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Fern flounces in, her cheeks red with the excitement of racing her brother from Dover. Obviously she succeeded, because he isn't here. He still thinks she spends her time at home, and the Ring covers. We came early and organized a tea party, a social function which usually takes at least a week to prepare. Andrew thinks Fern has been doing nothing but plan tea parties, while she was chasing him all over France. We'll all sit around and listen to her adventures later. Right now, before he gets back, we have business to take care of.

"Good news and bad news!" she chortles. "Which first?"

"Bad." Lorette laughs, rolling her eyes. "Can't be terrible, the way you look."

"Per- the Scarlet Pimpernel is going to do something stupid."

"Oh dear!" breathed Suzanne. "Good news, quick!"

"The Scarlet Pimpernel is doing something stupid."

"Huh?" Elizabeth looked a little stumped.

"We get to act, ninnies! First trip!"

"Oh! Now? And what are we doing?- I mean what did he do?- I mean-"

"Calm down and I'll tell all." She pours herself a cup of tea and proceeds to sit down. The sound of horse hooves can be heard outside the open windows.

"Umm… Elsie? Don't you think you should change? I think that's Andrew…" put in Suzanne meekly.

Fern looked down at her breeches in shock, then shoots to her feet, dropping her teacup on the floor. "Drat!" She shot up the stairs.

"Hallo!" Booms Andrew's voice. "Elsie, you home?" He walks into the room, and seeing us, apologizes. "Have you seen her?"

"Oh, she just spilled some tea on her dress and had to change." Elizabeth puts in. Everyone else just looks sheepish.

"Alright, then, wouldn't dare to interrupt the latest scandal's whispering." He looks back at Suzanne, a little disappointed to leave. "Mind if I add to it?" he says, changing his mind.

See? You have two options! Either tell how we kept Andrew out of the secret (or let him in) or what Percy's getting himself into that we have to keep him out of! One funny, one an adventure- looking forward to your responses!