were pure orange now, but instead of being fierce, it was just heavy-lidded.

"Do you want something to eat? Ahh, but you're having lunch later anyway." Gokudera moved to sit on the bed, facing him. "Is there anything you want to do, that could possibly make you feel better?"

Tsuna just stared, for about a minute before nodding. "I want a bath."

"All right, I'll go prepare the tub," Gokudera stood and went for the bathroom.

"Bocchan," this time it was Yamamoto. "Are you really, really, really all right?"

Tsuna stared for a while again, as if the message wasn't reaching him. "Yeah... I guess."

"Can you stand?" Yamamoto offered a hand, but instead of just taking it, Tsuna moved to hug him. And all the rain guardian could do was follow his instincts, so he lifted him up in his arms. "I guess I'll just carry you then~"

Yamamoto took Tsuna into the bathroom, and everyone who remained outside heard Gokudera's indignant sputter, but he didn't seem to have anything to say about it.

Timoteo sat himself at the head of the table, with the Ninth generation guardians and some CEDEF members standing in line behind him. Reborn was sitting towards Timoteo's right, in front of him was the empty seat for Tsuna, and next to that seat was where thirty-two year old Dino Cavallone chose to sit. On the other end of the table sat thirty-four year old Xanxus, with the members of Varia flanking at his back.

No one spoke a word, as if the only reason they came together wasn't there yet. The atmosphere was heavy, but not because they were tense, rather they were just stalling for time. There was so many things to ask, so many things to know, but the only person who could provide them with the information hasn't arrived just yet. Until finally, the doors have opened and they were greeted, by Tsuna's back.

Tsuna's back was the first thing they saw because the person they've been waiting for was being carried over like a kid.

Gokudera pulled the seat reserved for his Boss, and Yamamoto proceeded to gently deposit their Boss to said seat.

"His knees were shaking and he kept falling over -to the extreme!" Ryohei explained as the rest of the Tenth generation guardians lined up behind their Boss.

Dino peered through the child beside him, Tsuna was dazed, and his eyes were continuously switching from chocolate brown to glowing orange every five seconds.

"You're Hyper mode is unstable," Reborn commented, taking a sip of his coffee.

"I can tell," Tsuna closed his eyes and slowly rested his forehead on the table.

"Are you okay, Tsu-kun?" Timoteo asked. "If you're still feeling unwell, then you could just go back to bed."

"I'm fine," Tsuna answered unmoving from his position. "I just feel really horrible."

"He's fine, he's just experiencing backlash, this isn't the first time this happened." Reborn crossed his arms and leaned on the backrest. "As I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times. Don't bring the dead back to life. Don't. Do it. Again."

"But it was Papa," Tsuna whined, still in the same position.

"Hehh~ I thought you wanted him dead?" Reborn wore a condescending expression.

"I do, but I wanna kill him myself!" Everyone could swore they heard the pout in his tone.

"That's nice, but let's get to the point." Reborn glanced at Timoteo before asking. "Please explain to everyone here how you were able to miraculously bring your father back to life."

Tsuna lifted his head and squinted at Reborn. "You made me come down here for that?"

Reborn shrugged in a playful manner, but didn't say anything.

"But you already know how it's done, couldn't you have explained in my stead?" Tsuna whined some more.

"Dame-Tsuna, I wasn't here when it happened."

"Even so," Tsuna straightened up and braced himself on the table. "How am I suppose to explain that...?"

"Just tell us how you were able to do it, Tsu-kun." Timoteo looked more concerned than curious, "what did you do to revive your father?"

"Uhmm," Tsuna visibly gulped. "I just... controlled my life flames and transferred some of it to Papa. Then I tried to resonate my life flames with his, so that I would be able to reactivate his remaining life flames, because Papa wasn't supposed to die yesterday." [4]

"That was actually three days ago, you've been sleeping for three days," Reborn commented.

"Oh, right..." Tsuna got distracted but decided to go on. "Anyway-"

"Wait a minute!" Mammon cut him off from behind Xanxus, walking towards the table. "No normal human in this world should be able to control their own life flames as what you've said, only the Arcobaleno Boss has such an ability."

Tsuna just stared and blinked. "Who...?"

"He wasn't in the ceremony so you didn't have a chance to meet, this guy here is Mammon. He is the Mist Arcobaleno and also a member of Varia." Reborn gestured to the cloaked figure standing beside Xanxus, before turning to Mammon and being the one to answer the query. "Now, Mammon. You already have the answer to that question yourself. You said, 'no normal human'... do you seriously think that Dame-Tsuna here, a child who brought the dead back to life, is normal by any standards at all?"

"Are you flattering me? That's creepy," Tsuna grimaced. "And what is that supposed to mean anyway?"

"The point has been made, and I've also already taken the liberty of reporting this little anomaly." When Reborn said the last word, he gestured towards Tsuna. "So, you have absolutely nothing to worry about."

"So, I guess that's a no, huh?" Tsuna muttered to himself as he was being blatantly ignored and figured Reborn wasn't praising him after all.

"But how?" This time it was Colonnello who spoke from behind Timoteo, Lal Mirch was right behind him along with the rest of CEDEF. "How do you even know how to control your life flames?" He was looking at Tsuna, and all attention was back to him.

"I just know," Tsuna shrugged honestly. "It just feels like I have to do something, and I'd know what to do."


"Could it be, Hyper Intuition?" Was the only guess Timoteo could make.

"That's actually a whole other thing," Reborn admitted. "I trained Dame-Tsuna to enhance his Hyper Intuition, but what it resulted into definitely was not what I was expecting. He managed to predict the winning lottery combination consistently for the past ten years, and not once had he made a mistake."

"That's impossible, there's no way that's possible," Colonnello shook his head in disbelief.

"I just see it, okay? It's right in front of me, like smoke hanging in the air, but it forms numbers and they're clear to see." Tsuna made a waving motion of both hands in front of him. "18, 33, 59, 69, 80, 96, 72, 27. It's right there."

"That's eight numbers," Reborn was expecting only six.

"It's for the Italian lottery," Tsuna rested his head on a hand.

"HOLY-! That's jackpot!" Dino suddenly bolted from his seat beside Tsuna. "It's worth 248 million dollars!"

"How much is that in yen?" Tsuna had to ask.

"28 trillion," Reborn answered with a smirk.

"Wow, sounds big," Tsuna dismissively played with his soup, that's gone cold since he wasn't able to eat it because of all their questions.

"IT IS!" Dino was losing his shit.

"So, can you also predict next week's winning ticket while you're at it?" Mammon was suddenly interested in a different way.

"I can, but I won't because that's cheating," Tsuna responded in the same bored manner.

"You're in the mafia, it doesn't matter." Mammon retorted.

"I still won't." Tsuna looked away from him.

"So, what else can you see?" Dino excitedly tried to steer back the conversation, and away from Mammon as he mutters deathly curses.

"Well..." Tsuna squinted. "I know what color your underwear is, if that helps."

"WHAT?!" Dino was instantly red.

"And it has nice prints if I may add," Tsuna smiled with fake cheerfulness, obviously pissed but at the same time teasing. "I don't think you'd want me to describe it for everyone though~"

Dino was sputtering already, so Lal Mirch decided to ask for another proof. "Can you predict something else?"

"Uhmm, someone's phone will ring?" As soon as Tsuna finished the sentence, a phone did ring.

"My apologies, let me answer this outside," Mukuro moved to leave, but was stopped.

"Wait, before you answer it," Reborn turned to Tsuna. "Who's calling? And what will it be about?"

"I'm not gonna answer that, it's private," Tsuna looked at Mukuro. "Answer the phone outside, Mukuro."

That was the very first time their Bocchan gave an order, not a request. And he was relieved, somewhat. "Yes, thank you very much," Mukuro walked out of the hall, and as soon as the door shut, Tsuna faced Reborn again.

"But you do know what they'll be talking about, right?" Reborn persisted.

"I'm not obliged to answer," Tsuna's expression hardened. "And is there a reason, I should be doubting my own guardian assigned to me by this family?"

"Of course not, but you should've already looked into your guardians minds and pasts on your own," Reborn smirked and took another sip of his coffee.

Everyone tensed at hearing such insinuations, for it would mean that Tsuna could see through all of them. Nothing is a secret.

"I don't need to do that," Tsuna crossed his arms, this was dragging on for too long. "So, are we done?"

"Wait! Uhm," Colonnello waved him over to get his attention. "How about something that would happen in the near future."

"How soon? Like now?" Tsuna asked and just received a shrug, so he went on. "There's a maid who will go in labor today-"

Tsuna was cut off by a scream from down the hall.

"It's gonna be a boy," he finished sheepish, and turned to his grandfather. "Shouldn't you send someone there, Grandpa?"

"The head butler will take care of it," Timoteo smiled at him, seemingly pleased.

Tsuna didn't know how to feel about all of this, so he just lowered his head.

"Can you predict something in the far future, that isn't going to instantly happen right after you've said it?" Lal Mirch crossed her arms, all of this was just so hard to believe.

Tsuna was starting to feel intimidated by all these questions, but why should he be the one to feel such pressure? "I know exactly when and how everyone in this entire mansion is going to die... including myself."

When no one seemed to be able to respond to that, Reborn redirected the attention. "Like, the death of your father?"

"Oh, that reminds me, Reborn. I didn't predict Papa's death," Tsuna straightened up again. "I received a call from-" He suddenly stopped in the middle of the sentence and glanced at his grandfather, before continuing, a little subdued. "...the future."

"What?" Reborn's voice sounded flat.

"I thought it was just a greeting at first, then they passed the phone, and he said he got the message that Papa will be assassinated." Tsuna looked at his lap again, looking away when he knows his grandfather's eyes were on him.

"Who are we talking about exactly?" Nougat could no longer be patient and wait for Timoteo to ask himself.

"I can't tell you," Tsuna looked at Reborn, eyes begging not to tell. "This person is my friend, and he will become an important asset for Vongola in the future." Then, he turned to his grandfather. "Please let me deal with the matters concerning him myself."

Timoteo sighed, but didn't refuse him. "I understand, I trust your judgment, Tsu-kun. But what did it mean, when you said the message was from the future?"

Tsuna stared for a while, arranging his thoughts. He looked down on his lap and began. "Ten years in the future, Vongola would have mastered Time-travel, using inventions like what Giannini has done, only more efficient. By then, we would have this friend of mine as an asset, spying in an enemy famiglia. And as that enemy is learning of Time-travel as well, they will try to interfere with us here in the past, that is what the future Vongola is trying to prevent. Even though, there shouldn't be a need for intervention, the future Vongola is risking it to assure our safety because the enemy is quite formidable. He was able to block my sight and I was unable to foresee what happened to Papa, it felt like Papa was out of my reach and within theirs."

"That sounds dangerous, Tsu-kun." Timoteo figured he wouldn't get an answer but he couldn't help trying anyway. "Who is this enemy?"

"I'm really sorry, Grandpa. But I can't tell you, those were strict orders from the future Vongola," Tsuna couldn't help a sheepish smile. "Me."

Timoteo nodded in understanding, and before anyone else could say something, he appropriately changed the subject. "One last thing then, Tsu-kun... Can you tell us about that white flame?"

Tsuna's eyes widened a little, "the one I used for my wings, right?"

Timoteo smiled a curt nod.

"Okay, first, Mukuro you can come back in now," he looked at the door behind him and waited for Mukuro to open it to enter. He bowed but didn't say anything, and went back to his position before. Tsuna looked around, and when he confirmed no one is going to say anything more about the previous discussion, he stood from his seat and took a deep breath. The air around him suddenly feel electrifying, as if some unseen energy is starting to surround him. And for the second chance, and more clearly this time, they witnessed Tsuna summoning his white flames. He snapped a finger in front of him, and it ignited into a white spark, blazing around him as he swung his hand. White flame erupted from his forehead, and when he opened his eyes, they were sky blue. He showed them his right hand, burning in white flames.

"This is the white Flame of Snow, this flame was the result of the Zero-Point Breakthrough in default mode. The normal Zero-Point Breakthrough is done by collecting Sky flames and freezing them, but with this default mode, I am freezing the flames first before I release them from my body. This way, I am able to control all aspects of the flame's characteristics. Like, its form, temperature and malleability. For example, I can create cold snow that melts easily." He placed the side of his hands together, and blew on his flame. Instead of embers like with normal fire, what got blown from his hands were snowflakes. [5]

"I can also create unscratchable crystals that cannot be melted, not even with dying will flames." Tsuna then proceeded to hold his hands in front of each other, creating a ball of flame that he laid on the table. Inside the sphere, a small bud of crystal appeared, and slowly grew into a full rose crystal. It was mesmerizing. "I find this White Flame of Snow to be more efficient than the original Zero-Point Breakthrough, it doesn't have to wait for the gathering of flames and it's easier to manage in terms of certain scenarios. Any questions?" He finished and curtly diffused his flames, his eyes remaining blue.

"You sound so impressive when you're serious," Dino commented off-handedly from beside him.

Tsuna turned to him with a questionable frown, but still managed a wry smile. "Uhm, thanks. I guess, I'll take that as a compliment."

Dino grinned.

"That's amazing, Tsu-kun." Timoteo praised, eyes lingering longer on the rose crystal before looking back up at his grandson. "But what about those wings?"

"Oh," Tsuna blinked. "The white flame is the negative form of the sky flame in default, so it's also a much softer flame. I use it as wings because it doesn't burn my back like the normal Sky flames, because it's not like I have X-Gloves for my back."

"I see..." Timoteo just nodded, as if thinking of something else.

"I use wings instead of just propulsion with my hands or feet, because it allows me more maneuvers in fighting if all my limbs are free." Tsuna decided to add.

"Talking to you like this, I honestly can't deny that you've been trained quite well." Timoteo had to admit.

"Thank you," Reborn chuckled.

Tsuna just rolled his eyes, and sat back down. "You don't know what I went through."

"But seriously, Tsu-kun. You did great, and I'm sure you'd only be even greater someday." Timoteo rested a hand on his shoulder.

Tsuna didn't say anything more after that, he doesn't seem to be in a good mood anymore either. He felt utterly exhausted and absolutely burnt out, they asked too many questions, and didn't seem to get enough of his answers. He stepped out of the dining hall followed by his guardians, and as soon as the doors were closed, he looked back at them. "You guys are free for the rest of the day to rest or do whatever you want, I want to be left alone for now." He turned to his back.


"I'm going to go see Papa."


So many things happened in this chapter, it turned out too long and I didn't know where to stop... forgive meh~

Anyway, I've always wanted a 'Bocchan' fic of Tsuna and the TYL!Guardians... So I'm not gonna use Juudaime anymore, I know that has sentimental value, and I've actually prepared pet names for each guardian, but that's not really relevant to the story in any way so I'm just discarding it. Don't mind~ and please review!

Fic Facts:

1.) Do you know Tokyo Ghoul? Do you know Kirishima Touka? Imagine her kagune wings to be bluish white, that's what I'm going for. (And for the record, if Byakuran can have wings, Tsuna should've had one too. LOL)

2.) This is a resuscitation of a dead man who didn't die of drowning, so mouth-to-mouth for clearing out the airways isn't necessary. (?)

3.) I'm sorry if Tsuna seems too OP here, just blame it on the ten years of being tortu-I mean, raised by Reborn...xD

4.) If you remember Yuni's revival of the supposedly dead Arcobalenos, it's like that.

5.) You guys know about the White Flame, right? Gelaro's flame from Katekyō Hitman Reborn! DS Fate of Heat III - Yuki no Shugosha Raishuu!, yes, it's that.

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