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Circling the room as he carefully watched his students wand movements, Sirius stopped behind his godson's table. Sighing, he lightly grabbed the back of his robe and gave it a shake. "Only fifteen minutes left," he whispered when the boy's head snapped up from where it had been sleeping on the table.

"Sorry," Harry mumbled, leaning back in his chair and rubbing at his gritty eyes while stretching his back. Looking around the room, he ducked his head in embarrassment when he saw that everyone was looking at him. He hadn't meant to fall asleep in class, he was just so damn tired. Already he could feel his eyes drooping despite him struggling to stay awake.

Sirius and Remus exchanged glances, this was the second time this week Harry had fallen asleep in their class, and according to the rest of his professors they had talked to, he too had fallen asleep in their classes.

They had been beyond thrilled when their pup had decided to allow them to teach him DADA his last year so Severus could devote his weekends to apprenticing Draco, but they couldn't help but fear that there was something wrong with him. It wasn't like Harry to fall asleep in the middle of class.

"No homework tonight," Sirius barked. "Just practice, practice, practice. I would like to see everyone at least be able to produce a wisp by next class. The Patronus Charm is one of the most difficult spells you will learn in this class this year, and while not everyone will be able to produce a full, corporeal Patronus, as seventh years you should at least be able to produce a wisp of smoke. Remember, you need to have a very strong and happy memory in order to produce a Patronus. Think of the happiest time in your life. Alright, class dismissed."

Harry smiled encouragingly at Neville when he heard him muttering something under his breath as he stuffed his DADA book into his bag. His shy friend had come a long way with his magic, but thanks to his low self-esteem and his stifling grandmother, he still struggled a lot with even simple spells. He knew that Neville could do it, it was just convincing him that he could was the hard part. "I can help, Nev, if you like," Harry offered. He had been able to produce a full, corporeal Patronus ever since he was thirteen years old.

"Yeah, Harry, I'd like that," Neville said, his face lighting up. Since the Golden Trio broke up, him and Harry had gotten pretty close. He knew that Ron didn't like it and was jealous, but Harry was a great friend and he wasn't going to lose him because of Ron.

Grinning, Harry clapped Neville on the back. "I'm done classes for the day, but I'm remaining at school for a bit, Remus and Sirius are trying to teach me how to become an animagus. How about I look for you after and I'll give you some pointers?"

"How is your animagus training coming along?" Neville asked curiously.

"Horrible," Harry pouted. "It's been three months and still nothing. I was hoping by now for at least something, even just a small hint of what animal I'll shift into, but nope!"

"Sorry, Harry, wish I could help you. There's a reason why most witches and wizards never become animagi. It's just too damn hard."

"He'll get it," Sirius said proudly, approaching the pair. Things were still a bit strained with Harry, but ever since he came to them asking for help with becoming an animagus, things were finally looking up. He was afraid that their relationship would never be what it use to be, but he would take whatever he could get. He dearly loved his godson and he would do whatever it took to be a part of his life again.

"See you later, Harry," Neville said, swinging his bag over his shoulder. "Good Luck."

"See you, Nev." Harry yelled after his departing friend. "I'll come looking for you after I'm done."

"You know where to find me," Neville chuckled.

"The greenhouse!," Harry and Sirius said at the time.

Still chuckling, Sirius grabbed a chair and placed in front of Harry's table then plopped down in it. "Alright, kiddo, what's going on?"

Harry couldn't help the flood of warmth he felt every time Sirius called him kiddo. He didn't want to admit it to himself, but spending time with Remus and Sirius these past few months had been great. It was a shame their relationship had to suffer that horrible incident a little over a year ago. Things would never be the same between them, and that hurt more than what he would ever admit. It wasn't that Remus and Sirius weren't trying, he just didn't know if he would ever be able to move on from it. They had done more than just break him...they had shattered him.

"Going on?" Harry asked warily. "I'm afraid that I don't understand." He really didn't have any clue what the man was talking about.

"The snooze fest during your classes," Sirius pointed out. "I mean, I can see how you could crash in Minnie's boring class, but how anyone could fall asleep during one of my spell binding lessons is beyond me. It's not just my class either, I have heard from some of your other professors that you have been falling asleep on them, too."

Stifling his yawn, Harry nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders. "I'm just tired, Sirius, it's nothing to worry about. Ever since my turning my sleep schedule has been all over the freaking place. Sometimes I only need a half hour of sleep, while other times I need eight to twelve hours. The past few months I have just been extremely tired. It's no big deal."

"If you say so," Sirius frowned, Harry's explanation not making him feel any better. He just didn't buy it, something was off with his pup. "Are you too tired to work on your animagus today?"

"No!" Harry quickly answered. "I'm dying to get this. I'm just hoping that I'm something big so I can run with the pack."

"You can never predict what your animagus will be, but normally it will reflect your personality or take after a relatives animagus. My dad was an Irish Wolf Hound."

"I love my dad, but I really don't want to be a stag or anything else like a deer, like an elk or a moose."

"Afraid your family with eat you?" Sirius teased.

"No," Harry said, rolling his eyes. "I just want to be a wolf or a large dog like you. The guys in the pack will tease me something awful if I end up being a cat or a rodent."

"Not to mention the chasing," Sirius laughed. This was great and it felt good, too. He could sit around joking with his godson and teasing him for hours.

"Don't pick on him," Remus scolded lovingly. "Have you been working on your meditating?"

Scratching the back of his neck, Harry looked sheepishly up at the werewolf. "I tend to fall asleep while meditating. I'm sorry."

Tossing his head back, Sirius started laughing. "No wonder you have been struggling since September. You will never be able to tap into your animal side if you can't meditate."

"Are you going to the island again this Christmas?" Remus asked, ignoring his mate's mad laughing.

"Of course," Harry grinned. "It's my most favorite place in the entire world. Carlisle and I spent the entire month of July there just the the two of us. It was..."

"Ah!" Sirius cried, slapping his hands over his ears. "Old Moony and I don't need details about your vacation on a private island all alone with your sexy vampire mate. That's way too much information."

"I wasn't going to tell you about that!" Harry cried, eyes sparkling mischievously. "Though sex with Carlisle is intense and addicting. Did you know that vampires never get tired...ever? He can go and go and go and go..."

Rushing around the table, Remus smacked his hand over his giggling pup's mouth. "That's enough, Harry," he chuckled. "Look at old Padfoot, I think you broke him."

Harry started to laugh harder when he saw the shocked and horrified look on his godfather's face. "Why...why did you ask about the island?" He asked, trying to catch his breath. Sirius had always had a way of making him laugh.

"Mediating is easier if you're in a place where you feel relaxed and comfortable," Remus explained. "It also helps if it's quiet. I'm thinking sitting on the sand while listening to the waves will be a great place to start. Mediating was always hardest on your godfather, he could never shut down that immature brain of his."

"I couldn't stop thinking about sex and pranking," Sirius admitted unashamedly. "It wasn't until after a five hour sexathon with Remus that I was able to focus enough to fall into a deep enough meditation to get my first glimpse at Padfoot. And just for the record, werewolves can also go all night long."

Remus snacked his mate on the back of the head. "No sex talk with Harry."

Pouting, Sirius rubbed the back of his head. "He started it," he said, pointing to his grinning godson.

This was why it was so hard to stay mad at his godfathers, Harry thought. They were so funny and great. The whole thing was confusing the hell out of him. One minute he wanted to spit in their faces for how they treated him, and the next he wanted to beg them to adopt him so he could finally have the dream of them being his dads fulfilled. He may be seventeen now, but as far as he was concerned, you were never too old to be adopted.

"What was your first glimpse of Padfoot?" Harry asked curiously.

"A big black paw," Sirius said with a fond smile. "I was so excited that I woke your dad at three in the morning to tell him. By that time your dad had already known that he was going to be a stag."

Harry still loved hearing new things about his parents. Thanks to Severus, he now knew loads about his mom and even had pictures of her from when she was just a little girl. Everyone always said that he was a clone of his dad, but he honestly thought that he looked more like his mom. People only saw the Potter hair and glasses, they never truly looked at him. Even Severus had admitted to being guilty of doing that.

"So I guess I need to have a sexathon with Carlisle to help me see my animagus," Harry smirked cockily.

"No!" Sirius frowned, his face darkening. He couldn't help it, he still saw Harry as his innocent little pup. "Did I say sexathon? I meant studyathon. Yeah, that's what Remus and I were doing. We were studying for a test in old Minnie's class."

"Right," Harry giggled. "You were never really good at lying, Sirius."

"Alright," Remus chuckled. "How about today we just work on meditating? At this point there's not much more we can do until you get your first glimpse of your animal."


Yawning, Harry slowly made his way to the Headmaster's office sipping on some of Carlisle's blood. He had spent two hours with his godfathers, an hour with Neville, and now all he wanted to do was go home and go to sleep, but he had promised Mrs. Weasley that he would stop in at the Burrow for a visit. It wasn't as if Carlisle was home right now anyway, he still had two hours left of his shift at the hospital and he hated being home alone. Esme was spending most days with Sev now at his apothecary.

"Ah, Harry, how was your today?" Dumbledore greeted jovially.

"Same as every other day, Headmaster. I love Hogwarts, but I'm so ready to be done with school."

Eyes twinkling, Dumbledore smiled fondly at his favorite student. "Have you decided what you're going to do after graduation?"

"Nope!" Harry admitted. "There's not a lot of job opportunities for an eternal fifteen year old. I'll tell you one thing though, I'm not spending all of eternity repeating high school like Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rose. I hated school the first time around, no way in hell am I going to make a living out of it. I don't care if the locals think I'm a dropout delinquent, I'm not doing it."

"That does complicate things," Dumbledore admitted. "Even though you were turned at fifteen, you don't look much older than thirteen."

"Rub it in," Harry pouted. He hated being reminded of how small and young looking he was.

"I'm sure we can find a solution," Dumbledore chuckled. "There are aging potions and glamours you could use."

"I'm not going to be chugging one of Sev's potions everyday," Harry gagged. "Those things are vile."

"I agree with you there, my dear boy." Linking his fingers together, Dumbledore leaned forward and looked at Harry over his spectacles. "If you would like a job after graduation, even if it's only until you decide what you want to do, I'll be in need of a new flying instructor come September."

Harry sat there speechless, he couldn't believe that he was being offered a job at Hogwarts. "Madam Hooch is leaving?"

"She is. She has been teaching here for a very, very long time. Like you, Harry, she is a vampire and started teaching here the same time I did. She's ready to move on and experience new things."

"Wow, I didn't know that she was a vampire." Harry cried in shock. "Is there anyone else here that's a vampire that I don't know about?"

"Possibly," Dumbledore answered cryptically, "but like with you, Harry, I keep their secrets. I had already discussed with Madam Hooch offering you the job and she said that it was alright for me to tell you."

"You would really want me to teach flying?" Harry asked in disbelief.

"You're the best flyer that has ever walked these halls. It would be an honor to have you here teaching."

Staring thoughtfully down at his hands, Harry gave Dumbledore's offer some serious thought. He was more than ready to graduate and be done with school, but he did love Hogwarts. His time may not have always been good here, but the castle was his first home.

Frowning, Harry looked sadly up at his Headmaster. "I would love to, sir, but I can't be away from my mate that long. Not only do I love him too much to stay away for months at a time, but I also need to feed from him."

Dumbledore waved his hand in the air dismissing Harry's concern. "The flying instructor does not need to remain at school. You will be free to go after your classes. Of course you will also be responsible for overseeing all Quidditch practices and games."

Harry's grin was blinding. "I need to discuss this with Carlisle, but I think that I would very much like to teach flying here."

"Excellent," Dumbledore grinned, clapping his hands. "Talk it over with your mate and give it some thought. You don't have to give me an answer until the new year."

Grinning, Harry jumped to his feet then rushed around the desk and hugged his headmaster. "Thank you for being so good to me."

Sniffling, Dumbledore wiped at his teary eyes. "I just wish that I would have checked on you when you were a baby. If I would have known that you were being abused I would have taken you away and raised you myself. Not only would I have saved you from years of pain and suffering, but you also would have never gotten cancer. I'm sorry for that, my dear boy."

Wiping at his own eyes, Harry hugged Dumbledore even tighter. "If I never would have gotten cancer then I never would have found Carlisle. It's not right and it sucked, but things worked out the way they were supposed to."

"You're wise far beyond your years," Dumbledore said, patting the boy on his back.


Harry almost choked on Carlisle's blood that he was drinking when Fred and George came walking in through the Burrow's front door wearing Ministry dress robes and carrying briefcases. He tried to hold his laughter in seeing as the twins looked miserable, but sadly he couldn't help it."

"Haha, laugh all you want, Harry," Fred grumbled.

"Glad we amuse you," George added sulkily.

Taking deep breaths, Harry got his laughter under control. He couldn't believe how much Fred and George had changed in just a year and a half. The last time he saw them was right after Sirius' trial when they turned their backs on him. Back then they were wearing brightly colored clothes and were causing mayhem with their pranks. A far cry from how they were dressed and acting now.

"What the hell happened to you guys?" Harry asked, still staring at the clean cut, respectable looking duo.

"Language, Harry," Mrs. Weasley tutted.

"Sorry, Mrs. Weasley," Harry apologized, still staring wide eyed at the twins. "Really though, what happened to you two?"



"is what happened to us," the twins finished together looking pretty glum.

"Isn't is wonderful?" Molly gushed proudly. "Fred got a job at the Department of Magical Equipment Control, and George got a job in the Muggle Liaison Office. I'm so proud of my boys, following in the footsteps of their father and big brother Percy. I couldn't be happier."

Harry couldn't help but notice that Fred and George looked anything but wonderful or happy...they looked down right miserable. It wasn't right, Fred and George were meant to make people laugh. "What happened with the joke shop?"

"Can't open a shop without money," George explained.

"We were hoping to save up, but these jobs don't exactly pay well," Fred added sadly.

"And now we don't even have time to keep up with our owl order service." George sighed, kicking off his shoes and carelessly tossing his briefcase behind the couch. "Hell, we can't even afford our own apartment with these crummy paying jobs."

"We still have what's left of the prize money you gave us, but eight hundred galleons don't go very far when you're trying to open your own business," Fred pouted.

Harry felt bad for the twins, working a Ministry job had to be torture for them. They had a gift when it came to creating pranks, it was a shame to see it wasted.

Getting up from her old and well worn chair, Molly patted Harry on the knee. "I have to check on dinner, I'll be back in a bit."

Smiling at Mrs. Weasley, Harry waited until she was out of the room before throwing up some privacy wards. He couldn't believe that he was doing this, not after the way they had hurt him, but he couldn't live with himself knowing that Fred and George were miserable and wasting away. They hadn't attacked him as bad as Ron and Hermione so he still considered them sort of his friends.

"How much?" Harry asked seriously.

Eyebrows drawing in in confusion, George looked to his twin to see if he had any idea what the hell Harry was talking about. "How much what, Harriekins?"

"How much do you need to start up your own joke shop?" Harry clarified. "Don't forget to factor in supplies and decorations."

"We calculated that we would need fifteen thousand galleons for the store rental for the first few months until we start making a profit and then everything else that we will need to get set up and started."

Harry chewed on his bottom lip thoughtfully. That was a lot of money, but between what he had in the Potter vaults and in an account that Carlisle had set up for him, he had more than enough to loan them. Hell, he could easily loan them enough to open ten joke shops.

"Fine, I'll give you the money to get started, but I want to be a partner. I may not be as creative as the two of you, but I am the only Marauder heir. I'll more than likely be a silent partner, but I would like in on your joke shop. I think it would be fun and my brother Emmett would love it, too. Not to mention your soon to be brother-in-law, Seth."

"Please say that you're not pulling our legs," George desperately pleaded, trying his damnedest to not get his hopes up.

"Harry, you don't know what this would mean to us, please don't be playing us," Fred cried, choking up a bit.

"I'm not pulling your legs or playing you," Harry said, looking the twins in the eye. "We may not have been close the last year and a half, but I believe in the two of you. I think your joke shop could easily put Zonkos out of business. I would be stupid to pass this opportunity up. I have no doubt that I will not only get my money back, but I will triple it countless times over in less than six months."

"So what do you say, do you want to be partners?" Harry asked, holding his hand out.

With tears in their eyes, both Fred and George grabbed his hand and vigorously shook it. "Partners," they chorused together.

"There is one condition," Harry added, trying not to laugh as the smiles slipped of their faces. He knew that they were thinking that his condition was going to be something bad. "You don't say anything about this to your mother until after I'm safely home with my very strong and very protective vampire mate. Your mom is going to kill me when she finds out."


Walking through the front door, Carlisle cocked his head to the side then sighed heavily. "He's sleeping again?" he asked his sister. He could tell by the steady breathing coming from upstairs that Harry was out like a light.

"He fell asleep minutes after getting home." Esme admitted.

Hanging the coat that he didn't need to wear but wore anyway because it was December and he had to keep up appearances, Carlisle walked to the couch and took a seat. "Is it me, or does it seem like Harry is sleeping an awful lot lately?"

"It's not just you," Esme agreed, taking a seat across from the man that she considered her brother. "He's been like this ever since you returned from the island. I wanted to say something, but I was afraid that you would think that I was over mothering him again."

"Well you do have a habit of doing that," Carlisle smirked. "but not this time. Harry sleeps almost the entire time he is home now."

"Do you think he needs to feed more?"

"More!" Carlisle scoffed. "He's taking in more blood a day then what the entire family takes in in a month. I have been running to Canada every night to hunt just so I don't wipe out the wildlife population around here. I'm draining three to four animals a night and it's still not enough to keep up with his demands."

"Why the change?" Esme asked with a frown. "He wasn't feeding that much as a newborn."

Running his fingers through his hair, Carlisle looked at Esme, his eyes heavy with worry. "I don't know but it's starting to worry me. There's no other like him out there, so I don't know if this is normal, or something we should be concerned about."

"Have you talked to Severus about Harry's sleeping and eating?"

"I have," Carlisle frowned, feeling that the stern man was wrong in this. "He thinks it's just because Harry's final year at Hogwarts is incredibly demanding. He thinks he needs more sleep and blood to keep up with the demand on his magical core."

"That sounds reasonable," Esme said, reaching out and squeezing her brother's hand. "Try not to worry too much, it's probably just as Severus says. Draco slept thirteen hours last Sunday. See, it's just not Harry."

"I guess you're right," Carlisle reluctantly agreed. Deep down, though, he couldn't help but fear that Harry's increased appetite and constant sleeping was something more. Something just did not feel right to him.


Grinning sleepily, Harry turned and nuzzled his face in his mate's neck. "You're home," he mumbled. "You're late."

Closing his eyes, Carlisle tried to will his erection away. You would think that he was the one that was the eternal teenager with the way his body reacted around his mate. "Harry, I only worked an hour over and I have been home for over six hours."

"Six hours," Harry groaned, pulling out of his mate's cool neck and wobbly sitting up. "Wow, I must have really been tired."

"You have been tired a lot lately," Carlisle pointed out. "Hell, you would still be asleep now if I hadn't woken you."

"Please," Harry whined. "I heard enough about my sleeping earlier from Sirius. I'm fine, just a little tired."

"Why would Sirius talk to you about your sleeping?" Carlisle asked with a scowl.

"Right," Harry said bashfully. "I wasn't going to tell you about that."

"Harry," Carlisle growled warningly in his dominant voice.

"Alright," Harry sighed over dramatically. "I may have fallen asleep in class today, but in my defense, I was bored out of my mind. Sirius was teaching the Patronus charm and I learned that four years ago. It was double Defense class, what else was I supposed to do?"

"Was this the first time falling asleep in his class or any other class?"

Laying back down, Harry picked up his pillow and dropped it on his head, hiding his face from his mate. "I may have fallen asleep in a few other classes, but that's only because I know the material."

"Harry," Carlisle groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Did you ever think that all this sleeping could possibly mean that there is something wrong with you?"

"Nope!" Harry said popping the p loudly. "Honestly, Carlisle, I feel great. So I'm tired and hungry all the time. I'm an eternal teenager and teenagers are known for doing nothing but eating and sleeping. There's nothing wrong with me. I have had cancer before, I know what it's like to feel sick and I don't feel sick at all."

Not wanting to upset his mate, Carlisle decided to drop the subject. He would talk with Severus again and have him check Harry over to make sure he was fine. There was still so much they didn't know about Harry since there was no other vampire like him. Hell, they weren't even a hundred percent positive that he was immortal.

Climbing onto his mate's lap, Harry snuggled into Carlisle's muscular chest. "Guess what?" he grinned excitedly.

"With you," Carlisle chuckled, "I couldn't even begin to guess."

"You're no fun," Harry pouted, bringing his hand up and popping the first button on Carlisle's shirt. For some reason he was all of a sudden extremely horny. "Dumbledore offered me a job at Hogwarts next September. Madam Hooch, the flying instructor, is retiring and Dumbledore offered me the job. I was going to straight up decline because there was no way I could leave you, but Dumbledore said that I can return home every night. I don't have to stay there around the clock."

Closing his eyes, Carlisle ran his hands under Harry's shirt and started playing with his nipples. Damn, his little mate could turn him into a pile of goo with just a single touch. You would think after a year and a half he could control himself better around his mate, but all he wanted to do was turn Harry around and take him hard and fast.

"Are you going to take the job?" Carlisle asked, nipping as his mate's ear.

Panting, Harry threw his head back so Carlisle could attack his neck. He loved it when he scraped his fangs across his skin and nipped painfully at his jugular. "W-Wanted to ask you f-first."

Smirking, Carlisle moved with the speed of lightning. One second Harry was sitting on his lap, the next second he was under him looking like he wanted nothing more than to be royally fucked by him.

"Need you," Harry panted, frantically working on ridding himself of his clothes. "Need you so bad, Carlisle."

Carlisle reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the lube. Pouring a generous amount on his finger, he started working his mate open.

Growling in frustration, Harry lunged forward and pushed Carlisle onto his back. "I don't need to be prepared, I just need you." With eyes turning black, Harry sank down on Carlisle's hard cock, crying out loudly in both pleasure and pain.

As much as Carlisle was enjoying this, it wasn't like Harry to be so aggressive in bed. It was almost as though he was possessed, desperate for him to be inside of him. He hadn't even had a chance to prepare him properly before Harry sat on him.

Throwing his head back, Harry rocked back and forth on Carlisle's cock keeping it in as deep as he could get it. Reaching between his own legs, he started to slowly jerk himself off. "You feel so good. I needed this."

Gripping Harry's slim waist hard enough to leave bruises, Carlisle couldn't help but wonder if this was another weird behavior to add to the extreme sleeping and eating list. Not that he was complaining about this one, it was a thrill to have his little mate so sexually aggressive.

"Please, Carlisle," Harry cried, scratching at his mate's chest. "Need you on top. Need to feed."

Bracing Harry's back, Carlisle flipped them over without ever leaving his mate's glorious body. He barely had a chance to pick up a rhythm before Harry was sinking his fangs into his neck, his cum splashing between them.

Riding out his mate's orgasm, Carlisle lasted another three minutes before he too was coming deep inside his mate.

"So wonderful," Harry panted, laying limp under Carlisle. "I needed that."

Collapsing on the bed next to Harry, Carlisle looked over and saw that his little mate was drifting off to sleep...again. "Harry," he called, giving his shoulder a shake. "Come on, Harry, wake up."

"M'sleepy," Harry mumbled, pulling the blanket up and snuggling into Carlisle. "Tomorrow is Saturday so there is no school, please don't forget and wake me tonight."

Sighing, Carlisle waited until Harry was in a deep sleep before wiggling out from under him and getting dressed. He really needed to have a talk with Severus.