Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy
Episode IV: The Last Hope

Chapter 1 – The Shooting Star She Saw
August 1, 2010 – NERV 3rd Branch, Berlin

Asuka ducked behind cover as a flurry of bullets hit the wall she had just been standing in front of. Plaster and brick dust rained down on her head, coating her fiery red hair and making it look less shiny.

"Ficken arschlochs." Asuka muttered as she reloaded her rifle. "Time to make you pay for trying to shoot me."

Asuka jumped out and fired at the offending units, as the bullets hit, they disintegrated from view. "Ha, suck on that, losers!" Asuka exclaimed as she moved forward.

Asuka was training her hand–eye coordination in a battle simulator at NERV's Berlin lab. Since finding out she was the Second Child, she wanted nothing more than to be the best Evangelion pilot she could. The simulation was set in a World War III battlefield, with Asuka playing the part of infantryman. She was equipped with an advanced assault rifle, and was trying to beat her previous simulation time and kill count.

'I'll show my father that I'm the best, I'll show everyone!' Asuka thought as she racked up more kills in the simulator, taking down another 3 guys she came up on from behind. 'I just have to complete my mission effortlessly, even if I increase the difficulty, I'll never be beaten!'

Asuka whipped around a corner and found her mission objective, guarded by 12 guys, at least 10 of which she needed to kill to beat her old score, and all 12 if she wanted to kill every simulated enemy in the game. She had only three minutes left to beat her old time, and two if she wanted to complete her perfect score.

'Fine, I have plenty of time, I just can't damage the objective.' Asuka thought. Even at the age of 4, she was a crack shot and able to fight as well as any adult.

Asuka jumped out from behind cover and opened fire. She dropped four of the men with her opening volley and dived behind more cover to avoid the holographic bullets being fired back at her. Asuka popped out from the side of where she was and aimed up, taking out two more enemy AI in the process. 'Scheisse, still six left… gotta try harder!' Asuka thought as she jumped up and yelled, emulating the pre–Second Impact movie she had watched the night before, Rambo.

"ARRRRRGH!" Asuka shouted as she fired her rifle on full–auto. "Eat hot lead bitches!" Asuka rapid volley of bullets downed the other six enemies in the simulation. Asuka ran out from behind cover and grabbed the mission objective. "Ha, 100 fucking percent!" Asuka exclaimed victoriously. "12.2 seconds under time, I am now officially the greatest!"

"Beating some time limit in a war simulation isn't very realistic, Ms. Soryu." A female voice said over the intercom. "Clearly you like playing kiddie games, because your accuracy with the rifle is shit, your excessive ammo use is beyond spray and pray tactics, and your utter lack of combat awareness and tactics is just downright pathetic."

"Who the fuck are you to tell me this is a kiddie game?" Asuka shouted at the control room. "I am an Evangelion pilot, you can't talk to me that way."

"I can and I will, Asuka." The voice said. "I'm your new training officer, Second Lieutenant Misato Katsuragi." Misato said angrily. "Now, get up here, we need to have a little discussion."

The simulation around Asuka dissolved, and was replaced with the blank walls of the simulator. Asuka went to the area marked as the door, and the segment of the wall swung open and Asuka stormed out of the simulator with her prop gun swung over her shoulder.

'That bitch! Who does she think she's talking to? I'm not some fucking child who can be pushed around and talked to like that. I don't even let me arschloch of a father do that to me anymore.' Asuka thought angrily as she got to the control room. 'It's time to show this new bitch what's what, and get her shipped along like all the others.'

Asuka walked inside and was greeted, not by some older harsh officer, but a young woman with long, deep purple hair, and stern hazel eyes wearing an officer's uniform. "So you're Katsuragi then?" Asuka said, sounding unimpressed. "So why did you call me up here anyway? I really should shower first, I smell like the inside of a boy's locker room."

"That's Lieutenant Katsuragi to you Pilot!" Misato barked. "You can shower later, my office now, let's go!"

Asuka walked nonchalantly behind Misato to the office not far from the control room. Misato motioned the girl inside, and slammed the door behind her.

"What the hell were you thinking, talking to me that way, pilot!" Misato shouted. "That is no way to talk to a superior officer!"

"I was thinking, I don't like being spoken to like that." Asuka replied back sternly. "I deal with that shit at home, I don't want to have to deal with it here from some superior asshole like you."

"What did you call me?" Misato said, gripping her desk tightly.

"Asshole, you know, where the shit comes out of, do you need me to spell it for you?" Asuka said sarcastically.

"Hmm, you think you're funny do you?" Misato said. "Well you're not, you're just a spoiled little brat." Misato spat. "Boo–hoo, the privileged little pilot doesn't deal well with criticism from others." Misato said sarcastically. "Well, grow up, you're going to be the pilot of a massive war machine known as an Evangelion, you'll be facing some criticism."

"Like you know what the fuck goes on in my house, you stupid, self–righteous bitch!" Asuka spat. "I have to deal with a father who hates me, a step–mother who's trying to replace my mother and two half–siblings who get all the attention and kindness I never got from my bastard father and his whore of a wife!"

'That wasn't in her file…' Misato thought. 'God, now I feel like an asshole, she certainly got that right.' Misato cleared her throat. "Look, I didn't realize that was going on at home. Have you tried to get out of there?"

"Yeah, a lot, but it always gets stopped." Asuka shouted. "I just want out so I cannot be fucking harassed all the time, or ignored!" Asuka breathed in heavily. 'I wonder why she changed her tone so quickly?' Asuka thought.

"Alright, relax Asuka." Misato said. "Look. I've seen part of your file. You're a very intelligent girl with a GED, why not just go to college. There's one not far from the base, if you enroll, you can live here, go to school there, and not have to go home." Misato said. "And by furthering your education, you'll become more mature."

"But that's a technical school, what would I learn there? My momma was a scientist, not an engineer…" Asuka said sadly. "And I only took the GED so I wouldn't have to deal with stupid kids anymore."

"Well, maybe mechanical engineering, so you can be better equipped to learn about and pilot the Evangelion." Misato said. "You can get your master's degree, and not have to worry about school anymore, or your father."

Asuka just looked stunned. "But haven't deadlines for this stuffed passed already?" Asuka asked.

"Don't you worry about that, I can have NERV pull some big strings for you." Misato said kindly. "Now, between your studies and your job here, you won't have much free time, are you ok with that?"

"Yeah, I'm fine with that." Asuka said sternly. "Free time is for kids anyway."

April 8, 2012 – NERV 3rd Branch, Berlin

An Entry Plug had been set up in a small pool of LCL. The person being led to that plug was none other than Asuka Langley Soryu. She was dressed in a brand new plugsuit. She had designed the suit herself, and modeled it after her mother's own plugsuit from that fatal day almost eight years ago.

Asuka's plugsuit was colored bright red, with a green highlight along the collar bone, blue highlights on the collar, and deep burnt orange highlights on her breasts that looked like pasties. "Hmm, these make my chest look nicer than I thought." Asuka said as she approached the Entry Plug. There were also black lowlights on the underside of her arms and several black stripes wrapped around her thighs that accentuated her curves quite nicely. "Hmm, with this on, I look like a real adult." Asuka said as she got nearer the Entry Plug. "What's that word those perverted boys always say? Sexy? Yeah, I look sexy in this thing." Asuka also had the A10 connectors in her hair. They were the color as the plugsuit, bright red. "Hmm, these look good in my hair, and they show off how important I am, I think I may leave them in to show the world I'm the best, most elite Evangelion pilot there is."

Asuka approached the pilot seat and sat down. A crane moved the seat into the awaiting Entry Plug which was in the pool of LCL.

"Asuka are you ready?" Misato asked over the intercom. "I know you've been training had for this, so just relax and concentrate. The tests should only take a few minutes. It is your first time after all."

"Yes, Misato, I'm ready. Let's find out just how good I am." Asuka said proudly.

"Alright, Sergeant, begin the test." Misato said standing in the control room tapping the man on the shoulder.

"Sealing the Entry Plug now, ma'am." The sergeant replied. "Plug sealed… simulating connection process… mock primary connections established."

Asuka was now in semi–darkness with a faint orange glow around her.

"Power online… flooding Entry Plug with LCL now." The sergeant said tapping the control console. "LCL fill process complete… establishing secondary contacts… electrolyzing LCL… secondary connections established… A10 nerve connections online and normal."

The Entry Plug lit up in a dazzling array of colors, but displayed nothing afterward, returning to its semi–transparent orange glow.

"Hey, Asuka is everything alright?" Misato asked.

"Yeah, Misato, the LCL is a bit weird, but it's not that bad." Asuka replied over the intercom. "How much longer?"

"Just a few minutes." Misato replied.

"Configuring language logic interface for German… all preliminary contacts are established… Sync test is now active… pilot life signs normal… brain wave activity is nominal." The sergeant said. "Synchronization ratio is… 22.2%! That's a full 7.2% above the minimum activation threshold, astonishing… on the first try."

"Alright then, open the intercom, I'll let her know." Misato said happily. "And we can end the test in a few minutes, we need at least five minutes of steady data for analysis."

"Yes, ma'am!" The sergeant replied.

Asuka was sitting quietly in the plug, just relaxing and breathing in the LCL. 'Well this is boring as hell. When is this stupid thing over?' Asuka thought.

"Hey, Asuka, are you awake in there?" Misato asked over the intercom.

"Is the test over, is that the news?" Asuka asked.

"Yes and no." Misato replied. "The good news is that your sync rate was above the activation threshold, on your first try too!"

"How high above the activation threshold did I get?" Asuka asked. 'The threshold is 15%, how high did I get?' Asuka thought.

"You got 7.2% above the activation threshold, Asuka." Misato replied.

"So I scored a 22.2% on the first try?"

"Yep, good job Asuka." Misato said. "Keep this up and you will be the best pilot we have!"

"I told you I'd be the great Evangelion pilot ever, Misato, but you didn't want to believe me." Asuka said proudly. 'I can't believe I did it, momma would be so proud of me if she were here…' Asuka thought. 'Momma, I promise, I'll keep doing good for you, I want you to be proud of me.'

December 4, 2014 – Drahnsdorf, Germany

Asuka and Misato were laying out in a large field far from Berlin, in a rural town called Drahnsdorf. Misato's bright blue, custom 1974 Alpine A310 1600VE sat a short distance away. The reason they were out here was a surprise for Asuka on her 13th birthday, which Misato wanted to celebrate with her trainee, and now, after four years, friend.

"Mien Gott, where did you get that death trap Misato? Wouldn't it have been safer to drive one of NERV's company vehicles like a normal person?" Asuka asked scathingly.

"Bah, those things move like bricks, and are no fun to drive." Misato said happily. "I got it the other day at a nice used car revamp shop. They take the cars apart and refit them with new engines, internal upgrades, and a bunch of other stuff, it was expensive, but boy was it worth it. Besides, my car has all the modern amenities, including navigation, I didn't even get lost on the way up here!"

"Yeah, but we almost died…" Asuka muttered.

"What was that, Asuka?" Misato asked.

"Nothing." Asuka replied. "So, why did you drag me out here tonight?"

"It's a surprise for your birthday, silly." Misato said. "So just lay here on the blanket and be quiet, and a little patient."

"Oh, Gott, you're trying to seduce me, aren't you, Misato." Asuka said jokingly.

"WHAT!" Misato shouted. "Asuka, why would you say that?! I'm not some kind of pervert!"

Asuka laughed. "I said it so I could see your face." Asuka said, wiping tears out of her eyes. "Oh, I wish I had a camera, because that is a Kodak moment if I've ever seen one."

"Brat." Misato said, slumping back down on the blanket, and looking back at the sky.

"Loser." Asuka replied. "You need to relax Misato, grow a sense of humor."

"Oh, Asuka, some things never change with you… but others." Misato said happily. "Asuka, in two years you've steadily improved your sync score to just over 26%. Now, I know you keep thinking that's not good enough, but it is. You're the best pilot we have."

"I know that, the other girl hasn't even been able to sync yet." Asuka said. "Poor First Child, can't even activate an EVA…"

"Asuka, be nice. You shouldn't make fun of someone for something you can do and they can't. What would happen if you couldn't sync anymore?" Misato asked.

"I doubt that will ever happen, I'm a natural at this." Asuka said proudly.

"Asuka…" Misato said.

"What? I'm giving you the truth, don't hate me for being good. I just hope that First Child gives it a bit more of a try, I want some competition." Asuka said indignantly.

"Be careful what you wish for Asuka." Misato warned. "They still haven't gotten a pilot for Unit–01 yet, they could end up being better than you."

"Snowball's chance in hell, Misato." Asuka said nonchalantly.

"Plus Unit–03 and Unit–04 being built in the United States." Misato continued, with a slight edge in her voice. "You could end up no being the top pilot at all with a bunch of stiff competition."

"Yeah, whatever." Asuka replied.

"Look, Asuka, I won't always be here for you to watch over you, or guide you, or teach you stuff. Sometimes we get transferred elsewhere." Misato said. "I just want you to be as ready as you can be in the future."

"What are you on about, Misato?" Asuka asked.

"Look, Asuka, you've improved your tactics, your weapons skills, your close quarter's combat skills, all of it, and I'm proud of you, Asuka." Misato said.

"Mien Gott, you're rambling now, which means there's something you don't want to tell me!" Asuka exclaimed.

"It's nothing, Asuka, don't worry about it." Misato said. "How your master's degree coming along?"

"I'll be done with them in a few weeks. I'll graduate and be a professional mechanical engineer and chemist." Asuka said. "Now stop avoiding question, Misato."

"Well, Asuka you know I got promoted right?" Misato said.

"Yeah, to First Lieutenant, right?" Asuka asked.

"Yes, but along with that came a transfer order."

"Where are you going, one of the branches close by?" Asuka asked. "The fourth or fifth branches aren't far away, and the sixth branch is really close to Berlin, cause you'd still be in Germany."

"No, it's not London, Paris, or Hamburg. I'd like it to be, but it's not." Misato replied. "I've been ordered to transfer to NERV's 1st Branch, in the United States…" Misato said sadly.

"The United States?!" Asuka exclaimed angrily. "Why would they send you there?" Asuka demanded.

"To train and run battle simulations with the under–construction Unit–03 and Unit–04." Misato said. "And if I'm really lucky, they may consider me as a candidate for the open Tactical Division Director, which would mean a big promotion for me."

"But, I don't want you to go…" Asuka said. "I don't want you to leave, then I have to break in a new training officer…"

"Don't worry about it, Asuka. You can still call me." Misato said. "You can always call me if you want to talk."

"Yeah, I know…" Asuka said sullenly. "When do you have to leave?"

"New Year's Eve." Misato said. "I'll arrive just before the new year at M.I.T."

"But that's not long at all, why didn't you tell me sooner?" Asuka asked.

"Because, I didn't want to upset you… and I didn't want to tell you tonight either, but you forced me!" Misato said. "I didn't want to ruin your birthday…"

"Some birthday…" Asuka said angrily under her breath.

"Hey… I'm sorry, I don't want to leave, but I have to." Misato said. "I'm sure you'll get along with my replacement just fine. Just promise me one thing, don't try to kill them ok? I know I'm a tough act to follow."

"Yeah, sure." Asuka said.

"Hey, get ready, Asuka your surprise is coming." Misato said. "Look up."

"Why would I do that, you might sneak away when I'm not looking…" Asuka said in a hurt tone.

"Asuka, I told you, I don't want to leave, but orders are orders." Misato said. "I want to stay and watch you grow up, and keep training you and watch you get even better, but it's just not possible." Misato sighed and placed her hand on Asuka's shoulder. "Maybe someday we can be in the same place again."

"I guess… but I'll still miss you Misato…" Asuka said sadly. 'Why do people always leave me?' Asuka thought.

"Here we go Asuka, look up at your surprise." Misato said.

Asuka looked up to see large number of bright streaks across the sky. "Oh, wow, a meteor shower…" Asuka said happily.

"I know how much you love the stars, Asuka." Misato said happily. "Now make a wish, we don't have any candles because I forgot to bring your cake."

"It's ok, Misato, I know you're forgetful like that." Asuka said playfully. "Thank you Misato."

"You're welcome, Asuka." Misato said. "And happy birthday."

As the number of shooting stars increased, there were two immensely bright ones that lit up the sky above them, and looked as though they were flying into space. Both girls tracked the movement of these two shooting stars with their eyes.

Asuka saw the one on the left first and made a wish. 'That friend I forgot about… I wish I can find him again, please… that's all I want, even if I won't admit it to anyone.' Asuka thought happily.

Misato caught the shooting star on the right and made her own wish. 'I want to protect humanity from the angels, and wipe every trace of them from this world.' Misato thought savagely.

Both girls continued to look up as the two bright shooting stars got less and less bright as they moved farther away towards the moon.

'I do hope my wish comes true.' Asuka and Misato both thought as they relaxed under the night sky watching the rest of the meteor shower content with the world.

January 2, 2015 – NERV 3rd Branch, Berlin

Asuka sat alone in her room. She was angry, as she had been told her father was coming to see her about something important. She looked over at the stuffed monkey she had on her dresser and grimaced.

"Great, I wonder what that asshole wants this time." Asuka said angrily, kicking her dresser with her foot and instantly regretting it. "Gottverdammt scheißkerl!" Asuka shouted. "Warum ist es immer die pinke Zehe, die am meisten schmerzt?!" Asuka sat down on her bed in a huff and continued to rug her injured foot. "I really don't want to see him, but they said I had no choice, so I guess I'll just wait for the arschloch."

Asuka laid down and waited for the inevitable knock on her door, which came a short time later. "Come in." Asuka said sullenly.

Instead of who she was expecting, her father, another man stood in the doorway. It was a tall, handsome man with an unshaven face, long dark hair tied up in a messy ponytail, brown eyes, and a kind smile, and he was holding a folder under his arm. "Hello, there, Ms. Soryu." The man said charmingly. "I'm sorry to disturb you, but I just got into town. Name's Ryoji Kaji, but everyone calls me Kaji." Kaji said as he winked. "I'll be your new training officer."

"What?" Asuka asked.

"Your new training officer, to replace one, Lieutenant Katsuragi who left a couple days ago." Kaji said. "Sorry, I know you're waiting for someone else, but I wanted to say hello while you had a free moment."

"Uh… its fine." Asuka said, still in shock. 'He's kinda cute, and they've never sent a male training officer before. I wonder why they sent him though, he didn't mention a rank or anything…'

Asuka's thoughts were interrupted however by someone else entering the room, her father, Oscar Langley.

"Asuka." Oscar said gruffly as he noticed Kaji. "And you are?" Oscar asked.

"Ryoji Kaji, but everyone just calls me Kaji." Kaji said happily. "Pleasure to meet you, sir."

"Yeah, whatever." Oscar said. "Why are you here?"

"I'm Asuka's training officer, sir." Kaji replied.

"That's nice. Would you mind leaving us alone?" Oscar said snidely.

"Unfortunately… no." Kaji replied. "As she is now under my command, and an employee of NERV on NERV property, as you know, I'm exercising my right to monitor this conversation, that and I'd rather be here to intervene if any were to… occur."

Oscar's fists clenched. "Whatever." Oscar said through gritted teeth. "Asuka. I need to tell you something, important."

"Just get it over with, Oscar." Asuka said snarkily. "I don't like you darkening my doorstep for too long."

"Well, Mimori and I have been talking, and she wants to adopt you." Oscar said. "And I have to say I agree with her. It would be… nice… if we all had the same last name, to show that we're actually a family."

"And what happens to my mother's name?" Asuka asked angrily. "We just get rid of it?"

"Exactly." Oscar replied. "After the adoption you'd have the name Asuka Langley Shikinami."

"Never going to happen, arschloch." Asuka said angrily, getting off her bed and staring her father down. "I don't want that whore's name. Especially not in the place of my mother's."

Asuka's nostrils flared and fists clenched, and Oscar had a vein popping quite violently in his temple. Kaji readied himself for one of the two to try and hit the other.

"You don't really have a choice, Asuka." Oscar said through gritted teeth. "I was asking you as a courtesy."

"Well, I don't want that whore's name!" Asuka shouted. "I don't want the name of the woman you were fucking and impregnated before my mother killed herself! She left her to die because she was with you. My mother is gone because of your fucking whore and your inability to keep it in your pants!"

"You don't know anything!" Oscar shouted. 'How could she?' Oscar thought.

"Yes I do! I know that whore had two full term twins after 40 weeks, but my mother only died before eight months before hand!" Asuka said. "So unless she was given an immaculate conception or looking at a girl can get her pregnant, you were cheating on my mother while she lay in a fucking hospital out of her mind! What the fuck kind of person are you, you sick, useless, piece of shit!"

"How dare you!" Oscar shouted back. "I tried to be nice about it, but you won't have it, you're just an ungrateful little bitch like your mother! Now your name will be changed and that's final!"

"NO! My momma was a wonderful person, everyone here tells me so! They were surprised a freak like you was ever able to be with her!" Asuka shouted. "I won't change my name, I won't ever give up my momma's proud name for some fucking whore!"


Asuka clenched her fist, and shifted her body in preparation to give her father the right hook he so rightly deserved. However, before she could, Kaji intervened.

"Well, actually, she does have a choice." Kaji said happily as he handed the folder he was holding to Oscar. "See there on that document? She's been emancipated from your custody as of yesterday." Kaji turned to Asuka. "That's why I didn't come yesterday, I was busy getting this done at HQ before I got left."

"What the hell is this shit?" Oscar demanded. "How did you get this?"

"Well, the document was signed by Sub–Commander Fuyutsuki, and counter signed by Commander Ikari." Kaji said. "As to why? Well, looking at the stopped emancipation orders over the past few years were stopped by the commander of this facility, your father, I decided to go a step above him, as it will be easier to move Asuka around in the future if we don't need parental approval first. Funny how the Sub–Commander agreed with me, he usually doesn't."

"I will have someone higher than Ikari take of this shit." Oscar said ripping the document into pieces.

Kaji chuckled. "That was a copy, sir." Kaji said smiling broadly. "Well, anyone you may know or be related to who may be higher than the Commander has no authority to reverse a decision on personnel matters, as this is now considered to be."

"I'll see about that." Oscar said. "Who has been named her guardian in the meantime? She's still too young to make any legal decisions herself, even if she has a fucking degree."

"Oh, that would be me for now." Kaji said happily. "Out of convenience until a better candidate can be found."

Oscar's jaw clenched and he moved to punch Kaji, swinging his right towards Kaji's face. Kaji however, sidestepped him, and moved to throw Oscar to the ground.

"Now, now, no need for violence sir." Kaji said. "Now, I'd like to ask you to leave, as you're in a violent state and could be a danger to my charge. Now will you leave quietly, or will I have to call security?"

Oscar got up and brushed himself off. "This isn't over." Oscar said as he started to leave.

Kaji's kind façade vanished when he responded. "Yes it is, and if you even try to bother her again, I'll make you regret it."

Oscar left without another word and Kaji turned to Asuka. "So, kiddo, you ok?" Kaji asked her.

Asuka, who had watched the scene unfold in front of her was speechless. 'He defended me… and he doesn't even know me. He must… love me… isn't that what love is?' Asuka thought. "Oh, I'm fine Mr. Kaji, thank you." Asuka said as sweetly as she could. "We always fight like that, but we never have to think about that again thank to you."

"Good, no how about we go do something fun, want some ice cream?" Kaji asked.

"Yeah, that sounds nice, Mr. Kaji." Asuka said happily.

May 30, 2015 – NERV 3rd Branch, Berlin

Asuka was once again in her plugsuit. The bright red leather and latex blend suit was depressurized and formed around her young body. Asuka proudly walked to the cage, as today was the day that her Evangelion would be activated for the first time. The LCL around Unit–02. It was painted red at Asuka's insistence to match her plugsuit.

However they did not know her real reason for wanting the massive war machine painted a bright and identifiable color. 'Just how momma wanted it, a beautiful red Evangelion!' Asuka thought proudly.

Asuka looked directly at the Evangelion and spoke to it. "Now, you were made special by my momma, and I'm special too, so just turn on like a good toy and let me beat my sync score. You'll do this for me so I can make my momma proud."

Asuka didn't notice in the bright lights in the room, but the green eyes turned on for a moment and then returned to their dormant state.

"All right Asuka." Kaji asked over the intercom. "Are you ready to get inside the plug?"

"Yes, Mr. Kaji, I'm ready." Asuka said playfully. "I'll get inside the seat now."

"Just remember to buckle up Asuka, we don't you getting hurt if something goes wrong." Kaji said kindly.

"But seatbelts are for children." Asuka bemoaned. "And I'm not a child."

"Asuka, a real adult would listen to the advice of others." Kaji said.

"Alright, Mr. Kaji, I'll buckle up for you." Asuka said climbing into the seat. "I'm ready to be transferred into the Entry Plug now."

Kaji was relaxing in the control room, reclined in one of the chairs. "All right let's get this show on the road. Sergeant, bring all systems online, and get ready to begin." Kaji said.

"Yes sir." The sergeant replied. "Unit–02 activation test… ready to commence." The sergeant tapped a few keys on his console bringing up a diagram of Unit–02 in the cage. "Unit–02 is secure in the cage… all lock bolts are engaged."

"Transfer the pilot seat to the Entry Plug." Kaji said.

"Aye, sir!" The sergeant replied. "Moving the pilot's seat into the Entry Plug now."

Asuka was sitting in the seat and felt it get moved and lowered into the Entry Plug. The crane released its hold on the seat and retreated from the Entry Plug. The cover of the Entry Plug then closed and Asuka was bathed in the soft orange glow of the ambient lighting from inside the Entry Plug.

"Entry Plug has been sealed… now removing the Signal Termination Plug… Termination Plug has been removed from Unit–02… transferring Entry Plug to the Evangelion… Inserting Entry Plug." The sergeant said "Entry Plug has been locked in place… connecting to Unit–02… primary connections have been established… connection complete."

"Alright, I'm inside and the plug is closed, can we start already?" Asuka said impatiently over the intercom. "I'll need to retire when we're done with this."

"Asuka, be patient, the test will start when it starts." Kaji said calmly. "There are procedures that need to be followed to make this safe."

Asuka rolled her eyes. "Alright, Mr. Kaji, I'll behave and be patient." Asuka said.

"Battery power online… systems booting… flooding Entry Plug with LCL now." The sergeant said. "Connecting main power cable… all circuits transmitting… main power now online… LCL fill process is now complete… establishing secondary connections… electrolyzing LCL… secondary connections established… A10 nerve connections online and nominal."

The Entry Plug lit up in a dazzling array of colors, then it was lit up further by a brilliant flash of light, followed by a rainbow of swirling color, then more colors flashed on the walls around Asuka until she could see the inside of the Cage displayed all around her. Asuka looked around her in amazement. 'Wow, this is so cool.' Asuka thought.

"Configuring language logic interface for German… all preliminary contacts have been established… performance nominal… opening bi–directional circuits…" The sergeant said. "Bi–directional circuits are now open… brain wave pattern and harmonics normal… pilot life signs are optimal… pilot synchronization ratio is at 33.7%."

"Alright, complete the connection process, sergeant." Kaji said.

"Aye, sir… establishing nerve connections now." The sergeant said. "Nerve connections are established through 1840… 1930… 2260… 2490…2550… clear to 2580… 2920… absolute borderline in 80… 50… 30… 10… absolute borderline passed… nerve connections now connected through 3510 and active… Evangelion Unit–02 is now online."

Asuka was sitting inside the plug and being patent as she heard the sergeant reading off stuff when she felt a warm presence inside the plug. 'I wonder why it feels so warm in here? The temperature is now different than any other test.' Asuka thought.

Back in the control room, Kaji was still reclined and looked like he was napping. "Excellent work, run the diagnostics programs so our young pilot will stop being so damn fidgety." Kaji said happily.

"Checking all Evangelion mechanical systems… all mechanical systems green… now checking Evangelion bio–components… all bio–components check out… Evangelion Unit–02 is all go… activation test complete." The sergeant said.

"Alright, bring it offline, and get our pilot out." Kaji said getting up. "I'll meet her down there when she gets out."

"Yes, sir… beginning shut down sequence now…" The sergeant said as Kaji got up and left the control room.

Kaji met Asuka as the Entry Plug was opening up. The pilot seat was removed by the awaiting crane and gently lowered the seat onto the catwalk Kaji was standing on. Asuka bounded out of the seat when she saw Kaji and ran up to him.

"Hi, Mr. Kaji." Asuka said. "How did I do?" She asked sweetly.

"You did great kid." Kaji said. "Unit–02 checked out fine. A few more activation tests and it will be cleared for combat."

"What about my sync score?" Asuka bemoaned.

"Ah, well, you're a whole point up from the last test, 33.7% to be exact." Kaji said proudly. "Great job Asuka, I'm very proud of you."

"Thanks Mr. Kaji!" Asuka said proudly hugging the man and getting the leftover LCL all over him. 'I hope you're proud of me too momma. I hope you're proud of me too.' Asuka thought as Kaji hugged her back.


Misato walked into her commanding officer's office. The American behind the desk was a gruff man named Michael Harris.

She had been called there for something important as he made it sound quite urgent.

"Major, you wanted to see me about something?" Misato asked, saluting him.

"At ease, First Lieutenant Katsuragi." Major Harris said. "Good of you to come here so quickly. Please, take a seat."

"Thank you, sir." Misato sat down. "What did you want to see me about, sir?"

"Well, you have new orders, Katsuragi." Major Harris said. "Your application to NERV HQ has been accepted. You been assigned as the Tactical Division Director for NERV with a promotion to Captain, and pending approval and your performance, more promotions will follow." Harris paused. "I guess your training here with Unit–03 and Unit–04 have been a success. Congratulations, Captain Katsuragi."

"Uhh, thank you sir." Misato said. "I can't believe they accepted it."

"I believe it." Major Harris replied. "The Commander asked for a personal recommendation and I told him you were one of the most dedicated, hardworking and motivated officers I've ever had the pleasure of working with."

"Thank you very much sir." Misato said sheepishly. "I didn't think you thought that highly of me."

"I may not say thank you to an officer on a regular basis, but it's just a motivational tool." Major Harris said. "And I meant what I said to Commandeer Ikari, Katsuragi. It's been a pleasure to have you here at the 1st Branch, you will be missed."

"Thank you, sir." Misato said happily. "When do I leave sir?"

"You'll have a week or two to pack, you're not due into Tokyo–3 until July 12. The Commander said he would send over some details you need to familiarize yourself with some of the operational details of HQ before you get there, and I need you to find your replacement from your staff." Major Harris explained. "So, you won't have to pack up and leave today, but I would get ready to move out soon."

"Yes, sir." Misato said happily. "I can't wait to get to Tokyo–3."

To Be Continued

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