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Knowing that his mate was still sore and feeling a bit out of it, Carlisle carried Harry up the stairs to their bedroom where he placed him on the bed. "Just give me a minute to get the bath ready. Do you mind if I join you?"

Harry gave his dominant a loving smile. "Of course I don't mind, but no funny business. My aches and pains have aches and pains of their own."

"You just had a baby," Carlisle chuckled. "It will be a while before we have any funny business again."

With unfocused eyes, Harry watched as his mate disappeared into the bathroom. He still couldn't believe that this was real, that he actually had a baby yesterday. Talk about a shock! Even though he had sat for hours studying every inch of his baby daughter, he still couldn't wrap his head around it.

Miracle was so beautiful and perfect, it was hard to believe that he helped make her. He would deny that she was his, if she hadn't came from his body and if she didn't look exactly like him.

Carlisle was surprised when he walked back into the room and found his mate with tears streaming down his face. "Harry, is everything alright?" He asked, rushing to his side. "Is there something wrong?"

Through a curtain of tears, Harry smiled up at Carlisle. "Would you believe me if I said nothing is wrong?" he sobbed. "I'm just so incredibly happy. I mean, this time yesterday Miracle wasn't even a thought, and now here she is."

Carlisle sat down on the bed beside his sobbing mate and pulled him into his arms. Harry had been through so much the past twenty four hours and his hormones were all over the place. "I'm so proud of you, Harry. Giving birth is terrifying for most woman, and you did it without even knowing you were pregnant."

Still sobbing, Harry started laughing. "Seth and I thought she was a parasite. I guess in a way she is."

"She does explain why you have been draining me dry every day." Carlisle chuckled.

"In more ways than one." Harry said cheekily.

"Hmmm, I'm going to miss your insatiable sexual appetite."

With tears still steadily falling, Harry rested his head on Carlisle's shoulder. "Don't worry about that, I am an eternal horny teenager after all."

Carlisle just sat quietly and held Harry until he cried himself out. He knew that this wouldn't be the last time Harry broke down, not after the shock he suffered. Harry was also still so young, just seventeen years old. If he had known that Miracle was possible he would have taken precautions. It wasn't that he didn't want her, he desperately wanted her, but he would have waited until Harry was older. Harry had been on a nonstop roller coaster ride the past few years and he would have liked for him to have had more years healing before having a baby.

Sniffling and rubbing at his sloppy face, Harry sat up. "We better get in the tub before the water gets cold. I'm also sure everyone is impatiently waiting to see the memory of Miracle's birth."

"You don't have to show them if you don't want to." Carlisle reassured, knowing that it was a traumatic moment for his mate...not to mention private.

"Nah, its good. It may be embarrassing for me to watch, but I love and trust everyone here."

Getting back to his feet, Carlisle gently scooped his mate up. "If at anytime you want to stop, just say the word. Everyone will understand if it's too hard for you to watch."

"As long as I can pry Miracle out of Rose's hands and have her to snuggle with while watching I'll be fine."


Harry had just gotten settled on the couch with his daughter when he heard a commotion coming from outside. Looking around, he noticed that Carlisle was standing tense in front of him with Jasper at his side. Emmett and Edward had taken off out of the house.

"Carlisle, what is it?" Harry asked, pulling Miracle tighter to his chest.

"Sam." Carlisle muttered tensely.

"Sam." Harry grinned. "That's great, I bet he came here to meet Miracle."

With dark eyes, Carlisle looked to Jasper. Not needing any words, Jasper inclined his head. "Harry, I'll be right back." Carlisle said as he left the room.

"Jasper?" Harry called softly as he watched Carlisle leave. "Is there a problem?"

Jasper prayed that there wasn't a problem, but he was standing guard over Harry and his new baby sister just incase. "I don't think so, Harry, Carlisle just went out to speak with Sam."

"With Edward and Emmett?" Harry asked anxiously. "Why doesn't Sam just come in the house?"

Jasper didn't know how to tell Harry that Sam wasn't exactly here to see him and Miracle. Sam was here as alpha of his tribe to make sure that Miracle wasn't some kind of newborn vampire monster that would have no control over her bloodlust and drain all of Forks and his tribe.

"Jasper?" Harry cried when he didn't get an answer. "What is really going on out there?" He had good hearing, but not as good as the rest of his family.

"Nothing, Harry, just relax and take it easy."

"Take it easy!" With a painful whimper, Harry started struggling to get up. Something was going on outside, and whatever it was it was bad enough to turn Carlisle's eyes black.

"Harry, stop!" Jasper cried as he attempted to gently keep Harry on the couch. "You just had a baby and you're still healing."

"Then stop lying to me and tell me the fucking truth!" Harry growled angrily.

"It's Sam," Jasper reluctantly admitted. "He found out about Miracle when Seth phased and he's here to make sure that she isn't a danger to anyone."

"What?!" Harry chocked out in disbelief. "But she's completely human. How can a human baby not even twenty four hours old be a threat to anyone?"

Paling, Harry looked down at his daughter who was sleeping soundly in his arms. "And just what the hell is Sam going to do to my baby?" He asked fearfully.

"Nothing, Harry. Sam is just being an alpha and making sure that his pack and tribe are safe. Like you said, Miracle is human, but even if she wasn't, we wouldn't let him harm her."

"I thought he liked me," Harry cried brokenly.

"I do, pup," Sam said gruffly as he walked into the room, Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, and Seth tense and close at his sides. "Don't take this personally, I just need to see for myself that she isn't a threat."

Harry pulled his daughter tighter to his chest. "I won't let you hurt her, Sam, she's just an innocent baby."

Sam held his hands up in surrender. "Harry, I don't want to hurt her, but you have to see it from my point of view, two vampires producing a child...a potentially dangerous little vampire with an insatiable appetite for blood."

"I'm not a full vampire." Harry reminded hotly. "And Miracle is a completely human baby, you bullheaded dog. If you so much as harm a hair on her head I'll..."

"Calm, Harry." Carlisle ordered rushing to his mate when the window across from him shattered. Harry's wild magic was so thick in the air that he could taste it. "Sam isn't going to hurt Miracle, he just needs to see for himself that she's human."

Harry was glaring daggers at Sam. It really hurt, he adored Sam and he thought Sam liked him, but here he was threatening his newborn baby. "What do you expect me to do, Carlisle," he asked, clinging tighter to his daughter, "just hand her over to Sam so he can snap her neck?"

"Dammit, Harry!" Sam growled. "Do you honestly believe that I could hurt your baby...even if she was danger to my tribe? The most I would do is ask for you to leave. I love you, you irritating little shit."

"I think that's the nicest thing you ever said to me," Harry sniffed as a few tears escaped his eyes.

"Well if you're going to cry about it I'll never say anything like that again!" Sam sighed in frustration.

Chuckling, Carlisle patted Sam on the shoulders. "His hormones are way out of whack. Just be patient with him."

"Hey, I heard that!" Harry cried.

Sam carefully approached the little hybrid, mindful of the fact that everyone was tense. He had already talked to Carlisle and the others outside and he had promised them that he wouldn't hurt the baby. Not that he would ever hurt Harry by harming his baby. Even if his daughter was an uncontrollable monster, he still wouldn't be able to harm her. The most he would do would be to demand them to leave Forks and never return. He saw through the link he shared with Seth that the baby was human, but he still had to see and scent her for himself.

Chewing on his bottom lip, Harry looked nervously at his friend. "I love you, Sam, and trust you, so please don't make me kill you." Taking a deep breath, he handed his daughter over to the shifter.

Sam experienced a moment of panic at holding something so tiny and fragile. Shifting the baby to one arm, he brought the other hand up so he could pull the blanket away from her face. Instantly his heart melted at seeing the tiny baby. Leaning in, ignoring the growling coming from the vampires, he took in her scent, not only making sure that she was human, but also memorizing her scent. His wolf would always know her scent now and be able to track her if she ever got lost.

"She's beautiful, Harry," Sam said warmly, still staring at the little miracle. He had seen her insane birth through his mind link with Seth and he couldn't believe that the two of them managed to deliver her alone.

Harry released the breath he had been holding when Sam handed him his daughter back. "Are we good?"

Standing up, Sam surprised Harry by leaning down and placing a kiss on his forehead. "We're good, brat. Congratulations on the little one, she's perfect. Are we still on for this weekend?"

"Oh my god!" Harry cried. "I totally forgot about Seth's birthday party."

"Don't worry about me," Seth said, plopping down onto the edge of Harry's couch. "I don't need a birthday party."

"Yes, you do." Harry said adamantly. "You're party isn't canceled, we just have one more guest." Grinning, he looked down at his daughter.

Snapping his head back up, Harry looked to his mate. "Actually make that three. I forgot to tell you that I invited Sirius and Remus."

Carlisle's eyes widened in shock. "Really? You're ok with them coming here?"

"I-I think so. I have really been enjoying being around them and they promised to never hurt me again."

"They better not." Seth growled, cracking his knuckles.

"It's just, they're not going to be around forever. I don't want to someday regret not giving them a second chance. I know it's stupid, but I love them."

"You're amazing," Carlisle grinned. He was proud of his mate, he knew that giving his godfathers a second chance wasn't easy for Harry, that was why he planned on pulling them aside during the party and threatening them. He wasn't as forgiving as Harry.


Mortified, Harry buried his face in his mate's chest. Living through the shocking and surprising birth of his daughter was one thing, but watching it with his loved ones was as embarrassing as hell.

"I'm not sure, Potter, if there is a potion I can make for gas," Severus chuckled.

"I never thought about our lack of farts before." Emmett howled.

"Ha, ha, laugh it up," Harry grumbled.

Even though he was smiling, Carlisle's heart was breaking watching the memories of his daughter's birth. It really wasn't funny, Harry had been terrified and in an incredible amount of pain. For crying out loud, Harry had honestly thought that he was dying.

He had known all along that there was something wrong with Harry, he should have been a better mate and insisted on more tests. His mate should have never went through the birth of their daughter alone.

As if sensing his thoughts, Harry sat up from where he had buried his face in Carlisle's chest and pecked his mate on the cheek. "We didn't know about her, and if Sev's scans didn't pick up on our little Miracle, nothing would have. Please don't feel bad."

"Love you." Carlisle proclaimed, claiming his mate's lips.

"Come on, enough with the mushy shit!" Emmett cried. "I want to get to the parasite part."

Groaning, Harry reburied his face in Carlisle's chest. Since these were Seth's memories everyone was going to be getting a nice view of his mangina. As embarrassing as this was, he loved his family with all his heart and he wanted to share this amazing moment with them. This was the family that took him in with open and loving arms and stood by him through the most difficult time in his life. Now they were happily taking in Miracle and were going to be helping him raise her. She didn't know it yet, but Miracle was the luckiest little girl on the planet to have them.

Seth's heart was pounding just as hard watching the memories as it had been when he had actually lived through the experience. He still couldn't believe that he had delivered his soul brother's baby.

"Dude, I'm so sorry for yelling at you." Seth cried with tears in his eyes. They had just watched the part where he had yelled at Harry in frustration for insisting that he had pissed himself and then Harry had broken down crying asking him if he didn't love him anymore.

"I love you, brother!"

"I know you do, goober." Harry smiled, though no one missed his eyes watering too. "I know you weren't yelling at me to be mean, you were just scared too."

"Scared is an understatement." Seth chuckled dryly. "The only other time in my life where I had been that terrified was when I thought you died after Carlisle bit you."

Harry wanted to get up and hug Seth, but he was just not up for moving around too much yet. "I'll do my best in the future to never scare you like that again."

Everyone in the room, including his mate and Madam Pomfrey, started laughing. "Oh, Harry." Poppy sniffed, dabbing at her eyes. "If I had a Knut for every time you told me that I could retire from Hogwarts."

"You guys are so mean." Harry huffed playfully.

"You do have a knack for finding trouble, Potter." Severus unhelpfully pointed out.

"Can we please get back to the memories?" Emmett whined.

"I'm anxious to see the rest myself." Bill agreed with his mate. He still couldn't believe that Harry and Seth managed to bring a life into the world with no professional healers. He loved both his mate and Harry, who was a good as a little brother to him, but the two of them spent more time goofing around than taking things seriously.

Harry could have crawled in a whole and died when the moment he had been dreading came...the moment when Seth took off his pants and exposed his mangina.

"There it is!" Emmett cried in shock, awe and disgust. "The mangina! Good god dude, how did you not know that was there?"

"I don't know, maybe because I had spent hours in excruciating pain thinking I was dying." Harry snapped. "I never thought to stick my finger between my legs and poke around looking for an extra hole."

Emmett held his hands up in surrender. "Hormones!" He mumbled fearfully.

"Emmett, it's a damn good think that I'm holding my daughter and still in a considerable amount of pain or else I would get up and show you what hormones could do!"

"Once again, Potter, you are a wizard." Severus pointed out with a smirk.

Harry's eyes lit up wickedly. "How wonderfully evil of you to remind me again, Sev."

Crying out, Emmett dove behind his mate. "You won't hit Rose." He taunted.

Smirking, Harry sent a strong stinging hex at Emmett's backside. "Dingbat, you're three times the size of Rosalie, like she can hide you."

Son of a bi...!" Emmett cried, both in pain and laughter. "I think I deserved that."

"You did." Rosalie said with an eye roll. "Now move your big ass before I get hit."

"Can I restart the memories." Bill asked, anxious to watch the entire thing. He was the one in charge of starting and stopping the memories.

"Please!" Harry cried, flinging his hand towards the large projection of his mangina. "I'm going to throw up if I have to keep looking at that."

"You're not the only one." Seth fake gagged.

Harry watched the rest of the memory, not laughing like everyone else when he ordered Seth to kill the parasite that had just slipped from his body. When this had happened he hadn't known what was going on, he didn't know that it was his daughter. Now, watching the memory with the rest of the family, he was in awe of the birth of his little Miracle. Choking on his silent tears, he looked down at his daughter who was just starting to wake.

He had been so scared and in so much pain when he had given birth to her, but now he would happily do it all over again for her.

Carlisle hugged his crying mate tighter, he didn't need to be Jasper or Edward to know what he was feeling and thinking. "Pretty amazing, huh?"

Still crying, Harry jerkily nodded his head. "I love her so much."

"And I love you both." Carlisle confessed passionately.

"Everything is going to be so different now." Harry said, still drinking in his daughter.

"Are you worried?" Carlisle asked.

Harry at first shook his head no, then quickly nodded his head yes. "What if I don't make a good parent? It's not like I had good role models growing up. What if I get mad at her and hit her like my aunt and uncle hit me?"

"Harry, feeling scared and unsure is something every new parent feels, myself included. I'm terrified, it's not like I have experience raising a baby. But one thing I'm not worried about, not even in the slightest, is you hitting our daughter. You would cut off your own arm before you ever raised a hand to Miracle. Just because you were abused, doesn't mean that you will become an abuser."

Crying harder now, Harry handed his daughter over to Seth, who had been sitting on the opposite side of him, then crawled onto his mate's lap and clung to him. Deep down he knew that he would never hit Miracle, but his fear was still very much real. Fear, pain, and hunger was all he knew growing up, he had no positive childhood experiences to draw from.

Carlisle didn't know if this was still Harry's hormones or not, but he held his mate tight as he cried while muttering words of comfort to him. He wasn't worried about Harry being a good parent, Harry was going to be an amazing parent.


Esme grinned up at her brother as he descended the stairs with his newborn baby in his his arms. "I see you got him to sleep in his own bed, and without his little Miracle."

"It wasn't too hard." Carlisle smiled. "Harry is physically and mentally exhausted."

"He'll be back to his annoying self soon enough." Severus warned with a smirk. "As soon as his magic and hormones settles back down. I predict that he will sleep for at least twelve hours tonight, he needs it."

"That's why I plan on keeping this one down here." Carlisle said with a kiss to his daughter's pink capped head. "If she so much as grunts he stirs."

Grinning, Esme peeked over her brother's shoulder so she could look at the newest Cullen. "I don't know why we bought a crib." She said softly. "She'll never be put down long enough to sleep in it."

"I'm sure Alice saw that we would never need a crib, but you know her and shopping." Carlisle chuckled.

"Oh, we had so much fun shopping." Esme gushed. "I know we shop every Christmas to donate toys and clothes to children in need, but it's very different when you get to bring all the goodies home and play with them with a real baby."

"She's not going to be spoiled." Severus said jokingly. One tiny baby in a house full of vampires who were already completely smitten with her...nope, not spoiled at all.

Sighing heavily, Carlisle reluctantly handed his daughter over to his sister. "I really need to hunt, do the two of you mind watching over her and Harry. I'm sure Harry's feedings will slow down now that he's not carrying Miracle, but he has taken a lot out of my the last twenty four hours and I really don't want to leave him while he's awake. He's very clingy right now."

Esme was thrilled to have the baby. With so many others in the house all fighting over baby time, getting one on one with Miracle had been impossible. She was glad now that she sent the others out for a while. They still had to keep up appearances by being seen in public shopping and doing other human things.

"Take your time, we'll watch over the two of them." Severus reassured.


Harry was sitting outside watching as his family decorated the backyard for Seth's birthday party. He was thrilled that it was a rare sunny day so they could celebrate it outside. It was chilly, not that it would bother the non humans, but Sev had cast a charm over the area they were using to keep the temperature at a comfortable 72 degrees, that way Miracle could be outside. He wished that he could help with the decorating, but he had been ordered to stay put. He was feeling much better now, now that his daughter was three days old, but he still tired easily.

"You ready for everyone to meet our daughter?" Carlisle asked, taking a seat next to his mate and daughter. The last three days had been the best days of his very long immortal life.

"I can't wait." Harry grinned excitedly. "Dumbledore didn't tell anyone about her. Remus, Sirius, Draco, the twins, and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley are going to freak out."

"Let's not forget the pack and Billy Black." Carlisle added. "They may all know about her, but only Sam and Jacob have seen her."

"And Seth." Harry reminded.

"Seth isn't just pack, he's part of our family too."

"He is." Harry grinned happily. "You know that I'm going to want him to be godfather, right?"

"There's no better godfather for our little Miracle than Seth." Carlisle agreed. "Especially seeing as he's the one who delivered her."

"Godparents are a big deal in my world." Harry said wistfully. "Sirius should have raised me after my parents died. I know he was, still is, extremely immature, but I think he would have have stepped up and been a great dad."

It made Carlisle sad and sick to his stomach to think and talk about his mate's past. Being a vampire who never slept, he spent a lot of time imagining Harry's life as an abused child. He wondered how many times little Harry laid in his cramped cupboard dreaming and praying that someone would rescue him and give him a loving home. He was sure his mate had dreamt up what his life would have been like being raised by Sirius many of times. Even now at the age of seventeen, he could see how desperately his mate wanted a father.

Not wanting to bring Harry down today seeing as he was as excited about Seth's birthday as Seth, Carlisle decided not to bring up Harry's past. "Have you thought about a godmother to our little one?"

Harry frowned. "That ones a bit harder. I love Alice, Rose and Esme too much to pick just one of them. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings."

"No matter who you pick, all three will always love and look after Miracle. You don't have to make a decision today, just relax and enjoy yourself."

Harry knew that Carlisle was right, Alice, Rose and Esme would always love Miracle no matter who he picked, he just wished he could pick all three. Alice was the first female Cullen he met, she had a vision of him coming and her and Edward met him at the airport and pretty much saved his life right then and there. He would have never made it off that dirty curve alive if Alice hadn't convinced him to go with her. Alice also was there for him while he was in the hospital, he would have done a runner on more than one occasion if it hadn't been for her and everyone else's encouragement.

Rose, beautiful and sophisticated Rose, hadn't even officially met him or had a chance to get a good look at him before she was helping hold his hair back while he vomited his brains out the first night Carlisle brought him home after his first chemo treatment. Rose may come off as snobbish and untouchable, but she fiercely loved her family and would do anything to protect them. She also desperately wanted a child of her own, Miracle would never want for love with Rosalie around.

When locked away in his cupboard, he had plenty of time to dream up the perfect mother...Esme was that dream. She was kind, loving, doting, and would do anything for her family. From day one she treated him as if he was her own son. She was the perfect mother.

How was he supposed to pick only one when all three would make an amazing godmother to his daughter? Why couldn't she have three godmothers?

Carlisle tilted his mate's head back and claimed his lips. "Stop thinking about who will be Miracle's godmother, guests will be arriving any minute."

Harry's face lit up at hearing that. He was excited for everyone to meet Miracle, but also nervous. What if they didn't like her? What if they thought less of him for having a baby at only seventeen?

"Stop with your doubts and what ifs!" Edward said as he walked past Harry carrying a large tray of snacks. The entire pack was coming so they had a lot of food to put out. "You know everyone is going to love her, and if they don't, screw them."

"You're right." Harry agreed, yet still feeling a bit unsure. He was just getting Sirius and Remus back, he didn't want to lose them again already. He wasn't sure if he still saw them as father figures, that role had pretty much been taken up by Sev, but he still saw them as family and he desperately wanted them back in his life.

Alice came skipping happily into the back yard, a shit eating grin on her face. "Draco is here!" She announced excitedly.

Perking up, Harry made sure that Miracle's hat, baby mittens, and blanket were all straight and looked nice. He had never cared for his own appearance before, at least not until he looked at himself in the mirror when he was dying of cancer and saw how horrible he looked, but he wanted Miracle to look perfect. She was his beautiful little angel.

Carlisle stood behind his mate for support, Edward had told him that Harry was worried that everyone was going to reject him and Miracle. He wasn't worried, if Miracle could win Sam over, who at the time saw her as a threat, she could win anyone over.

"Scar Head." Draco greeted at he walked pompously past Harry to place his gift on the table.

"Ferret." Harry greeted back nervously.

Bouncing on her toes and giggling, Alice counted. "3, 2, 1..."

Stopping dead in his tracks, Draco slowly turned around. "Potter, what the hell are you holding?"

Chewing on his bottom lip, Harry looked down at his sleeping daughter then back up at Draco. "Uhm, what does it look like I'm holding?"

"A baby, Potter." Draco answered as he made his way back to Harry. "Why are you holding a baby, and where the hell have you been the past three days? Do you have any idea how the hell much work you now have to make up?"

"The baby is mine and Carlisle's." Harry answered, watching Draco's reaction closely. "She's our daughter."

Mouth dropping open in shock, Draco studied the newborn for a full five minutes before looking back up at Harry. "Bloody hell, Potter, you didn't adopt her did you? She looks too damn much like you."

"No." Harry answered, shaking his head. "I gave birth to her three days ago. I didn't know that I was pregnant and Seth delivered her."

"Leave it to you to do the bloody impossible again?" Draco cried. "Do you have any idea rare male pregnancies are?"

"Madam Pomfrey may have mentioned it once or twice." Harry grimaced.

Shaking his head, Draco looked back down at the baby, a big smile appearing on his face. "She's cute, Potter, I'll give you that. So what's the little one's name."

"Miracle." Harry grinned happily. "Miracle Lilyana Cullen."

"Congratulations, Potter, she's a beautiful little girl with a beautiful name."

Face beaming with pride, Harry reached back and took Carlisle hand. "Thank you, Draco, hearing you say that means a lot to me."

Edward walked briskly up to Harry and his father. "Sirius and Remus are here." He warned, not missing how Harry gripped Carlisle's hand tightly.

"Relax, love, everything will be fine." Carlisle reassured, squeezing his mate's hand back.

Harry was trying not to panic, but he wanted this so badly. He didn't just want this, he needed Sirius and Remus. He didn't know what he would do if they rejected him all over again.

"They...they don't know anyone here." Harry said, his voice wavering. "I should go and greet them."

"Severus went to greet them." Edward smirked, his amber eyes sparkling mischievously. "You stay put and relax."


Severus was waiting at the portkey drop off when Remus and Sirius landed with a crash. Rolling his eyes at their undignified landing, he crossed his arms and waited impatiently for them to get to their feet.

Despite damn near breaking his back when he slammed onto the ground, Sirius jumped to his feet with a wide grin on his face. Looking around, the grin slipped off his face when he spotted Snape waiting for him instead of Harry.

"Where's Harry?" Sirius asked, not hiding his disappointment. For some reason Harry had missed school the past three days and he was worried about him. Dumbledore said that he was fine, but the sparkle in the old man's eyes when he answered him made him anxious.

"Harry is outback." Severus answered. "But the three of us are going to have a little talk before I take you to him."

"Like hel..."

"Shut up, Padfoot." Remus snapped. "Severus is part of Harry's life now and Harry cares about him. If we fight with Severus, we hurt Harry."

"Listen to your wolf." Severus growled.

It was hard, but Sirius shut his mouth. He honestly didn't have a problem with Snape anymore, other than being jealous because he got to live with his godson, but old habits were hard to break. "What do you want to talk to us about?" He asked through clenched teeth.

"It's more of a warning." Severus said, his dark eyes piercing Sirius' blue eyes. "I think Potter is stupid giving the two of you a second chance, but he is a Gryffindor and thinks with his heart. If you ever hurt that boy again, you will not only have to deal with me, but also his vampire and shifter family. Those wolves won't hesitate tearing your heads off, especially the alpha, Sam."

"I know you're not the brightest, Black, but I want you to think before you speak." Severus continued. "I know how you regretted talking to him after your trial after you had time to cool down, but you should have never said what you had in the first place. Harry loves the two of you and he desperately want you back. Don't fuck this up!"

"We're not going to fuck this chance up." Sirius said, his anger deflating. "We love Harry so much and we're prepared to do whatever it takes to show him that we will never hurt him again."

"All you have to do is be there for him, support him, and love him." Severus sighed. He may have no love for the two men in front of him, but he did for Harry. If Harry wanted them back in his life, then he was going to make sure that the two idiots in front of him didn't do or say anything stupid. He knew that Harry was worried that they were going to reject him because of Miracle.

"You have our word, Severus, we won't hurt Harry." Remus said passionately. "We love that boy."

"Is Harry alright?" Sirius asked. "He's missed that last few days of school and that's not like him. He was so close to finding his animagus form too."

"Harry had a very good reason for missing school." Severus smirked as he turned his back on the men and started walking towards the house.

"And that reason.?" Sirius prompted.

"You will soon see."


Sirius and Remus followed Severus around to the back of the beautiful house where the party was set up. None of the shifters were there yet, just Harry, the vampires and Draco. With his sensitive wolf instincts, Remus was easily able to pick up on the tension.

Harry wrapped his arms tighter around his daughter to hide his trembling. Carlisle was standing behind him with his hand on his shoulder offering him his support. He didn't think Sirius and Remus would attack him, but after last time he wasn't so sure.

"Everything will be fine." Carlisle said, squeezing his mate's shoulder.

As Remus approached his cub, his steps faltered as he picked up a new, yet familiar scent. Nostrils flaring, he looked to the pink bundle in Harry's arms.

"Pup, where the hell have you been?" Sirius barked jovially. "You missed Seamus blowing up his desk yesterday attempting his patronus."

"Crazy Irish bastard." Draco chuckled into his coke. He would never tell his parents, but he had become addicted to muggle soda.

Despite being nervous, Harry laughed. Poor Seamus, he had been blowing shit up, including himself, since first year. "I'm sorry I missed that, but I have been a bit busy with my daughter."

"Your what?" Sirius asked, the smile slipping from his face as his eyes dropped to what his godson was holding.

"My daughter." Harry said again, pulling back the baby blanket so his godfathers could see Miracle.

Sirius reached out and grabbed Remus to keep himself from falling. "Daughter! I-I don't understand." He said breathlessly.

"Remember the pains I was having the other day during animagus training?" Harry asked. "That was me going into labor. I didn't know I was pregnant."

"P...P...Pregnant!" Sirius stuttered, all color leaving his face. "I think I'm going to pass out." He added weakly.

"Don't be so dramatic." Severus snapped.

"He's not being dramatic." Edward snickered. "He's honestly going to pass out."

Eyes rolling to the back of his head, Sirius fell to the ground in a dead feint. Barely acknowledging his downed mate, his attention solely on Harry and his newborn baby, Remus stepped over Sirius and carefully approached his godson. Being a creature himself, he knew that Harry's dominant vampire mate would be overly protective of him and the baby right now and the last thing he wanted to do was upset the man.

"Merlin, Harry!" Remus gasped in awe when he got his first good look at the baby. "I can't believe you had a baby."

"I still can't believe it either." Harry chuckled nervously. "You're not mad are you?"

It was hard, but Remus took his eyes off of the baby to look at Harry. At seeing the fear in his eyes, he now understood why Severus had that little talk with them. Harry was scared that they were going to be mad at him and yell at him again.

"Mad? This is a miracle, Harry. I kind of feel like I'm going to pass out like Sirius, but I'm not mad."

Scratching his head, Emmett pointed to the unconscious wizard. "Uhm, should we do something with him?"

"Put him in the trash." Severus snorted.

Shaking his head and grinning, Harry scooted over so Remus could sit next to him on the bench. "Would you like to hold Her?"

Remus looked to his pup's mate for permission before sitting. Vampire and werewolves were natural enemies, but he knew that his pup's mate wasn't like normal vampires...just like he wasn't like normal werewolves.

"Her name is Miracle Lilyana Cullen." Harry said proudly as he handed his daughter over to Remus. His arms immediately felt cold and empty without her in them. "She was born a little early, but she's a perfectly healthy human baby."

Remus was speechless as he carefully held the delicate baby in his arms. With tears in his eyes, he looked to Harry. "I remember like it was yesterday the first time your father placed you in my arms. I was terrified and thought your father crazy for trusting me with you. I was a werewolf, who in their right mind would hand their newborn over to a werewolf?"

"You answered your own question." Sirius croaked as he awkwardly rose to his feet and dusted himself off. "James was never in his right mind, but he also knew that you would never hurt Harry."

With his eyes desperately pleading, Remus started crying. "But I did hurt him. Please forgive me, Harry, I love you so much."

Crying, Harry rested his head on Remus' shoulder. "I forgive you, just please don't hurt me like that again." He pleaded.

"I can't believe that I'm a grand-godfather." Sirius said shakily as he peered down at the baby in his mate's arms.

"Just grandfather."

" want me to be her grandfather?" Sirius asked in disbelief.

Harry nodded his head. "You and Remus both."

"We would be honored." Remus exclaimed happily.

Sirius reached out with a trembling hand and caressed his new granddaughter's soft cheek. "She looks just like you as a baby, pup. Just like you."

Harry smiled softly up at his mate. As always Carlisle was right. Everything worked out better than fine, everything worked out perfectly. Not only did he have Sirius snd Remus back in his life, but they were now going to be his daughter's grandfathers. His little girl was going to be surrounded by so much love. She was the luckiest baby on the planet.

He still wasn't sure what he was going to do come fall, if he was going to take the flying position at Hogwarts or not. He wanted to do it, but he wasn't sure he could leave Miracle. Though, it wasn't like he would be lacking in babysitters. He would also be gone while she was sleeping so she wouldn't even miss him. He was going to have to think about it more and wait until his hormones and magic settled before making a decision. He knew that his mate would support him if he decided to teach, Carlisle was amazing like that.

Feeling eyes on him, Harry looked to the woods where Seth was standing with Bill smiling at him and giving him a thumbs up. Miracle wasn't the only luckiest person on the planet, so was he.