Fighter looked in a mirror as he combed his strands of hair back. Today was a good day, he wanted to look his best. Evil looked at him by the corner of his eye with curiosity as he dusted off a jar on his shelf. Something was different, he wouldn't be fixing himself up to go to the woods that he knew for sure. And...he smelt something odd on him as well. He gave him uninterested sneer as he placed the jar back in it's resting place. "What's the occasion, mook? Your not the type to doll yourself up. He he" He snorted as he held his nose.

"And that smell is 'delightful.' he gave a mocking tone.

Fighter brushed off his shoulders and continued to gaze in the mirror. "Nothing special."

He inspected his appearance from top to bottom; His toes were clean, his fur was free from anything foreign, he checked his teeth, and finally he stopped at his ear, his left ear. He sighed and shook his head as went to the drawers to find something. Evil however, noticed the change in demeanor and smirked. "Whut's the matter? Misplace your dress?" He continued to goad him, but yet again he didn't bother to take the bait. He finally pulled out a yellow scarf and wrapped it around his neck, It was small about the size of a bandana and it reached down to his chest, not obstructing his symbol of the boxing gloves.

"Hey did you try to pierce your ear and fail or something?" He was referring to the small jagged cut he had in his ear. It was too high to be considering a piercing, at least not a voluntary one.

"No." His tone was flat and uninterested in the conversation. Evil smiled at his reaction, "Well whatever it is, You look like-" "Can we can the excuse for you trying to start a conversation with me?" His tone was a bit more abrasive as he walked to the mirror to look over his appearance again. "What crawled up you butt?" He narrowed his brow, he shouldn't let this bother but he continued.

"Someone who thought he was a 'cut' above the rest." Evil groaned annoyed, he continued. "What? I'm just putting 'knifely'" He smirked.

"One of us is going to hell." Evil looked at him unamused at his banter.

"Eh, I 'sword' of agree with you." Evil frowned he was growing annoyed. "Just leave before I get my scoop."

"But don't you mean spoo-"

"Get Out!" He threw a pillow at his head. He ducked down and smirked. At least he could keep his spirits up. He walked to the door and opened it. "Next time don't to try to take a 'stab' at me." He shut the door before he shut it quickly. Evil sighed as he looked at the makeshift bed Fighter made out of a trampoline, with a pillow on it. "It isn't worth it...yet."

It was a pleasant sight birthday balloons were placed around the cave with streamers hung from above. As the animals sat around a table: Fighter, Gay, Nerd, Madge, Tanked and Ed sat around the table with small bits of shortbread and cookies for them to enjoy. Gay pulled a bag from beneath the table and Ella pulled out the gift out to reveal a turquoise hat.

"I love it uncle gay! Thank you!" Ella exclaimed, as Gay placed the hat on her head. She happily pulled out a mirror with her trunk.

Madge rose her trunk in appreciation. "Yes! you're so thoughtful!" Gay smiled in return as she looked at the bread. "And these look divine as always. You're so good to us Gay!"

Gay rose his tea cup as Nerd bit into his bread. "It was nothing ladies. My pleasure. Plus I had invaluable help from Nerd here to find the right gift." Nerd rose his cup as they brought their them together for a toast. She rubbed Nerd's head playfully. "Well you two are just the cutest! We're so lucky to have such good friends!"

"You have no idea how much I crave civilized company." Gay replied. Ed sighed disinterestedly, Tanked heard him as he poured alcohol in his tea cup and poured some in his which earned an odd look from Ed. Fighter took a sip from his tea, he decided to test his friends comment. "Ouch Gay, You wound me." He gave a feigned look of disappointment.

Gay smirked in response. "Present company included." He smiled warmly back at them as he reached for a piece of shortbread. "I'm sorry, I couldn't have helped with the gift." he scratched the back of his head. The mother elephant, Madge responded "Oh, don't worry um-"

"Fighter, sorry I didn't introduce myself." He bit into the bread unfortunately giving an unsavory crunch he whistled awkwardly. She looked at him pensively, she seemed to have something on her mind. Then she rose her trunk again, "Your the one the mouse was looking for!" Fighter rose an eyebrow, then he remembered the gift. "How is he?" He gave a worried look. "He's fine don't worry. He does come by now and again to say hello. It's good to see you care about him." Fighter nodded.

Ed gave the bear a stern look. "You fought the polar's a couple of days ago." He looked at him and noticed something. "He banged you up pretty good."

Fighter smirked. "I'm tough, don't worry about me." He took another sip from his tea.

Ed rubbed his trunk suspiciously, he looked at his ear. "Looks like you didn't come out in one piece." He pointed to his ear. Fighter froze, his eyes dilated as he saw the trunk point to his blemish, wound, shame? "It's not from that. I've had that for a while." He sipped his tea looking away.

Gay remembered it was the first thing he saw when Fighter arrived...He wondered why he didn't mention it. Although he seemed a bit tense about it. Ed continued, "I don't condone acts of violence, but you did what had to. I have to respect that."

Fighter grinned wolfishly, "Thanks, Have to live up to me name some how." He closed eyes contently enjoying the camomile tea Gay brewed, I'm glad he listened to me, this tea is my favourite. He checked his scarf he couldn't let this get dirty.

Madge looked at him."Aww that looks precious on you!" She gave a warm grin, "May I look at it?" Gay looked over to Fighter, He looked conflicted as held the cloth closely. "Don't worry, Fighter it's fine." He looked over and smiled warmly. Fighter relaxed and let her inspect the scarf. "It feels nice, It goes well with your fur. It really brings out your eyes too!"

Fighter looked over to Gay knowingly as he gave a confident smirk, if he had to make a guess on what he would've said It'd be: I told you so. But he was trying to be polite. I owe him a lot, I-I owe everyone here for putting up with me here.. "It's missing something though." Gay rose an eyebrow as he looked at the scarf. She continued "It's nice to see your not as barbaric or rude as those polars." He nodded. To be honest their not the worst things he's faced… She interrupted his thought. "So, we're very curious to hear how you guys taking the news?" Madge said.

Fighter focused on her intently. He would said something but Nerd beat him to the punch. "What news?" Nerd said with his mouth full.

Madge gave them a dubious look, "You haven't… but the gossip has been all over!" Gay rose his eyebrow, annoyed at the memory of Evil ruining their only source of information. Classic Evil never thinking about the consequences and destroying what little social life they had. "Well, the birds don't come our way much anymore. So we're not really in the loop." He took a sip from his cup.

"The zoo signed you boys up for the breeding program. Apparently there's a Female bear coming your way." Gay spewed out his tea as Nerd squealed. "A female?! A real live female?!" he looked back at Gay, he gave an 'excited' look and forced a grin. "With actual girl parts?!"

Madge smiled. "Sure Hon. I imagine so."

"This is so exciting!" He smiled happily.

Gay chimed in, "Yeeeah." His tone was strained.

Fighter stood their wide eyed at the new information. "My father has prepared me for this moment...Oh god it's coming back." He held his head the images still fresh in his mind. Most off the mounting process, He could deal with rough bits… he hoped.

"That's...nice of him." Gay shrugged awkwardly, What type of father does that?

"Believe me, he was a special bear...he he." He laughed softly trying to ease the awkwardness.

"Cause breeding programs are sooo awesome."Ed said in a sour tone. His sarcasm was not welcome as Madge dumped the tea on his head.

Ella look at her father. "Daddy! You look silly!" she wiped the mess of his head, but it was still there. He smiled and hugged her with his trunk, she returned the embrace. Well, some parts are awesome."

The four walked back to the exhibit, Gay still dumbfounded at the news and more importantly how did they not know this was going to happen? Gay questioned Nerd. "How did we not know about this at all!? I thought you monitored the zoo budget allocation and news bursts? That's so unlike you to be so negligent." Nerd munched and the left over shortbread. He swallow it and replied.

"Well yeah. Usually. But I've been...Busy...lately. Whut." Nerd globed the bread down as Gay looked at him annoyed. Fighter grinned knowingly he could guess where he's been. "Oh that's precious. How are they?"

"Who?" Gay questioned.

"Oh, he knows." His grin was growing wider. Nerd frowned at him.

"Can we stop the pronoun game?" Gay stated annoyed.

"Just chilling...with a new crowd." He told him about him hanging out with Lech and Evil. Gay looked appalled. "Seriously?! You and team Lecherous Evil?!" Nerd rose his brow at the sudden outburst. "I thought that super macho bromance imploded?"

"I guess they settled their differences. Who knows, right?" Nerd shrugged.

Fighter rubbed his chin and smirked, "Uh huh, I doubt it will last. The honeymoon can only last so long before one of them starts to lose interest."

Nerd snorted as he replied "I give it a day before the two are at each others throats."

Gay grinned cheekily "Who knows maybe they could ride it out? Rock the love bus."

Nerd, Tanked and Fighter looked at Gay shook their heads dismissively. "It's a perfect metaphor for the relationship though!"

After dinner the group gathered around the table as Nerd looked through the Zoo's budget on his laptop Prozac stood behind him as he saw the recent purchase of animals. Prozac was the first to respond. "Wow so it's true"

"WHEN?!" The group shouted together. Nerd pulled up the arrival time on his laptop.

"It looks like tomorrow!"

Lech folded his arms pleased at the new revelation. "This is gonna be awesome." Evil gave a pleased smile.

"Soo exciting!" Gay strained enthusiasm as the others looked at him knowingly.

"Heh. Let the fun begin." Fighter chuckled dryly.

Lech looked at him surprised. Then smiled as he raised his paw and made into a fist.

"Come on, don't leave me hanging." He gave a proud and perverted grin. True to his name. He looked at the fist, then to the others. Evil looked uninterested, and Prozac gave him a stern look. He noticed the sudden gaze then proceeded to fist bump him while remaining eye contact with him. Prozac sighed as the two grinned.

Prozac shook his head, and looked at the room. It was in shambles: In the kitchen the dishes were piled up in the sink, A rotten piece of bread laid on the counter with a knife included, and the walls were pelted with food from the previous dinner. The living room was no better it, a tornado could have went through the place and would have made no difference at the condition of the place. At least it had one thing in common with the kitchen: food was everywhere.

"Well. I think we should...Clean." he looked Tanked already dirty.

Lech crowded behind nerd as he looked at the computer. "What she look like?" Nerd elbowed him as he backed up from the bear, he was finally showing some backbone. "There's two actually." Evil made his way to him as well. Lech instead rested his arm on his head as Nerd spoke. "The description says 'bear'."

Lech shoved his head down as he fell of the chair. "Awesome! A threesome!" Evil looked at him surprised, he elbowed Evil playfully. "Who cares what they look like as long as they put out, huh?"

Evil imagined Lech being crushed by two lumbering females. Fighter tilted his head and gave dubious eye raise, his tone was solemn.

"Wait, how is this going to work when there are so many of us-" Fighter's mouth was silenced by Gay's finger. "Shhh. Honey, your mouth is speaking sense we don't need it here." He smelled something soothing. What is that scent? Prozac was wiping off Tanked face as he looked over to Lech.

"Really Lech?" He gave stern look. "That's a warm welcome." His tone grew sarcastic as Tanked grew annoyed at the unwanted contact. Lech responded with a pleased smiled. "Oh, I plan on being welcoming..."

"Here it comes." Fighter rolled his eyes.

"All night long!" He gave a Lecherous grin he was thinking of the 'possibilities' with the females. Nerd however, popped his perverted bubble. "I highly doubt they'd fall for your crap. They'll be more refined." He pondered for a moment about his perfect woman. Evil looked at Nerd and knew what was on his mind. He tilted his head and spoke. "You're totally thinking about creepy Larp fantasy right now aren't you?" Nerd's bubble was popped as he sneered at Evil, he gave a satisfied smirk.

Vanity smiled as he spoke. "Well I know what I want in a female." Death rose an eyebrow as Vanity held his arm and looked sincere, it honestly surprised him to see him less like...Himself. Nerd broke his thought process. "What about you, death?" The rest went silent, Evil gave a worried look. Nerd slowly realized what he just said and regretted it. Death gave him an exasperated stare at him and stormed out. Nerd face-palmed at his own ignorance. "Smooth." Evil chided.

Fighter was going to go after him but Evil held him back. No one would get through to him when he was like that. "He always disappears somewhere anyways and comes back fine." Evil rolled his eyes.

Lech grabbed some dirty dishes and asked Prozac about his love interest. Prozac wiped a glass imagined a pleasant date near a fountain. "I don't know someone who can put up with my moods I guess." Lech placed his dishes in the sink and spoke to Evil.

"I bet we wouldn't want to go near your ideal mate."

"Let's curb the speculation and see what tomorrow brings." Prozac chimed in.

"Yaaaay." Gay gave a dull cheer as he twirled his finger around. Crack cowered behind him in fear.

Vanity, Evil, Nerd and Lech realized something very important. "Dips on the shower!" They ran out of the room leaving Prozac with the unwashed dishes. Fighter sighed, I'll help then. Gay saw him and tugged him on his shoulder. "I need you for a moment. Come with me." He dragged him along to his room as he saluted to Prozac, God speed, you magnificent bear. Stuck with all the work.

Moments later.

Fighter waited outside his room as he tapped his feet on the ground, it felt he was waiting for hours since he took his scarf. What exactly was missing? He couldn't place why he'd want it back now. The colour was fine, although in hindsight it might have been better if it were red...Blood doesn't come out of yellow so easily. He heard the door open, he turned his head to see Gay holding his hands behind his back. He smiled contently at him. "I finally figured it out!"

Fighter smiled back at him, he was waiting for a while why not figure out what he'd been waiting for. "Well, I'm waiting with baited breath. What was so special that you needed to drag me away from Pro?" He rested his head on his palm. Was it a pinstripe? Because that's what it needed." he gave a hearty chuckle. "Close your eyes." Gay smirked. He looked at him oddly. "What? I won't bite."He looked away sheepishly.

"Come on, you big baby."

Fighter sighed and closed his eyes. Waiting. Till he felt his arms arms around him, he tensed a bit but quickly recovered. "Ok darling open those golden globes."

"Really Ga-" he stopped as he looked at the mirror he had in front of him. He saw the yellow scarf and noticed a musical scale on the fabric with various notes on it, each going higher on the scale than the last. "I know you have a good taste in music so I decided to add a little something to the scarf to reflect that." He pointed to each note, "As each note goes higher it denotes a change in pitch." He smiled at him. Fighter gave a solemn look at him, it felt like he was staring a hole through him. "Are you ok?"

Fighter shook his head and smiled. "Sorry lost in thought. Thanks, I appreciate it." He lurched forward and gave him a hug. "Aww, aren't you the softy."

He let him go and walked off, stopped at his door..."Don't tell anyone about that, ok?"

Gay zipped his lips and waved at him. As he retreated into his room. Tomorrow was going to be different, he pulled off the scarf and looked at it. His hands shook, No. He gave me this because he cares. I need to put that behind me.