The task of searching for the bear was strenuous, he didn't know where to look but he had to find her. The only tool that wouldn't fail him were his senses: his smell and hearing to be precise. Either by good fortune or a terrible reminder he remembered her scent, a sweet smelling scent something a kin to a flower, and as well as the chemical that made her slumber. He heard a conversation as he passed an exhibit.

"Can they do it?"

"Maybe no promises." He knew those voices and ran to their direction past the sloth exhibit.

Lech and Cara both saw the bear run to them in surprise.

"What's the hurry, dude?" Lech said.

"Ha ha," he panted. The cold was not helping his lungs. "She's here isn't she?" Fighter said.

They both nodded oddly, she was about to ask how he knew, but considering they were bears she figure out he probably smelt her here. It didn't explain why he was so out of breath though. They told him what was happening in the exhibit. HE narrowed his brow as they were done. He could he hear the delightful sounds of polars being put in their place, but that didn't stop him from wanting to help.

"Hey, Lech. Want to do something fun?" He grinned.

Lech looked at him oddly, but was willing to go along with him.

"Are you going to tell us why Evil sent you here?"

Sara spat out a tooth on the ice. Her head was spinning and she couldn't keep her eyes open,

"Even if I knew why the hell would I tell you?" She groaned.

Hulk sighed annoyed at the bear's attitude. "Alright then, Butch." He signaled him with an arm wave as he came over with a larger boulder over his head.

A shadow cast down on her as he leered at her with a menacing grin. She opened one eye. This was it...She wanted to see her sister again…

A mother bear and her three cubs walked through a forest together. The violet cub jumping over a fallen tree branch while the pink and mauve one followed her.

The pink cub playfully pounced on the violet one as the pink cub nibbled at her sister's ear. The mauve bear followed suit and soon the three toppled over each other playing each giggling in delight.

Then all of a sudden the pink cub felt herself being pulled away, it was as if two claws had clutched her sides. She gasped in surprise she turned around only to see the creepy, long reaching claws pulling her body toward the water as her family began to fade from her view and enter the water.

It pulled her depths of the water the last thing she saw were hands desperately trying to reach out for reprieve...Then she felt a splash of water on her face.

That was going to be the last thing she remember, she sighed. Evil and Fighter were going to pay.

"Heh heh." Hulk laughed as butch was about to crush their victim with the boulder. He reeled back ready to slam the rock...Only to feel something grab his leg from the depths of the water.

It felt like a snake grabbed his leg as he was pulled down and landed flat on his face with loud thud. Then thrown into the water by the attacker, and the boulder? Landed straight on Hulk's toe as held it in pain hopping on one leg.

A small elephant came rushing from out nowhere and blindsided hulk leaving him to land on hid back with another thud. Steven growled at them from behind his sock appendage that he placed over his socket plowing in the wind. He hissed at the Elephants, They weren't intimated. Both gave fierce glares,

"Back off muscle head!"

"Yeah, you big jerk!" Steven retreated into the water hissing all the way was he slowly submerged into the water until his head was the only thing above ground.

The larger elephant picked up the semi-conscious bear from the ground. As Gay ran over to the smaller one. He hugged her, "Ella you were fierce!" She returned the hug. "Uh huh."

"Let's go." Madge said. He got up the elephants back and rode of valiantly, but over of course he had to rub it in. "Shove it ho Beasts!" He said as he stuck up his middle finger. That was the last straw for Hulk as he growled and lumbered forward despite his toe. "I'll SKIN that- Urk!" He was hit with a trash can the impact making him fall flat on his back with the trash can on top off him. As a familiar voice shouted"

"TAKE THAT! You Pillsbury Rejects!" He saw a Black bear and Blue bear giving him their middle fingers. He growled in anger…

"Uugh." Sara groaned as she was held by Madge's trunk. She looked up at them surprised and spoke "Oh wow. Thanks." The elephant dropped her on the cold floor without hesitation. She got up and quickly got into the mother's face. "OW! What was that for!" Madge gave her an unamused stare as she wound up her trunk- Slap. The others recoiled back from the hit on the bear. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!" Madge said. Fighter knelt down and spat out a tooth. No. I deserved that." They all looked at him oddly. Then he explained his deed.

Sara glared at the Fighter, he could feel the hate from her as her constant glare felt like it was burning a hole through him. But he endured as he stared at her then looked down disappointed in himself. He looked over to Cara and Sara. "So what? You came to apologize for drugging me?"

"I came to apologize to both of you Especially Cara for putting her through hell." He looked at her she was shocked but still looked angry at the bear. "Just why?" She asked it wasn't desperate plea but an honest question.

He looked to Gay. "I-I lost it. When I saw him… Bloodied. He shivered but continued. I… I couldn't let that go. He was the first here to show me genuine kindness. I thought he was dead." He narrowed his brow. Gay spoke up. "Buddy if you felt that way why didn't you try to see me?"

"I wanted her to feel the same way I felt, the rest of us felt...Helpless. I never needed to feel that again." He folded his arms. "But I came back to make up for what I did."

"This won't go away so easily." Cara told him

Fighter nodded firmly, "I'm willing to do whatever it takes to atone for what I did. Gay wouldn't want this." He looked over at Gay with sorrow in his eyes he didn't think, not for others but himself. But the bear nodded in appreciation.

"Tch, Drama queen- gack!" Lech got elbowed in the ribs by Cara. Cara looked at him firmly she could understand, but Sara on other hand...

"You can take the apology and shove it up your-" Smack! Madge hit her this time as she landed flat on her back. "What you did was wrong, Fighter… but at least your going to make up for it." She gave him stern look. Then back to Sara. "I still don't like the way you treated my friend."

"Madge. It's done." Gay spoke up. "Really, I'm so over it."

Cara looked at Lech, "And did you?" Lech went wide eyed as he realized the amount of pain he could be in again. She shook her head folded her arms. "Fighter." She looked at him, he couldn't tell if she was angry or just disappointed. "I forgive you but-" She placed her paw on his shoulder her grip was tight. "IF you harm my sister again...You'll regret it." She gave him a furious look, then shifted back to her previous expression. But she knew how he could help. Fighter shuddered at how fast she changed emotions.

He looked at dumbfounded he was scared but at the same time intrigued…Women the constant enigma that men fail to understand even to this day. Madge's plea brought him back to Earth.

"She didn't even apologize!"

"That's true." Gay said.

Sara sat on the ground and folded her arms. "You're all a bunch of-" Madge's trunk came closer to her face, "Ok-Ok! I'm sorry- Sorry that I made your weak willed- PATHETIC friends kick your whiny ass!" she stuck her middle finger out to the three. Madge and Ella looked shocked, the mother more enraged than the daughter. Gay looked dumbfounded at her decision, Cara face-palmed at her sister's bold, smug move. While Lech shared Gay's initial shock.

"That's bullshit apology number two! Seriously woman! Just keep digging deeper!" He turned around and went back to the cave. He was done, "I'm out!"

"I'm sorry you're such a baby too!" She yelled. The two elephants gave her firm glares as they stood around her...she was started to regret it.

"I don't feel sorry for this..." Fighter shook his head.

Cara gritted her teeth and looked away and Lech smiled at the beating that was about to occur.

"So, one sprained arm...Two cracked ribs…. A broken nose...multiple lacerations...and a probable concussion." Prozac listed all of the condition out on his paw tot he Gimp. He nodded in response. His tone was causal. Sara frowned as she sat in bed bandaged up with her sister beside her. Sara had a black eye as well.

"Is there anything else I need to know?" He looked back at the three bears in the room. Evil Lech and Vanity. They all stayed quiet. Evil had the same mischievous grin, Lech had a satisfied smug look on his face, and Vanity looked concerned for the two.

"Well then, your truly one of us now." he said as he pulled the rest out Vanity still looking back as he was dragged out the room. As the door shut. Sara felt anger at first, then she took his words to heart and looked at her sister, they both smiled as she held her paw. Cara was the first to respond.

"Oh and don't worry I've got something that will cheer you up!" She smiled as got a bell from the drawer beside the bed. Ring. Ring.

Sara rose her eyebrow dubiously, "Room service?"

The door opened, she smiled deviously. Fighter was wearing dress pants, a white dress shirt with a matching a black vest and a black bow tie. He sighed but spoke up as he saw them both. "I am your butter Madame Cara and Madame Sara, humbly at your service."

Fighter bowed forward and looked at the two. Their grins were from ear to ear. "So this is what you meant?"

Cara nodded cheerily as she walked to him.

"I was right this was blackmail." He said sourly, Cara placed her paw on his shoulder,

"No. No, honey...' She smiled sincerely, then gave a flat expression. "It's extortion."

He paused for a moment, "...I don't know whether to applaud you or kick myself."

"Do both if it makes you feel any better." Sara responded coldly.

She grinned smugly causing Fighter to narrowed his brow at her annoyed, he had to put up with this, for better or for worse.

"She's Kidding" Cara replied

"No. She isn't.' He saw Sara's Smug grin, it only meant one thing. 'Don't you say it."

She kept grinning, her mind was made up.


"Butt-boy, one martini please."

He sighed begrudgingly. "One martini, madame."

"Ah ah." Sara waved her finger, "Mistress."

"Ok, that's too far."

"I still don't have my drink. Butt. Boy.~" She gave him a smug smile as he looked at Cara and she nodded sternly.

One step at a time. One step at a time.


"Disgraceful, the lot of you." The lion shook his head, he paced around the polar bear's calmly.

"One bear, Just one single mammal and you can't get him?" His brown eyes hovered around them in the dark cave.

"He's…" Hulk spoke up but was immediately by silenced by an infernal growl. As he stopped dead in his tracks, his white fangs gnashed menacingly. The growl echoed inside the cave and escaped out the cave waking his mate outside.

She shook her head and tried to go back to sleep.

"Did I tell you to speak?!" He kept his voice calm again but it wasn't fooling his captives.

"The only thing I need is him, I don't need you anymore. You clearly can't accomplish a single task." His eyes glaring at the from the dark he could see them shaking fervently in fear.

"Go NOW. Before I make you all match the one armed buffoon you shelter." His patience was waring thin. The polar bears bolted out of the cave in fear as the King made his rounds.

He needed a favour and The game had just begun.