Hey, guys. It's definitely been a while since we've seen each other. Well since you've seen me on screen. But I decided to come back to tell you one last time about us. Since a lot of people wonder what happened to us later on after our show ended. I'll start from middle school.

Luckily all of us were sent to the same Middle School, Spiro T. Agnew Middle School. S.T.A for short. I wasn't too pleased leaving third street school behind. We had some great memories there. Most of us were feeling nostalgic, it was our last summer as elementary kids.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend it together. Everyone was dragged either to a camp or on holidays with their family. I, as usual, stayed in Arkansas for the summer. It made me think back to the summer of fourth grade when Benedict nearly whipped out summer.

So I was slightly excited to be starting school as I finally got to see my friends again. We kept in touch through the whole summer by text and emails, but it was different from seeing each other in real person. But I had no idea of the number of changes and drama I was in for while starting middle school.

~Hey guys I know this chapter is very short but it's just an introductory, hopefully, you could guess in who's point of view that was ;) you can tell me in the review who its is

I decided to write a recess fanfiction since I couldn't find any on Wattpad and I ship T.J and Spinelli real bad. Fanfiction archive has a fair share of fanfictions but compared to other fandoms I don't think it gets as much attention. So I finally decided to take the matter into my own hands and write a T.J x Spinelli story to add to the recess fanfictions :)

I hope you enjoy,

Love ~ Natalie 3 :) (p.s all credits go to Spindus for the cover image, I hope they don't mind me using it. I don't have a DeviantArt account so I didn't know how to ask for their permission. If they do mind me using it, I will take it down and replace it)