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Notes: Adepts and both Demigods and Sorceror's are really both similar both wield Chakra as it is present in all living things in this story while Yoki is present in the Biju, Yokai and Monsters and serves as their Chakra. Seikoki or Sacred Energy aka Divine Energy is present in Both Summons, Spirits, Divine Beings such as gods and Titans and also to a certain extent Demigods while Natural Energy Is found in the Nature surrounding us as Nature's very own life energy. Sage Energy its refined version is found in Sages it should be noted that Olympians and other gods besides and including the Native Kami have interacted with the Elemental Nations before. This story starts at the beginning of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and after a alternate Naruto got assigned his team

Power is measured in this story like It is in Yu Yu Hakusho and Earth and the Elemental Nations in this story have the same level of technology

1/28/17: I changed Kitsune Katon to Kitsunebiton

Lightning Thief Arc

Chapter One: Introducing Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki was a Biju Greek/Roman God Hybrid had just learned several months ago whom his mother was he knew his father if you could call her as his first mother Kushina preferred to be seen as a woman favoring her female human and humanoid forms over even her true Biju form which was genderless. Of course to have him Kushina turned into her male Humanoid form when mating with his other mother whose two aspects Diana and Artemis had come together to have him as both sides of the Moon Goddess loved Kushina equally. Instead of coming out a Half Biju Half Demigod he came out as a Male Biju God hybrid half God and Half Tailed beast. Furthermore, he mysteriously manifested the Sharingan at the age of 4 years old during a mob beating by bigoted villagers in the aftermath Kushina explained that she was the origin of said Dojutsu something she had once had to explain to the Uchiha clan whom sort of worshiped her now as a result.

In addition to his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan he had his Biju powers that he inherited from mother/father Kushina (canon Kyubi's powers) that included Kitsune power. These powers included a Mastery of Genjutsu his Kitsunebiton or Fox Fire Release which was similar to the Blaze release he got from mastery of the Amaterasu Technique and a peerless skill in basic Fire Release techniques. He also had the Chakra Chains of the Uzumaki Clan that Kushina had been blood adopted to and a ridicules Healing Factor that he inherited from both of his parents and the blood of the Uzumaki clan these powers were used via his Yoki that he inherited from Kushina. His augmented physical abilities came from being a being beyond a mere civilian aka Mortal whom only had at best peak level Human abilities but he had abilities that were clearly on par with what was expected of a Low B ranked super powered Being in his native realm.

From his Seikoki powers abilities that he got from being partly a Greek/Roman God he inherited their mastery of Shapeshifting that he could so without a Henge Jutsu, He could also will himself to fly though it costed a small amount of Seikoki to do so. He could also Teleport himself to wherever he wanted to go provided he knew of the destination as if he was already a S ranked Adept and could use the basic Mind Body Switch Jutsu and its derived Jutsu instinctively. He could also use the Telepathy Release or Terepashiton Advance Nature Jutsu like the Yamanaka clan and A and above ranked Adepts and Yokai could do provided they weren't born with the ability. As Artemis's/Diana's son he inherited their powers derived from his mothers powers derived mostly from the Domains she lords over starting with instinctive mastery over Archery and other weapons used in hunting.

He was also a master Tracker like Artemis/Diana and had trained that ability to the limits he could take it and was a peerless Hunter much like said deity. He also possessed Light Release aka Photokineses or Hikariton and was a master of this for him Seikoki powered ability and could see clearly in the Darkness of the Night. As Artemis/Diana's Son Naruto also as the son of the Greek/Roman Goddess of the Wilderness could via a varied though usually small expenditure of Seikoki control any Animal. He also like his mother could communicate with any animal he comes in contact with though he could turn that ability on and off so hc could focus on hunting them as he was a omnivore by nature. He also had Wood Release aka Mokuton from being his mother's son but being born in the Elemental Nations and like his mother could draw upon like a sage Natural Energy.

As a result of his Wood Release advance affinity Naruto also had Water and Earth Basic Elemental Affinities Naruto due to being his mother's son had multiple summoning contracts. He held the Summoning contracts for the Toad's, Snakes, Slug's and the Wolves and Hawk's he was on good terms with their bosses even Manda and mastered Sage Modes for each summoning clans. Naruto was on mixed terms with most of Konoha's Civilian Population they either hated him or liked him despite the Yondaime's Efforts due to a Kushina being forced to attack Konoha. He was on far better terms with Konoha's clan born Adepts and most Civilian born Adepts as they remembered Kushina's good deeds for Konoha before and after the Kyubi attack that it had been forced to make.

He was on even better Terms with Konoha's Demigod and Yokai population and now he had just received a Summons from the Gondaime Hokage Tsunade Senju his Godmother regarding a latter the 12-year-old prodigy had received from his mother Artemis that she had gotten. In it Artemis told him everything about her situation why she could only visit every now and then them and why she couldn't raise him and a Mission request for him. He was apparently to go undercover to a place called Yancy Academy in a Month and she had sent books written in Kanji for him to study about her world and where he would be staying before eventually going to a place called Camp Half Blood when the Time was right. Artemis reassured him that despite him being a boy she loved him as much as she loved the Hunters some of whom like Zoe Nightshade she had brought with her on her visits to meet him and had decent relations with.

She wished him the best of luck and hoped he was ready for what was to come and would make friends at both Yancy Academy and later Camp Half Blood.

End of Chapter

That's it for the admitidly short first chapter now for Questions and Answers hurray!

Question One: Why was the chapter so short?

Answer: Well to be fair that is a good question that even I would ask of a reader but it is in my style to write short chapters just so you know

Question Two: Why do a rewrite of Naruto Son of Artemis when it was doing well and make it different?

Answer: Sorry to fans of the story but I felt that I didn't like the direction the story was going and decided to rewrite and take the rewrite in a different direction even sorry If that bothers some people.

Question Three: What are the pairings

Answer: Kushina/Kyubi x Artemis/Diana, Naruto X Harem (more to be revealed later), Minato X Mikoto, Percy X Annabeth (a Pairing that I feel is set in stone for Percy Jackson stories), Hades X Marie Di Angelo and Persephone, Poseidon X Amphitrite and Sally Jackson. For more on pairings read on and watch the story develop

Question Four: Are there any other story verse Differences that we should be made aware of.

Answer: Zeus and Hera are not married that is something we mortals made up misinterpreting the exact relationship between the still King and Queen of Olympus and such Hera does not have It out for most of Zeus Children.

That's it for Questions and Answers see you all next Time!