Peter snickered into one of his hands.

"Haa, this is lovely. I don't think I've ever seen you this tanked."

Charley rolled his eyes in a slow, exaggerated motion. He makes an unpleasant face before sliding further down on the outside of Peter's armchair, one of his leg still flopping up and half hanging off the nearby coffee table.

"You can… aargh," the teenager moaned, hands trying to support under himself slipping on the cool, smooth floor. "S-shitfuck."

Peter took another sip of his own green drink from the glass tumbler in his right hand, eyes starting to haze over the beginnings of drunken stupor to soon match his underage companion's. He leaned a little in the armchair, ruffling Charley's hair with gruff affection.

"Your descriptions are 'awesome, duuuude'." Peter's accent vanished for the last two words, replacing with an American one that was atrocious and laid on a bit too thick.

Charley aimed for Peter's hand on his head, and instead smacked it loudly on the glass end of the coffee table.

"… … ow."

"I've got a cure for that." Peter snatched up Charley's empty glass, tipping in half of his own tumbler's contents.



Once upon a time back in 2011, I found the Fright Night remake kink meme... and there was this replaced comment thread... and then this happened. The end! Hope you enjoyed! :) We're so close to Halloween, guys!